DeKalb DA won’t probe school board, wants reports

By Mary Swint For The Crier —

At a press conference at the courthouse last week, the DeKalb County school board acknowledged there were leaks during the superintendent search that lasted from February 2010 to August 2011 and announced new guidelines in response to a DeKalb grand jury’s request for further investigation into leaks and hiring practices.

“After a thorough and extensive review of the facts, I have found that no laws have been broken regarding the spending of SPLOST dollars,” District Attorney Robert James said. “However, we have identified presumed practices that must change in regards to the school system’s board members improperly attempting to influence personnel decisions and leaking confidential information which compromised the recent national search for a superintendent. These actions were against board policy and hindered the process in securing a new superintendent in a timely manner.”

James said he had discussed with school officials over the last two months new safeguards to prevent “obstruction and appearance of inappropriate board engagement“ related to personnel issues, leaking information, and “double dipping.”

James said he decided not to seek a special grand jury at this time but the school board will have to report to the grand jury every two months on its progress and the district attorney always has the option to call a special grand jury investigation later.

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8 Responses to DeKalb DA won’t probe school board, wants reports

  1. I saw this in the Dunwoody Crier and wondered to myself, why no quote from Nancy Jester? She represents the folks in Dunwoody. If Mary had talked with Nancy she would have found out that the DA never contacted Nancy regarding the investigation. We have also found out that the DA did NOT talk with McChesney either. I know there are some folks who don’t like Nancy, but she really is trying to make DCSS better.

  2. momfromhe11 says:

    Not impressed. At all.

  3. I Agree says:

    Dunwoody hires a special investigator to pursue information leaking from executive session.
    The article refers to Clayton County investigating their leaks also.
    Why is DeKalb County the only County that does NOT investigate?

  4. Miss Management says:

    Oh but wait. They do investigate and prosecute! The Neuman murder trial is being broadcast live on the Patch. Robert James has been hard at work interrogating Andrea Sniderman. Riveting.

  5. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    Here’s an update for you that we think is very relevant. Many of you may be tuned in to the Hemy Nueman trial. He has admitted shooting the husband of the woman he was in love with outside of a preschool in Dunwoody. The woman, his subordinate at work, Andrea Sneiderman denies having an affair. Neuman has pled guilty but insane. The prosecution should be trying to simply prove that he was and is sane and should be punished as such. However, DeKalb DA Robert James, has chosen to very nearly put Andrea Sneiderman on trial! He has spent untold piles of money flying in witnesses from as far away as Colorado to testify that they had seen the two having an affair. Andrea was grilled on the stand for a day and a half. Witnesses recounted conversations about or actions they saw showing a relationship. One witness even share explicit sexual details told to her by Neuman about his encounters with Sniderman.

    Why? No one can figure it out. Perhaps it is because this prosecutor would rather pull out the big bucks to interrogate a “Dunwoody Housewife” rather than spend any amount to investigate the corruption in our public schools and find out about the waste and draft seeping out the back door of the school board every day? Look like that may very well be the case. Even the AJC is mocking the DA:

    Dunwoody day-care shooting witness is center of attention
    Fascination with widow almost overshadows victim and defendant

    The verdict is in: It’s a worthy successor to “All My Children,” better than “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” . . .

    From metro Atlanta to the far reaches of cyberspace, people are glued to their TVs, computer screens and smartphones, devouring every salacious detail, every hint of duplicity in the Hemy Neuman trial. Or, as it’s shaped up over the first three days, the Andrea Sneiderman trial.

    Innocent until proven guilty? Forget it. On Facebook and Twitter, in chat rooms and over cocktails, avid followers are rushing to judgment of a woman who, in the eyes of the law, is a victim and a witness, accused of no crime.

    The question is: Why?

    Click the link above to read the rest. See if you can figure out Robert James. Where is Gwen Keys again? Oh yeah, she got a very sudden great transfer to the EPA. Nice federal job. Then the responsibility was handed over to the new DA, Robert James to prosecute Dr. Lewis and Pat (Pope) Reid. (That is looking less and less likely to happen.) James was later asked by a grand jury to investigate the school board, to which he replied, “NO” with Gene Walker standing behind him in solidarity.

    DeKalb a soap opera? You betcha.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Andrea Sneiderman should be on trial – at the very least she has committed perjury. James is doing a fine job on this trial. I am baffled by this post – is this now the dunwoodyschoolwatch?

  7. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    no, just amazed that the DA won’t investigate the school board, but will spend an outrageous amount of money on a trial for a guy who already said he did it. If he can prove Andrea was an accomplice, he should have filed charges against her already. Does he think he’s Perry Mason?

    Will he EVER take Lewis and Pope to trial? They stole or converted millions!

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