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Dr. Atkinson gave a “State of the System” address at a DeKalb Chamber event the other day. We completely missed it, as it was not publicized to the general public. In fact, when we tried to look up the latest news on the Public Relations Newsroom at the school system’s website, the most recent entry is dated August, 2010.

Luckily, Maureen Downey of the AJC was there and gave a good report on her “Get Schooled” blog. Read it at the link below:

DeKalb school chief: Balanced calendar to shorten summer, weekly early release for teacher training and planning

Some highlights reported by Maureen:

Dr. Atkinson introduced her “A team,” the staff members who lead departments and serve as her cabinet.

She plans to move to a balanced calendar (which means longer breaks throughout the year and a shorter summer break).

She said the system is working on a revised curriculum, the first draft of which will be shared in May for feedback.

She plans to invest in our teachers and leaders. A weekly early release will allow teachers to have that time to make good instructional decisions based on that data. “We have the talent. We just need to hone it, support it and develop it.”

She called for consequences and reward for student behaviors. “Our children learn based on what we give them and what we show them.”

She plans to invest in e-technology for our schools.

And she apparently said, “We need a central office. We cannot operate without a central office. We need people that understand that we are going to be about servant leadership. We need people that understand and are willing to go that extra mile. I will tell you I will accept nothing less.”

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47 Responses to State of the System

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m the idiot who kept typing TRA. It’s like the wrong lyrics to a song that get stuck in your head. I hope you got my point, despite the serious typo.

  2. Please resign Ms. Tyson! Your time with DCSS has come to an end. You are the epitome of deceit, like the man who selected you.. Ms. Tyson YOU are part of the problem! Can’t you see that? We’re tired of your lack of leadership skills and you need to pay for balancing YOUR joke of a budget on the back of teachers.

    Once again, how does an official, who is in charge of two thirds of DCSS, not know that CLew and Pope were doing the things they have been charged with? Turk reported to Tyson, Tucker reported to Tyson. Jamal Edwards, son of former BOE Chair, made Tyson the brunt of jokes for not showing up to work after being given a $15k raise. Tyson purchased ridiculous MIS software, networks and programs with NO return on investment. Tyson should exit stage right, left whatever.. Dr. Atkinson I can not support the new leadership as long as POOR leaders like Tyson remain and tries to usurp your leadership with the friends, family and let’s not forget the two most corrupt officials at DCSS, Dr. Walker and Mr. Womack!

  3. Brook-Dekalb Parent says:

    So, how do we put together a compelling, fact-based case that Atkinson and the BOE should get rid of Tyson. If everything I’ve seen here about Tyson is true, it does seem she should go. Point me at some links to records and/or articles that support the above and I’ll start drafting a memo/article to that effect.

  4. A 41 Million Dollar shortfall! Emergency Meeting to decide what gets cut? Mis-management of SPLOST dollars? Is anyone surprised? See why we should have voted NO for SPLOST IV untill all other SPLOSTS were totally accounted for?! This is ludicrous and so sad! Another surprise at DCSS, I’m not surprised, wasn’t Tyson in charge? Wasn’t she in charge when they missed on the state funds which Fran Millar saved for the district? Tyson and Accountability are two words I do not see in a sentence together!

    here is the link to the story….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Someone was appointed by Tyson and approved by the BOE to take Pat Reid/Pope’s place. Did she look at the numbers? $41,000,000 Is hard to miss – well, maybe not to DeKalb Schools.

  6. Tucker Guy says:

    The BOE can not get rid of Tyson. She knows too much and they don’t want to go to jail.

  7. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    We have many great teachers in DeKalb. However, we have some not so good – and some that should never be teaching. This guy is an example of a really bad DeKalb egg.

    Cops: DeKalb teacher had sex with student in classroom

    A DeKalb County middle school teacher is accused of having sex with a student in his classroom and at her home, according to police.

    Almarcus Dewayne Thomas, 42, of Lithonia, allegedly had a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old girl beginning last March, when the two had sex in his Tucker Middle School classroom, according to arrest warrants obtained by the AJC.

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