International Community School: the documentary

“A Place In The World” – Trailer from Marius Crowne on Vimeo.

The International Community School (a DeKalb School System charter school) is soon to be the subject of a feature-length documentary, A Place in the World, directed by Adam Maurer and William Reddington.

Host to immigrants and refugees from many war-torn countries and other challenging places around the world, the City of Clarkston, in DeKalb county, is one of the most diverse communities in our nation. The International Community School, a DeKalb charter school that brings together refugee children from war-torn countries all over the world and teaches them alongside local American children had functioned for over a decade in a series of disconnected church buildings. Our school board finally gave approval for this wonderful school full of teachers and staff devoted to the cause of resettling and teaching students from all corners of the world to use the shuttered Medlock Elementary School as home.

Of course, our school system also hosts a separate public school designed to help international students matriculate into regular schools. It’s a stopover of sorts, called the International Student Center. Much good work is done here as well.

This Clarkston community has also spawned the famous “Fugees” – the soccer team made entirely of immigrant students from far away, sometimes unhappy places. Most of the students have refugee status, thus the name of the team. A story about the Fugees aired on CBS Sunday morning last year. We ran a blogpost on the story back then called, Because DCSS doesn’t, the Fugees will. Their wonderful coach, Luma Mufleh is building a new school for them, and already has an academic day camp.

The rest of the country has their eye on these communities. You should too. Our status as host to so many international students brings attention to DeKalb. These international students and their independent educational systems need your support in the worst way. Please consider how you can volunteer, donate or support their efforts and show the world what generous folk we are!


Below are a few suggested weblinks designed to help you help them:

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7 Responses to International Community School: the documentary

  1. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    There is a terrific blog post on this documentary here:

    Also, to make a $5 donation directly to the building fund for the Fugees school –

    Text FUGEES to 20222

  2. chillin' says:

    I drove by Jolly Elementary School today and saw the signs that a cell tower is on its way. It will take up a huge portion of this school’s playground and soccer field, forcing the kids to play right next to the 60′ x 60′ base with HAZMAT materials at the base and 24/7 radiation emissions from 150′ overhead. Jolly is also located in Clarkston and has accomodated refugee students which created class sizes that practically doubled over night. They are also home to the first parent-resource center, offering computer time and other services to the parents and community to help them find work, learn some English and become great partners with the teachers in helping the children learn and succeed. A Title I school that has made AYP 7 or 8 years in a row now! Parents, nearby homeowners and even Clarkston’s Mayor are all opposed to cell towers on school grounds and have tried to get that point across to whomever will listen. But, that is just the problem… no one is listening.

    If someone does not step up to help these children at Jolly and protect their schoolyard now, it will be 30 years before that opportunity comes around again. Where will you be? Where will they be? How do you think they will feel when they learn you kept quiet? When someone says, “the children are our future,” they don’t just mean that in a sentimental way. Think about it, DeKalb County.

    Kickbacks and Karma don’t mix.

  3. Watching... says:

    And a good place to donate to the International Community School is through the donate now link on their website:

    There is also an upcoming auction at the Carter Center on May 5th. I will see if I can get the invitation posted here. It should be a wonderful event–a 10 year celebration. And there are considerable costs with fixes and getting moved out of their present locations and into Medlock. Medlock is a great community, but the school is very old and some TLC.

    –Marney Mayo

  4. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    Thanks Marney – I’ll add it to the post. Should have taken the time to track you down in the first place. Feel free to send anything you’d like posted to the blog —

    That goes for everyone at every school!

  5. Anom says:

    Graet Article. Let’ all support!

  6. Ned says:

    I don’t like the idea of a tower at Jolly (or any school) either but “huge portion” is a bit of hyperbole. From the survey stakes it looks like it will take up less space that the trailers that were in roughly the same place in the play field a couple years ago.
    That said, it will be an impediment not only to kids during school hours but also to folks from the area who use the field to play softball or football, fly remote control planes and model rockets, ride bikes in the field . . . not to mention any health effects

  7. momfromhe11 says:

    I see that the Museum School is moving into the empty Forrest Hills Elementary building. Yay! Finally DCSD is following the intent of the rules and allowing charters to lease buildings. Of course, Forrest Hills has been empty for a while, so they will need to do a good deal of renovation ($$$).

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