Chamblee HS Update

This is a follow-up sent to us from one of our regular contributors to two articles in mid-March regarding the construction cost issues and delays for the new Chamblee Charter High School. —

There are two things to share with our readers. One is the web page for construction information for CCHS –

which has several renderings of the proposed new buildings. Many of us, including one architect, think the design is exceptional, and much, much better than the new Tucker HS.

Unfortunately, the site does not include any floor plans of the buildings interior. While there is a very detailed drawing of the new site plan, our contributor was a little frustrated in that there was no description of how the new building was to be phased in over the existing. So, our contributor put together a sketch with an overlay of the new site plan over a Google Maps aerial image of the existing campus. Although certainly not exact, we believe it is very, very close to being accurate. Many of you may find it interesting.

Chamblee Charter High School Planned Layout

Chamblee Charter High School Planned Layout

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8 Responses to Chamblee HS Update

  1. murphey says:

    Thank you to whoever prepared this–it appears that it is the Governance Council at Chamblee Charter High School. I am still looking for the “it’ll be on the website” info that DCSD promised on March 15, but I applaud the Chamblee folks for putting something out there. Seems like DCSD could have at least done as much.

  2. jande says:

    Why the slam at Tucker High School?
    I work there, and in my opinion it is a beautiful school building. I am disappointed
    in that comment–it seemed unnecessary to me.

  3. Maybe that should have read, “Even better than Tucker HS”…

  4. justwatch says:

    I agree with this. While it is nice that the Chamblee school will be so beautiful, it will come at a great cost to other projects that need to be completed (including some within the Chamblee cluster.)

    Frankly, the fact that DCSS is spending so much more than other school systems for new construction should horrify us all. Far more students suffer from this overspending, than benefit from it.

  5. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    A couple of parents from Chamblee Charter High School are on the roster of folks to speak during public comments beginning at 6pm, Tonight, April 9, 2012, on PDS-24. I’m sure at some point this week DCSS(D?) they’ll post the meeting video online, as well as the minutes from March 17th, once they are approved.

  6. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    I was surprised to hear about a parking deck. Would the parking deck go where the single level parking area is currently on the south side of the property/natatorium and east of the stadium?

  7. Good news! We just got the following email alert from DeKalb Schools:

    DeKalb Schools Breaks Ground on Chamblee Charter HS Building Project
    Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson and the DeKalb County School District will kick off construction for the replacement of Chamblee Charter High School with a ground breaking ceremony on Monday, April 16th at 2 p.m. The construction project is slated to be completed in two phases.
    Phase I includes demolition of a portion of the existing school building and the adjacent Highland Garden Apartments and the construction of the new academic building. Once Phase I is complete, students will move into the newly constructed academic building when they return from winter break during the 2013-2014 school year.
    Phase II will commence with the demolition of the remaining portion of the existing school building and the construction of the fine arts wing, auditorium, natatorium and gymnasium by the start of the 2014-2015 school year.
    What: Chamblee Charter High School Ground Breaking Ceremony
    When: Monday, April 16 at 2 p.m.
    Where: Chamblee Charter High School, 3688 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, Chamblee, GA 30341

  8. Miss Management says:

    Still no word on the plans for the decrepit Chamblee HS. Seems the natives are getting restless. Check out this recent posting on Craig’s list.

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