Executive Summary Recommended Classification of Positions and Aligned Salary Structure 2012-2013

Agenda Item F. 7 at the Monthly Board Policy Meeting 4/18/2012 – 2:30 PM is titled, “Recommended Classifications and Salary Schedules”. The item, reprinted below along with supporting documents, was presented by Dr. Tekshia Ward-Smith, Acting Chief Human Resources Officer, Division of Human Resources, 678.676.0342.

Requested Action
It is requested that the Board of Education approve the classification of positions, an aligned salary structure, and a graduated salary adjustment not to exceed a three-year period when a reduction is necessary, to support the daily operations of the District.

Executive Summary
Recommended Classification of Positions and Aligned Salary Structure

To provide a sound foundation for an appropriate organizational structure, classification and compensation system based on current compensation levels for similar employers, school districts and market competitors, the DeKalb County School District contracted with the Management and Advisory Group in November 2011.

The Management and Advisory Group (MAG)

  • Provided a recommended organizational structure for the DeKalb County School District
  • Conducted a classification and compensation study for approximately 5,900 employees in approximately 365 District Job Classifications
  • Recommended, modified, and created position specifications based on the recommended restructuring of the District

The baseline data provided by MAG assisted in restructuring the District as well as the development of a unified salary structure that would align all District resources. A comparison of job placement across Divisions was conducted to further ensure equity, relativity and appropriate placement.

As a result the District has been restructured into 9 Divisions:

• Communications
• Curriculum and Instruction
• Finance
• Human Resources
• Information Technology
• Legal Services
• Facilities and Operations
• School Leadership and Operational Support
• Strategic Management and Accountability

Each Division Head was charged with the responsibility of reviewing and assessing the essential functions required to carry out the core business of the Division. Division Heads were required to analyze the specific qualifications for the position, and the duties and responsibilities that would be assigned to the position: including the skills, knowledge and abilities required.

This was done through the use of a Job Classification Matrix that assessed the following areas:

• Responsibilities, Scope of Work, Strategic Plan relationship and Impact; Budget responsibilities; Number of Programs and/or Process Supervised; Levels of Internal/External Communication, and Level of Authority.

This system allows the District to clearly delineate the range of responsibilities, among other jobs and classifications in structure. Based on new classifications and salary alignment, the new structure of all positions within the District will be organized into one of the following classifications:

• Paraprofessionals
• Clerk/Laborers
• Secretary/Administrative Assistants
• Mechanics/Technicians
• Supervisors
• Accountant/Auditors
• Analyst
• Specialist
• Teacher
• Manager
• Coordinator
• Assistant Principal
• Principal
• Director
• Administrative Leadership
• Division Head

The adoption of this proposed classification system and aligned salary structure will enable the DCSD to:
• Create equity and fairness of salary related to the job, not the person
• Flatten the organization structure to bring the work closest to the intended purpose…Educate the students
• Provide consistence in administering the best use of the Human Capital

By putting a framework in place the District will have a consistent application of guidelines processes and procedures to right size the structure.

(To download the Excel doc with the proposed salary structure, click here.)

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125 Responses to Executive Summary Recommended Classification of Positions and Aligned Salary Structure 2012-2013

  1. HSTeacher says:

    Can someone please enlighten me? The low end of the teacher salary range on the spreadsheet is $52,635. I’ve been teaching 13 years and my salary hasn’t come close to $52,635. According to the current salary schedule posted on the Human Resources page of the district site, 13 years with a BA earns $48,939. Does this mean a gigantic raise is in my future? Or is it too good to be true?

  2. Below is the salary schedule in case you can’t download it:

    PARAPROFESSIONAL $22,969.00 $46,243.20
    Paraprofessional I $22,969.00 $31,245.00
    Paraprofessional II $25,486.00 $33,245.00
    Paraprofessional III $33,986.40 $46,243.20

    CLERK/LABORER $23,617.00 $42,413.00
    Clerk/Laborer I $23,617.00 $33,139.00
    Clerk/Laborer II $25,987.00 $36,044.00
    Clerk/Laborer III $30,165.00 $42,413.00

    SECRETARY/ADM ASST $30,165.00 $63,808.00
    Secretary $30,165.00 $41,808.00
    Administrative Assistant $34,918.00 $47,509.00
    Executive Assistant $37,171.00 $53,068.00
    Office Specialist $45,808.00 $63,808.00

    SECURITY $32,016.00 $63,973.00
    Security I $32,016.00 $45,642.00
    Security II $40,653.00 $55,317.00
    Security III $45,808.00 $63,973.00

    MECHANIC/TECHNICIAN $37,420.00 $60,487.00
    Mechanic/Technician I $37,420.00 $50,907.00
    Mechanic/Technician II $40,982.00 $55,767.00
    Mechanic/Technician III $44,462.00 $60,487.00

    SUPERVISOR $45,477.00 $68,157.00
    Supervisor I $45,477.00 $59,599.00
    Supervisor II $47,671.00 $64,856.00
    Supervisor III $50,100.00 $68,157.00

    ACCOUNTANT/AUDITOR $38,304.00 $66,151.00
    Accountant/Auditor I $38,304.00 $52,108.00
    Accountant/Auditor II $45,808.00 $62,328.00
    Accountant/Auditor III $48,626.00 $66,151.00

    ANALYST $43,154.00 $80,743.00
    Anaylst I $43,154.00 $58,711.00
    Analyst II $44,340.00 $65,180.00
    Analyst III $59,928.00 $80,743.00

    SPECIALIST $46,376.00 $76,651.00
    Specialist I $46,376.00 $63,096.00
    Specialist II $53,085.00 $72,154.00
    Specialist III $56,450.00 $76,651.00

    TEACHER $52,635.00 $103,821.00
    Teacher $52,635.00 $103,821.00
    Counselor $52,635.00 $103,821.00
    Psychologist $52,635.00 $103,821.00

    MANAGER $66,967.00 $106,606.00
    Manager I $66,967.00 $92,324.00
    Manager II $75,444.00 $99,544.00
    Manager III $80,638.00 $106,606.00

    COORDINATOR $54,807.00 $106,606.00
    Coordinator I $54,807.00 $96,358.00
    Coordinator II $59,937.00 $104,228.00
    Coordinator III $80,638.00 $106,606.00

    ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL $61,831.00 $112,725.00
    Assistant Principal I – E $61,831.00 $110,725.00
    Assistant Principal II (M/H) $63,831.00 $112,725.00

    PRINCIPAL $84,638.00 $118,482.00
    Principal I -E $84,638.00 $115,742.00
    Principal II -M $85,268.00 $116,360.00
    Principal III -H $86,725.00 $118,482.00

    DIRECTOR $85,725.00 $116,994.00
    Executive Director $89,176.00 $116,994.00
    Director $85,725.00 $112,482.00

    ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP $119,908.00 $122,471.00
    Regional Superintendent $119,908.00 $122,471.00
    Associate Superintendent $121,726.00 $122,471.00

    DIVISION HEAD $159,885.00 $159,885.00
    Deputy/Chief $159,885.00 $159,885.00

  3. HSTeacher says:

    Here’s the answer to my question. I KNEW it was too good to be true!

    “The DeKalb County Board of Education on Wednesday, April 18, approved new job classifications and an aligned salary structure for the DeKalb County School District as part of Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson’s ongoing reorganization of positions in the School District.

    Under the reorganization, more than 380 job titles were consolidated into 17 job classifications, each with an aligned salary structure that is uniform across departments and comparable with similar school districts.

    This action was undertaken to provide a sound foundation for an appropriate classification and compensation system. All classifications were based upon a 239-day schedule in an effort to show an internal relationship among positions. The salary for the full range of the classification will only be earned if the employee works a full calendar year of 239 days. Therefore, if the employee’s work calendar is less than 239 days, the salary for the position will be based on the actual number of days worked (for example, 10-month employees work 186 days).

    The new job classifications and salary structure are expected to save the School District more than $300,000, as well as create more equitable salaries across departments and make the School District more efficient.

    “This reorganization is designed to bring fairness to our salary structure and right-size our Central Office to make it work better for students,” Dr. Atkinson said. “Our ultimate goal is to recruit and retain the best talent, drive our resources to our schools and classrooms and focus on student success.”

    Employees coded to a Central Office location who will be impacted by the reorganization will be notified by supervisors during the week of April 23. School-based employees will be notified prior to May 30.

    The reorganization of the School District began with an independent audit of Central Office and school-based personnel, commissioned by Dr. Atkinson in November 2011. This District-wide reclassification is the first such effort for the DeKalb County School District in more than 10 years.”

  4. Cynical In Chamblee says:

    In my opinion, it seems like with all of the studies, the re-coding and the potential downsizing of DCSD, that a savings of $300,000 annually is somewhat meager. Locating the “non-employees” that were still on DCSD payroll accounts for about 15% of this amount.

  5. anonymous says:

    This is a substantial raise for teachers. On the present pay scale a teacher starts at around $40.000 for 186 days. The new salary shows a teacher makes $52,635 on a 239 day calendar. After all the math, it looks a very good increase.

  6. Skeptic Dekalb teacher says:

    Based on the news flash from today the math actually yields a $1 pay DECREASE annually. So why release $52,635? I can’t work 239 days if I wanted to!

  7. I agree! Why even release that amount, getting my hopes up! They know that teachers are not working 239 days!!!!

  8. AnotherDTeacher says:

    This definately dealt a huge blow to my morale and others in my building. Why publish a figure that gives a false sense of reality? In what universe do teachers work 239 days?

  9. Skeptic Dekalb teacher says:

    This is crazy!! I’m looking for their rationale for releasing that number, but I can’t figure it out. There hasn’t been a step increase in years and now you take!? Even if it’s just $1 I need my $1. I pray an important factor has been left out and this isn’t the truth. If so, DCSD is asking for a strike.

  10. TeachingHS says:

    The above posts saying that teachers are getting a raise are sadly, what people will think. But when you run the numbers, it’s the exact pay scale we had before..once you subtract the 239-186= actual teacher salary. Why show that number if it’s not real? No teacher works 239 days. We are ten month, 186 day employees who also have furloughs, so you can subtract a few thousand from the already low amount.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is just another reason why no one trusts DEKALB.

  12. Skeptic DeKalb teacher says:

    What is a manager?

  13. GTCO-ATL says:

    Is there any way teacher could work 239 days? If they worked after school program or received credit for planning time? Can they teach summer school? It doesn’t make sense to give salary ranges and then base it on hourly requirements anyway. Salary means hours are not counted; hourly means clock-in, clock-out. Which is it?

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is so sad how DCSS treats the teachers. They are the lowest paid professionals. However, without a teacher where would this world be? I think the system should pay teachers a step increase in additon to paying a meaningful salary!!! It is sad that they get a small amount of money for their hard work!

  15. Dekalb Tax Payer says:

    It sounds like the Instructional Coaches may work extra days (perhaps in the summer months) so they will be accommodated in this pay schedule.

    DCSS needs LESS non teaching Instructional Coaches and more teachers working in the classroom with students.

  16. sadteacher says:

    It’s too good to be true! #sorry

  17. TeachingHS says:

    Actually,the rumor mill says that it’s possible some ICs may be given the boot. But that may be teacher fantasies of having fewer folks in house to tell us how we are doing it all wrong. having been observed/checked six times in one day last month by 5 right hands who didn’t know what the left hand had already done, I think some cutbacks in that area would be efficient.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is the same kind of sneaky behavior that makes me hate working for this district. Transparency, my behind! This was lowdown and purposefully misleading. New leadership but same insulting and abusive games.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Where is David Schutten in all of this?!? If he’s taking money as the union president, he should be on the news everyday earning it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    He is sitting comfortable in his office. Collecting members money and do not look out for what is the best interest of our teachers!!! Is he playing the buddy system with the DCSS? Also, where is PAGE?

  21. Fat Albert. says:

    The Dekalb School Board is like school on Saturday……..NO CLASS …Hey Hey Hey!

  22. anothercomment says:

    Teachers get your panties on straight. I believe this was meant to show you that your salaries aren’t that bad, when you consider you are ten month employees. You do have the ability to work for the two months you are off in the summer. You can work at Summer Camps etc… I waitressed three jobs when I was in college during the summers 30 years ago and made over $8,000 then during the two months of summer break.

    Teacher’s were my biggest weekly renter’s during the summer and during Spring and Fall Breaks when I owned condo’s in Panama City Beach a couple of years ago. They didn’t think anything of paying $1,200 a week for a 1 bedroom condo on the beach for a week. Or renting a two bedroom for $1,500 -1,600 a week. Some came 3+ times a year. When are you going to get it that most people don’t get these long breaks.

    What the consultant did was give annualized salary brackets, so that they could reduce the brackets to 17. There are some fields that will be underpaid other than teaching. Every Lawyer or Engineer/Project Manager will have to be in one of the Manager or Director Classifications to be competitive, with anyone else. Or be retired from a previous position collecting a pension.

  23. Skeptic DeKalb teacher says:

    There is a reason teachers get these breaks. If you don’t teach or have ever taught, then please don’t comment on what I do, or how little I get paid to make a difference.

  24. Skeptic DeKalb teacher says:


  25. Anonymous says:

    While I appreciate the study and the attempt to flatten out the organizational structure. I do believe that a note somewhere in the salary range document couldn’t have hurt. A footnote, asterisk, a header, highlight, or something indicating a 239 work day could have alleviated all of this confusion. It sounds simple, however it just reminds me of how out of touch the people at the district still are. We haven’t had a raise in over 5 years, then they pull a stunt like this.

  26. Anom says:

    It’s time for teachers AND parents to speak out! ODE,DAE, and all teachers. This Supt.is worst than C. lewis. He was never deceptive. This Supt. thinks southerners are stupid. I say… “ship her out NOW!”. How deceptive can this be? Ship her to North DeKalb ,here she has added 10 millions to Chambless High. It is time to bring Tyson back. This Supt. thinks nothing of southerners except that we are STUPID! I now understand why Dr. Walker DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS! Wake up Copeland-woods, Edler, Cunningham & SPEAKS! As employees, ther new Board Policy does not allow us to even talk to Board Members so we have to communicate to them through our parents. Lets pack the Board Room on May 7th to have our voices heard. AND WHERE IS DAVID S.? Hello!

  27. justwatch says:

    I have sent my email to the board of ed asking questions. However, teachers need to do their part by not voting for David S the next time they have the opportunity.

  28. concernforthekids says:

    So the school calendar is 180 days long but these salaries are based on 239 working days.
    Let’s do the math, if a teacher works 180 days (minimum for school year) then they will receive 75% of the 239 day salary.
    Here is the range for a teacher $52,635 – $103,821 for 239 days.
    Here is the 180 day salary schedule. $39,476 – $77865.
    My question to the teachers is how does this compare to your current pay scale and looking back at previous years, how many days have you worked in a full school year? 190? 200? 210?
    Do you have a choice to work extra days? I know most every teacher works past 5pm and on weekends developing weekly study plans and creating multiple reports for the administration. Will our teachers be paid for this extra work at home?
    Transparency DCSD!
    Smoke and mirrors is NOT the way to present your ideas!
    I think we may need to look at a NEW communications director if this is the type of communications we are receiving.
    I look forward to hearing from teachers regarding the work days and after hours work that is done at home.

  29. Anonymous says:

    No there is no raise for teachers. You will only get paid based on the number of days you work. No teacher works 239 days, they only work 186; therefore the money has to be subtracted out and the scale will remain the same.

  30. DiligenceinData says:

    The real numbers certainly are not being published. The county needs to be forthright with every stakeholder about what the annual costs are for every employee. It is a disservice when actual costs per employee are left out.
    The health and retirement costs should be published in conjunction with salary data. Benefit costs must be discussed as passionately as salaries. Dismissing them fails to capture what Dekalb employees are truly compensated. All too often people fail to recognize that Dekalb contributes 10.28% of the annual salary into the pension fund (for teachers), a portion of health, dental, & vision insurance, life benefits, etc.
    This economy and the number of unemployed and underemployed should remind all of us – “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” — Oprah Winfrey

  31. Dekalb Tax Payer says:

    I think you forgot that the current pay scale is based on 190 days – 10 teacher workdays. There have been many furlough years lately, but the current salary schedule still contains 190 days of work – you need to subtract from the current schedule to compare apples to apples. Here is the link for those who want to do the math:

  32. Anonymous says:

    Teachers only work 186 because of work reduction days.

  33. anothercomment says:

    What happened to the elimination of the Anonymous rule?

  34. atl-computer-guy says:

    The use of annualized salaries is a way to simplify and standardize the salaries allowing for an apples to apples comparison. The Board and administration was the intended audience for the “Recommended Classifications and Salary Schedules”. Aside from Paul and Sarah, I doubt anybody was confused.

    On a side note, as a lay person, this gives me a better perspective regarding how much non full year employees make. I would otherwise need to know how many days each type of employee works.

    That being said, an (*) asterisk on the spreadsheet would have been nice 🙂

  35. Weary worker says:

    I don’t think this was intended to deceive anyone. But an asterisk was needed and DCSD responded the next day. I had a feeling something was not right when I saw this for if they were planning on increasing teacher pay they would have been proclaiming it from the rooftops of the Palace and planning a parade. Staff moral is so low anything positive would be big news. The only thing I know for sure is that the words “reduction day” does not appear on the 2012/13 calendar.

  36. Sick of the crap!! says:

    I disagree with what you wrote. This is just another reason why you should NOT trust the new superintendent. Get it right.

  37. Amy says:

    A strike is a great idea. Today, the word was we have to be professional. What the hell does that mean. They will get what they pay for, mediocare workers. If they intend on paying me thousands of dollars less, they can certainly expect much less work out of me. Deadlines, shmedlines.

  38. Sick of the crap!! says:

    Why would they keep checking up on you? You may want to check yourself!!

  39. TeachingHS says:

    ctually, it was two different focus walks looking for different things on the wall, one separate wall check by the department, another check for lesson plans by another department, one by the state for the correct terms being on the board, etc. Each check was from a separate department or group of people even though they were, in most cases, all looking at the same material. I mentioned to the last one that she was the sixth and she said, “Really?” They all left impressed and one took pictures to show off, so they were all pleased, but they could have consolidated, was my point. There was no need to imply I am a bad teacher, I am constantly given kudos..the fact is that we are over managed.

  40. Dekalb Taxpayer says:

    Considering that Ms. Tyson cut over 300 teaching positions directly after Dr. Lewis cut 275 teaching positions, I’m not for bringing Tyson back.

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