The ABCs of “Education” in DCSS: Abusers, Bullies and Corruption

Teachers … help us help you. 

You must stand up to the bullies and abusers who make up the upper administration of DeKalb County School System.  We have your backs, but change will come only if you exhibit assertiveness and self confidence:  Stand up to the DCSS bullies and abusers.

Distributing “contracts with errors” – including a significant pay cut – by Cheryl Atkinson and her DCSS co-conspirators to teachers who have already been beaten down repeatedly is clearly abusive.

Then, typical of an abuser, when there was outcry, Atkinson feigned surprise and blamed others.  This from a woman who is so insecure about her abilities and her management skills that EVERYTHING – every e-mail, every correspondence, every response, every answer to every question, no matter how innocuous – must go through her.  It is not possible that contracts went out with an “unintentional” mistake.  Like the classic abuser, Atkinson claimed she was not really at fault and never meant for teachers to get the wrong idea, blah, blah, blah.

Atkinson did the same thing with the calendar incident.

Blaming.  Manipulating.  Ignoring.  Humiliating.  Controlling.  All classic signs of an abuser.

Cheryl Atkinson and her DCSS co-conspirators are also bullies.  Bullying is not just a kid’s problem.

From an article in Forbes Magazine, “Experts say there’s a general lack of awareness about the bullying and the types of behaviors the term encompasses. This often prevents people from realizing that a boss or co-worker is a bully. There’s also an element of personal shame involved.

“They’re sinking into a really bad state emotionally, finding it harder to go to work and it might even affect their job performance,” says David Yamada, a professor at Suffolk University Law School and president of the New Workplace Institute, a nonprofit that promotes healthy, productive and socially responsible workplaces. “Oftentimes people don’t put the pieces together until it’s too late.”

About 45% of individuals bullied at work suffer stress-related health problems, according to a 2007 Zogby International survey. “That could include cardiovascular problems, an impaired immune system, debilitating anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder,” says Gary Namie, director of the Workplace Bullying Institute and president of Work Doctor, a consulting firm that specializes in correcting and preventing workplace bullying.

Victims often respond to bullies’ demands with either passive submission or retaliatory aggression – rather than with self-confidence and assertiveness.

Your best option just might be to quit.

However, if you have decided to stay in your job – or have no choice at this point – then it is time to act.  You must be assertive, on several levels.  Assertiveness and self-confidence are the only things that can and will discourage a bully and an abuser.

First, send a clear message to ODE, PAGE and GAE by dropping your memberships.  None of these organizations have stepped up to support and help teachers and schoolhouse staff.  Borrowing from another famous quote, DCSS teachers need ODE, PAGE and GAE like a fish needs a bicycle.

Next, following the Six Degrees of Separation Theory, reach out to your trusted colleagues and create an ad hoc organization, school by school.  Implement Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Principles of Non-Violence – and do it now while students are still in school and it is possible to have the most headline-grabbing impact.

You know – and we know – that not much, if any, real learning goes on in the last few weeks of school.  This is your opportunity to become a real-life role model and help your students really learn, in an up-close-and-personal way, about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Principles of Non-Violence.

Teachers – stand up to the DCSS bullies and abusers.  Stand up for your rights and help us help you!

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127 Responses to The ABCs of “Education” in DCSS: Abusers, Bullies and Corruption

  1. Cynical In Chamblee says:

    Oops. It is 7:45 pm on May 2, 2012, and none of the jobs mentioned in the email below are posted on the PATS system for external applicants to see and/or apply. So, all of the “new” positions will evidently be filled with the “same” people that are currently making the “same” bad decisions. Don’t think DCSS, I mean DCSD will ever be fixed in my lifetime! They are just playing musical chairs–and as a taxpayer, I don’t like the music.

    —– Original Message —–

    From: Postmaster Wednesday, May 02, 2012 8:02:28 AM
    Subject: District Restructuring
    To: News Flash
    Attachments: PATS Guidelines 2.doc Microsoft Word Document 40K


    To: All DeKalb Employees
    From: Dr. Tekshia M. Ward-Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer
    Through: Dr. Cheryl L. H. Atkinson, Superintendent
    Subject: District Restructuring
    Date: 2 May 2012

    On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, the DeKalb County Board of Education
    granted authorization to the Superintendent to implement a new
    organizational structure for the District. This action was necessary to
    align the District’s operational structure based on the core goals
    outlined in the Excellence in Education Plan. Over the past few months,
    senior administration has worked hard to align positions within the
    current central office structure with the work necessary to carry out the
    essential functions of each Division. Through this process, some positions
    were deemed to be correctly classified and aligned, while others were
    re-classified or consolidated and/or eliminated. Additionally, new
    positions were created as part of the new overall structure of the

    The posting and advertisement for all new positions within the Central
    Office Structure has begun. Positions will be posted on the following
    dates, if not earlier:

    May 1, 2012- Executive Directors, Directors, and Regional Superintendents

    May 8, 2012- Coordinators, Managers, and Specialists

    May 14, 2012- Analysts, Executive Assistants, Technicians, Secretaries and
    other Office Support Personnel

    All positions will be posted via the HR Paperless Applicant Tracking
    System (PATS). The site may be accessed by logging on to the following:

    Please see the attached guidelines regarding the application process.
    Thank you for your continued commitment to the students of the DeKalb
    County School District.

    The DeKalb County Postmaster

  2. Anonymous says:

    ok…nice informative article. Soooooo…..what do we do this? Of course the first thought is to have a great number of employees call in on the same day for a “quarterback sneak”. I am sure they are preparing for something like this. I am also sure, if they are indeed bullies that there will be consequences upon our return to work. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone who has “dues” taken from their checks for all the Alphabet Soup Orgs…need to stop payments today!
    They will send a huge message without direct consequences from the County. However, so many educators hold on to those pseudo organizations for this “million dollar legal assistance protection” that I doubt anyone will even do that. Believe me, I want to send a message but not at the expense of my family’s well being. I don’t know how the parents being “behind us” will help us if we receive the brunt of consequences from the “bullies”. How about being in front of us? We appreciate the support, it means a lot. I know I am so much worth more than the measley pay check I bring home, but its better than an unemployment check. I know everyone keeps talking about morale, but something has to be done to address this issue. It’s simple common sense that if we are so disgruntled, that somehow that will transfer to the students.

    I guess the employees need to find a way to communicate with each other.

  3. HSTeacher says:

    When the contract states that the employee is held to every stipulation and has no outs, but the employer may fire the employee for any reason, cut pay for any reason, etc. what would they like us to do? If we break a contract, our ability to teach is taken away. If they change any element of the contract up to and including pay, benefits, hours, location, anything…nothing happens. Teachers’ free speech rights are curtailed by the policies of many districts, stating when/how/why we may or may not use social media, speak/write to the press or publically. Teachers can’t even move to other districts, as contracts appear in the late spring and most districts do not hire lately until late summer/early fall, many waiting until students appear so that they can get a head count first. No union, “right to work,” one sided contracts. Demand change? If we do so, we are fired, period, no questions asked. I agree with the above poster..forget being behind us. We are used to folks being behind us as we are first on the chopping block. How about getting in front of us?

  4. wiserthanmyself says:

    The first step is to get legal advice on what’s involved in this kind of group action. We must be careful not to get ourselves into trouble by violating something we’ve signed, like the mandatory promise to never engage in collective bargaining. We need to be sure of what the definition of that is–learn from the history of organized labor and not give the employer an easy excuse to fire individuals. It isn’t a choice between a paycheck and an unemployment check; it’s more a choice between a paycheck without any say in working conditions, vs the same paycheck with some representation in key decision-making. Is there really nothing that the present teacher clubs (GACE, etc) can do? I’m not a member–precisely because they only seem to function as CYA mediators–but they do have legal advisors. Maybe one of those people, knowledgeable in education law, could be recruited to actually do something effective for DCSS teachers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a teacher, and I really appreciate this post. At the very least I hope that teachers don’t immediately sign their contracts. We have until May 9th – make them worry!

  6. A Parent says:

    Its just doesn’t have to be this hard. I don’t understand the politics of all this either. As a parent, I know my teachers are tired and yes it will be a direct link to the classroom. I am willing to stand in front of you. What does that look like, please anybody tell me what I can do to help.

  7. sosad says:

    Just learned the the school district in Ohio from which Dr. Atkinson just left is now being taken control of by the State! Please read!

    I truly understand what you want to do DeKalb School Watch but I am sure you have to understand that these issues are very deeply rooted. It is not only the bad leadership but the culture of DeKalb. Bad leadership has been passed down to other leaders so even when the bad leaders are fired or cut, the next batch of bad leaders steps in to follow their footsteps.
    There are many red flags that concerned me of Dr. A. First, Atlanta Public Schools did not hire her which was interesting as to why DeKalb would. The next big red flag is the first day she came to work, it was reported she had a 7-8 car motorcade following her around like she was the President of the US. This has been an issue with the metro Atlanta school systems. You would think that some of these Superintendents are the Almighty by the way they are treated, escorted, driven around, protected by security. I am sorry but I don’t see why they can’t drive themselves around town to get from school to school. Then, you have the hiring of all of Dr. A’s people who are making at least $150,000 and more while we still have the old Admin. making the same until their contracts run out. Then, their have been the bad decision making before things are being truly investigated. I think we all had a lot of hope for Dr. A but the poor choices she has already made and lack of investigating certain issues has already showed that this is going to be the same mess we been seeing in DeKalb.
    It is not about the cuts anymore. The budget is in such bad shape that cuts are small change to helping this district out. Nobody in the school house needs to be cut. Central office staff has been cut numerous times. They can afford to cut salaries of those making over $100,000 but as far as personnel in central office, they can not afford to make more cuts. If they did, there is no way in the world the amount of work it takes to run a district this size can be done.
    Employees are scared. DeKalb has been lead with fear and intimidation. We are constantly told be happy you have a job when our salaries are cut, no step or cost of living increase, more work and stress added to our jobs, and not even a thank you from time to time for the hard work we put in. It is bad everywhere. There is nowhere to go. All districts across the country are going through similar issues. Superintendents are just going from one school district to the next not thinking twice of the damage they inflict upon these school systems and children.
    The state needs to step in. Departments need to be interviewed to find out whats going on. If a entire department is interviewed and you have over 90% of the employees stating that bullying is taking place or improper practices are taking place, those leaders in that department need to be removed. I heard Dr. A has not even stepped foot in most departments. I believe we should all protest, even if we have to break out the bull horns and picket signs, this is not just about the teachers and AP’s, it is about all employees of DeKalb. We need to stand together and let this Board know that we are tired of this madness and they will not continue to get away with these actions. Our children have suffered long enough!!! I say the parking lot of AIC is large enough to hold thousands of people. Pick a day and time!

  8. Dekalb voter says:

    Well, the budget says someone needs to be cut. Since over 600 teaching positions have been eliminated in the last few years, they are among the employees with the least competitive pay when contrasted with other school systems, and these are the personnel who actually teach student the content they are sent to school to learn – namely math, science, social studies and language arts – I do not want to see teachers cut.

    That leaves everyone else to have their numbers and salaries rightsized so they are on par with other school systems.

  9. Enough says:

    I appreciate the intent is author but he/she MUST understand that we teachers have families to provide for. Most of us have been living paycheck to paycheck for several years now and don’t have the cash reserves to float us should things go awry.

    Atkinson and her cronies KNOW this and they bank on it. They tie our hands by not giving us the RESPECT of ANY advance notice of this huge pay cut. This prevents us from being able to make informed decisions in an unhurried manner. No time to interview elsewhere or even look for a job outside of teaching. Just an “incorrect” contract, a letter and a week to sign or resign. Classy, huh?

    Ms. Atkinson, if I met you on the street and knew there was no way I could be identified or fired I would dish out to you 2 helpings of the disrespect you have dished out to us…and I would spit in your face! Know this, Ms. Atkinson…you are HATED by EVERY TEACHER IN THIS COUNTY and this is PERMANENT! There is no getting out of this nor anyway to live it down. Your incompetency, your underhanded duplicity in using those ridiculous emails to confuse and dismay us, your use of principals to “clarify” that you’d made a mistake, handing out “delay letters” to some of the most dedicated veteran teachers in the state (even STEM teachers for God’s sake!) will NEVER be forgotten. I thought Johnny Brown and Crawford Lewis were hacks but you’ve got’em beat by miles. Thanks to the internet, your stupidity and complete lack of integrity will live on in print FOREVER. Shame on you…

  10. Dekalb voter says:

    Dr. Atkinson definitely needs to get rid of Walter Woods and get someone in there who can explain this. He has made a colossal mess of the public relations on this and so many other issues.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Parents, ask around at your child’s school. Find out which teachers did not receive contracts. You will be surprised and upset! Then YOU can help us fight. I have heard about German and Latin teachers at Lakeside, but this is just hearsay for now. Can anyone verify? I do not know how to fight without risking my ability to feed my family.

  12. Anonymous says:

    There has been a lot of talk about the 6.25% cut, but not nearly enough about the teachers who didn’t get contracts yet. Assuming they do eventually get them, what was the point of withholding them? And what if they don’t get them? I don’t know the full list of who at my school didn’t get contracts, but I know for sure that some who didn’t are not just great teachers, but have done some wonderful and simply amazing things with their students this year. They deserve awards instead of what they got–being blindsided with an uncertain future.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a suggestion–it’s Teacher Appreciation Week next week. Parents, or whoever is coordinating events or treats or whatever it is, should dedicate Monday to the teachers who didn’t get contracts. You don’t have to name them individually, unless they are comfortable with it, but if they don’t have job security, they should at least have the security of knowing that what they do is appreciated by the communities for which they do so much.

  14. Mildred says:

    No German or Latin teacher received a contract.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There are legitimate reason why some in leadership positions get security details. Even some of the comments here regarding what some would do to Dr. Atkinson are light when you consider some of the other communication as to what someone would do to her. Anonymous postings have created an environment where normally good citizens make threats that must be treated with caution.

    Being angry is one thing but comments like Enough’s below can be scary. Those in law enforcement take those seriously.

  16. Weary worker says:

    David Schutten has responded this morning and is on the defensive. Maybe far more than he needs to be. Here’s an excerpt from his email post: “Come out from under or behind your rocks, or out of your caves, or out from under you white robes, i.e., your anonymous screen names, and be man or woman enough to own your opinions and put your real name behind your comments! It would be far easier for me to throw rocks and bombs and hide my hand like these pitiful people do, than putting myself out in public on behalf of ODE/GAE/NEA members to try to work through these issues. The blogs are depressing. Some of these anonymous bloggers are so negative, I do not understand how they make it through a normal day.” I’m no expert but being overly defensive is the trademark of a poor leader . The blogosphere is just what it is get used to it. Doesn’t he know that many post anonymously due to the dreadful conditions and fear in the schools.? Instead of debating workers and voters ( as he suggests in the full email) he should be debating the board members who got us into this mess.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m a teacher with 35+ years of experience in DCSS/D. Please cancel teacher appreciation week.i got the letter of “delayed renewal” and have never felt so under appreciated in all of my life! I love my students, I love my administration at my school, I am passionate about my field of study…..but right now, it’s really hard to care. We have been treated with such disrespect that my ability to serve your children is barely afloat. Screw teachers’ appreciation week!

  18. wiserthanmyself says:

    Yes, I know it’s true about the Latin teacher at Lakeside (who also happens to be Teacher of the Year).

  19. wiserthanmyself says:

    I agree with Weary. If the level of emotion on this blog scares Mr. Schutten, then he’s clearly not going to be able to help teachers take a firm stance against the tactics of this administration. Most of the comments (with only one recent exception, really) are passionate but not hateful. Has he read the newspapers about thousands of people taking to the streets and becoming violent in Spain and Greece, just because they’ve learned they can’t retire with 100% pay at the age of 62? Get real, Mr. Schutten!

    How we get through the day? By focusing on teaching, and not on things like where our next paycheck is coming from or where we’ll be working next year. But this chaos has shifted the focus. Notably, Mr. Schutten doesn’t outline any program or suggest any solutions. Until his group offers something other than legal coverage if a teacher is wrongfully accused of something, I’d support boycotting it. Isn’t that how organizations change?–to meet the needs of their members.

  20. Teacher says:

    The positions were posted on PATS on May 1st. You must register to see all available positions.

  21. OverIt says:

    It is my understanding that no German teacher in the entire system received a contract. None in Kittredge, Chamblee Middle or High received one

  22. GTCO-ATL says:

    Quite the contrary, imo. Walter Woods has been great for “our side” because he lets everyone know what the official position is on the various issues. Before he was hired, we would have press “leaks” and various board members reporting conflicting information and no one could hold the school system accountable. When you have a spokesperson, even if you don’t like him or what he is saying, you have to realize that it is not his personal opinion he is stating, it is the official line he has been given to report. So, any conflicting information provided by board members, etc., simply mean those people are mistaken in their understanding. But, having an official spokesperson give a statement lets the media, parents, etc. know what the DCSS is admitting, accepting responsibility for and that will hold up a lot better in court. We appreciate Mr. Woods for responding to Open Records Requests in the appropriate amount of time and being the person to handle all the questions he must get about what the hell is going on. When he speaks, you know it is part of their strategy. It is a lot harder for them to go back on what he says than it is for them to just discredit someone who might have slipped up (think Zapora Roberts) and mentioned something to a reporter “by accident.” They can get rid of that one person, but no one can say Woods is actually “wrong” when he is stating exactly what he has been told to say.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I understand that contracts were withheld from teachers where there may be a surplus. Tough decisions must be made if you need a foreign language teacher that may only have 12-15 students per class. Maybe instead of having one teacher each at two schools, one teacher could service two schools. The number of students to be served factors in this decision. Some very good teachers may lose their jobs if this is how decisions must be made.

    This is another example of the tough decisions that must be made. The MAG reports suggests eliminating the night shift of security staff. If that is done and school burglaries increase as a result, everyone is going to second guess that decision. The security staff does not teach students. Are they important to the learning process?

  24. Brook-Dekalb Parent says:

    So, how do parents get out in front? The only thing i can think of in the near term is letter writing or meeting with Atkinson/BOE members. Longer-term we can try to make changes in DCSS leadership. Anything else.

    What can teachers do that is safe (i.e., doesn’t endanger their job)?

  25. Dekalb voter says:

    Here is their recommendation:
    “Eliminate Deputy Director position. Move responsibility for DCA AIC
    Security position from Facilities to Public Safety. Eliminate night shift. Move six positions
    to daytime school assignments. Seek memoranda of agreement with other local law
    enforcement agencies for nighttime alarms.”

    This is what MOST metro school systems do – particularly ones that are demographically similar to DeKalb.

    School burglaries are already very high. Local law enforcement agencies could help bring our number of burglaries down.

  26. water not kool-aid says:

    I am an employee, but I am one of those employees often talked about on this very blog through no fault of my own. Would I be eligible to be in the loop of communication with support for my fellow employees, or would there be exclusions? Exclusions such as are done in DCSD that keep good workers down, promote ineffective principals who love to claim ” I do it for the children”? Children do not want anyone to do anything on their behalf that represents bullying of professional adults, intimidation tactics such as telling staff Not to speak to so and so, and for fear of the same thing happening to them, staff go along to keep a job.

    I have never understood ODE, PAGE, SEIU ( I am a former state employee) because through twenty two years of public service work, I have yet to see any of these organizations organize, support, and advance the causes of the worker bee. It is impossible to represent the work of the front line staff and the administrators. My dad worked for a large company, and as soon as he became supervision, the union booted him. Same thing should occur in these quasi organizations.

  27. justwatch says:

    Have you already retired? Are you double-dipping? As of the 2013 school year, this will no longer be allowed. The state only allowed it because of teacher shortages. That is no longer an issue.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If school burglaries are already very high with a night shift, why do you think eliminating these resources and working with our short staffed local law enforcement agencies will bring our number of burglaries down? What impact could that have on burglaries to the residents in the surrounding area if we ask our local law enforcement agencies to also pay greater attention to our schools?

    To be clear, I’m not saying we need to keep the night shift, but it needs to be done with our eyes wide open. The same consideration should be done for ANY position that will be eliminated and we should ask what impact will that have on the school district.

  29. Anonymous says:

    A little harsh there, justwatch. Believe it or not, there are still some teachers with over 30 years of service teaching that have not retired. Looking at this like a business person, schools can probably hire 1 1/2 teachers for what we pay for a teacher with over 30 years of service. The trade-off is you lose the experience. The benefit is that for every 2 teachers with 30+ years of experience, we can hire 3 new teachers and provide more service to our students by possibly reducing class sizes.

    For those that want to run the school system like a business, it this what we want? Could any of you make a decision like this and still sleep well at night?

  30. Anonymous says:

    On a short break….

    @enough…I understand your passion,hurt,and disappointment with the powers that be. But please be very careful..not only are you now walking a very thin line of threatening harm, but it just doesn’t look good for us who are in the trenches with you. My check has looked the same for at least 5 years, but no matter what my husband and my babies need me to come home with a check. I do not know how state intervention works but there definitely seems as if

    something needs to be done. Also reading that her last system is now in hot waer……just sad all the way around.
    To the ode president … are full of yourself and something that stinks. Educators p

  31. Dekalb voter says:

    From the ODE website:

    It’s apparent that including other personnel – admin and support – is what increased the numbers. But where did that leave this as an organization advocating for teachers? Once administrators were members, I guess DCSS was okay with this group.

    One poster says PAGE gives you lawsuit protection and is cheaper.

    “About Us
    Brief History

    The Organization of DeKalb Educators (ODE) is the local affiliate of the Georgia Association of Educators and the National Education Association.

    ODE was founded in 1974 after DeKalb County School System administrators put intense pressure on members of the DeKalb Association of Educators (DAE) to disaffiliate from GAE and the NEA. DAE is now a member of the Professional Association of Georgia Educators. (PAGE) ODE was then founded as the local affiliate of GAE and NEA.

    When ODE was first founded, its members were harassed and threatened by DCSS administrators. A small group of educators kept ODE’s torch burning for many years. At one point ODE membership dwindled to 25 brave souls. In 1994, when ODE had 455 members, a dynamic membership plan was developed by ODE officers Jackie Henry, Rosilind Taylor and Helen Zappia along with Pete Toggerson, then the ODE Uniserv Director, and Arden Shumaker (now retired) of the NEA Collective Bargaining Office.

    Within one year ODE experienced a dramatic 45% membership growth. Membership has grown steadily for the past seven years. Today we represent approximately 1,700 DeKalb County School System employees including teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, cafeteria workers and administrators. We are now the largest local teachers’ organization in Georgia. We are the Leading Voice for Public Education in DeKalb County, Advocating Excellence in DeKalb Public Schools.

  32. water not kool-aid says:

    The state of OHIO is taking control because of tax revenue, not anything Dr. Atkinson did. At least be truthful in what you share.
    Instead of the state taking over DCSD Gove. Deal just signed the bill to allow voters to decide if money should be taken away from public schools and given for charter schools. If approved the public schools will continue to go down the drain, with the only kids left in public school those who do not meet acceptance requirements for these special schools. They need to accept every child just as public schools have to.

  33. Dekalb voter says:

    Do we get our money’s worth from the Security Group? The difference in what we pay for Security versus what ALL of the other metro systems pay for Security is completely out of line. Perhaps if we put this money into “teaching” students, we would not have as many crimes. Which do you want – schools or prison? There is something very wrong when the expenditures on Security are so far apart from other demographically comparable school systems. MAG recognized this, and it is interesting that their numbers of DCSS Security overstaffing and compensation were almost identical to DeKalb Watch Two’s prior post. Read the entire post – link provided:

    Here is an excerpt:
    “Comparison Summary (including benefits calculated at 20%):

    DeKalb County Schools – 95,481 students – $10,844,887 for 204 Security personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $114
    *Atlanta Public Schools (APS) – 48,805 students – $5,126,593 for 282 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $105
    *Clayton School System – 49,551 students – $1,020,186 for 180 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $21
    Gwinnett County Schools – 159,814 students – $2,755,802 for 48 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $17
    *Rockdale County Schools – 15,582 students – $101,582 for 5 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $7
    Fulton County Schools – 89,920 students – $4,292,198 for 66 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $48
    Cobb County Schools – 106,619 students – $2,313,225 for 44 Security Personnel

    Security Cost per pupil – $22
    *Marietta City Schools – No expenditure in school budget for Security personnel

    Marietta City Schools contracts with the Marietta City Police Department for 191 days of SRO services
    Click here to view the contract”

  34. lhsmathmom says:

    Eliminating our excellent high school German and Latin programs will hardly save any money. The University System of Georgia requires world language credits for admission. If the German program at Chamblee High is eliminated, the school will have to hire more Spanish or French teachers to replace the German teachers. As for the German program at Lakeside, it uses only a fraction of a teacher because the German teacher also teaches ESOL.

    By the way, DeKalb County’s German students are very successful at getting accepted to the Governor’s Honors Program. This year 4 of our finalists were German majors. For comparison, we had 5 math finalists, yet math is a much larger program at GHP and DeKalb nominated three times as many students in math as in German. (I got these numbers by compiling a list manually from PDF files, so I could have made a small mistake. But those statistics are consistent with other years. In 2009 DeKalb had 4 German finalists and 2 math finalists.)

    See also this link about the German Language Diploma program at CCHS:,164536?content_source=&category_id=6&search_filter=&event_mode=&event_ts_from=&list_type=&order_by=&order_sort=&content_class=&sub_type=&town_id=&page=1

    And yes, the Lakeside Latin teacher is Teacher of the Year.

  35. justwatch says:

    I suspect that if they haven’t retired, they got contracts. Many school systems have already stopped using employees that have retired. I didn’t mean to be harsh and I am grateful to the teachers who retired to the classroom, but it isn’t necessarily the best use of resources in an era where there is not a shortage of teachers.

  36. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    Here’s some more good news out of DCSS(D?). Student Records are not being filed properly by DCSS(D)? Link here

    How long was Ms. Tyson in charge of MIS, how did this get swept under the radar? Explain to me why Ms. Tyson is still around? These MAG audit releases come fast and furiously… pardon the pun. What PR nightmare will there be tomorrow? Stay tuned as the Stomach Turns DCSS(D?) continues… What will Walter Woods say next? Who will Dr. Atkinson blame? Pass the popcorn, every day brings another revelation.

    What a mess of epic proportions! Governor Deal can you please help heal our festering sores here in DeKalb?

  37. justwatch says:

    In fairness, fewer and fewer systems offer German, so there is less and less competition for GHP, Every school system has math.

    The challenge is what to cut. I understand that the German and Latin teachers will most likely get contracts, but what changes?

    I happen to think transportation is an area that is flush with opportunities to save money.

  38. justwatch says:

    I can’t find the link right now, but within the last year or so, the state itself reported a crisis in the archiving of records.

    How is this Atkinson’s responsibility? She didn’t pick the storage location.

  39. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    I agree with some things you say, however Central Office has NOT been pared back like the teachers, paras and media specialists. The school house folks ROCK in most cases and are in direct contact with the students every school day! Isn’t this the mission?

    A lot should have happened right after Clew was shown the door, but the BOE let the indicted former Super pick his successor/interim, how ridiculous was that? It’s all water under the bridge, but we’re paying for it now. We’re paying for the poor leadership of 5 years ago, STILL! Do the “leaders” at the Palace realize how angry the stakeholders and the employees are? I really wonder………

  40. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    If they’re looking to pare back German and Latin, could this be a shot across the bow of the proponents of the Magnet program? Could DCSS(D?) be getting ready to revamp or discontinue the program? The leadership really wants kids in their neighborhood schools and the way to do that is to discontinue the Magnet program. Anyone else have thoughts?

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