Calling ALL DCSS Retirees!

Skeletons in closets. Bodies buried in out-of-the-way places.  You know where they all are.

You kept your job in return for keeping silent.

Now that you are retired (or soon will be retired when the school year ends), you no longer have to worry that you will lose your job for telling the truth. Your TRS pension is secure, also, unless, of course, your former boss and co-workers decide to throw you under the bus to “save” themselves. Beat them to the punch – tell us what you know, first.  We will help you.

Think of the corruption, dishonesty and wrongdoing that is pervasive in DCSS. It is like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. You likely are holding one or more of the pieces of this puzzle. But, because you have only a few pieces, you cannot see the big picture.

With your help, we can — and we will take it to the authorities.

This is the time to come forward with what you know. Contact us, confidentially, at Only two of us have access to that e-mail — and our lips are sealed. We could provide references, but then we wouldn’t have sealed lips! There are several safe ways you can tell what you know and protect yourself:

(1) Point us in the right direction – just tell us what to ask for. We will make the necessary Open Records requests. We will never reveal your name.

(2) Take a flash drive to work this week and copy all pertinent information from your hard drive. (Even better, just move documents from your hard drive to your flash drive.) Forward all pertinent e-mails to your personal e-mail and/or to You will need these documents to prove coercion, if necessary. Remember, once you leave, everything in your e-mail and on your hard drive disappears into oblivion – or into the computers of the well-placed and corrupt so they can use it against you if the finger points in their direction.

(3) Let us scan any hard copy documents you have. We have a portable scanner and are willing to meet you in public at a location of your choice. Bring a flash drive and we will leave you with scans of these documents that you may keep on your computer. We will keep a copy of the scans, as well, for future use.

(4) Just tell us the whole story that you have to tell. We will keep your name confidential. Whatever you tell us makes the picture clearer and more detailed.

Think of the DCSS people who bullied and threatened you – and thought they could get away with it. You have nothing to lose by telling the truth. But the corrupt people who once bullied and threatened you because they could have everything to lose. Now that you are retired (or are retiring very soon) they have no more power over you. It’s your turn now – and karma is a bitch.

We will do what it takes to assure your confidentiality. We will tell the story and help to corral the corrupt.

PS    This article was suggested by a long-time DCSS employee who knows more than can be told — until retirement.

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8 Responses to Calling ALL DCSS Retirees!

  1. momof3cubs says:

    I am not sure how this is going to help the current situation. It sounds like DeKalb just needs to be taken over…by what and/or whom I do not know.

  2. MAL615 says:

    I think that if there is information to be found and made public it needs to be done. As a parent and taxpayer I’m disgusted by the secrecy and corruption at the top levels of the educational system in Dekalb. Dr. Atkinson should be pleased that we’re helping her with her stated goal of “transparancy,” right?

  3. Miss Management says:

    Personally, I think there is no other choice than to break the system up.

  4. concernforthekids says:

    There is accountability issues at stake. What would deter administrators from continuing this type of behavior if nothing is done to prevent it in the future?
    Remember Sarah Copelin-Woods stating that “Alexander & Associates needs to be retained because they understand the culture of the kids”. I think it may be that they understand the “Culture of the administration” and are there to protect them!
    Ron Ramsey, director of the legal department, is a key figure in the “culture” also.
    I encourage any employee to submit their concerns to DSW!

  5. RE: Calling ALL Retirees!

    Thank you for your comments MAL615, Miss Management and Concernforthekids!

    It is very important that DCSS retirees are encouraged to tell us what they know about questionable activities and behaviors — especially by higher-ups — during their time at DCSS. They are safe now. They can’t lose their jobs for telling the truth. Sometimes the smallest fact can be a critical part of the puzzle. Please encourage the DCSS retirees and soon-to-be retirees you know to get in touch with us.

    While this blog is not a paying job for any of us, we are writer-researchers in our professional lives. We know how to research and we know how to maintain a confidence. Please help us help you — by giving us the information we need to go after the culture of corruption, dishonesty and thuggery that defines the DeKalb County School System.

  6. jackiehar says:

    I, too, am concered about the lack of complete transparency since Dr. Atkinson’s arrival. There should be no secrets about paying consultants and keeping PO’s less than $50,000 a secret because of lack of a need for Board approval. That may have been acceptable 10 years ago but..NOW…No -we need to be able to monitor every dollar of tax payer money as well as federal dollars (which are still taxpayers dollars). I am not into the ‘Family & Freinds ” thing. I am about performance, competence and qualifications. I am concerned about the professionism, experience and performance of some of our newly acquired “top dogs”. I have heard horror stories about this. Please speak up if you have nothing to lose. If you have something to lose, please be “SILENT”. Jobs have already been loss for having an opinion or question. I agree, Dr. Atkinson should be appreciative of us protecting her and our children’s education.

  7. Just another day in Paradise says:

    How about the fact that Atkinson got the board to change the purchasing policy to raise the threshold to $100,000 now? That $50,000 and up going to the board for approval is a thing of the past…Funny thing, the new policy came right around the time her consultants started to creep near $50,000. Now they are creeping towards $100,000. Isn’t it time for her to change the policy again?

  8. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    Via email: Good points.

    Does the fleet maintenance staff still get in their trucks and drive out to the Stone Mtn Freeway and cross county lines to get their parts and fill up their tanks as they were doing a few years ago? Why in the world were they ever permitted to do such a thing? The entire Sam Moss operation is a complete mystery. But they were untouchable. Where does the paint and other supplies and fixtures come from? I don’t recall any of this being brought before the BOE. When it’s Other People’s Money, you can spend and spend.

    One of the major tenets of Theme Schools is holding down class size. It had BETTER go away. And if it does, thereby removing one of the two legs of theme schools (the other being mandated parental involvement), then we’d better not pay for the administration of what is no longer a boutique school set. Same for magnets and charters. No class size should be held down if all class sizes can’t be held. And touching Special Ed in any way is an automatic invitation for yet another lawsuit — this time a federal lawsuit.

    This administration hasn’t done enough peeling back of onion layers yet. It should do more. They may be very surprised at what they find. Running a system the size of DeKalb is like running a small city. It almost needs a City Manager. All PO’s, for a time, should come to the attention of upper management, and I’ll pay for a temporary period of redundant PO review until they get it in their thick heads that they can’t do business the same way. If the cost of a ream of paper is more than what other districts pay for, then they should get that cost down. Pretty reports with expensive ink and toner should be a thing of the past. All vendor management activities should undergo a forensic review. If I see another big fat bus running a route with half a dozen kids on it yet the car-rider line is filled to the brim with helicopter moms, I’ll consider that stealing. I’m sick of seeing all that waste. But leadership is the thing which will change the mindset. And not from just the superintendent’s perch. The layers are deep. People in transportation were let go a few years ago. Low-level clerks who had direct lines to the schools. But exactly how many vehicles are in the fleet, and what does it cost to maintain them? I see them all over the county on any given day. Are their routes run in the most efficient way? How/when are work orders distributed? Is there any arrangement with the county to share fueling stations, resources and expertise? I could go on and on.

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