Tune In Tonight: WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is below.  Tune in and make your comments at the end of this post.

WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM
J. David Williamson Board Room, Administrative & Instructional Complex 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard – Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 – or tune in live on Comcast 24 or live stream on the internet at this link: http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/pds-tv24 .

Meeting Agenda

1. Personnel Recommendations
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Financial Monthly Report
3. Approval of Non-Resident Tuition
4. Human Resources Monthly Board Report for June 2012
5. Personnel Recommended for Employment Contracts for 2012-2013
6. 2013 Perkins IV Career Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) Instructional Improvement Plan
7. 2012 Textbook Adoption Recommendations and 2012-2013 Textbook Purchase Recommendations
8. Purchase of Professional Services from Pearson, Inc. to Support Curriculum Mapping into IDMS
9. Purchase of Professional Learning Services from Curriculum Designers, Inc. to Support On-Going Curriculum Development and Revisions Supporting the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards
10. Agreement Between the Metro East Georgia Learning Resources System (MEGLRS) and the Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA)
11. Payment of Yearly AdvancED SACS CASI dues
12. Ultimate Fighting Championship Donation to the McNair High School
13. Cellular Carrier Annual Contract Renewal
14. Recommendation for Approval of Hearing Tribunal Members

1. Recommendation to Waive Board Policy on Policy Adoption, Descriptor Code BDC
2. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: READY FOR ACTION – Board Member Compensation and Expenses, Descriptor Code BBBE
3. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: READY FOR ACTION – Administrative Personnel Positions, Descriptor Code CGB

1. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: INITIAL REQUEST ACTION REQUEST – Foreign Students, Descriptor Code JQKA and JQKA-R (Regulation)
2. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: INITIAL REQUEST – Rescind Administrative Rules, Descriptor Code CMA

J. OTHER\BOARD COMMENTS (2 minutes each)

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166 Responses to Tune In Tonight: WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM

  1. gah6 says:

    Are you SURE this one will be on? I tried to watch the last meeting only to find a rerun.

  2. Kate says:

    I see that one of the items on the agenda is personnel recommendations by the superintendent.
    Which brings this burning question to mind….. The county administrators just underwent restructuring. People had to reapply for their jobs…..Area Superintendents, CTSS’s, etc…
    They were suppose to find out by June 1st (if they reapplied) whether or not someone else got those positions or if they will be keeping their positions. Has anyone heard whether or not those jobs positions have been filled? Will the county publish who Area Superintendents are going to be for the new school year?

  3. justwatch says:

    I know that some employees were notified on Friday that they no longer had positions as of the end of the month. Not sure about when the announcements you are asking about will be made…

  4. bettyandveronica1 says:

    they have also been discussing moving to a 4 day work week at the CO per McChesney for the summer. We will see….

  5. bettyandveronica1 says:

    WHy the need to sing the praises of DHMS?

  6. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Steen Miles was scheduled to speak an didn’t. That would have been interesting.

  7. Miss Management says:

    So did Zepora really diss the principals? She said not to let them have the Parent Resource budgets cause they’ll waste it on food and they don’t want parents in their schools anyway. Nice Zepora. Good to hear what you really think of our principals.

  8. Curious says:

    Wow, David Schutten, you tell ’em!

  9. Miss Management says:

    Wow! You go David Schutten!! So glad you finally tell it like it is instead of defending those Friends & Family instead of defending the teachers! If you keep up this level of passion you may be able to do the job you’re supposed to be doing for the teachers and student in DeKalb!

  10. justwatch says:

    I wonder what she would have said.

  11. justwatch says:

    Just tuning in, what was the primary focus on public comments?

  12. Miss Management says:

    Well, looks like EVERYONE wants the board to look at “other places” to make cuts… Sigh!

  13. bettyandveronica1 says:

    ib cuts, sorry haven’t followed these cuts.

  14. Miss Management says:

    Fernbank, Fernbank, Fernbank and DSA. A wildly angry David Schutten, President of the Organization of DeKalb Educators. Then there was Willie Pringle. He speaks the truth. “God is looking at you. When you cannot come together and agree for the children, votin’ time is comin’ up!”

  15. bettyandveronica1 says:

    I personally liked the last guy. He was just a regular man, no special interests, just on the side of the kids and doing what was right. Maybe that will get through…any thoughts?

  16. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Willie Pringle is my new hero!

  17. robinseek says:

    As a CTSS, we have not been notified one way or the other and are still waiting to hear from someone. Yes, we were told we would hear something by June 1, but as of today, we are still waiting.

  18. justwatch says:

    It is on the list of cuts. One that had unanimous support, I believe.

  19. Dekalbite2 says:

    Zepora’s daughter is a Parent Resource Zcoordintor.

  20. justwatch says:

    Which one of Zepora’s children or their friends work at a Parent Centers? Seriously, I think there is a connection there. Anyone?

  21. Tit For Tat says:

    WAY TO GO David Shutten!…That is the passion that needs to be conveyed to the Board on behalf of the teachers. We’re tired of this nonsense and we’re not going to take it anymore!!

  22. Dunwoody Mom says:

    I imagine it would have been as nasty and inappropriate as Wendolyn Bouie’s comments last month.

  23. Dekalbite2 says:

    Zepora’s daughter is a highly paid Parent Center Coordinator.

  24. bettyandveronica1 says:

    She just hired 3 new folks as Regional Superintendents. This is to replace the title, area asst. superintentdents. Questions about people currently holding these positions, answer, they may or may not keep these jobs. Board didn’t seem to know anything about these folks. One was a principal from Margaret Theme??

  25. justwatch says:

    How stupid of her to stand up and advocate for a program that her daughter is employed by. She could have at least found a surrogate to do her “dirty work.”

  26. Dekalbite2 says:

    Pay attention to the cellular contract coming up. Why are we paying for all these cellular phones?

  27. justwatch says:

    Gene Walker said that he wasn’t aware of any nepotism? Who is he kidding?

  28. justwatch says:

    SCW has been on the board for how long? And every year, in June, we set the tuition rate. Every June.

  29. Wanda says:

    Oh so is that why Rachel Ziegler is there? Is she one of the newly hired Regional Supts?

  30. dekalbite2 says:

    Gene Walker’s has more relative’s than any other BOE member working for the school system:
    From the AJC:
    Eugene Walker
    “Relatives working for system: Son is a resource officer; daughter-in-law is a secretary; granddaughter is a secretary; several relatives are also longtime employees of the school district.”


  31. Dunwoody Mom says:

    And the district would actually televise ALL board meetings, the public could actually see the work the board is doing – i.e. curriculum meeting they are talking about.

  32. That performance is all the teachers will get from David Schutten. He talks a good game, but that’s all it is…talk.

  33. dekalbite2 says:

    Look at the agenda item – “Purchase of Professional Services from Pearson, Inc. to Support Curriculum Mapping into IDMS”
    Instructional Data Management System
    IDMS is “Schoolnet” – Schoolnet cost DCSS $11,000,000 and was recommended by Ramona Tyson and Tony Hunter. MIS has never gotten it to work to benefit teachers and students. Maybe the new person over MIS will find someone in the technology department who can get this to work for teachers and students.

    The Schoolnet system was purchased in 2007 and has never worked the way it needs to for teachers. Look at the installment plan we are on – paying millions and millions for years and NO return on investment. Are we pouring more money into a system that is supposed to coordinate with Schoolnet that MIS can’t get to work for teachers? This is the last installment, and it still doesn’t deliver the promised benefits.
    Look at the payment schedule (from the BOE minutes 6/8/2009):
    “December 20, 2007 $1,600,000.00
    July 1, 2008 $1,600,000.00
    July 1, 2009 $1,600,000.00
    July 1, 2010 $1,058,383.00
    July 1, 2011 $ 927,350.00
    July 1, 2012 $ 464,003.00
    TOTAL $7,249,736.00″””Rationale: The application was launched in 2008. Currently it is providing principals and administrators with real time data such as standardized test scores and student demographic data. Pilots are underway which provide the pilot teachers with student section data and benchmark assessment results grouped by class/school. Loading exercises are underway which will ultimately result in availability within the application of curriculum resources (lesson plans & weblinks) aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards.”

    Only it was not performing as promised in 2009 and is still not performing as promised now.

    Now add in the $4,000,000 for eSis which is part of the ISDM (also known as Student Data Management System – SDMS) and you get the $11,000,000 we’ve already paid into this.

  34. bettyandveronica1 says:

    WE don’t like the rules, so let’s just make a rule to disregard the rules. whew. sounds like manipulation. Sounds like some don’t like the ability to take funds not used to be put elsewhere. Technically. it’s flexibility we need not manifpulation. Sounds like something is going on and she needs to find a place to draw a few $$ if necessary quick…Now she is chastising Womack about being part of the team…whew.

  35. justwatch says:

    As I posted the warning this morning, I am thrilled to see board members resisting this. The newspaper article probably helped. Yeah, Ty for worrying about the sensational.

  36. educator90 says:

    We should not be spending any more money on this program, as it’s never worked properly. Our money is not being used in a prudent way.

  37. Ned says:

    I guess you missed it–Steen Miles didn’t show up tonight. 🙂

  38. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    Hey DM! Like I said last week. For the price WE paid for those lights and equipment, every meeting in that palace room should be broadcast. I’ll even volunteer to man cameras, audio or switching cameras.

  39. educator90 says:

    Womack: “only traveled $3,900 plus.” That is a great deal of money that we as tax payers cannot afford. Teachers don’t get paid for their travel for continuing ed credits, so why should the board. In fact, teachers pay for their own classes for continuing ed and don’t get reimbursed for even the cost of the class.

    Seems to me that the board gets more benefits, than the teachers teaching the kids.

  40. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Looks like they are pulling it and tabling this discussion. The board salutes her efforts for policy change but need additional clarity on the policy. They keep saying it’s for the boards travel but her initial statement sounded like it could be moved out of board travel to other areas.

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