Tune In Tonight: WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is below.  Tune in and make your comments at the end of this post.

WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM
J. David Williamson Board Room, Administrative & Instructional Complex 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard – Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 – or tune in live on Comcast 24 or live stream on the internet at this link: http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/pds-tv24 .

Meeting Agenda

1. Personnel Recommendations
1. Approval of Minutes
2. Financial Monthly Report
3. Approval of Non-Resident Tuition
4. Human Resources Monthly Board Report for June 2012
5. Personnel Recommended for Employment Contracts for 2012-2013
6. 2013 Perkins IV Career Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) Instructional Improvement Plan
7. 2012 Textbook Adoption Recommendations and 2012-2013 Textbook Purchase Recommendations
8. Purchase of Professional Services from Pearson, Inc. to Support Curriculum Mapping into IDMS
9. Purchase of Professional Learning Services from Curriculum Designers, Inc. to Support On-Going Curriculum Development and Revisions Supporting the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards
10. Agreement Between the Metro East Georgia Learning Resources System (MEGLRS) and the Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA)
11. Payment of Yearly AdvancED SACS CASI dues
12. Ultimate Fighting Championship Donation to the McNair High School
13. Cellular Carrier Annual Contract Renewal
14. Recommendation for Approval of Hearing Tribunal Members

1. Recommendation to Waive Board Policy on Policy Adoption, Descriptor Code BDC
2. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: READY FOR ACTION – Board Member Compensation and Expenses, Descriptor Code BBBE
3. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: READY FOR ACTION – Administrative Personnel Positions, Descriptor Code CGB

1. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: INITIAL REQUEST ACTION REQUEST – Foreign Students, Descriptor Code JQKA and JQKA-R (Regulation)
2. Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: INITIAL REQUEST – Rescind Administrative Rules, Descriptor Code CMA

J. OTHER\BOARD COMMENTS (2 minutes each)

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166 Responses to Tune In Tonight: WORK SESSION & MEETING 6/4/2012 – 6:00 PM

  1. dekalbmom says:

    Hmm, it seems that Gene Walker wants to take a trip on our tab, and probably take his spouse and a few more family members! Glad to see the other Board members resist this so he has to request the money and disclose its use publicly.

  2. Miss Management says:

    No board comments? That’s gotta be a first.

  3. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Shutten should call the hotline and make a formal complaint, make them justify these hires.

  4. Miss Management says:

    How interesting that PDS 24 went straight from the meeting into a series of graphics supporting Parent Centers.

  5. educator90 says:

    Board Members should not have more/better benefits than teachers. This is a benefit, not matter what the dollar amount, that we can no longer afford. If the board wasn’t paid for their time, it would be one thing, but since they get a salary, that should be enough.

  6. melaniestef says:

    Dr Atkinson stated that she wanted “FULL FLEXIBILITY OF FINANCIAL MATTERS”. Oh, that’s back to the way CLewis way of wasting money. All travel should be suspended until we get out of the gutter and all Cabinet members and the Suot should take the same pay cuts as the teachers .

  7. The Deal says:

    Really? More details, please. How did this come up?

  8. I am so angry right now. After looking at all the positions posted on PATS that have a starting salary higher than what I should be getting with a Specialist at ten years, and upper salaries over $100K, I realize that Dr. Atkinson is stoking a bureaucracy that may beat Crawford’s. And then all the hires for Success [sic] for All.

    On top of that, we have six or seven utter fools on the BOE that have no idea how to discuss or much less pass the kind of budget that cuts the fat in the central office while not harming or insulting teachers. And one of them is either a bald-faced liar or an idiot, PhD or not.

    Atkinson better leave now so that the imminent catastrophic implosion of Dekalb County Schools doesn’t go full detonation while she’s here. Of course, her legacy will be no better than Crawford’s. At least she won’t leave under indictment. But what other struggling large urban system would want to hire her after the debris from the implosion is cleared?

    Look at how quickly Gwinnett got a guilty plea from the former Commissioner indicted for bribery. Our neutered DA would never push that, nor would he push for crucial indictments of about ten other people still employed by Dekalb.

    We are spiraling downward and fast. The European Union got nothing on us.

  9. justwatch says:

    After the break, after the public comments (and David Shutten’s speech). Gene Walker said if you know about nepotism, call it in to the hotline — apparently he doesn’t believe it is happening.

  10. Gene Walker probably didn’t have time to email Steen Miles the speaking points for her comments before the meeting.

  11. alm says:

    Show the current BOE meeting live and put it on a loop till the next meeting. EVERYTHING else can go!

  12. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    Tyson needs to be shown the door before Atkinson. Tyson was Turks boss. Gee who authorized Turk to creatively cook the books using reserves and not informing the BOE… Who also said just a year ago that DCSS was financially sound… [My question mark key is not working]

  13. alm says:

    My kids are in a Title 1 school and the school never provided food except on parent work days. Most of the food was donated by parents. Food costs a lot less than America’s Choice.

  14. concernforthekids says:

    Funny that Walker would wonder where the nepotism is happening?
    His daughter in law is Dee Brown who is the secretary of the secretary of the Board.
    That is not a typo.
    She is the secretary of the BOE’s secretary, Margaret Francois and sits at EVERY board meeting directly behind the school board. She is the one who has such colorful eye-shadow makeup every time. I think it was turquoise last night!
    As for the board having 2 secretaries, why is it that the minutes of the committee meetings are never posted online?
    Who is supposed to take minutes of the meetings and publicly disclose them as required by LAW?
    By the way, the head of IT, Mr. Brantley has stated that he has the ability to stream every committee meeting so that the public can view all of the public committee meetings!
    I want to hear a candidate campaign for that!

  15. Papaof3 says:

    Dekalb has so many issues….you can’t simply focus one one area. Dr. A has definitely disappointed me and many taxpayers. Instead of focusing on the problems and believe me there are many,she has brought in yet another program for teachers to learn, Success for something or another.
    She has not earned my trust and I think we need to call for the next batter up because she has struck out!
    Personnel that works directly with the students should NOT be on the chopping block. Dr. A is NOT going to receive credit for reorganizing or right sizing the central office. ALL she did ladies and gents is move names from one line to the next line. THATS all….didnt save us a dime. Stop believing the hype….
    Now ultimately things will not get better for DeKalb UNTIL we get a better BOARD. These people are not relevant….but WE keep them relevant by allowing them to keep their seats. At the end of the day they probably couldn’t get a job anywhere else because they aren’t great thinkers.

    Now here is the sad part. The BOARD keeps this county divided. I think we can all agree that if the board members that represent the south end were on the north end they would be OUT. The north end would not keep re-electing these misfits. BUT these misfits tell the south end tax payers that they are working for them, that the north end parents just want them out so they can have all the money…blah, blah, blah…and these middle aged, grandparents raising their grand babies, keep voting BLACK….this kind of old school thinking is going to ultimately to KILL Dekalb.
    Ladies and gents we are on life support and the hospital is about to lose power.

    In all fairness, looking at financial mess we are in, we can’t afford Dr. A- both financially nor for her to experiment and play the shell game with us. She and Tyson are demanding top dollar without bringing the proper expertise with them. If there is something that the State can do to disband out board and remove the super it needs to be done NOW.

    And finally lets talk about the thumbs up and thumbs down ratings on this board. So am I understanding this correctly? If you like the post and agree with it you do thumbs up and if you don’t agree it gets a thumbs down?

  16. Papaof3 says:

    and not that race matters, because we all KNOW it doesn’t right,lol, I am an african american father of 3 in Central Dekalb.

  17. justwatch says:

    Yes. And your post gets a thumbs up from me. Come July is when we should really be able to assess where we are in terms of central office staffing.

    For the record, last night she announced three “new” regional whatever she called them. Two (Pringle and Bradshaw) currently hold the role with the old title. One is new — the principal of Wynbrooke Theme school has been promoted. I sure hope she has middle and/or high school experience as we have too many elementary only folks in the central office already. Our problems are bad everywhere, but worse at the middle and high level. I guess more announcements are coming later? (there are two more of these positions I believe.)

    I believe that Atkinson has been pressured by certain board members (Dr. Walker can you hear me) to not let as many people go from the central office as she wanted.

  18. concernedteacher says:

    @dekalbite and educator90,

    Also outraged by the money devoted to IDMS. Parents and taxpayers must press Dekalb on this data issue (if I remember correctly SACS has cited DCSS for not using data) since data informs nothing.

    IOWA and CRCT scores do not affect a student’s schedule. Look at the number of students who were not proficient in science and social studies last year but still went on to 9th grade science and social studies classes. From what I’ve learned from those involved with scheduling, no one looks at these scores earned by 8th graders before scheduling them for 9th grade classses.

    A student’s reading abilitiy does not affect decision to pay for and give PSAT to all ninth and tenth grade students. In fact, there appears to be no use of reading scores if you go by the very few reading classes offered at the high school level.

    A student’s EOCT scores do not impact future class schedules. Look at the number of students who fail EOCTs (or classes, for that matter) and still go on to the next level.

    A student’s reading ability, grades in prerequisite classes, or attendance do not inform the student’s ability to take an AP class (and remember that DCSS pays for every AP exam taken).

    So, what, exactly is the purpose of this data collection? From what I can tell, DCSS expects five or seven different high school teachers to examine the same data (attendance, scores, grades, reading ability) and figure out how to differentiate instruction, perhaps reading remediation, for the same student. Maybe that would work with small classes. But we’re looking at teaching as many as 175 students (or is it now 180?) next year while also having fewer days to examine this data (six furlough days?).

  19. dekalbite2 says:

    Womack is on the north end. What’s the excuse there? Let’s see if he gets defeated although Jim Kinney seems to be more of the same – defender of special programs and is pro raising taxes. There are two other BOE candidates going against Womack. It will be interesting to see where they stand on the issues.

  20. dekalbite2 says:

    The data collection that we paid $11,000,000 for in 2007 (well, as you saw last night we have been on the installment plan for 5 years – still owe on this system until July, 2012 – they were approving the expenditure) includes Schoolnet and eSis. Neither have worked the way Ms. Tyson and Mr. Hunter told the BOE they would work. Real time data feedback delivered to the teacher’s desktop was the promise, and MIS and the Central Office could never work out the details and programming. But one of the main problems was that there was never enough computers for students to take the benchmark tests online so they were stuck bubbling in like the 1950s. This was known from the beginning, but somehow overlooked in their desire to have a “state of the arts” data collection system. Very sad for teachers and students and wasteful for taxpayers. Ironically, Mr. Hunter and Ms. Tyson got their promotions for the selection and recommendation of this system.

    Look at the BOE meeting minutes from December 20, 2007. These were the goals for Schoolnet:
    “”Goal #1 – To narrow the achievement gap & improve the graduation rate
    Goal #2- To increase rigor and academic achievement in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in Pre-K Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in PreK-12
    Goal #3-To ensure quality personnel in all positions
    Goal #4-To ensure fiscal responsibility in order to maintain safe and healthy learning environments”

    Does anyone think these goals were met by Schoolnet? How would you know? This is the problem with establishing goals or objectives that are NOT quantifiable and NOT establishing dates for reviewing projects to see if they actually impact student achievement. No one can ever go back and see if the objectives are met. Aren’t we tired of that yet? They just trot the same unquantifiable goals out every time – cut and paste.

    At this same BOE meeting:
    “Mr. Tony Hunter, Director, Management Information Systems, recommended that the Board of Education approve the purchase of up to four hundred printer\scanner units to support the roll out of the new Benchmark\Assess module from SchoolNet, Inc., at a cost of $189,364.”

    Tony Hunter got the BOE to purchase $189,364 of scanners so teachers could spend hours manually “scanning in” the pencil/paper benchmark tests the students “bubbled in”. Hundreds of manual scanning every six weeks for teachers and many hours of instructional time lost as students “bubbled in” benchmark tests.

  21. educator90 says:

    The public needs to push back and let her know that we want more people cut!!! Right now the board and Atkinson are hearing from the Fernbank Contingent. If we believe that more cuts need to be made to personnel, then we need to be emailing and letting them know what WE want to see in the budget and let them know that we will be voting accordingly in July and the future. WE need to take back the school district!

  22. educator90 says:

    Problem is those running the school, have never worked in a “GOOD” system. They don’t know how to educate children, to look at data and use data to drive decisions. The just know how to spend money to make it look like we are doing what needs to be done.

    The district is in much bigger problem than the deficit. We are full of educators who are not able to educate, but who are making decisions. We are full of board members more worried about THEIR perks, and not realizing that TEACHERS don’t have these same benefits. Too many in the district are more concerned about protecting their perks and the jobs for their friends and family. Hopefully with the upcoming and further elections, the people of DeKalb will begin to vote for parents with children in the district who are laser focused on educating EVERY child and not just their small corner of DeKalb.

    TEACHERS are being asked to do more-teach more students-and earn less pay. Why do we have secretaries for secretaries and no one getting the job done?

    Atkinson was not my choice, and I have little faith in her now. She gets paid a great sum of money to make tough decisions to ensure that our children are being better educated. So far I am not seeing her decisions leaning in that direction. Looks like she is becoming part of the Good Old Boy of DCSS network. I had hoped for better than what we had before, even if only slightly better. I’m not seeing it.

    Teacher, thank you for bringing up and showing how we are failing our kids. Social promotion hurts the kids in the long run. Sad, that those making decisions don’t see that.

  23. formerdekalbparent says:

    From what I hear the servce center will go to a four day week with 10 hour days next week through August, and I think there were some “summer” new hires..F&F continues….hey my teen needs a job!

  24. He helped us advocate on behalf of the cell tower schools, too. Really nice man. Just doing his part and very sincere. Glad to see you all liked him, too.

  25. Papaof3 says:

    This is the way it works in the real world. You cut my pay, increase benefits, which further impacts my pay,demand my time when its my time (summer for teachers), have me eating roman noodles and tomato soup for lunch, because I have no money, demand more and more of me and my family time, and what EXACTLY do you THINK you are gonna get from ME? Nothing,nothing and more nothing!
    Student achievement is going to sink. Teacher’s arent going to give a flying flip about OUR kids. Their morale is so low, they don’t feel good coming to work so how on earth are they going to make our kids feel good. I dont blame them, heck I cant blame them and be human. Did yall hear about the milk and cookie+certificate that Dr. A gave them?????Who does that??? Not store bought cookies…cookies and milk from the school’s cafeteria…..
    We as parents better be prepared to teach our babies this school year…..and I am ok with that…because I am human and I understand, also they are ultimately my responsibilty.

  26. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    Gene Walker said, if you know about nepotism, call it in to the hotline — apparently he doesn’t believe it is happening.

    DeKalb we must load the hotline with examples of nepotism. By the way Dr. Walker, here is webster’s definition of nepotism.

    nep·o·tism [ néppə tìzzəm ]
    favoritism shown to relatives: favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions
    Synonyms: favoritism, preferential treatment, partiality, bias, preference, discrimination, prejudice, one-sidedness

    Dr. Walker, since you asked, let’s review… Like the response above you have plenty of your own family working for the system. Francis Edwards, a former BOE chair, has her daughter and son-in-law make over $250,000 annually in salary and benefits from DCSS. Her son, who still works in the system, was in MIS when Tyson gave him a $15k raise and a new job. One problem, he never reported to his new job, until parents discovered him hiding out at his previous assignment in a school. It all started when CLEW went on WSB and said there was no nepotism in the system, since the BOE had trouble policing themselves back then. Tyson was shocked when the discovery was made, but he survived and still works for the system today. I’m pretty sure there are other Edward’s family members who still work for the system. If you have another example call it in on the hotline and resound here so we can help Dr. Walker see the truth.

    Dr. Walker your quotes display your lack of honesty and I believe, unlike our DA, that you and the BOE are not capable of policing yourselves. You want to regain the stakeholders trust, then establish a strong nepotism policy and LIVE by it. You can also begin by laying off the friends and family that permeates our system, including your own!

  27. And where, exactly, is Womack travelling? He doesn’t even travel 2. 5 miles away from home to visit Brockett Elementary in Tucker, otherwise he would have realized it was actually in his district before calling us “one of those schools in South DeKalb.”

  28. No one should have full flexibility when it comes to spending our money… I would like full flexibility with my home value and tax rates, but that’s not in mind hands at the moment either. Get used to it!

  29. Not just one of them, I’m afraid. A year ago, Womack told a group of parents that the school system was in just about as good of financial shape as any in the Atlanta area and probably the state! That was only a year ago. Isn’t the purpose of a budget to plan your income and expenses out for some time period… at least a year? So, did it all fall apart in that short of time, or did he just decide to lie to a room full of people?

    Sept 12, 2011: Womack: Well, let me, let me respond to the taxes. The school board does not raise taxes… since 2000. Ah, I was chairmen of the Budget Committee we cut 104 million dollars out of the budget. A lot of it was in the area that most people were concerned about. And that was in staff. And we got rid of a lot of things that we shouldn’t have. That we know of. This year the administration was pushing through another budget and I was able to stop it. I’m vice chair. And we cut another 15 million. We are not going into the classroom. We have increased the number of students. But we have, I think, as good of a fiscal record as any school system, probably better than most. We did not do what the county did – raise property taxes, what? 28 percent? We didn’t do that. But you know, I don’t really buy that the community did not know because Medlock and a couple of areas around the county found out. They had to have knowledge because they came to the board and said, “No.” And the board said, “Ok.” We listen you. But nobody came to, from this community and said “no.”


  30. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    Makes you wonder….. Between SCW, Dr. Walker and a former Board Chair, they’ve created incredible family wealth using our tax dollars, to dole out at least a dozen or more lofty positions to their family members. Good job if you were born or married into these families. plus, they think they control the narrative with these quotes like, if you think there is nepotism then report it to the hotline. DCSS STILL AN EpIC FAILURE SINCE 2004!

  31. queserasera10 says:

    Dee Brown is the one who does ALL the work! Margaret Francois is responsible for getting the minutes done on time which she has not done since the day she walked in the door. If they are done they are so grossly inaccurate and littered with errors they cannot be approved and posted. Ms. Brown is most often left to clean up her mess. Even the Lewis administration tried desperately to get rid of her but was cut off at every turn. Who is her friend or family member. Dee Brown may be the daughter in law of Dr. Walker but she gets the job done and is beautiful while doing it! Total opposite of MF. Focus on the job and not on the relationship.

  32. Atlanta Media Guy says:

    If Dee is this good of a secretary then she should have no problem getting a job in the private sector. I’m sure her Daddy-in-law could find her work somewhere in the private sector and not cost US any more tax money. I’m sorry there has been so much corruption regarding other family members, I am sure there will be some collateral damage to the capable ones. But if the BOE has ethics and rules to follow then we should rid ourselves of ALL the Friends and Family. Sure it will hurt, but the majority of the stakeholders want to see change and I honestly think the F&F retirements & cutbacks would go a long way to get a little trust back.

  33. bettyandveronica1 says:

    I think we need a current count of how many folks have been rif’d, termed. not through attrition, just those who no longer have a position becasue it was eliminated.

  34. Does anyone know where to find a video of the citizen comments from last night’s board meeting? TV 24 seems to be running about a month behind in posting videos of the meetings. (No surprise.)

    We checked YouTube and there is nothing there from last night. Although, we did download the rant from Zepora where she clearly shows that she was given access to inside information during the superintendent search. Things like that have a way of getting “lost” and we want to be sure it is available in case a grand jury ever decides to get serious about going after the corrupt DCSS board members.

  35. HSTeacher says:

    As a teacher, your comment almost made me cry. Thank you for understanding what we go through. I try to give my best for my students every day. It’s not their fault that I’m underpaid and overworked, but yes, it’s hard to get up every day and do it again. The standard statement is “Do it for the kids. It’s a calling, not a career.” Well, I still have to feed my family on the pay, it requires a degree I’ll be paying off for a decade, and I have more supervisors than I can count, so I think it is a career, actually. If it doesn’t get better next year I may have to go back into business. My students tell me they love me, that they get so much out of my class, thank me for their high stakes test results, etc., but some days I look at my bank account, student loans and underwater mortgage and really have to ask myself if it balances. I shouldn’t have to choose between teaching the children of my community and my own family’s well being.

  36. Last night we were treated to a prime example of the DCSS Shell Game. Job titles changed, but no indication of how much in raises the “new” regional superintendents will make. Rubber stamped approval by the BOE, based on NO information. Atkinson playing coy when asked a direct question — how many regional superintendents? Atkinson plays the Shell Game with aplomb — never providing complete information. So it is impossible to see the complete picture.

    Regardless of how someone has left DCSS by the end of Fiscal Year 2012 (which ends June 30) and will not be on the payroll for the coming Fiscal Year 2013 (which begins July 1) — RIF’d, terminated, retired, or any other form of attrition — we need to have the complete count by category, by job and by name, with a dollar total in salary and benefits.

    Then we need to know who has been promoted, by name and by job title with a total in dollar salary and benefits.

    Next, we need to know who has returned to the classroom or to an otherwise lesser paid job, by name and by job title with a dollar total in salary and benefits.

    Finally we need to know who is double-dipping — i.e., retired employees who are back working “on contract” or employees who work for other state agencies or hold other jobs in addition to their employment with DCSS — by name and by job title with a total in dollar salary and benefits.

    If we wait for this information to be posted by the state — and we find out that once again we have been fooled by the DCSS Shell Game — Atkinson will say that it is too late in the year to do anything, but she will learn from the past and “try” not to do it again.

  37. booksrkool says:

    The Principal was from Marbut Theme School.

  38. It works both ways… the members of the board on the north side, or at least District #4, which I am in, want us all to believe that South Side DeKalb is so ghetto that we would be crazy to travel there ourselves because we might get shot. But, we have travelled all over in our cell tower meetings and speaking engagements and we have been met with nothing but kind, caring people who all want the best for their children. We all shared the same concerns, the same complaints and the same level-headedness about the subjects facing our communities. And, you know what, a LOT of people have VERY nice homes, VERY nice children, VERY big yards and VERY nice schools. I’m not angry at them for it, but it would be nice if my child’s school just had toilet paper, a playground without poison ivy and ringworms, a photocopy machine that worked and teachers who were not miserable.

    Just the fact that you think of middle aged grandmas raising their grandchildren when you think of South DeKalb is not accurate. Are you aware that DeKalb County is one of the top counties in the United States for the wealthiest African Americans? See for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeKalb_County,_Georgia

    “DeKalb is primarily a suburban county, and is the second-most-affluent county with an African-American majority in the United States, behind Prince George’s County, Maryland, in suburban Washington D.C.”

    It also says we are the third most populuated county in metro Atlanta and the most diverse in the state.

    It’s time we start to embrace our diversity and use it to our advantage instead of letting it keep us all divided without looking for the common ground. While we are all busy looking over our shoulders, our money is being stolen right under our noses and we will never get it back.

    And money is only part of the problem. Just think about the future when these children grow up and we are all elderly and in need of nursing homes, Medicare, etc. Will you trust these children and the education we are providing them to make those necessary decisions that will affect your way of life when you are too old to stick up for yourself? If we don’t raise them better and teach them to care about others… we will be the ones they don’t care anything about when they finally get a chance to stand up for themselves. We are teaching them in more ways than just the classroom, trust me.

  39. I am trying to get in touch with James T. (Tom) Gilbert, Jr. to get a letter of introduction. Keeping my fingers crossed that he will a contender. It is interesting to note that for the longest time it was Womack and Gilbert as the only ones qualified. Then the other two canidates sort of popped up out of nowhere, one Jim and one James. I am not accussing them of anything exactly, but it does seem sort of fishy that we now have three with similar names so that the one Paul Womack will sort of stand out on the ballot. He must have been worried because Gilbert found a way to have a higher word count in his name AND he is higher in the alphabetical pecking order.

    Also, we shouldn’t really say that the north voters would not vote for the folks on the board from the south… the true facts are that we don’t know who would get elected because there is such depressingly low voter turnout in our county. That lets the corruption pack the voting booths with their own F & F and their clicks who vote how they are told. I was told by an activist in the county that some board members even have bus service that will pick up retirees from nusing homes and drive them to the voter polls. Then they just tell them how to vote. They are so happy to be out and about, they will vote any way they are told.

    That is all rumor, of course, so sorry DSW… I just want folks to realize that we have to really focus on telling our OWN F&F to get out and vote July 31. Summer cannot be an excuse this year.

    AND … I’m guessing we want a new CEO and a new DA, too? Am I right?

  40. concernforthekids says:

    Queserasera10 & AMG,
    I didn’t say Dee Brown wasn’t a hard worker, I just made the point that she is related to Walker. But I did look at the salary schedules for these two secretaries and found the following. They are categorized as “General Administration Secretary”. Not specific but general, as in, “Margaret, can you get me a cup of coffee?”
    “Margaret, don’t worry about getting the minutes to all of the board meetings posted online, the DA or the DOE never holds us accountable for those things.” Says Mr. Walker.
    Here is the problem with the ENTIRE CO and our effed up school system.
    2 secretaries for the BOE classified as “General Administration Secretary”.
    Margaret Francois / $66,076.60 annual salary!
    Dorothea Brown / $63,193.81 annual salary!
    Combined annual salary $129,270.41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you kidding me?

    I think about my private sector friend with 3 college degrees that is the MANAGER of all of the nurses in their practice who hasn’t had a raise in 5 years, does a great job, works her ass off and makes $55k per year and has been there for 10 years!

    My solution is to thank Ms. Francois for her service to the DCSD, keep Ms. Brown and pay her the same wage as a secretary at the schoolhouse makes! Our secretary that has worked at our school for 20 years makes $51,500!

    “Apples to apples” and common sense, not “Friends and Family” robbing our students of the necessary funds for their education!

    I’ve got to go throw up! This stuff makes me sick!


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