The Called Meeting held by the DeKalb Board of Education on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 recessed at 4:02pm, and will re-convene on Thursday, June 21, 2012 at 6:00pm in the J. David Williamson Board Room in the Robert R. Freeman Administrative Center at the DeKalb County School System’s Administrative & Instructional Complex, 1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain.

Tune in. According to an email sent out by Nancy Jester, this continued meeting will be streamed live online as well as broadcast on Comcast 24.

Click here to access PDS 24.

Click on the little TV icon to view the meeting.

Certainly, the good reporters at the Patch will be once again blogging live from the meeting as well.

Join in the discussion below.

UPDATE: Below is a jpg of the budget that was actually discussed at the meeting – changes are not indicated. Changes made include reducing para pros by 200 rather than 300, taking 2 additional furloughs instead of 3, and leaving the SROs as is (not reducing them to 10 month employees).

So, to recap:

  • The property taxes in DeKalb county were raised by one full millage point.
  • All employees are subject to 2 more furlough days on top of the already scheduled furlough days.
  • 70 more people in the central office will lose their job
  • Pre-k programs will be reduced to only what the state funds provide
  • 52 magnet teachers will lose their magnet job
  • 28 Montessori teachers will lose their magnet job
  • Transportation to special programs: DECA, magnet, themes AMS and STT remains unchanged
  • Transportation for field trips will be cut by $1.6 million
  • Additional transportation (efficiency plan) will be cut $700,000
  • 200 general ed parapros will lose their jobs
  • 25 media specialists will lose their jobs
  • 29 (all remaining) media clerks will lose their jobs
  • 10 SROs will lose their jobs
  • Overtime pay for extra activities will be reduced by $5 million
  • Fernbank will have to cut $1.9 million from its programs budget
  • 10 Asst Principals lost through attrition will not be replaced
  • 10 counselors lost through attrition will not be replaced
  • 20 interpreters will lose their jobs
  • The summer work schedule is reduced to 4 – 10 hour days
  • Employees will have to subsidize health insurance by an additional $35.57/month
  • Employees will have to subsidize dental insurance by an additional $16.02/month
  • Regular Ed Class sizes will increase by 2
  • Special Ed Class sizes will increase by 2

SECOND UPDATE: Below is the original Excel spreadsheet with all of the columns expanded.

The REAL Proposed Budget Cuts FY 2013 (EXPANDED)

Also, we are unable to get a true handle on exactly how many central office staff have been cut. Many of the magnet teachers and maintenance workers were considered CO staff, and were moved out from under the CO budget into other budgets. We cannot tell if the administration has performed the cuts recommended by the study commissioned last fall. Results were released in January. Some of the documents can be found under our Facts & Sources tab. The AJC report is below:

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  1. Two law firms???? I don’t think so. Try THREE law firms when you include the attorneys charging DCSS $37 million plus for the Heery debacle — and then there is having to pay for the defense AND prosecution of Lewis and his corrupt cohorts along with 7 former board members.

  2. momfromhe11 says:

    But, just because the system has always had two firms (is this really the case?), do we still need to, if we can save money by going to one? And who was the other firm 4 or more years ago – I remember Alexander & Associates at the meetings, but no one else.

  3. They have had MONTHS to investigate this and now — AFTER voting in a tax increase — now they are asking some questions that are sickeningly stupid — at this point — and way too late.

  4. Disgusted DeKalb Teacher says:

    The 100 paras have to be the pre k paras. Not cutting them may mess up how they have planned to shift all pre k personell to state funding only.

  5. justwatch says:

    Are they upping class size by two?

  6. We supported Edler when she was running for election, but now are very sorry that we did. She said only what she thought we wanted to hear — never meaning any of it. Edler actually “crashed” a fundraising party for Nancy Jester and was bold about asking for funding, too, at that event. THAT should have been a big RED flag. Strangely enough, it wasn’t.

  7. momfromhe11 says:

    Shouldn’t a Board member be asking the questions we are asking? Like which paras were to be cut to bring it to 300? We shouldn’t have to guess, and the Board needs to know exactly what it is voting on.

  8. educator90 says:

    I believe that is what I heard.

  9. Disgusted DeKalb Teacher says:

    Yikes! – personnel!

  10. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    Pam Speaks: Q: we all submitted suggestions – and I assumed the cuts were made by asking every department to make cuts (asks Atkinson if that’s how it was done). A: Yes, we cut $15 million before we even brought this. Healthcare and TRS cuts.

    McChesney: Doing elem math: Take entitlement transportation – can return half the paras, or all of the media specialists or some of the SROs. Why are we spending money on things that no one else is doing or that we do not have to do? (Special transportation). Donna disagrees – but says something about glad there are teachers in the magnet and theme schools too. Asks to make a substitute motion: Walker takes her aside to discuss off mic. Asked to take a furlough day off the table. Reinstate 100 parapros. (Digging into reserves, leaving only $11 million in reserve.) SCW second. Jester asks to have numbers vetted. Perrone says it only leaves a balance of about $8 million. Uses the Excel spreadsheet to calculate onscreen. Calculates that it would leave $8.36 million in the fund bal. (I actually got $4.1 million, but I’m not an Excel expert.)


  11. shellbear22 says:

    What changes did they make??

  12. Achelous says:

    It’s really scary to watch them fumble around, unable to read and speak at the same time.

  13. Momfromhe11 — DCSS is actually paying for 3 law firms PLUS a $50,000 raise for that sorry Ron Ramsey.

  14. shellbear22 says:

    Nevermind. Read above and concluded what happened. I’m glad they aren’t cutting 300 paras. 200 is bad enough.

  15. Yes… McChesney is correct. DOLA is the DeKalb Online Academy. Well in case you weren’t aware there is a Georgia Virtual School that has the sole responsibility of providing online educational opportunities funded by the state for ALL students in GA. While we spend whatever it costs to run DOLA it is simply redundant and just based on economies of scale not nearly as good. Again, yet another reason to leave…

  16. PolitiMom says:

    I just watched the whole thing and still can’t figure out if they cut transportation, fernbank and if they even considered cutting DOLA. Can anyone translate the substitute motion?

  17. Disgusted DeKalb Teacher says:

    I think it has to be the pre k paras. There aren’t that many other paras left that could be cut legally.

  18. TryingtoFleeDCSD says:

    I’m not sure you can cut pre-k paras unless they were hired via the school. It’s my understanding that the pre-k program allows for one certified teacher and a para per class.

  19. Healthcare and TRS cuts. Again — on the backs of teachers. NO TSA and considerably reduced Social Security thanks to getting out of Social Security. Some teachers who retire having worked ONLY for DCSS will get NO Social Security.

  20. momfromhe11 says:

    When Edler was running, she said her children had gone to Fernbank and they were at Chamblee at that time. Is this still the case? Has she never had a child go to a school in her district?

  21. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    From the PATCH: Everything in the budget recommended by the super was agreed upon, EXCEPT: -changing SROs to 10 month (not going to happen, they stay as is), -2 additional furloughs instead of 3, and -reduce parapros by 200 instead of 300

  22. The substitute motion was to add back 1 furlough day for ALL not just teachers and to add back 100 paraprofessionals

  23. Edler has NEVER had a child of her that has gone to school in her district for any length of time. In fact, one of her children attended a high-priced private school as well. She doesn’t really relate to people who are stuck in their neighborhood schools.

  24. educator90 says:

    It’s not you, it’s the way the entire process was handled. They didn’t have the papers that they were looking at available to the public. Sad, that we’ll be in this situation again next year.

  25. philipcapers says:

    Did they reduce the cuts to Fernbank to 1.9 million or am I mistaken?

  26. nanayh says:

    All Pre-K paras and teachers were hired by the Dekalb County School System or District just like all other teachers and paras. We were hired as teachers and paras not specifically as Pre-K teachers and Pre-K paras.

  27. Just a Mom says:

    wish she had made that for teachers only! I was yelling at the screen for her to do just that

  28. Nikole says:

    I would like to know what law keeps us from cutting the pay of those that make over $80,000.

  29. nanayh says:

    Why is it legal to fire Pre-K paras and not other paras? Shouldn’t paras be let go based on seniority? I will say it again: The Pre-K paras and teachers were not hired specifically for Pre-K. Many of us have been moved from other grades, areas, etc. Legally, I’m sure the county can do whatever they want with the paras and teachers. We have no rights in this right to work state.

  30. Sick to My Stomache in DeKalb says:

    Is there a copy of the budget available for view by the public?

  31. No. We won’t. If we have any sense — and we do — we will have voted for lower taxes from the City of Brookhaven (a no brainer since the BOE has raised the millage) and we will have spent time talking with our Georgia General Assembly representatives about throwing off the chains of the corrupt DeKalb County School System to set up smaller school systems and properly educate our children.

  32. dekalbschoolwatch says:

    Apparently, we are all confused because the budget we have is not what was discussed. The superintendent brought a new version with an additional column of recommended options. That is what was discussed and voted on. We’ll try to get a copy.

  33. Concerned DeKalb Mom says:

    Love it or hate it, and I don’t know her reasoning, but she is just utilizing the “choice” system like everyone else. She can access the IB program at Fernbank like any other DeKalb system, and if her kids are in the magnet, or her high school hasn’t met the criteria, she can certainly transfer a child to Chamblee.
    Feel free to condemn the system, but I don’t think Ms. Edler deserves to be slammed for accessing options available to her family.

  34. Fandango says:
    Scroll down to the PDF and there is the budget. The one they voted on is the alternative.
    It does not have the changes on it.

  35. EAV MOM says:

    I think the bump was just for special ed, other classes remain at one day increase.

  36. NO law prevents cutting the salaries of those who make over $80,000. In fact, teachers should be our highest paid employees. All the rest are only clerks who do paperwork. That includes the superintendent. The teachers and the media specialists and the paras who work DIRECTLY with the children in the classroom are our most valuable employees. We can set up a new school system in North DeKalb that will reflect that value.

  37. dazed says:

    Magnet transportation survived, but 52 magnet points were cut? What exactly are we transporting students to? Is this what occured? This entire process is murky.

  38. justwatch says:

    The programs will have to exist on the same funding as non-magnet schools.

  39. EAV MOM says:

    How is that legal? I don’t understand they opted out of SS and agreed to pay into a teacher’s retirement fund, but shouldn’t they be bound by law to make those contributions. No employer is allowed to disregard SS, so why can they disregard the substitute plan?

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