PRESS RELEASE: From Denise McGill

We Live in a world where achievement gaps and lack of access to resources such as technology often cause our young people to be mired untenable circumstances that can lead to unconscionable instances of failure and discontent. In this ever changing world, we can no longer afford to be “adequate” in any capacity. This is why we must do what is necessary to stop curriculum differentiation within the DeKalb County School System.

The time has come for new leadership within the DeKalb County School Board of Education. We must move towards leadership that is transformative and effective for our community of young scholars. The U.S. constitution does not ensure a quality education for our nation’s youth. Therefore it is incumbent upon not only society but communities much like my own in Region 6 to provide our young people with the tools to compete educationally in an ever changing world. I am no stranger to leadership or challenges. With Twenty six (26) years of corporate training, Fifteen (15) years in PTSA (11 in an officer capacity), and Ten (10) years as a Girl Scout Leader, I have had multiple opportunities in leadership roles. It is my goal to become a leader to help facilitate this change as a Board of Education Representative for District 6.

It is time for DCSS to step its game by offering High quality curriculums to every school and student within DeKalb County. The DeKalb County School System must change its direction and focus; its emphasis should be on the QUALITY of the individuals in our schools vs. individuals who are QUALIFIED. We need individuals who are committed and who want to be a part of making a change in the communities and schools that they serve. Technology upgrades are essential tools and resources that must be made available to our educators and students. Every classroom should be outfitted with Promethean Boards, state of the art computers with software, and support to ensure that the equipment is WORKING and accessible daily. These tools alone will add efficiencies( cutting costs on copying lesson plans, paper, maintenance on copy machines, etc…), and afford our educators the opportunity to use their planning time effectively as well helping to support the increased classroom sizes in a more effective manner.

DCSS need to look towards ways for further inclusion not further exclusion as recently
demonstrated with the passing of the 2013 budget. DeKalb County has a large international population whose students must be served! This cannot be ignored. We also have students with special needs that require equal and fair opportunities based on their needs and limitations. All taxpaying citizens deserve equal opportunities for their students. The burden of a failing system should not impede on the need to provide all students an equal opportunity to succeed. We must not allow digression by allowing the segregating of groups or restricting of opportunities (by removing resources for our stakeholders /promoting language barriers due to our inadequacies.)

The DeKalb County School System needs to work equally on its public image and working to regain the trust of its citizens. It is imperative that DCSS does its due diligence in bringing pride, trust, and integrity back into this county. It will not be easy, and it will not be done overnight. It will require hard work, honesty, and open communication to its citizens. DCSS must engage its communities, listen and respect what the community is saying-, and inform its Communities of their intent. An informed and involved citizen is a good ally, something that this school system lacks and is in desperate need of.

The Board must also engage community members; and follow the same guidelines as DCSS. The Board of Education in turn will need to work as a unified entity to ensure that policy and procedure are fair and equitable across the county. To do so will mean that evaluation and hard choices will need to be made. It only takes FIVE (5) votes to determine the direction that the county will take. This is possible, but to do so, change must be a welcoming factor for the districts that currently are in the 2012 election process.

Most importantly, the BOE is elected by the people, and in representing the people should be aware and on top of things as they happen. On July 31, 2012, the citizens (voters) of this county need to ask themselves a very tough question…..”Do you want someone fresh, bright & coalescing- or are you satisfied with the same status quo?”… At the end of the day the VOTER has the final say and their choices will either continue to support this madness, or afford opportunities for “new leadership” to try to move us in the right direction. This vote is an important one, and should not be taken lightly. At the end of the day, we all should want a common goal, high quality educational opportunity and accessibility in DeKalb County for EVERY CHILD. The hand of DeKalb County Schools lies in the hands of the voter and their choice on July 31, 2012.

Denise E. McGill


Contact: 678 927-0889
PO BOX 662 REDAN, GA 30074

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  1. Internet-Libertarian says:

    Denise McGill,
    Your potential leadership and communication on the board will be demonstrated by your posts here. Will you be absent and unavailable or will you be engaged and stand up for us?

    What do you mean by curriculum differentiation and what is the School Board’s purview over it?

    How are we going to get Promethean Boards into every classroom into every classroom if we can’t get whiteboards or blackboards into Dunwoody High School?

    What “high quality curriculums” are you referring to that should be offered to every student.

    District 6 is a VERY IMPORTANT seat!! We look forward to your leadership on this blog post.

  2. dazed says:

    Best wishes to you and your campaign.

    Don’t be too impressed by the need for technology in every classroom. Check out what goes on in other countries, where most of them still get things done the traditional way- with strong teaching, solid discipline, community support, and a lean administrative staff. I’ll take that over balky computers and outdated software any day.

  3. Well-thought out letter with a very positive message that focuses on the children. Great to hear that Denise McGill is at least wishing to open the door to disucss curiculum since that is the basis of the actual education taking place in our schools (or not taking place). She at least appears to understand the purpose of the job which is much more than we can say for some other board members who are concerned with land deals, construction and demolition projects.

    As far as technology, our IT Department (headed by Ramona Tyson) is a runaway train that needs to be reigned in. A common deception used by politicians is to bring bright, shiny “new” things to schools so that there is an image of a highly functioning system. It prevents those who only take an interest a couple times a year when called upon for a vote from looking deeper into the classrooms to determine if there is anyone actually using the computers or if the gizmos and gagets are actually doing what they were expected to do in terms of assisting the teachers or improving the students’ ability to learn.

    There will be nearly $40 MILLION dollars in the next 5 years spent on technolgoy and that does include a whiteboard/smartboard for every classroom (terms used interchangably in the referendum text).

    I don’t mean to date myself and I assure you, I’m very computer-saavy having worked for the IBM Information Network and two major broadcast networks (CNN and CBS) during my career in Markeitng and Marketing Research, but I can’t help thinking about the rules from school when I was young. Teachers wouldn’t allow us to use calculators in the classroom because they would be a “crutch” that would actually hinder our learning of math, not a great device to help us in the early stages. It wasn’t until college that we needed the complicated computer-like functioning of a calculator and even today I don’t know that it is needed in basic levels of math in our schools.

    Point is: I hope that along with the technology, there is a responsible plan in place for how it will be used in the classroom. This was one reason I voted NO on SPLOST IV. It was a referendum that put the cart before the horse. They wanted money to buy stuff, but didn’t appear to really know (or want to tell us) what the stuff would be used for or how they thought it might help.

    Another issue we heard about was that the plan didn’t involve equal distribution of the technolgoy based on need and class sizes. We read on this blog that the technology refresh simply means that the number of computers you have now are the number you will have refreshed. Correct me if someone knows something to the contrary.

    But, overall, we like the fact that Denise McGill has optimism, enthusiasm and is in this because she see the same problems and issues that we do. Great job! I hope the voters show up July 31 and also vote NO on the telecommunications tower ballot issue. The towers have NOTHING to do with the technology in the schools. They are tax shelters for T-mobile / ATT and big safety risk factor for the neighborhoods that are being forced to live with them.

  4. Community Member says:

    Denise McGill has proven herself to be a reliable, involved and committed member of the DeKalb County Community. Her dependability and leadership will be an asset in making changes and seeing growth in the school board. She has my complete support and I trust that she will work diligently on our behalf.

  5. Concerned Band Booster says:

    Denise McGill,

    Your strength and determination and focus is commendable. We need your voice in District 6!
    I am very much in favor of using the most up to date technology, but I does not seem that the resources that we already have are being used effectively. It really is time to get back to the basics. I try my to best to support our teachers, but they have a lot a work to do. Teacher email and websites are already in place, but are used sparingly to communicate and keep parents aware in advance. All I hear is discussions of the problems, with very little emphasis is on SOLUTIONS! Common sense solutions that cost very little and save time and energy. All I see is time and energy being wasted on dealing with problems that could have been prevented in the first place.

    I feel that you are about solutions, unlike our current school board, and you will work hard to get us where we need to be. You have my full support!

  6. L says:

    Denise McGill has consistently proved her leadership both in and outside of the Dekalb school system. She has been very active in the PTA at Stephenson middle and high schools. Denise McGill is passionate about reaching our young people as evidenced in her volunteer work with young girls. Additionally, she makes sure to share her extensive knowledge and assistance in helping parents and students understand the college process and how to achieve the dream of a college education. Denise McGill will make a significant impact on the Dekalb school system because she IS in the trenches. She works side by side with students, parents, administrators and is dedicated to improving our school system and making it work…again.

  7. Internet-Libertarian says:

    I’m honored to be among the Denise McGill supporters!

    Can anybody tell me what “curriculum differentiation” or “high quality curriculum” refers to in this press release? I can’t figure out what she is talking about.

    Thanks for your help. Go Denise!

  8. If you want further proof that the best education comes from human interaction, not more screen time, please read this article about the school that the top technology gurus in Silicon Valley are sending their kids to:

    I’ve read that it is ridiculous to think that a child needs a class to teach him how to use an iPad, the folks that have engineered these things have made them virtually idiot-proof. You don’t even have to point and click any more. You just point!

    Do you want to raise a child who can only USE an iPAD or a child who could INVENT something like an iPAD? We need to INSPIRE our children to WANT to learn to ENJOY learning and to QUESTION everything. Instead, we are teaching them to sit still, be quiet and memorize a bunch of useless information that can be summed up on a bubble sheet exam. So, so sad. I hope we can get this message across to the administration and board running our schools. We need results, not more toys for everyone to play with!

  9. queenb4real says:

    It’s interesting that there are so many “thumbs down” on posts commending Ms. McGill. I don’t have a dog is this fight as my district is 3 with that pariah SCW. However, if people are going to vote a thumbs down to postive comments about a person willing to throw her hat in the ring to do her part in improving Dekalb schools, at least be brave enough to state your reasons why.

  10. booksrkool says:

    The agenda items for the July 9th BOE meeting are posted. It includes the proposed calender, a waiver to staff some libraries with part-time librarians, potential class size maximums, the human resources report, bids, etc.

  11. Just saying says:

    Please also check the HR report. Pages 5-17 are the names, reasons and jobs of people leaving the school system. Please compare to other reports for the first meeting in July. This is a very long list. Many of the Reduction in Force People should show next month, since the year for 12 month staff begins the first work day in July.With so many people leaving, hopefully the number of reduction in force staff will be changed to not include as many people.I do not see how all staff can be in place by the beginning of the school year.

  12. justwatch says:

    And that report only covers through June 1st.

  13. Dekalbite2 says:


    LOL – I’ll bet you the thumbs down posts are mainly from her opponents and their supporters. What she says makes sense to me and anyone else who has spent a lot of time in the schools in her district. Now let’s see if my comment gets a lot of thumbs down.

  14. Internet-Libertarian:
    Thank you for responding. First, all of the school board district seats are very important seats, and it is important to remain focused on not only individual seats but the collective body as a whole.

    You stated that my potential leadership and communication on the board will be demonstrated by my posts here. Not entirely sure of your meaning, so I can’t address that except to reiterate that I’ve voluntarily contributed posts under my real name, something most people don’t do. These are my honest opinions given with a listening ear.

    You want to know if I’ll be absent and unavailable or if I will be engaged and stand up for us. If I wished to be absent, I don’t think I’d lay myself at the feet of the populace and take whatever comes my way. I’m already making myself available, so again I’m unclear on what you mean. Sure, there can sometimes be a big difference between what the candidate says and what the incumbent actually DOES — but our democratic republic is designed to deal with people like that. If I come across as different once in office, I’ll have to answer to the people for it. As for “standing up for us”, I’ll take clarity on the “us” you speak of. If by “us” you mean the students and taxpayers of this county, no matter where they live and their socio-economic status, then the answer is Yes. If by special-interest groups, those who don’t have the best interest of children at heart, those who say “not in my back yard”, those who want to throw money at solutions instead of solving the right problem, then the answer is “no”.

    Further, you want to know what I mean by curriculum differentiation and the BOE’s purview. The mere fact that you asked this is an indication of just how UN-focused on education we’ve been lately. I’m well aware that the primary focus of the board of education is to set policy, set a budget and hire/evaluate a superintendent, who then directs daily operations, including a sound curriculum. On the other hand, the wise superintendent gets buy-in from his/her BOE on curriculum and many other things. We no longer have a school system which can afford to ignore the under-education of tens of thousands of students. Often there’s little we can do with overwhelming circumstances at home which lead to this, but now we’re piling on by not even upholding our front-line educators. This is flatly unacceptable.

    Please know that whether it is Dunwoody, Miller Grove, Druid Hills or Lithonia, I’ll not answer to what a particular school community should have when it comes to the basics. They ALL need the tools to facilitate teaching and learning. This also includes order in the classroom. What Dunwoody needs vs. what Stone Mountain needs is what got us in this mess to begin with — factional fighting vs. overall delivery. Oh sure, there will be times when we’ll have to phase in delivery — just as in other industries. But it will be with the ultimate goal of everyone having what they need — and making good on the promise that the fewer layers between classroom and central office, the better.

    Have more questions? Feel free to email me at I Look forward to continued dialogue.

  15. Thank you,

    It is very apparent that there are so many challenges we have going forward. It is my hope that going forward there is an effort to address the real challenges we have. and address them accordingly. I truly appreciate your support and kind words.

  16. GetthecelloutATL,org,

    I need to clarify a bit more regarding my technology statement and hope it helps. I am going to use my local neighborhood schools as a reference point because I am there 99% of the time.

    Prior to last year, Stephenson High School (population 1700 students) had three copy machines that were at least 7 years old. The machines broke down every single day.- and that is no exaggeration- At a minimum one was down, and that was on a good day. 99.9% of the time they were down everyday for the majority of the day.

    Our teachers are on block scheduling, so they would run during planning period in an attempt to copy lessons for their students. The one machine that worked would have a line formed while teachers stood in line praying to get to the machine before it broke down.

    In my disgust, I wrote several letters to our area superintendent, Dr. Ken Bradshaw- we were fortunate enough to FINALLY get three new copiers .

    I have several problems with this- First, the maintenance cost for daily repair, time away from the classroom, gross under use of planning time, and the inability to get the lessons to the students effectively has an adverse long term affect on our students. It also puts our educators at a disadvantage.

    I am not pro Promethean Board- but, I am pro resources to help our educators perform their jobs more effectively. One of the things I actually do on a regular basis is talk to my teachers. I have always done this. I have sat in classrooms, I have volunteered, I have seen the challenges, and I know the seriousness and importance of having decent tools to do ones job.

    When I refer to technology- I simply say that an up to date working computer would be nice. SHS has multiple computer labs, Many of the computers we have in our school are are extremely antiquated. I will count us lucky as there are many schools that have very few computers and no computer labs. At the very minimum, I feel we should have our students in an environment where they can meet the standards with the rest of the world. Broken, antiquated, computers with outdated software puts all of our students at a disadvantage. The world as we know it is changing, and our way of doing things is becoming antiquated. Children in the 21st century will be linked to computers more than we could ever imagine in our lifetime. Although they should not be our main focus, being realistic and making sure our students know how to use those tools is equally important.

    I will date myself as I am a student of the 60’s and 70’s (I’m 51). I recall when projectors with transparencies came out- It was a miracle and helped ease some of the burden of the teacher. I do believe that if there is a tool that can help ease some of the burden from our educators, then they should be outfitted with them.

    I also believe that “Basics” need to be brought back into the classroom. Hopefully with the emphasis now off of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, we can Get back to basics and re-introduce these concepts back to our students.

    There are some major components missing from all schools, accountability and discipline. Despite the fancy reports, and experts feedback- lack of the ability to discipline puts our educators in a position where students do not have to show respect. With no consequences for actions- and no accountability for them-we are set up to fail. This to me is where community interaction and involvement must come into play. Setting an expectation can offset and foster partnerships with our educators- but this takes a team effort….

    I hope this gives a better descriptor on my technology reference.

  17. @queenb4real and Dekalbite2-

    It’s probably the same folks who are removing my yard signs while theirs mysteriously remain untouched.. It would be very interesting to see some other candidates put themselves out here (not hidden under a pseudonym) and allow themselves to be on the hot seat. In fact, I have yet to see any candidate on the blog in the last two months with the exception of Jim McMahan. I’m a tough cookie-and I have learned that people are going to either like you or hate you-and it’s ok. As long as you stay focused and complete your tasks to the best of your abilities- then at the end of the day its all good.. I predict I will get a minimum 5 thumbs down for this remark! LOL

  18. jackiehar says:

    I guess this blog has become another campaign tactic! How funny! We certainly need a professional to replace Tom Bowen.I hear that there are some sharp candidates in the 6th District race, I am concerened about my District 4. Loooks like there will be a run-off.

  19. Yes, and it’s sad to see so many with their stated reason as, ‘leaving the teaching profession’. The RIF’d people on this list are a handful of graduation coaches along with some PE teachers, as well as a French teacher and a few music teachers. Lots and lots of retirees who most likely won’t be replaced unless critical.

    All in all, still not seeing much of a reduction in force yet – in fact, it looks like we have about as many new people as the number that left year to date. LOTS of new hires with the job title, “Academic Liason”… ??? What’s that?

    [On another note: We noticed that the pdfs are suddenly just scans of printed out documents. This makes it impossible to copy and paste or to do a search. Interesting. Very unprofessional.]

  20. curious says:

    Be aware that this month’s human resources report lists many teachers leaving the system because of a reduction in force. (I couldn’t get a solid count because the document was so unweildly). I guess this is the beginning of what we’ve known would happen — deep cuts in the areas that directly affect students.

  21. We have published all campaign statements ent to us. If someone you support would like to send a press release, we will gladly post it as well.

  22. I did the best I could to count these by hand (no searching electronically, as I said these are scanned pdfs – not searchable). Here’s my count of those labeled ‘Reduction in Force’

    Graduation Coaches: 12
    Music Teachers: 9
    PE teachers: 7
    Business Ed teachers: 2
    French teacher: 1
    Spanish teacher: 1

    Total Rif’d: 32

    Dismissals (fired): 6

    Leaving the teaching profession: 19

  23. I have not cross-referenced the names, but this may be why the document in unsearchable: so that we can’t see how many people were Rif’d and then do a search on that name on the new hires to see if they were rehired under a new job title. Just a theory…I’m getting more and more skeptical every day.

  24. booksrkool says:

    DSW said, “On another note: We noticed that the pdfs are suddenly just scans of printed out documents. This makes it impossible to copy and paste or to do a search. Interesting. Very unprofessional.”

    I agree and don’t even try to read the financial report.

    I found the waiver for the library quite interesting. Hmmm…why are they doing this now? Shouldn’t this waiver have been part of the budget before now?

  25. justwatch says:

    Timing is almost irrelevant right now with the state Board of Ed. They are granting waivers right and left for all kinds of things as the legislator refuses to fund education properly. (I understand that DCSS is wasteful, but lots of smaller systems aren’t and they simply don’t have the funds to operate schools they way they did 3 years ago.)

  26. justwatch says:

    My understanding is that no new PE or Music teachers will be hired. There is at least one high school without a football coach because of this….

  27. Denise your are right on it. With the new administration, there will be a new direction but we cannot assume it will be better. I am seeing signs of qualified leaders and not quality leadership. The tax payers of dekalb county need to realize that their money is going to establish quality/high quality educational programs on the North end and not the South. We are seeing this in terms of the IB programs, which the Stephenson High School Parents offered to pay out of pocket.

    I invite your supporters to visit our website , so they will find out more information on how DCSS Administration and Board members have purposefully created tax payer supported discrimination in creating quality/high quality programs of study on the Nouth end and only adequate programs of study on the South end of the County. Will the new administration work for quality/high quality curriculum equity in programs of study? We don’t know. However, it starts with who voters put on the School Board.

    So I am glad you are running for school board.

    It is very important that the people know the law in Georgia. Georgia’s law on education is to provide an Adequate education. Period. Here’s a link to a handout we created to help parent understand the difference between adequate v. quality v. high quality educational programs

    Lastly, I do support and agree with your position that Curriculum Differentiation designed to limit and restrict Quality/High Quality educational programs of study on the South end of the County while enhancing them on the North is not Equal and needs to be stopped.

    Too often, Title I of NCLB / ESEA is misunderstood. (NCLB is posted on our website Parents and Stakeholders need to understand what is stated in Title I. Unfortunately, many principals and administrators hired in our community look at meeting the minimum standard but Title I is about Quality and High Quality Education programs of study for the Disadvantage. Therefore, many of our principles and administrators who represent us should be replaced because they only want the minimum. They don’t cater to the talented tenth or the high achieving child. This is a statement I previously made to the Stephenson HS community.

    I have posted what Title I states (the first part). You may read title I and all of NCLB by linking to it from our website.

    The purpose of Title I is:

    ‘‘The purpose of this title is to ensure that all children have
    a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality
    education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging
    State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.
    This purpose can be accomplished by—
    ‘‘(1) ensuring that high-quality academic assessments,
    accountability systems, teacher preparation and training, curriculum,
    and instructional materials are aligned with challenging
    State academic standards so that students, teachers,
    20 USC 6301.
    VerDate 11-MAY-2000 14:55 Mar 26, 2002 Jkt 099139 PO 00110 Frm 00015 Fmt 6580 Sfmt 6581 E:\PUBLAW\PUBL110.107 APPS10 PsN: PUBL110
    115 STAT. 1440 PUBLIC LAW 107–110—JAN. 8, 2002
    parents, and administrators can measure progress against
    common expectations for student academic achievement;
    ‘‘(2) meeting the educational needs of low-achieving children
    in our Nation’s highest-poverty schools, limited English
    proficient children, migratory children, children with disabilities,
    Indian children, neglected or delinquent children, and
    young children in need of reading assistance;
    ‘‘(3) closing the achievement gap between high- and lowperforming
    children, especially the achievement gaps between
    minority and nonminority students, and between disadvantaged
    children and their more advantaged peers;
    ‘‘(4) holding schools, local educational agencies, and States
    accountable for improving the academic achievement of all students,
    and identifying and turning around low-performing
    schools that have failed to provide a high-quality education
    to their students, while providing alternatives to students in
    such schools to enable the students to receive a high-quality
    ‘‘(5) distributing and targeting resources sufficiently to
    make a difference to local educational agencies and schools
    where needs are greatest;
    ‘‘(6) improving and strengthening accountability, teaching,
    and learning by using State assessment systems designed to
    ensure that students are meeting challenging State academic
    achievement and content standards and increasing achievement
    overall, but especially for the disadvantaged;
    ‘‘(7) providing greater decisionmaking authority and flexibility
    to schools and teachers in exchange for greater responsibility
    for student performance;
    ‘‘(8) providing children an enriched and accelerated educational
    program, including the use of schoolwide programs
    or additional services that increase the amount and quality
    of instructional time;
    ‘‘(9) promoting schoolwide reform and ensuring the access
    of children to effective, scientifically based instructional strategies
    and challenging academic content;
    ‘‘(10) significantly elevating the quality of instruction by
    providing staff in participating schools with substantial
    opportunities for professional development;
    ‘‘(11) coordinating services under all parts of this title with
    each other, with other educational services, and, to the extent
    feasible, with other agencies providing services to youth, children,
    and families; and
    ‘‘(12) affording parents substantial and meaningful
    opportunities to participate in the education of their children.

    Phyllis Austin
    In My Shoes, Inc. – The National Parent Education Center
    Founder and CEO

  28. Dr. Melvin Johnson
    Dr. Johnson is retired DCSS Deputy Superintendent (2004) with over 30 years in
    the school system. He is a member of new Birth church, and active member in the Redan Community, and is instrumental in the creation of the Charter school that was opened at New Birth. Close friend of Dr. Wendolyn & Ed Bouie . He is very well connected and has a lot of ties in DCSS. He has been out of the loop for 8 years, but I am sure maintaining those ties with those DCSS roots makes him a favorite contender.

    Dr. Terrilyn Rivers-Cannon
    Dr. Rivers-Cannon was a 23 plus year employee of the DCSS. I knew her as our Social Worker at Stephenson Middle School. She is a very nice individual, lives in our community- her son attends school in our community- and overall a nice person. She is currently employed with Atlanta Public schools. She too has a history with DCSS, and I am sure that too puts her in a better position with roots set in DCSS

    Latasha Walker
    I can not make a comment in regards to her, as I can not find any information on her.


    When I was first introduced to this forum, it was my understanding that EVERY candidate has an opportunity to be on this blog- I think that if you have a free public forum, and you don’t utilize it as a candidate- then the ownest is on you.

    One thing that I have found is that this foray into politics is VERY interesting. I wonder how many individuals would be willing to jump into this knowing that there are some people who are going to attack simply because they can?

    For more details about me:

  29. The People For Denise McGill have received an official endorsement from the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorney’s. See below..

    Subject: You’ve received GABWA’s Endorsement…


    I am so pleased to inform you that you have received GABWA’s endorsement for your race.

    We will draft a slate listing our endorsed candidates. This slate will be made available to you electronically and in hard copy. Our PAC Chair will contact you to let you know when you may pick up copies of the slate.If you’re a member, you may also feel free to use our listserv to publicize your events, request volunteers and other matters regarding your campaign. You are free to mention our endorsement on your materials and during your speaking engagements.

    Congratulations! We’re confident you’ll be successful in your bid.

    JaDawnya C. Butler
    GABWA President, 2012

  30. Dekalbite2 says:

    @ Denise

    This happened with our Get the Cell Out yard signs as well. Someone was calling the county and telling them to remove signs that are not 10 feet back from the street. The DeKalb County department in charge of this did not know (or care) that the ordinance only applies to commercial signs. Someone is probably complaining to this department knowing they don’t know that the ordinance doesn’t apply to your signs. Thus they get the county to do the dirty work for them.

  31. Thank goodness my team only put 8 out in main areas- the rest are in supporters lawns- One of the supporters called me this weekend to tell me that someone had removed the sign from his yard. It’s really kind of funny if you think about it- kind of lets you know where folks minds are and what they are willing to do to sabotage your efforts.

  32. there are MANY cuts that make no sense at all- but graduation coaches? That one I really do not get- ours was very instrumental in working with challenged students… It is on my list of many I don’t get it scratching my head moments…

  33. jackiehar says:

    I didn’t realize you asked each candidates to post their campaign statements. Did I miss any? DidGilbert, McMahan Kinney or Womack post? I have been out of town.

  34. Actually, as I recall, the graduation coaches were an idea that came from the state. And for a while, the state funded them – or at least a large portion. That expired, and now the graduation coaches are fully funded with local funds — so they were deemed unaffordable.

  35. “so they were deemed unaffordable”….blink blink….what was I thinking dekalbschoolwatch???- why would the School System would do anything positive to support the retention of students who are lost or need that extra boost-confidence- or someone who cares that will help them to the next level?….

  36. dekalbite2 says:


    Some graduation coaches were effective and some were not. When the state stopped funding them, most of the metro systems discontinued the graduation coach positions because for every graduation coach they kept, they had to not keep a teacher position or really a teacher and a half since graduation coaches made more money than teachers. Students can learn without graduation coaches but they cannot learn without teachers. When state funding ended for the graduation coaches, school systems were faced with this choice. DeKalb just made the choice later than the other systems.

  37. no duh says:

    Where’s McMahon’s? He has responded.

  38. MV says:

    Just saying: How can the HR report be accessed? I looked on DCSD website/Departments/Human Resources, and did not find a place where it could be viewed. Thanks.

  39. justwatch says:

    go to the view meeting agendas on the link of the maid page of DCSS and then to the July 9 board meeting and then scroll down fine the HR report click on that item and then on the PDF associated with that item.

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