From Jim Redovian — regarding the election

“We all know the election of four members of the DeKalb School Board is imminent. For those that respect my opinion this is for you, for those that don’t, I would ask you just digest it. It is only an opinion, but one from someone who has been there. I believe the easiest decision is a vote for Pam Speaks, she has the ability to work with everyone, and in the two years we worked together on the board, I never experienced her to have an agenda on any of her decisions. Her years of experience in the system brings with it much insight and knowledge. As a board member she weighs each decision and votes her conscience.”

“Paul Womack is Paul Womack and that will never change. My problem is that those running against him do not seem to have any idea what the school board challenge is and what they will be up against. Paul’s experience plus his many contacts across the State brings a lot to the table. If for no other reason we need Paul to keep Dr. Gene on his toes. You may laugh at that, however it is important.”**

“Don McChesney would be my choice in his district. I know Don and I know his decisions are based on the good of the system. He and I don’t always agree, but Don sticks to what he believes in and is willing to risk his seat to do the right thing. Although Marshall Orson is a friend, it worries me that his agenda is too self-centered for him to do the job that needs to be done. I was very concerned at the way he handled the Fernbank battle, especially the way he instructed his people, to do all they could to take over the community meetings. This is not the kind of thinking that will get the job done, dealing with eight other strong will individuals. It scares me that he would be willing to sell out to other board members to get what he wants for his local needs, as much as it sounds good for his constituents it is not what our system needs at this time. I truly think his desire is to get Joe Martin elected to the Georgia State School Board and work with him in some capacity there. I think he would be very effective in that role.”

“As far as Tom Bowen’s district I don’t know much about those running, except for Melvin Johnson. I don’t know much about Mr. Johnson, except he comes from the upper levels of the school system and carries the same baggage as those we so much do not trust. I am not saying that he would not make a good School Board member, I just hope the voters in his district do there due diligence before they vote.”

“So there it is, will this solve all the problems, of course not. I am on record as saying we in DeKalb must look at ways to get more local control in our area schools and will continue to look for ways to get that done. However, what we have is what we have, and we must deal in that realm until we can move to a better system.”

** The members of the team that produced the DeKalb School Watch blog’s list of endorsements endorsed Jim McMahan for the District 4 school board seat.  Click here to read the blog’s endorsements.

Jim Redovian is the former District 1 board rep on the DeKalb County School Board.  He has been very vocal and critical about the sheer size of the system along with the nepotism in the system, leading reporter Wendy Saltzman to interview board reps on the subject resulting in former board rep Zepora Roberts threatening to slug the reporter.

View that report here.

Jim, along with his wife Sherrill also created the Tim Redovian Memorial Fund in memory of their Tim, supporting the arts and giving away hundreds of scholarships to young people in DeKalb.

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8 Responses to From Jim Redovian — regarding the election

  1. murphey says:

    Jim, thanks for your insight. I happen to agree with you, but I appreciate that you took the time to do this when you really didn’t have to make the effort.

  2. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    My statement stands. Good luck with that.

  3. SA says:

    Good luck with this (sent from Mr. McChesney’s school district email address):

    —–Original Message—–
    From: DON McCHESNEY []
    Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 11:29 AM
    Subject: Re: Meeting with Dr. Atkinson

    The only info. I have received from the superintendent is that she wants to
    listen to my constituents concerning the school district. I view this as an
    opportunity to be specific about what affects us in our district. I would
    not hold back. I would ask how she planned to address the inequity of the
    massive financial support the southside receives versus the northside. Yet
    it is the northside that tends to be producing the best scores. This is a
    great time to get her to talk about equity and equality and what she views
    as the difference.
    There will only be people from my district in the meeting. It will be you,
    Marshall Orson, Kim Gocke of the Cross Keys foundation, and Michael Dowling,
    Druid Hills PTA president and Star Teacher of DeKalb County. I view this as
    an opportunity for our district to get some well needed attention. I also
    chose all men to try to get away from many emotional issues that are
    sometimes the center of argument.

    I would prepare your major arguments or points and rank them before you get
    there so you can address those things you think are most important.
    Most other groups meeting with her will be larger. I am trying to get you
    some real face time. This kind of opportunity does not happen often.

    I hope this will give you some guidance so you can have a productive session
    and hopefully get some real answers to issues that you think directly affect
    our students in our district.


  4. DeKalb Teacher says:

    Good Morning Susan-Anne.
    I don’t condone Don’s email either. That being said, can you, Amy Powers, David Schutten and Marchall Orson move on to the real issues. We don’t have a budget and I may be out of a job soon.

    You guys have done some GREAT things for Fernbank! I appreciate all your work.


  5. Linda says:

    SA – Fernbank Science Center should not be saved. It benefits very few students, and it costs way too much money. Don’s decision to put other issues ahead of FSC shows that he looks out for all students.

  6. DSW also endorsed Denise McGill in Dist. 6, correct?

  7. The Deal says:

    Ah, gotcha politics at its best. This email didn’t just surface a few days ago. Someone held onto it for a long time until just the right moment, i.e. days before the election. What we DON’T need in DeKalb are more crafty know-it-alls who think this is all a game. Our schools and their miserable situation are NOT a game. Marshall Orson and his group have shown themselves to be manipulative liars parading as academics.

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