Jim McMahan for DeKalb County Schools

Jim McMahan for DeKalb County Schools video statement
(With a 5 sec delay)

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8 Responses to Jim McMahan for DeKalb County Schools

  1. He is a very nice guy and has participated in some Tucker events in addition to reaching out to his own Lakeside community. We’re sticking with McMahan as our pick, too. McMahan is the one candidate in District 4 who is already working to help the students and actually will tell you why he is the best pick. The others, Womack included, are all quick to state why someone ELSE convinced them to run. That’s a red flag to us that they are already trying to pass off some of the responsibility for what might happen. “It isn’t my fault. I didn’t even want to run, but so-and-so talked me into it.” Make us proud JimmyMac!

  2. teacher/taxpayer says:

    Good job on the video. I am for McMahan and am suggesting others vote for him too. We need new voices with no obligations to anyone but the children and taxpayers.

  3. teacher says:

    Off topic: why do Dekalb’s cities not take care of their own schools? For example, shouldn’t StnMtn fund that high school & Dunwoody fund theirs?

  4. justwatch says:

    Cause we are a county school system and GA’s constitution prohibits (currently anyway) new school systems from being formed. The City systems that exist, existed before the Constitution was amended to prohibit new systems from being formed.

  5. Nikole says:

    For those who are interested, I have a Donor’s Choose Project up and waiting to be funded. Please consider having a look.


  6. Jolly School district says:

    I’m very disappointed. In the 2010 election I could cast no ballots for the school board, given which districts were up for the vote. This time around I thought I could vote for Jim McMahon but the LWV sample ballot I printed out says no–apparently I’ve been moved to Donna “Easily frightened” Edler’s district, even though I didn’t get to vote in that district in 2010. Oh well, at least I can still vote for Pam Speaks over her divisive and execrable challenger.

  7. I like Jim McMahan. I wished I lived in district so I could vote for him! Good luck, Jimmy Mac!

  8. GTCO-ATL says:

    Jolly School district – hi there, yes, I noticed the same thing about the district. Apparantly they really wanted to tear up Tucker, too, because they divided it into about three different districts.

    If you are concerned about the cell tower, you should get in touch with Mayor Randsom as he attended the press conference held by Rep. Drenner recently and is very knowledgable about the subject and what’s going on at Jolly.

    Also, if you haven’t done so already, please email burrell@burrellellis.com to ask that he please deny any permits for cell towers at Jolly or any school in DeKalb. You can remind him that the voters in your area voted “No” on the referendum about cell towers on the ballot and even the school board members have changed their minds! If the vote were to take place today, it would be 5 – 3 – 1 (5 against, 3 in favor, 1 abstain) if their comments during the candidate forums were honest. More info here: http://www.getthecelloutatl.com/2012/08/some-school-board-members-change.html#!/2012/08/some-school-board-members-change.html

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