Is Outsourcing A Viable Solution?

“HIGHLAND PARK, Mich.—The public school district in this hard-luck city has come up with a radical answer for its troubled education system: It is outsourcing all of it.

“Highland Park School District, one of the state’s lowest-performing academically, says it will turn over its three schools and nearly 1,000 students to a private, for-profit charter school company—the second district in Michigan to take such a drastic step to avert financial collapse.”

Go here to read the remainder of this thought-provoking article, Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools, originally published on page A3 of the Friday, August 3, 2012 Wall Street Journal

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8 Responses to Is Outsourcing A Viable Solution?

  1. GTCO-ATL says:

    Ramona Tyson already beat you to this idea. From the August 19, 2010, minutes of the meeting of the Budget, Audit and Finance Committee, “Ms. Tyson is researching companies that study outsourcing for K-12 environments. We are going to get a presenation from comapnies that do this for a future RFP…”

    Coincidentally, this is also the meeting where we saw Steve Donahue present the cell tower idea and referenced T-mobile’s 24 month phase-in. So, we would be right on schedule with that plan as we are now in August. 2012 and the school system’s spokesman Walter Woods said to expect construction to begin any day now.

  2. To head off any misunderstanding … DSW is NOT promoting this idea. The article was brought to our attention by someone else. We are in favor of splitting up DCSS into 2 or 3 independent school districts of manageable size — each of which can be and will be responsive to its stakeholders. However, the privatizing idea is already out there and making news. The question is, do you want to bury your head in the sand until it is too late? Or, do you want to advocate now for changes (i.e., breaking DCSS up into 2 or 3 independent school districts of manageable size) that will allow local control by voters?

    Believe us, if those who currently control DCSS can figure out how to perpetrate the DCSS gravy train into a privatized DCSS, they will do it so fast it will make your head spin. Remember, how Atkinson was hired — in spite of the careless errors and lies in her DCSS application package. Typically, past behavior and performance generally predict future behavior and performance. Yet, Atkinson was hired anyhow. Why? The fact that Ramona Tyson is still in place should give you a clue. And those chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. no duh says:

    It’s a cold hard reality folks… It takes money to run an effective campaign. No one likes to ask, so I’ll just go ahead to do it…

    Please donate to Jim McMahan’s campaign NOW. Yard signs and mailings cost money — money that Womack apparently has to burn. Every little bit helps. Go to It’s SO easy. Even easier if you have a Paypal account. How much is better School Board representation worth to you? Jim has put himself out there to help us, now let’s help him!

    Also, it’s time to start talking to your neighbors who vote, but who don’t have kids in the system anymore. This is a non-partisan position. Womack clearly won by playing to and flaunting his Republicanism. That’s got to be a reason the “anti-incumbent” movement didn’t seem to touch him.

    Please, go right now to and make your donation. You and the children of DeKalb deserve it!

  4. GTCO-ATL says:

    Gilbert and Kinney need to step up and endorse McMahon if they were ever really in this race to advocate for change in the first place. Same goes for District 6. We need to work together to get the best people elected right now! McMahon and McGill will move us forward. The others will drag us through another repeat of past mistakes.

    I, personally, can’t afford to go there with them! I’m tired of helping OTHER people get promotions and raises and insulated jobs where they can screw up and get away with it over and over and over again. This is the real world. And, every dollar that comes in to my home hurts when it has to go out.

    If these folks have not been able to help our children for this many years then it is time for someone else to give it a try. We literally have almost nothing else to lose, except our pride. They have not taken that… yet!

    It’s time for CHANGE!

    If you VOTED NO on the cell towers. PLEASE step up and VOTE for McMahon and McGill as these are the two candidates who seem to be in it for the right reasons. They are the only ones putting forth real platforms and ideas that will help our children and will stop our county from further decline.

    IT IS TIME FOR ACTION! I know plenty of Republicans who voted for McMahon, so YES, it CAN be done!

  5. GTCO-ATL says: to donate to Denise McGill’s campaign. Or, just do what she is asking and vote via absentee early and your donation is the cost of the postage. Sounds reasonable to me!

  6. Merry says:

    Both Kinney and Gilbert endorsed McMahon on August 1.
    See the comments following the article:

  7. liveoak says:

    Here is a different Michigan school system that is outsourcing due to financial issues. These corporations have a foot in the door of our school system, Dekalb County, and are receiving our tax dollars. You decide if that’s good or bad.

    Stay informed because this is probably someone’s vision of our future.

    The company they have chosen is, Mosaica, the same company that Dekalb chose to run Dekalb Preparatory Academy Charter School that is housed in the old Glen Haven Elementary building. I’m not sure if the employees that will work at the Dekalb Preparatory Academy Charter will be employees of Dekalb County or will work for and be paid by Mosaica. In other areas of the country, teachers who work for Mosaica are paid less, have a longer school calendar, and have a 401K opportunity instead of a pension.

  8. justwatch says:

    You are mistaken. DeKalb Prep was started by Mosaica and approved by DeKalb. Not the other way around. (Per GA state law, there had to be a grass roots effort as well, but make no mistake this is a Mosaica operation.) Most start up charters had been paying less than DeKalb, but I don’t think that is necessarily the case anymore. Until the economy slowed, start up charters across the state and the country had terrible teacher turnover because of wage differences. Not so much anymore.

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