Congrats to Jimmy Mac!

Jim McMahan breaks the tape and wins a long, hard battle against incumbent Paul Womack for the school board seat serving District 4 of DeKalb County

The runoff results are in and Jim McMahan has beat Paul Womack to take the District 4 seat on the school board — with 65% of the votes no less!

Congrats Jim!  We look forward to your thoughtful decision-making and voice of reason.  Like Nancy Jester, Jim has ‘dogs’ in this fight – his children all attend DeKalb county public schools.  He knows what he’s dealing with and he has a sense of urgency for improvement!  He can hit the ground running!


That said, our favorite in District 6, Denise McGill unfortunately lost to longtime school system administrator, now retired, Melvin Johnson.  Although we rooted hard for Denise, also a mother of current students and a very active PTA officer, we hope that Mr. Johnson will bring honest insight to the board and will work for improvement.  Denise fought a solid, smart campaign and we have come to really respect and admire her character.  And we are certain that Denise will continue her valuable, hard work in the schools that she serves.

All the best to everyone!  With three new members on the board (Marshall Orson beat incumbent Don McChesney in District 2 in the primary), some things will change come January.  But for now, we will have the same board hashing out the issues for the next several months.  We will be paying close attention to our current board’s actions as well as our future board member’s comments on the issues, but very much look forward to the changes on the horizon!

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  1. Dr. DeKalb says:

    what was her connection to telecommunications? th

    teacher/taxpayer – yes, it would be nice to have that rah-rah “lean on me” type of neighborhood, but you must not be living in the present day. The children are the responsibility of the bus driver from the time they get on until the time they get off. For the little ones, it is until they are safely released to the custody of an adult.

    Instead of a motivational speaker, sounds like the bus drivers need a course in basic training and operations as well as in being kind to others, esp. when your job was just saved over the jobs of countless numbers

  2. Contrast your observations of Russell-McCloud with J. Tom Morgan — formerly DeKalb County DA, now in private practice, but willing to speak to parent groups and student groups at no charge. J. Tom Morgan speaks without hype and hyperbole. He knows whereof he speaks — and, as one commenter noted — he is not preachy and he is very down-to-Earth. J. Tom Morgan’s message is one that MUST be heard by parents and high school students. The law is not always what you might think it is — and ignorance of the law is no defense. For the convenience of parents, J. Tom Morgan’s book is for sale at his talk. But, unlike Russell-McCloud, books are not pre-sold to all attendees and there is no guarantee of how many books will be sold and sales benefit the Dunwoody High School PTA. Parents: please make plans now to hear J. Tom Morgan on Tuesday, August 28 at 7 PM at Dunwoody High School.

  3. insider says:

    Correction on earlier comment. It wasn’t $18,000. It was $23,000 of our tax dollars that paid for this cheesy waste.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I actually began the “Common Core Training” taking notes. I was there for five minutes and realized that this was a complete waste of time. Not only did DCS pay for the speaker fees, they also had to pay for subs for three teachers for my school alone. I am one of those teachers that really try to do what is best for my students, but at this point I have no idea how to implement common core because we haven’t been given any directions. Furthermore, the new teacher evaluation is up and running and no one has a clear idea of what is expected. How can administrators who know nothing accurately evaluate teachers with a tool that they can’t even explain. I don’t know who is more behind- Dekalb County or the state of Georgia.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Our school sent the Admin team, plus 6 staff members all requiring coverage by subs. There was absolutely nothing anyone took away from this huckster that could be used to address the important issues presently facing our students. The upheaval to the school house implementing the new common core standards, the new teacher evaluation system, the farce of SFA, and class sizes pack to the max have teachers floundering. And this is the life ring the county throws to us? Unbelievable!

  6. justwatch says:

    Do we know if this was one presentation on one day or two presentations on one day or two presentations on two days?

  7. teachermom says:

    At the new reduced salary of 12 k, $23,000 will buy DeKalb almost 2 pre-k paras for a year…

  8. Just saying says:

    I know that many people were critical of Dr. Beasley, but he had set up training for the CCS. Teachers were paid to attend. They then came back and taught the other staff members. When the new district leaders started, that training was stopped. Dr Howe seems to be a very nice lady, but we do not get any information from her.
    In addition, we still have no idea the proper place to direct questions. Not only do we not have an organization chart but we also do not have a phone list. If you have a question, you have no idea the correct person to call. There is no such thing as internal customer service. Good luck calling HR and getting any kind of correct answer about leave or certification. The “new” MIS procedure is not working well. If you do not have a CTSS in your school, you may be waiting a long time to get help. We try to help each other. There are large elementary schools, and they do not have a CTSS. Forget about help being sent to your school quickly. I have not been able to use my printer for weeks. I am willing to take my own money and buy a new one but we have been told we must get permission from MIS to connect a printer to the computer in our classroom.
    Please do not put all the blame on the principals. Training for the new teacher evaluation was conducted the last week in July and the first week in August.. There is a lady in the Professional Learning Department that I “think” is suppose to be a resource to help with questions. She has not been very customer friendly, Either no one wants to help or they do not know the correct way to help. The results are the same. You are left to try and find the answers yourself.
    Our AP was supposed to go training last week and it was not held. Staff members were required to go and hear the “speaker.”
    There is very little help or support for the people in the schools. There are so still problem with eSIS. Next week people are going to be moved based on the student enrollment at schools. I am not sure how accurate that is going to be.
    I hope that with new BOE members we will see some positive changes.

  9. Can't say much more says:

    Just find out the funding source. That’s all I ask. Then look at the requirements for that funding source…contact the overseers of the funds if you need to. This never should have happened. The auditors will have a field day when they find out. March knew. She controls the funds now. She controls most things in the district.

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