The letter war continues: SACS responds, and they’re coming in!

From the AJC Get Schooled blog:

In a letter today, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools informed DeKalb Schools that it intends to pay a site visit Oct. 17 -19 to address its ongoing concerns over governance and leadership and resource and support systems.

Addressed to Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson and signed by AdvancED president Mark Elgart, the letter states that while the school chief has outlined reforms under way in DeKalb, SACS remains concerned that the system’s problems “could have a significant, negative impact on the capacity of the system to realize the many improvements that are the focus of these initiatives. Consequently, AdvancED has determined that an on-site investigation is warranted and necessary to evaluate the adherence of the DeKalb County School District to to the Accreditation standards and/or practices.”

[DSW2 has the recent SACS response letter uploaded in our FILES tab on the History of SACS page. Click here to download it.]


Additionally, the AJC is also reporting that the Board quickly scheduled two meetings tomorrow seemingly to discuss a plan of action. (Or perhaps to compose another letter!)

School board schedules meeting
By Ty Tagami

The DeKalb County school board on Tuesday scheduled a meeting for Wednesday afternoon to discuss policies and legal issues and to vote on an education resolution.

The board will meet publicly at 2:30 p.m. followed by a 4 p.m. private session to discuss undisclosed legal matters. Several board policy changes are on the public agenda, plus a vote on a resolution for “quality public education.”

Also on Wednesday, at 1 p.m., a board committee will hear updates on curriculum and school staffing from Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson.

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  1. Hopefully, SACS will begin their tour at Lakeside, given the recent post to the PTA from the principal:

    All of us who watched and read the news this summer knew that class sizes would be bigger than in past years. None of us bargained for the sizes that some of our classes have reached – and it could have been worse had we not chosen to start the year with three substitute teachers as we awaited a fully certified teacher. Part of the increase in class sizes is attributed to the increase in our student population from 1830 to over 1940 students. This is not the result of out of attendance area students. Rather, it may be a combination of too many students taking five years to graduate and the favorable reputation many newcomers and real estate agents have of Lakeside.

    At this point we are serving an increased student body with ten fewer staff members than last year. We have been approved for the three teachers for the classes currently served by substitutes in the areas of art, science and social studies. The art teacher, Ms. Jelks, has arrived and will start her first full day at Lakeside Monday. We will be posting the other two positions on PATS and will have to interview for those teaching slots. As Mr. Clyne continues to maximize our staff, student schedules may be changed. We will also be requesting additional staffing as the needs arise.

    We appreciate the patience of our students, teachers and parents as we work to make ends meet during this very difficult financial situation.

  2. Dr. John Trotter (reposted by a supporter) says:

    Reprinted from the Get Schooled blogpost:

    Dr. John Trotter
    September 18th, 2012
    9:29 am

    This private, “non-profit” profiteering money-grabbing company called SACS (Still Advocating for Cronies and Superintendents) won’t really do a darn thing to DeKalb County. It already dropped the atomic bomb on Clayton County and destroyed this community — and all over a Chairperson (Ericka Davis) not getting her way. SACS is a joke. It is really the union for superintendents. I believe that SACS works hand-in-hand with not-so-much-a-good-ole-boy-system but a select few effete and elite in this country who have determined that too much money (close to a trillion or more, I think, in total direct and ancillary costs) is going into public education. SACS is the enforcer for these peoples and groups like ALEC. Their tentacles are all over public education today, and their ostensible concern for public education is just that…ostensible.

    The real concern for these people and these groups is money. I think that this is the real concern for SACS. As long as it does the enforcement for these people (viz., scares the heck out of communities and school boards to keep them in line), then SACS is rewarded with loads and loads of money from the public troughs, and SACS’s CEO, Mark Elgart, continues to receive his close to one-half million in salary and benefits. AdvanED? Huh! MoneyED is more like it! It’s all a ruse, good people. All a ruse.

    SACS’s so-called standards mean nothing. They are always arbitrarily and capriciously applied, depending apparently on who receives the blessings of Zeus Elgart sitting atop Mount Alpharetta. I wish that the General Assembly would finally stand up to this educational phony, this educational Elmer Gantry and quit buying his snake oil. He’s like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz…or like Wisconsin’s Joe McCarthy before someone in the U. S. Senate finally stood up to this bully. Norreese Haynes and I have been speaking out against this educational hypocrite for about five years now. Our discordant sound has begun to pick up a few notes the flute and tuba sections too. Mr. Haynes immediately called SACS’s flawed, biased, skewed, and laughable report on Clayton County “a sham and a farce.” He was right then, and we have been right on Mark Elgart and SACS ever since.

  3. I still do not understand how a for profit corporation, AdvancED, can hold systems accountable with their nonprofit shakedown agency, SACS. Taxpayers foot the bill for salaries like Elghart has. SACS sounds like a shakedown agency for District Superintendents to use to keep their BOEs in check. Great summation Dr. Trotter!

  4. A new article on the subject has been posted at the AJC:

    Accreditation agency to investigate allegations of DeKalb schools mismanagement
    By Ty Tagami

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    An investigation that could threaten the accreditation of the DeKalb County public schools will take place next month, when a team visits to assess allegations of school board mismanagement.

    Mark Elgart, the president and chief executive officer of AdvancEd, decided late Monday that an investigation was warranted, and sent an overnight letter to Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson telling her to prepare, AdvancEd spokeswoman Jennifer Oliver said Tuesday.

    School board chairman Eugene Walker said there is an obvious lack of collaboration on the board, but he said he sees no reason for an investigation.

    “We know we are not perfect. We know we have some kinks. But there is no — in my mind — mismanagement,” Walker said.…..

  5. Not sure where to post this, but could someone else on the inside speak to the utter fiasco of the state mandated Student Learning Objective (SLO) pre-test as administered by Dekalb? On one day’s notice, tests as long as 45 pages to be given over two days were crammed down the throats of students and teachers. The last two days have been my worst experience as a Dekalb teacher. Oh, if I could walk out of my contract now! Heads should roll! But no, teachers and students were the ones slimed this week For such an utterly disgusting, unprofessional process, the County will just dig in and try to pretend it didn’t happen the way it did.

    I’m over it! Teachers are treated like garbage in Dekalb.

  6. howdy1942 says:

    I welcome the SACS investigation and sincerely hope and pray that this will lead to some kind of finality to our long suffering in Dekalb County. It seems like our school system nightmare will never end. It is time to bring some kind of closure.

    Dr. Elgart made a valid point in his recent interview with a local TV station – that the School Board has nine different political agendas and does not function as a single board to insure the interests of the students, the parents, and our community. I agree.

    Since I live in Tucker, I have been particularly alarmed by the recent riot at Tucker High School where one police officer suffered a broken ankle requiring surgery and the sexual misconduct at Tucker Middle School. Those kids involved in the riot should be permanently expelled from the Dekalb County School System and, hopefully, the courts will take care of the other system. My assessment is that the School Board and the School Superintendent have established an environment where these acts have become commonplace.

    For whatever reason, Dr. Atkinson is not getting the job done – especially for someone we have been paying $275,000 per year. Maybe she is just in over her head, but we need a strong, forceful leader, one that will take charge and clean up the administration and the management, not one that will simply hire consulting firms ad nauseam and never seem to make any decisions. We need someone who will tell the School Board like it is and work to build up morale among our teachers. That may not be someone with a “doctor” in education administration – that will most likely be a hard nosed business person with a proven track record.

    Right now, I have no confidence in this School Board and have just about lost confidence in Dr. Atkinson. I welcome Dr. Elgart and SACS and encourage you to set the stage for fundamental change. Merely rapping the hand of this School Board and allowing it to remain in place is a nonstarter. If that is your game plan, then save yourselves the time and expense of coming.

    That horrible injury that happened to the Tucker SRO is tragic. It so happens, the SRO injured at Tucker in DeKalb was Dr. Walker’s son. We all feel very badly about this – and would regardless of who sustained the injury. The violence in schools is becoming intolerable most everywhere. In fact, violence in schools has become such a problem that the Macon superintendent called a special meeting with his board to discuss a plan of action.

    Our thoughts go out to Officer Brown. He sustained a severe injury trying to break up a fight among students (football players, we’re told).

  8. Miss Management says:

    This is what happens when people make decisions based on politics and/or race. One certainly has to wonder where we’d be if we had hired Dr. Duron as superintendent. Or elected Ernest Brown instead of Dr. Walker. Or Shayna Steinfeld instead of Paul Womack.


  9. another comment says:

    Is this Walker’s son with a Baby Mama or what? Is he embarrassed to have his father’s last name?

    I guess he thought he had put his son at a good school. But then they have to recruit the hood rats from the Southside to Play Football at the better schools. You just can’t take the hood out of some people.

  10. Mad Dad says:

    Officer Brown is Dr. Walker’s son? What am I missing?

  11. Teachingmom says:

    I wonder if the football players in the fight in Tucker actually live in that attendance zone (or even in the county)? They need to quit recruiting athletes from out of the attendance area to play sports…

  12. no name says:

    I have not personally contacted SACS, but I know DCCS employees who have. They are very smart, thorough, and conscientious workers – basically, they are the exact opposite of the current board and Superintendent.

    I suspect that SACS already has enough information to justify completely dropping DCCS’s accreditation; in fact, I will be shocked if DCCS only gets put on ‘Probation’!

    If I remember correctly, Clayton County lost its accreditation because it had a disfunctional school board…. DCCS has its own disfunctional board, plus a train-wreck budget, plus overcrowded & understaffed schools, plus a Superintendent whose only competency seems to be diverting federal money to her cronies (aka “Success for All”)….plus some bigger problems I am not going to mention here because I don’t think the Superintendent deserves a heads-up on them.

    So, what happens when — not if, *when* — DCCS loses accreditation? Would that be a good or bad thing?

    Can we clone Erroll Davis?

  13. Speak to Truth says:

    For all of you “education supporters” with little information or concern for the truth… There was a fight at Tucker – not a riot. 4 students and off campus individuals were involved. The Tucker students involved were not football players. However, the altercation occurred at dismissal in the bus loading area near the football practice field. (Maybe that is where the riot idea with football players surfaced?) Please stop slandering and arbitrarily indicting the school, the students and hard working adults who continue to battle the negative feedback everyone is so quick and eager to provide. The continued divisive and hostile “assessments” will not support real and sustained improvement. Smh…

  14. In her response to SACS, Atkinson says she reduced Central Office by 300, but we still just don’t see it. In fact, as recently as a few weeks ago, the Champion was reporting a reduction of 70 in the CO. (Along with several ‘promotions’ from Director, to Executive Director – in order to grant raises…)

    We need a true HR Report!

  15. Yes. Officer Brown is Gene Walker’s son. He was very badly hurt in this fight. Beyond that, his wife is one of the board secretaries. She was employed by the school system for many years before marrying Gene’s son or before Gene got on board. Still, unfortunately for her, we feel it’s inappropriate for her to be a board secretary. She should have been placed elsewhere in the system when he was elected.

    Please be kind about Officer Brown. He was hurt quite badly. We missed many of the more offensive comments and since they are referenced, they will stay. But we will try to be more diligent in culling through these comments. Have some heart, people.

  16. Sick and tired of unethical and incompetence says:

    I appreciate both Dr. Trotter and Howdy1942 comments about SACS they are both correct none of us imagined the system getting worse after Crawford and Tyson. However, the reality is that things are beyond out of control. There is no leadership, ethical conduct, transparency, or true focus on educating children.
    The system needs new board members who are ethical and competent. Then the board must hire an ethical superintendent who is competent and committed to educating children and treating all members of the educational chain in DeKalb as equals and with respect and dignity.
    The plan should be one. SACS interview randomly employees from every department. 2. Find out how many new staff and their positions Atkinson brought to DeKalb.3. Find out if she paid the new employees relocation monies.4. What happened to the former employees who were in those positions? 5. Sit in on Leadership meetings with principals to observe how they are treated by the new administration (unannounced).6. Find out the rational for changing the titles of the bus drivers, cafeteria, and custodial staff. 7. Find out why Atkinson would cut the pay of the lowest paid employees in the system (what were her saving?). Who along with the rest of the employees have not received a raise in five years? Observe teachers in the classrooms and measure the morale and energy levels through confidential questionnaires (administered and collected by SACS).
    Review all financial records and existing formulas used to arrive at the budget. Interview the board members individually with questionnaires that address their competency of the operations of the system in every area.
    Place the system on probation and recommend that the Governor exercise SB 84. The only members that I would recommend keeping would be the newest members Jester and Edler. Not sure when Chesney came on the board. Replace the other members of the board. Everyone should watch Melvin Johnson closely. In addition, will he be required to resign from his position over the school at Eddie Longs Church? Furthermore, to show solidarity he needs to end the contract with the church and use one of the many vacant schools in the county. That would be good leadership and fiscal responsibility.

  17. You can not lay all of this at Atkinson,s feet. The Clew Crew tenticles spread far and wide throughout the system and most are still on payroll, why! Former CFO Turk has some explaining to do as well as his boss,Ramona Tyson. Atkinson is way over her head and the Ramsey, Walker,Tyson folks are biding their time. Another Johnny Brown scenario all over again.

  18. whoshelpingthekids says:

    It would be great if SACS did random interviews but it has never worked that way before. DCSS has identified staff and parents to talk with them before their arrival. Parents and staff in some schools were painfully honest during the system wide accreditation last year but none of that feedback made it to the BOE and super as SACS personnel indicated it would.

    @ teaching mom: it has long been said that Tucker recruits players from all over metro Atlanta.

  19. TIME2REPORT says:

    “Because it’s like, we spent over a year standing in front of these people wanting their attention, telling them what was wrong, and because of their lack of response we felt that something might be going on.”

    …”And everyone, every taxpayer, every parent, needs to understand that. All of this money, think of it, if it would have been put in a classroom.”

  20. howdy1942 says:

    Thank you for informing all of us that the injured officer was Dr. Walker’s son. I wish this officer a complete recovery and appreciate the risks he took at ending this fight and protecting others.

    My first point is that we should positively and firmly inform all students, faculty, and employees of the school system that we want our children to learn, we want to create a learning environment, and we want to create a safe environment. Likewise, we should also warn everyone that if your bring a gun to school, if you attempt to harm another student, a faculty member, or anyone on school property, you will be expelled from Dekalb County Schools permanently. There will be no forgiveness nor will there be a second opportunity.

    My second point is that new leadership of our school system is essential. When a governing body and/or and a management team of any organization – a private company, a government body, a military unit, whatever – has lost the respect and confidence of the people they lead and the people they serve, then it is time for changes. There is little that Dr. Walker and other members of this school board who have been around for longer than two years can do to redeem themselves at this point. This matter with SACS has been going on for years – it’s not something new! Morale is just about as low as it can get in the school system. The more that Dr. Walker and this Board tries to defend themselves, the greater the disenchantment becomes.

    My final point is that a sizable number of parents and residents of this County want change in the School Board. In 2010, we elected two new members and now we have elected three new members in 2012. But the leadership remains in place and remains as adamant as ever that we don’t have management issues in the school system. With SACS banging on our door, parents and Board members writing to SACS, the past School Superintendent and Chief Operations officer under criminal indictment, and a rapidly deteriorating budget and tax base, I find it almost unbelievable that the leadership of the School Board believes that the management of the School System if just fine. How can you solve problems that you don’t realize you have?

  21. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    I posit Dr Atkinson wants to avoid another Johnny Brown scenario. By now she knows where all the bodies are buried. Elgart doesn’t need to meet with anybody except Dr Atkinson and Chief Financial Officer Michael Perrone.

    Either Dr Walker will be off the board or Dr Atkinson’s contract will not get renewed. We’ll see which one happens.

  22. The violence continues.

    Loaded guns seized at 2 DeKalb high schools

    Police in DeKalb County recovered loaded guns at two separate schools in the last two days – one found on the ground after a fight involving a number of students, and the other allegedly taken from the purse of a 16-year-old girl, Channel 2 Action News reported.

    There is video at the link above of the fight at Stone Mountain HS.

    And here is a link to the video report about the Tucker fight:

  23. Fred in DeKalb says:

    Unfortunately, I believe these incidents are more a reflection of the community rather than the schools. It is very disheartening reading these accounts and hearing about similar incidents at other schools. I hope all perpetrators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    A while back someone suggested DeKalb had too many SROs and should be staffed at schools based on ratios used by neighboring school districts. SRO staffing should be based upon need as determined by those closest to the situations and what budgets will permit. Everyone should have a safe learning environment.

    Will fixing poverty fix our schools or will fixing our schools fix poverty?

  24. This is true, Fred. The students reflect their communities and their home lives. However, by law, they have to be educated. They must attend school. So, do we fix the violence in the schools in order to protect non-violent students? Do we get tough on bad behavior and use alternative placement so as to maintain order at the neighborhood schools? Or do we simply tell ordinary, peaceful, hard-working students to just ‘watch their backs’ when entering these dangerous environments? It isn’t fair to good students to be forced to spend their days in the same buildings and classrooms as disruptive, rowdy ‘students’. Certainly these disruptive students have been disruptive for a very long time – and and most likely have seen virtually no consequences for their bad behaviors.

  25. Ned says:

    “By law” assault should land one in jail, not back in the classroom.
    Years ago BMW had an ad campaign with a tagline “lets those who take driving seriously share the road with those who don’t.”
    While I don’t have a BMW, I have never liked sharing the road with those whose third or fourth priority while driving is actually driving, and I don’t think kids who want an education should have to share overcrowded school space with kids for whom education is not a priority at all. There is nothing at all wrong with expulsion for repeat offenders, particularly violent ones. No one has a right to take away the rights of others.

  26. Very true, Ned. Juvie detention is appropriate for these law-breaking, violent students. There should be options for any and all students who are not interested in doing what is necessary to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment. DCSS offers a few ‘alternative’ options, which are also quite unsafe. But there are others and caring individuals as well as religious/community groups are starting to show that they can help. In fact, Magic Johnson has just opened a center to help young people go back and get a high school diploma once they figure out that it is actually to their benefit to do the work.

    Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy opens, helps kids get diplomas

  27. Of course, the alternative program costs are extremely high. For example, our most recent data (09-10) shows the following per student cost comparison samples:

    Elizabeth Andrews (Open Campus): $12,151.96
    DeKalb Transition: $20,265.86
    DeKalb Alternative: $21,705.57
    DeKalb Truancy: $46,475.68

    Compare those to more ‘ordinary’ high school per student costs:
    TITLE 1
    MLK HS: $8,789.39
    SW DeKalb: $7,960.70
    Stephenson: $7,858.37
    Stone Mt: $8,671.20
    Columbia: $9,380.02
    Clarkston: $8,987.17

    Non-TITLE 1:
    Chamblee: $8,021.73 (includes high achiever magnet)
    Dunwoody: $7,773.66
    Lakeside: $7,834.76
    Druid Hills: $7,708.17
    Arabia: $5,214.29 (the first year operation)

    vs “Boutique” Specialty magnet schools —
    DeKalb School of the Arts (DSA): $11,612.95
    DeKalb Early College Academy: $15,208.96

    To view the per student cost comparison done by school (compiled for 2009-2010), showing the Title 1 boosts, download this Excel worksheet:

    Per Pupil Expenditures – General and Title I

    The enormous differences in spending from school to school is incredible. Title 1 bumps do not explain it completely. Special education, alternative, international and boutique schools are at the top of the per pupil spending list, however, there are some ‘regular’ education schools (especially elementary and middle) that command much more money for their students than others. It’s completely inequitable and the results are not showing that the spending is increasing learning.

  28. Mad Dad says:

    fred in dekalb: i hope you didnot mean to suggest that the tucker community is either in poverty or full of thugs, because i assure you, it is neither. by opening the schools to so many nclb transfers for so long, none of our schools reflet their communities except a select few. this is highly unfair to the children and taxpayers who do not feel safe sending their children to their neighborhood school. compare the income levels from the 2010 census and the poverty at the schools and you will see huge disparities. central schools have been caught in the middle of this north south battle long enough and it is time it stopped. and no, sacs should not visit lakeside, they are as golden as fernbank, due to their corrupt politics. sacs should visit the schools in trouble or the ones no ones ever hears about. lakeside and all its construction, never even on the splost lust, is an example if how all our schools should be treated, not just a select few. all children deserve better than what we are giving them. what a waste of our money this joke of a system is.

  29. “splost lust” — love that! did you mean it as a pun or was it just a lucky typo?

    At any rate, we’ve long had a blog post in mind – we’d like to track student achievement since the introduction of SPLOST. We have a feeling that the nosedive in performance began the minute the money started flowing…

  30. NOTICE: If anyone attended the Emory Lavista Parent Council meeting this am, where Dr. Atkinson was to give the State of the System address, please consider submitting a short report on what transpired. None of us was able to make it today.

  31. Dekalbite2 says:

    Any teacher could tell you that there will be more disorder, disruptive and violent behavior when there are overcrowded schools and overcrowded classrooms. The DeKalb administration and the BOE should have invested in reasonable classroom sizes and put rules and policies in place somthat schools do not become overcrowded.

  32. Mad Dad says:

    LOL – SPLOST list, sorry bout that!

  33. The Deal says:

    DSW, I was at the meeting this morning, along with maybe 40 other people. There’s not a lot to report. Marshall Orson spoke for a bit about the ELPC. Its next meeting will be a charter school amendment forum in October. The nominating chair presented the nominees for ELPC officers. Dr. Atkinson spoke for about 40 minutes. All she really did was expand on the bullet list she provided SACS. “It’s a great day in DeKalb” was how she opened. She spent only a minute on the SACS letter, and she spent about 10 minutes promoting the balanced calendar. There were maybe 8 questions from the audience before she had to leave. A few of the questions were good, but she glossed over the answers. All-in-all, it was a typical, unproductive, political state-of-the-system address.

  34. “It’s a great day in DeKalb” ??? For Real Deal? That’s magical thinking. Nothing new for DeKalb. Thanks for the report.

    FWIW, here’s a video from the Patch showing her State of the System address last year (2011) at Henderson MS.

  35. booksrkool says:

    So DCSD has decided to pay for 8 administrators to attend Mercer University to receive their doctorates. Although, it hasn’t been cleared by the State. If it is a significant amount…$342,000!


  36. Dekalbite2 says:

    This just shows how out of touch with what’s happening in the schoolhouse the DeKalb administration is. They are still spending as if money’s plentiful. Meanwhile, students are existing in the meanest of circumstances.

  37. Students? What Students? says:

    The decision to pay the tuition of administrators to get advanced PHD degrees is short sighted. And the only requirement will be a 2-3 year committment? Sounds very costly. It is clearly a continuation of the Friends and Family Plan. There are plenty of respected experts/resources to use to teach administrators how to function effectively without sending them back to a full blown degree program. If they are in the job, they should already be certified, qualified and trained at the Specialist Level (ABD degree). How about creating some mandatory training for administrators to learn how to deal with student discipline in a human, kind and respectful manner? What is happening in the high schools with all these fights and weapons? Many of the current administrators are inexperienced. They have been promoted too quickly and are too green to ask for help. Provide them with good old fashioned solid training with mentors and stick with them until they can run an effective, safe, superior school.
    Remember the good old days when DeKalb required all teachers to hold Master’s degrees? How about paying for actual classroom teachers to get masters degrees in Science and Math, etc? How about putting that money as close to the classroom as possible? How about helping the teaching staff? $342,000 can buy a lot of excellent staff development that will touch more than 8 very special people.

  38. Sick and tired of unethical and incompetence behavior says:

    Crawford and his friends took us to the cleaners. Atkinson is leading us to the outhouse. There should be no new spending on anything. We were broke yesterday and we are still broke today. On whose planet do you pay administrators to get higher degrees so that you can pay them more money for doing nothing? Those folks who she wants to pay for degrees are her idiots she brought in from where ever she came from. I guess the “school board” agreed. What needs to be taught is what it means to be ethical, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, motivated and by God COMPETENT!
    There is going to be more violence because one police officer per high school is negligent. Send your friends back home and focus on safety.

  39. Dekalbite2 says:

    Who are these 8 administrators who will be getting their way paid by taxpayers to get their doctorates which in turn will give them many thousands a year more in salary and retirement benefits?

    They money paid for these degrees would pay for 6.5 math teachers including salary and benefits. Reading oneof the most recent AJC blogs, we need more math teachers.

    Where are the names of these administrators listed?

  40. The Deal says:

    Did anyone go to the 2:30 meeting?

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