DeKalb County School District Petition

WHEREAS, Crawford Lewis, the former DeKalb School Superintendent, is on criminal trial for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to defraud the DeKalb County School District, and

WHEREAS, Crawford Lewis, by state law, receives up to $100,000 in legal expenses for his defense in this case, and

WHEREAS, the DeKalb County School District Board of Education voted to lift the $100,000 cap on the legal expenses for Crawford Lewis, and

WHEREAS, the DeKalb County School District Board of Education took this action after discussions in executive session and did not allow public input on the issue, and

WHEREAS, the DeKalb County School District is currently involved in a civil lawsuit with cost currently amounting to more than $30 million, and

WHEREAS, the current DeKalb Superintendent – Cheryl Atkinson – recently informed a DeKalb County grand jury that mounting legal fees will require the DeKalb School District to spend $6 million more than anticipated this year, and

WHEREAS, state budget cuts to education funding continue to put a strain on the DeKalb School District,

THEREFORE, we the undersigned citizens/taxpayers of DeKalb County, demand that the DeKalb County School District Board of Education REVERSE its decision to waive the $100,000 liability cap for Crawford Lewis’ defense against charges of bribery and racketeering.

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7 Responses to DeKalb County School District Petition

  1. Scott Lord says:

    This is criminal. I saw Tom Bowen at a GA State football game and asked him about this. He claims it is different because it is intended for a civil trial defense which I do not understand.

    Oh and I reminded him that i was the former grand jury

    Thank You, Scott

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  2. dekalbmom says:

    I think Bowen is correct. When Lewis left his position, the Bd voted to pay up to $100,000 for Lewis to defend himself against the criminal charges. I presumed that this was part of an agreement that he resign. Criminal charges are personal to him – they are not brought against the school system. Public employers typically do not pay for a former employer’s legal defense. For example, they are not paying for Pat Pope’s defense.

    I interpreted what the Bd recently did was to authorize the county to provide him legal counsel in the civil suit. The civil suit is against him, the school system and (I think) all the Bd members in their official job capacities. However, individuals named in civil suits often need or want individual attorneys representing them, especially where there is a pending criminal case. So they are paying a separate law firm to represent the individuals in the civil suit. I think it is very sad and ironic that the Bd is paying Ed Lindsey’s lawfirm (Goodman, McGuffey, Lindsey and Johnson) to do this. Lindsey is a very conservative state legislator and a major supporter of the Charter School Amendment.

  3. ursokm16 says:

    No dekalbmom, it is the civil suit that is convenient, not that it is irony about Lindsey. I doubt it is an accident that Lindsey’s firm is involved. This civil vs criminal thing is parsing the law in some respect–who brought the civil suit?

  4. ursokm16 says:

    that’s fine…but there is something screwy about the relationship between these concurrent lawsuits. Because they run concurrently, it affects discovery and the scope of the criminal trial. That’s everything when you’e dealing with “the man behind the curtain.”

  5. There is an article within the new post about the cost of lawyers for 2013 that gives a good history on the civil case. Basically, Heery Mitchell was fired as construction manager after Lewis hired Pat Pope. They sued for something like $1.5 million for unpaid bills and breach of contract. The school system (Lewis, with the blessing of the board at the time) then spent $3.6 million on a STUDY to decide how to respond! The study suggested they countersue for between $85 and $120 million. They countersued for $120 million. Then, Lewis and Pope were charged with RICO crimes and we have been in legal ($$$) limbo ever since. We’re in check, but both sides are frozen and unable to make a move as the whole mess continues to pull us into near bankruptcy and take a lot of attention away from the task of educating children and attracting the best and brightest teaching staff to do it.

  6. ursokm16 says:

    That’s as concise a history of the affair as I’ve read. Pretty obvious to me based on your chrono that the chriminal indictment is arranged by the protectors of Heery Mitchell (power players even after George sold)…to marginalize Lewis & Pope as key witness/actors in the big lawsuit. Not necessarily FOR Heery/Mitchell, but for all of the others that have been involved in their business that files would provide. Note the unusual act of storming Lewis’ home to confiscate files–I’ve seen it done at offices. The wierd storm of troopers attacking his residence. The one that gets me is the tenuousness of almost all of the charges against him except for the PCard use.
    What is convenient is that one law firm (The Firm) has knowledge of all concerned on both sides of the lawsuit. Perfect position to manipulate between the cases.

  7. tenbsmith says:

    I’ve just promoted this through various social media channels. I hope other will as well. What else can we do to get people to sign? Can we go to some local media outlets?

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