[Historical: On Thursday, May 17th, the Superintendent and COO provided an overview of their planning for the upcoming SPLOST IV program. Below are links to the documents that were presented to the Board.]

SPLOST IV Overview Presentation
SPLOST IV Schedule

In addition, on Monday, at the monthly board meeting, after some confusion over mismatched documents, the board finally voted to approve the project list in priority order below:
SPLOST IV Sequence List in Start Date Chronological Order

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DCSD Announces 12-Person Citizen’s SPLOST Oversight Committee

The committee will provide input on SPLOST-funded construction projects

October 17, 2012 – In June 2012, the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) invited members of the public to volunteer their services for a 12-member Citizen’s SPLOST Oversight Committee. The advisory committee will hold its first meeting in the upcoming weeks to begin providing citizen review of the voter-approved SPLOST project list.

The SPLOST Oversight Committee members have a wealth of experience in accounting, architecture, auditing, construction, engineering, finance, K-12 education, legal, planning, project management and real estate.

The SPLOST Oversight Committee is Christine Avers, Paul Baisier, Cathy Blakeney, Wyvern Budram, Narwanna D. el-Shabazz, B.R. “Billy Ray” Jones, Kimberly Mitchell, Kirk A. Nooks, Charles Rogers, Kerry Williams, A. E. “Gene” Wise and Delilah Wynn-Brown.


To read the individual member’s bios, click this link:


We are grateful to see a rock-solid group of quality DeKalb individuals serving on this critical committee. We hope they are not only granted the access they will need to monitor the SPLOST IV projects, but that their advice will be respected and heeded. They are a good and worthy team and we thank them in advance for their service!

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4 Responses to A SPLOST IV Update

  1. psdad says:

    DSW. I posted last night that I couldn’t find on candidate that has notable experience with audit, tax, finance, or accounting. After reading you post this morning I went back to review the bios again and came away with the same conclusion. I think you might be overselling this group a little by giving them credit for those characteristics.

  2. Very impressive credentials. Kind of makes me wish we could put them in charge of much more than SPLOST!

  3. Their bios can be found at this link:

    As far as finance backgrounds go, we found the following:

    Ms. Cathy Blakeney is employed by the State of Georgia as a Business Analyst. She has two children, one a graduate of Stephenson High School and the other a current junior at Stephenson High School. She has extensive experience in finance, accounting, project management and business administration.

    B.R. (Billy Ray) Jones has more than 30 years of experience in customer service, project, account and financial management and technical and mechanical support and repair. His experience and skills were attained via a career with IBM spanning more than 24 years, several years with Home Depot and his current employment with Delta Air Lines.

    Since this is an all-volunteer group, if you know of a professional financial person/auditor type who applied to sit on the committee and was rejected, please let us know and we will squawk loudly!

  4. Does anyone know if this board has ever met once? Why haven’t we heard one single peep out of them?

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