Atkinson and Ramsey: Above The Law?

As regular readers of DeKalb School Watch blog know, DeKalb County Schools is highly resistant to following the law — especially with regard to Georgia’s Open Records Act.  Nowhere is this illegal resistance to following the law more apparent than with Superintendent Cheryl Howell Atkinson (including her predecessors Ramona Howell Tyson & Crawford Lewis) and Ronald Ramsey, recently demoted to Director of Student Relations and Safe Schools.

[NOTE: Ramsey resigned as Chief Legal Officer on November 15, 2012, asked to be reassigned to Director of Student Relations and stated that he will be taking the “reduced” salary of $114,487.00. We want to know: (1) what about the 40 days in the Georgia General Assembly for which he collects double pay?; (2) what about his DCSS car?; and (3) why wasn’t Ramsey fired instead of merely being forced to resign as Chief Legal Officer and allowed to pick his next job?  Very reminiscent of the Crawford Lewis-Pat Pope-Ramona Howell Tyson caper.]

Currently, Atkinson and Ramsey have been trying desperately to skirt the law by refusing to provide Atkinson’s text messages that relate to a RIF’d DeKalb County Schools employee.

As an example of how truly irrelevant it has become, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (including Maureen Downey) continues its “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” philosophy as it turns a blind eye to the corruption and wrongdoing in DeKalb County Schools. “Why?” we wonder. We are reminded of a quote from Alfred Lord Northcliffe (1865-1922), Britsh newspaper and publishing pioneer, “News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.” By that measure, the AJC is chock-full of advertising. [The above quote is sometimes attributed to the late, great Katharine Graham (1917-2001), publisher of The Washington Post].

DeKalb School Watch has obtained a copy of the resulting legal action with regard to Atkinson’s oh-so-private text messages. The Gipson Complaint is a public document.  It’s only 24 pages long (double-spaced), so please take time to read it and let us know your thoughts.

Here’s what we think: for every one of these stories and related documents that surface, there may be hundreds that never do because of fear of retaliation. Folks, these are NOT nice people.  It is time to stop giving them the same benefit of the doubt and consideration that would be provided to well-meaning people who have acted in error.

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  1. ursokm16 says:

    Glad to see you putting Ron Ramsey in an entry with the question of AJC supressing stories. There is no question that the lack of coverage by news outlets and tightly confined interest by SACS and Republicans has to do with Ramsey’s ability to inform all the way to top regional leadership circles (or at least enough info to show people how things really work). That’s the diffeence between DeKalb and the other black-led jurisdictions–DeKalb’s system isn’t really black “led”.

  2. Concernedmom30329 says:

    Everyone needs to read the Gipson filing. I wonder what evidence she has that Ramsey made the offer at Atkinson’ behest.

  3. Thank you. It is important to keep in mind that Ramsey brought accused pedophile Eddie Long to DeKalb County to set up New Birth Church. Another connection with Eddie Long was that one of Atkinson’s sons went to a private school run by a church in The Father’s House network — a nationwide network of churches that tithe to Eddie Long. That private school Atkinson’s son attended (while Atkinson was working in the public schools) was involved in one of Atkinson’s bankruptcy cases. So, it is possible that what is going on now within DeKalb County Schools under Atkinson is payback to Long and Ramsey for her default on tuition to the private school run by a church in Eddie Long’s nationwide network.

    Could you elaborate on why you think DeKalb County and DeKalb County Schools are not “black-led.” This is not a comment on what you said; it is a real inquiry. As far as we can tell, everyone involved in the leadership of and corruption (including the RICO charges) in DeKalb County Schools, with the possible exception of Kathy Howe, is black. But, our observations are that Howe takes her marching orders from March (no pun intended) and Howe seems to be drinking the Ramsey-provided Kool-Aid. Liberal guilt or switched-at-birth?

  4. PI says:

    Being a product of the DCSS, I have a few issues with bringing up the topic of “black-led” leadership.
    1) It is a ‘culture of corruption’ that is creating all of this trouble. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic – corruption is an equal opportunity employer.
    2) You risk diluting/redirecting (discrediting) the CORRUPTION argument to an argument of racism. We’re in the South, and we’re very touchy about race. Start talking about race, and suddenly your enemies will poke holes in all your arguments by calling you a bigot or race pimp and that you’re out to strip people of their “good deeds” because you’re racist.
    3) You will not affect any large-scale changes until you shake up the central administrative staff. From what I understand, it is mostly monochromatic at the palace. As much as we talk about our love of diversity, we don’t seem to embrace it much.
    4) You will not change how people vote (on school board members) even if you do expose their corrupt ways. People vote for who they feel comfortable with, and right now people are comfortable with corrupt and greedy pseudo-politicians.

  5. Another comment says:

    To read this comedy seems eerily similar to what happened at the CDC in the early 2001-2002 era when the CDC’s EEO office was run by a Black women by the name of Sue Anderson Porter.

    CDC had gotten some rather large building and Facilities appropriations. Federal Law is set up that actual Staff engineers and Architects who qualify for the series by education and or Professional Registration, must be on selection teams. This is to avoid the political corruption and cronyism. When there huge appropriations the Politicaly appointed and those who have worked the system by looks, sleeping there way around ect get greedy. If they can’t make those who are by law suppose to do the job , go their way. Use their incompetent in the pocket buddies they will try to Have consultants come in reorganize around you. Down grade your position. Bring in some lackey with a mail order degree that they only got by sleeping with the General. They sent her out for training to get her a Secretary away from the married General in DOD. The first thing that incompetent Rita Oberle who GT also got suckered into hiring as a Professor (from an fictitious résumé, claiming patents others did the work for, claiming lab design, she though you could put a window air conditioner on a Level lll lab, didn’t no fire sprinkler code) was to try to get us to cancel an electrical contract to give it to her friend. A counter part and myself stood up to her. She tried to write us up for insubordination. It continued, she would try to turn each of us against us. She then started going to the most incompetent engineers on another components staff, who both happened to be black. She had them report directly to her promising them all kinds of promotions to get the dirt on anyone. Their supervisor, who was a weak engineer himself, and had 6 kids allowed this to happen. He had hired these two in the first place after we had told him that the engineer peer selection committees which were diverse in our own offices did not consider these to individuals competent.

    My colleague and I both filed EEO suits against this Rita Oberle for Retaliation. I had previously filed and one for a made up reorganization downgrade. The other colleague had an active one for non selection of this position. One day I got a call at home by a Carlos from the HHS EEO office in Washington, D.C. Telling me that basically they had been tipped off by an employee in th EEO office that Sue Porter Anderson the Director of EEO office, this Rita Oberle Charater, here Deputy ( who was not an Engineer, but was black and their was consistent rumors that he had been moved due to a sexual advance issue of his making them) Carlton, having meetings in the EEO office after the EEO complaints against Rita were filed, that they would hire a consultant to interview all 200 employees to try to drum of EEO complaints against my colleague and I who had filed the EEO complaints against her. They amazingly could only find their two lackeys, but then other employees volunteerly told them that there leading questions were all wrong. The problem was Rita, Carlton and her two unqualified snoopers.

    The person who called HHS in Washington also reported witnessing Sue Porter-Anderson attempting to strangle a black male employee EEO investigator who reported to her . Of couse this same person had also filled a case about the assault by the director the EEO Office.

    Neddless to say as soon as this got exposed in DC. They settled both cases. Oberle resigned to go back to Tech. She never actually taught a class just brought in guest lecturers to cover her classes, since she was incompetent. Of course, she didn’t pay these members of the A&E community, just claimed their lectures as her own.

    That is how the world of black incompetence works. Sometimes, incompetent whites try to use these same people to manipulate their way.

  6. dekalbite2 says:

    More about the Heery Mitchell court case being postponed. Sounds like millions more in legal fees and millions less for students:

  7. plusone says:

    @ anothet comment…WTH was that about?

  8. You are superman says:

    I hope that these latest cord of unethical criminal practices by the school board and the people they employ will cause action from the whole of DeKalb Community. Atkinson, Tyson and is here in DeKalb because of the board and they are responsible for all of the corrupt actions. Any board with an ounce of integrity would dismiss Atkinson and Tyson for their criminal behavior with the fiscal revenues. Atkinson broke employment laws 2012 RIFF. The same practiced illegal measures employed during the 2010 RIFF. If you review, the data of Para professionals laid off in 2010 you will see that some individuals’ date of service started in 2001. Yet we still have many Para professionals hired as late as 2008. I can back up this claim with factual data. Moreover, the victimization of the students, staff, and community continues unabated.
    Atkinson plans to redistrict/steal more resources from the Southside. Southwest DeKalb, Redan and MLK clusters relegated to in sequential status subgroups along with McNair, Cedar Grove, Columbia, and Towers. Over the past five years, at least 10 schools on the southwest corridor closed. The board and Atkinson want to eliminate many other schools and merge middle schools with high schools. The goal is to establish a new middle theme school for Tyson and other county administrator’s children. They want to increase Henderson Middle because a number of their children attend there. They think that the Henderson Mill community will stop complaining with new expansion plans. Secondly, Chapel Hill Middle School is a well-maintained school and geographical location is more accommodating. The former Avondale Middle with 1200 student capacity now houses the international Community School K-5 with a population of 400 students. The Avondale High School as a capacity of 1600 students now houses DSA with a student population 340, per Ms. Susan Mc Caulley, Principal. The other motive for redistricting is to hide the cost increase for the new Chamblee High School and any other under the table plans. It is my understanding that Smoke Rise was already under construction.
    Once again, DCSS issues are not black vs. white or south side vs. north side. Unethical matter that that continues to fester from lack of treatment is the real problem. The infection has crippled our school system. The children count on parents and the community to protect them. Therefore, the failure is your passivity. Yet, you refused to treat to eliminate the cause. You look at it every day and know that things are worse. You think that maybe the texting documents will be your savior. Alternatively, maybe the misappropriations of federal title one fund or just maybe SAC or the AJC will rescue you. Tyson and Atkinson did not reducing the budget at central office. The educated truth is that no one can do for DeKalb what it must do for its self-force change. Demand that government agencies help you. Start an on-line campaign, March on the capital. God helps those who help themselves. I have stated my opinion and once again, I offer my support. No one called me before when I offered and unfortunately, I do not look to receive calls now. Continue to doing the same things. Hope for new results yet lose more resources. Gain uneducated members into the adult society. Chalk it up to it was not my job it was someone else’s. You are your own superman. An indefinable substance is not keeping you weak and incoherent. It is your own commitment to change that is missing.
    In speaking directly to those communities not located in Stone Mountain. I would at minimum March on the Governor’s Office on Monday 12/8/12. Do not wait for Superman you are Superman. Do not waste your time going to the board meeting. If you go make sure, it is after you have marched on the Capital. Come together just once everyone and see what you will achieve working together for the good of the children in DeKalb County. They want to borrow money to hurt the community further the audacity.
    I spent time communicating that I did not have but I needed to try just this one last time.

  9. A few comments …

    1. Corruption may be “equal opportunity” but it would be hard to find corrupt Asian and Hispanic employees because there are so few Asian and Hispanic employees in DeKalb County Schools. Can anyone name Asian or Hispanic senior (Palace) administrators in DeKalb County Schools?
    2. We don’t care if we are called racist. People who know us know that nothing could be further from the truth. So, we are not going to allow empty threats to prevent us from telling the truth — truth that can be backed up by documentation. We are seeking educational competence and, quite frankly, we don’t care what color package it comes in (unlike Gene “I see color” Walker).
    3. Exactly what do you mean by “monochromatic”? You do understand that “diversity” is a code word, don’t you? And it doesn’t mean Asian or Hispanic.
    4. We do know that people vote for who they feel comfortable with — regardless of how corrupt the candidate is or how ignorant. Sarah Copelin-Wood is the poster child for that. So, we know that DeKalb County Schools, as it is currently structured, cannot be changed because there is no way to “vote the bums out.” For that reason, we support the “Parent Trigger” concept and/or breaking DeKalb County into smaller, manageable, less corruptible, completely transparent school districts, closer to the people they serve — the people who are footing the bill, of not more than 3 high schools.

  10. Concernedmom30329 says:

    The system has dropped the 6-12 plan. Newest plan is posted here:

    Click to access proposed-organization-facilities-presentation-and-binder-%282012-12-06%29.pdf

  11. Anne Shirley says:

    Well written and I am so with you. We keep waiting on things to “happen” sacs, the texts, the principals earning doctorates,etc….this is a criminal enterprise and it takes a true effort to get them all out. In corporate America Tyson would be a distant memory by now….but she is still here….sucking up hundreds of thousands of dollars…..we have to help ourselves….we have to save ourselves. DeKalb is a criminal enterprise. There is no way that Atkinson would have ever been given this huge job that requires integrity with 2 personal bankruptcys. It just wouldn’t fly…
    Lets get some thirst made, lets meet, let’s call some real press, not the ajc, lets demand sacs Mark E. meet with us and allow us to ask our questions…..we help fund this hot mess, the county is ours, lets take it back…TODAY

  12. Anne Shirley says:

    Auto correct….lets get some T SHIRTS made….honestly I think Atkinson will resign at years end….does anyone know how we are going to pay back the money we borrowed this summer?

  13. She is not going to resign. You may recall that this job is one in a long list of jobs that Atkinson applied for, and did not get. She will have to find another job in order to quit and that could take some doing. That said, we are not certain that Atkinson’s leaving would be the solution – as it appears that Ramona Tyson is still waiting in the wings to regain power and control and we all know the pitiful results of her last bout of leadership.

  14. Anne Shirley says:

    If she is trying to save her career she will..she can’t save DeKalb she doesn’t know how to. Since she has been here everything has progressively gotten worse. Tyson and March are waiting….but they should be waiting for are pink slips…..I am so over this……doesn’t anyone care?

  15. teachermom says:

    I have scanned the “new” plan. Glad to see the timeline has changed but…
    Tell me again why taxpayers would want to send their kids on a bus for 5 miles to a huge school rather than keep them in their own neighborhood where they can actually walk to school? They DO NOT WANT THIS!!! I don’t buy the argument that larger schools further away actually save money, especially when you have to tear down existing structures in order to add (in some cases) less than 200 seats.This stupid plan will not serve the taxpayers well at all, just as we are not being served by the school board and Atkinson. We are incurring millions in costs to implement it. Furthermore, the housing values will further plummet and there will not be enough tax revenue to float this. I’m really afraid that the middle class will flee this county and take whats left of their money with them.

  16. Concernedmom30329 says:

    The timeline has changed but not much else did. (The 6th-12th idea is gone.)
    Does anyone know what was up with the super long exec session today? It was called for legal and personnel issue?

  17. DeKalb Observer says:

    The most startling thing about the Gipson complaint, is that the culture of corruption that DSW contributors have alleged and described is exactly what is now formally alleged in these documents. They are chapter and verse what parents and teachers have insisted. DCSD leaders are incompetent at their jobs and just plain stupid on top of that. And there is no mistaking that they think they can violate the law, hit the “delete” key and then get away with it. We have known this for years. But Robert James thinks all is well. Mark Elgart blames agendized board members. And the AJC just pretends this isn’t happening, while they have major freak outs when ONE principal as ONE Atlanta high school is removed.

  18. You are superman says:

    To concernedmom30329, I am sure you know the answer! It takes a lot longer for 10 liers to get their story together.

  19. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Well DSW, you asked about Laurel Ridge in an earlier post?

    Looking at the new plan dated December 6th. It’s gone as of 2016 SY. Unlike in the previous plan (dated 11/27) where it was left at 77% after the Fernbank building opened. In the 12/6 version, the utilization for both McLendon and Sagamore are through the roof. They don’t show it as decommissioned, closed but…

    Either their is another layer in this plan I haven’t seen or their just playing with the numbers or someone made a mistake or they are planning on building another mega school on LRE property at some point. I haven’t seen anything in this new version that explains these changes. LRE 0%, Sagamore 154%, McLendon 153%. It still shows having an attendance area map but no utilization.

    While they do not specifically address this change it is referred to in the section that says, “2.1 Adjust boundaries for efficiency at elementary Druid Hills cluster for 2015-2016sy” Proposed Org, Region 2

    Interesing…anyone heard anything?

  20. You are superman says:

    Hi Anne Shirley,
    Thanks for your comments and support. I feel paralyzed and sickened by this latest fiasco. I feel even sicker when people lump my race with those criminals.
    I support tee shirts if worn on the march to the capital. If not Monday then let, us organize and do this for the children.

  21. thedeal2 says:

    The most telling part of this lawsuit is the deal Atkinson tried to strike. The fact that she ignored an open records request is not shocking. The fact that she thinks it is so easy to hire 12 people for a deal that has nothing to do with student achievement is the truly scary part. It reveals to me that there are most likely tens if not hundreds of people in the central office and all over the system who are in the positions they are in because of some backroom deal like this and have nothing to do with helping students.

    I know that has been preached over and over on this blog, and I have always agreed, but I think this deal to hire TWELVE PEOPLE just to avoid texts being opened is the actual proof that this is how this system works from the very top. If this isn’t malfeasance or unethical behavior or whatever else our board or SACS or the state Department of Education or the DeKalb state legislative group needs, then I don’t know what is.

  22. concernedmom30329 says:


    Get this. Dan Drake said at the presentation to the Board that there were no changes to the proposal from the original draft last week in Regions 1 and 2! And there are changes in both. Unless the draft is riddled with mistakes, why would Drake mislead the board?

  23. teachermom says:

    @superman and Anne Shirley
    I honestly think some sort of statement is needed at this point that will get the attention of the press, marching is a good idea, and sending out PR release to new media, including those up North. Teachers will have a hard time participating in this right to work state…but kids and parents and community members sure can. How about the kids wear a shirt that says “ROBBED BY DEKALB COUNTY SCHOOLS?” Of course, we could think up slogans all day long.

    If you are truly going to do this it might help to set up a FB page and TWITTER or something. All you need is good organizer…Also this is a complex story whose timeline has been condensed very well before, here on DSW, but needs to be updated to release to the press. Anyone with marketing, advertising, PR, political activism, or civil rights experience could take this on. We are begging here and no one is listening. An example of action that comes to mind is several years ago the child welfare system in Fulton was failing and kids were dying due to lack of oversight of their violent caregivers and parents. Someone organized an event where a pair of children’s shoes for every child that died was laid in a pile on, I think is was, the state house steps. It made the front page of the AJC… Our is a different situation but statements can be effective if well organized.

  24. Longing for Integrity says:

    I’m ready to march! I’ve wanted to for years as an employee of the DCSS, but I never thought it would help.

  25. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Before you make TShirts and start marching, think about where you want this to go. You want Cheryl out? OK … then what? How do we get there? Bowen’s replacement on the BOE is an Eddie Long soldier. Orson and team Fernbank are probably licking their chops. Mary Marget Oliver, Orson, Amy Powers and The Drake are putting a plan together right now to get a team Fernbank person in there.

  26. We have not had a chance to make a comparison from the original to the latest garbage to come from Atkinson and Dilligard and March. But, we can say unequivocally that Dan Drake is NOT the good guy that everyone wants him to be. He is arrogant and self-serving. He has had plenty of time to spend with Marshall Orson and his “special requests” but refuses to meet with or speak with parents who have genuine concerns and need assistance.

  27. plusone says:

    1. We need an attorney to tell employees ehat they can and can not do….i think the employees are a huge part of this corruption…they have been robbed of current pay and future monies…..wearing the same color on payday would be a great statement for employees to make.
    2. If we involve the children we need to make sure we do so correctly…wr need something

    that represents the students…
    3. We need a press liasion if all we do is srnd out email blasts wr need to get as much coverage as possible including the likes of Good Morning America and Diane Sawyer….

  28. thedeal2 says:

    T-shirt idea: Got Corruption?

    One thing about the Facebook page, Twitter account, and all of the preparation is that you cannot give the central office time to mount a defense. It really needs to be grassroots and be pulled together pretty quickly in order to make the right impact. Central office employees are everywhere (including on this blog) watching for things like this. They will “like” a page on Facebook and report everything they see back to their superiors. The administration also has some local media in their back pockets, so any advance notice to media that is too far in advance will go right to Cheryl’s office. Any march on the central office will need to be a quick strike.

    Also, the central office now has notices posted on their doors that say, “No signs are permitted in meetings or on school property.”

  29. Marney Mayo says:

    @superman Posts like yours tend to lose my attention when I hit something that I know to be factually incorrect, yet spoken as if it proves some conspiracy of favoritism. I stopped reading when you said that ICS was in Avondale Middle School. After 10 years of attempts to lease 2 other schools, where they (and the neighborhood community) were treated like dirt, and 3 year of refusing to obey the law that required the district to lease unused building, they were finally offered a lease of Medlock elementary school—which was only of the oldest buildings in the system and not capable of housing the kids that they already had. They had to drop 6th grade with the move, and put nearly half a million into renovation to meet code simply to move in.

    I would suggest that you call or e-mail Ty Tagami at the AJC if you have verifiable evidence of something illegal that isn’t already public. He has a lot of ground to cover.

  30. plusone says:

    I am typing on my phone so please forgive my typos…
    The key to this is going to be we are going to have to TRUST each other and meet. The hiding behind the screen names is going to have to be surrendered….i know me too..we are going to have to respect each others reasons for being anonymous
    Someone said earlier…wr each have a piece of the puzzle….we do….parents and employees and even the students….we have got collaborate and put all the pieces together to send a clear picture to the world just how this criminal enterprise works….
    So how about it? Who is all in? For the students, for our children, for the employees, and for your investment in your home and community…who is ALL in?

  31. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Plusone, what are you trying to accomplish? Getting a respectable Super in there is not a viable option by normal means. Kicking Cheryl out is exactly what Dr Walker, Eddie long and Orson want.

  32. just too tired teacher says:

    i wish i could tell you all about how it feels to be an employee of dcsc…i wish i had enough time and adjectives. the overall moral is at an all time low. we (teachers) know we have to work hard and long and without any respect from parents, administrators, board members, central office staff (including super). we do so because we have a love of teaching and a love for students.
    i have seen colleagues come and go because of burn-out, lack of support, rude and undisciplined students, and even ruder parents. i just want to teach and be paid a salary to maintain a cost of living. my salary has decreased every year since 2007. my retirement has plummeted because dekalb stopped matching the trs funds. (because they promised to match the funds in lieu of paying into social security.)
    this madness will never stop because dekalb is still in the “good ole boy” network. it doesn’t matter what color the network is…………
    i have no way of knowing how to stop this crazy mess………but i am so embarrassed to be an employee. it’s embarrasing every time a new lawsuit is filed. it’s embarrassing each time another news story breaks. it’s embarrassing to see higher ups have ways of dodging the law. i think i am the one who needs an education here, because i just don’t understand.

  33. Bye bye says:

    DeKalb inside out

    Did you see the last board meeting when Jester and McChesney both publicly said that Atkinson isn’t answering their questions? I don’t know the solution for DeKalb but it isn’t her.

  34. plusone says:

    @ dekalb inside out…i am not trying to accomplish anything alone….this whole mess is wrong….so we need a solution….and Atkinson and March is.not it…..Lillie was our best turning this ship around…but the board screwed that up too

  35. thedeal2 says:

    DeKalb Inside Out, could you be a little clearer about the conspiracy that you think is going on between Walker, Orson, and Eddie Long?

  36. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    The Walker 5 screwed up by offering Lillie a job as far as they were concerned. I’m telling you there is no way they are going to let a white person be Superintendent. Atkinson and March are the best we are ever going to get out of the the Walker 5.

    I’m afraid the Walker 5 and Team Fernbank are going to cut a deal for the next Super. I’m happy to go into details, but sufficed to say … that would be bad.

    Short of an outside force stepping in like they did in APS, we will not get anybody better than Cheryl.

  37. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Bye Bye
    I TOTALLY agree that Atkinson isn’t going to fix DeKalb, but what are our choices? At least she fired Turk and some other cronies. There is NO way The Walker 5 will bring somebody like that in again.

  38. teachermom says:

    Many laws have been broken, hence the lawsuits, grand jury interest, and the failed audit, etc. The list is very long…which is why there is so much outrage by the taxpayers who are funding this dog and pony show. Laws are in place to govern public organizations which are funded by taxpayers. These laws have been corrupted and we all know it but the REAL watchdogs who have the ability to stop or even investigate the corruption are sitting on their hands or taking ineffective swats and not digging past the surface. The purpose of any protest or action should be to demand accountability to those have already investigated and then closed the door. We need answers. We also need organization and communication. I am not sure that we should be asking for a specific action against a person, if the investigators are held accountable, those heads will probably roll on there own…

  39. dcssfrustratedparent says:

    I wonder if the latest revelations will help encourage the DA to move forward with the Grand Jury recommendations ……..

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