DeKalb board member says audit shows ‘troubled’ district

From WSB

A DeKalb County school board member says the final results of an audit he requested prove mismanagement and lack of oversight in an already troubled district.

Auditors say DeKalb school district employees violated purchasing policies nearly 700 times and spent more than $200 million before those purchases were approved.

“I sort of feel vindicated by what I’ve seen here,” said outgoing board of education member Paul Womack, “I think it’s atrocious.”

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3 Responses to DeKalb board member says audit shows ‘troubled’ district

  1. totallydigusted says:

    Having read the audit fully (and I can’t claim to understand it all), I find it hard to understand how an entity such as DCSD is still in operation with such slip shoddy, irresponsible business practices. The report certainly goes a long way to explain why we are in this mess. After working in DCSD for over 25 years, I knew it was bad, but i had no idea it was this bad. We in the classrooms have our heads down in the trenches every day doing our best to survive in the hopes that the Central Office had it under control…well, I guess the old saying “you can’t make silk purse out of a sow’s ear” is certainly true! You do get what you pay for in competency and brains up there and I have yet to talk to anyone that had a brain of their own that wasn’t interested in feathering their own nest and following the chain of command…i.e. friends and family and greek.

    I don’t know how we can make things better without sweeping changes at the top…and not just the BOE.

  2. Barb says:

    I am not convinced at Paul Womack’s outrage at ….all the other board member’s behavior.
    His allegiance to Coralwood is well known and board decision-making concerning Coralwood is one of the issues in the SACS report.
    At best he could be considered ineffective but more likely is part of the problem.

  3. Dekalb Schools Board For Dummies says:

    Seems to me that several central office staff need to be RIF’d as well. Someone authorized these movements.

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