Were 300 jobs really eliminated from the central office?

Or were they simply reshuffled to other departments resulting in little to no savings to our budget?

Dr. Atkinson is quoted as stating to many people that 303 jobs were eliminated from the central office. The operative words are “central office” (i.e., the Palace). We have received information that, among other things, central office staff were shuffled into schools, who had to provide an office, but these repositioned central office staff members did not provide services to the schools where they were relocated. So, yes, it may have been possible to move 303 people out of the central office building (the Palace), but most, if not all, of them did not lose their jobs. In fact, we have found instances where some were “re-hired” at a higher salary.

There was a great deal of pressure to reduce the top-heavy school system. Atkinson responded, with claims that she eliminated exactly the number recommended by the salary review audit. However, many of those ‘reductions in force’ (RIFs) were simply re-coded or moved to other jobs or departments.  In addition, Atkinson replaced nearly all of the senior staff she had eliminated and after eliminating the entire PR department, has been paying consultants to do the work.

Below is a recent quote from the Patch in response to the December SACS report:
“Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Atkinson’s staff responded by saying she has cooperated with SACS investigators and more than 300 central office jobs have been eliminated. ‘We not only had to deal with our budget and a deficit, we worked hard to address whatever concerns were brought,’ said Atkinson, through her staff.”

DeKalb School Watch (DSW) has filed several Open Records Requests on the subject of 303 jobs that were supposedly eliminated, but Atkinson has yet to provide what surely must be available, if indeed, 303 people were “reduced in force” (RIF’d): a list of those 303 employees and their position titles. The monthly human resources reports are so antiquated, unorganized and poorly done that it has been nearly impossible for us to identify the 303 RIF’d employees by simply examining the monthly HR reports to the Board. We repeatedly asked for the original spreadsheets, but they were never provided.

We did the best we could and some of the documents we dug up can be found at these links:

ORR 8 termed since 091511-but-replaced

ORR-9-hired since 091511-by-salary

This spreadsheet is more in-depth on the restructuring. See if you can follow it:
Copy of Restructuring Presentation- Final.-Highlights1 2

Dr. Atkinson continues to insist that she cut 300 jobs from the Central Office, however, October’s HR report revealed that the dollar amount for general administration is holding steady. When pressed, the head of HR, Takshia Ward-Smith admitted that she has not been tracking the so-called “RIFs”, but will do so ‘going forward’. So for now, the promised implemented cuts to the Central Office remain a mystery.

Basically, we found that yes, 303 jobs may have been eliminated from what was called the Central Office. However, of those 303, over 90 were immediately rehired into different jobs and many more were rehired in what could essentially be the same job with a new title or replaced with a contracted employee who receives a 1099 and is not reported on the state salary schedule. The result of this reshuffling of highly compensated personnel has not been much of a savings — and certainly nowhere near the savings touted by Dr. Atkinson. It all appears to be yet another shell game, overlaid with DeKalb County Schools’ patented “smoke and mirrors.” In the end, we expect the actual spending to far outpace the board approved budget once again.

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  1. midvaledad says:

    Dr. Atkinson has said at several public events that those 300 positions were “recoded” out to the schools where they belong. She has only shuffled people.

    If she were competent she would be touting the savings and bragging about the fat she has trimmed. If she had reduced payroll instead of “recoding” positions I would have some confidence in her. When I hear her say she has “eliminated central office jobs” I get a little nauseous. While technically true, it isn’t what needed to be done and is nothing to brag about.

  2. howdy1942 says:

    This is not rocket science. If there were positions available in the schools that were to be filled regardless of the situation at the Central Office, then they could be filled with anybody who had the proper qualifications and who was paid the salary requisite to the vacant job. However, that information should be readily available. Human Resources should have had a list of the vacant positions on a specific date and, on that same date, also should have had a list of the positions at the central office that were to be eliminated. Names of people that moved from the latter to the former should be readily available. Hopefully, we were not creating any new positions.

    The issue, it seems to me, is was there to have been a TOTAL reduction in headcount of 300 positions in the Dekalb County School System? Dr. Atkinson or someone in Human Resources should be able to name the 300 positions that were eliminated and, given the salaries and benefits of those positions, should be able to provide the Board and the public with a defined cost savings.

    The School Board, rather than stating the number of positions, should have given the Superintendent a defined dollar amount that was to be cut from the the payroll of the DCSS. If higher paid positions had been cut, then the number of positions cuts might have been less. It would be very beneficial to learn the number of workers and their salaries that comprise the top 10% of the salary budget, then for the next 10%, etc. This should allow us to determine the median and average salaries.

    We have got to get beyond these administration hurdles. In 50 weeks, we stand to lose our accreditation, our graduates will lose their HOPE scholarships, our college-seeking graduates will face additional hurdles to getting into their college of choice because these colleges will not recognize their credentials, our property values and thus our tax base will decline further, taxes would either rise or dire budget cuts would be mandatory, residents will leave our county, businesses will like chose not to locate here, and on and on. We need to get to the issues defined by SACS and get them resolved. I have long believed that this School Board will not be part of any solution. The people at SACS were mad – they cited nothing in their report that offered promise. At a minimum they should have been able to cite progress made since their last action two years ago. They couldn’t.

    I hope that this School Board and this School Superintendent could see what is at stake and rise to do the right thing – they need to resign. That would be the decent thing to do. Please spare our people from the waste of time and emotional trauma to take action to force you to leave. Think about our people and think about our children. We need to find a new Superintendent. We need to give our new Board the greatest amount of time we can to address the concerns of SACS.

  3. Yes, this is the biggest question where all those 300 jobs eliminated as there are lots of School IT Jobs.

  4. concerned citizen says:

    I hope the salaries in the “hired” spreadsheet are date entry errors. All but a few of those positions pay less than $20,000.

  5. Exactly Howdy. If the jobs eliminated were causing the savings touted, then this should be easily proven and the administration [one would assume] would be touting their success in this reduction. Yes, many RIFd people were able to secure jobs that others in the system had vacated – but not as many as the admin would like us to believe. We found that new job titles were created and others were hired as contracted employees doing the same job at perhaps a higher cost [the PR department is a good example – the contracted replacements are now costing us more than it did when there were full time employees doing the work]. But then again – how can we know? There are no reliable reports. We are simply concerned that once again, the ‘budget cuts’ will not actually end up reducing the budget due to behind the scenes jobs wrangling. We are afraid that we will find ourselves over budget at year end for a third year in a row — even with the tax increase.

    Also – the board did give Atkinson a number to cut the budget – was it $80 million? The board never voted on a budget – they only voted on a list of budget cuts – blindly – without seeing the entire budget. It is the superintendent who presents the budget (or in this case, a list of budget cuts) to the board to approve. The board is not allowed to dig around a budget and make cuts on their own. They can only vote to approve or reject what the super presents.

  6. Augustus says:

    From what I understand…..Some folks that were classified as Central Office for payroll purposes included those teachers that were itinerant, serving several schools. These included vision, hearing, therapists. Those folks are now classified in the school-house on the school paryroll records.

  7. concernedmom30329 says:

    I think there is something wrong with the spreadsheet, at least when I open it. the hired sheet shows all position with 104,000 dollars salary. This can’t be right. Is it just me.

  8. A, Dunwoody mom says:

    Augustus, I remember reading the same thing at the time. The reporting was that 190 of the 300 jobs were support staff, therapist, etc who served several schools and they were removed from central office payroll and placed on the schoolhouse payrolls. And then several days later, heard reports from Dr. A touting that she’d reduced central office staff by 300!

  9. Exactly Augustus. Therefore, these jobs should never be touted as ‘cuts’ in any way. Reorganization, yes. Cuts, no. They are still on the payroll. Atkinson performed a reorganization after the salary audit. She was also supposed to make cuts. We suspect she is muddying the waters between the two and claiming the reorgs as cuts. Further, we have requested a list of contracted employees (with 1099s) for months but have been met with a resounding ‘no’. We have a strong feeling that the budget for contracted labor would be a shocker. That’s why the administration refuses to share that info.

    Read about the past cuts authorized by the board that were never implemented by staff:



  10. Why is Ramona Tyson still on payroll….. Where is Turk, has he been coerced into silence by Ramsey…. When is the AJC actually going to tell the whole story…… It is sad that the the BOE member who brought the budget fraud to the forefront is now being excoriated for telling her constituents the truth. DCSS is a complete and utter disaster. If the Feds can get away with not having a budget for four years, I guarantee you the fraud in chief Gene Walker is thinking the same thing. We do not need any stinking budget, we do not have to be held accountable. We can police ourselves… Walkers personal DA said so!

    Get ready DeKalb, accreditation will be gone as well as any scholarships for OUR students! Who will take the hit the worst, the very constituents of the 5 BOE folks that voted for Atkinson in the first place. DeKalb government, the most corrupt since the minority became the majority.

    -question mark key not working today- SO MANY QUESTIONS!

  11. @AMG: In addition to our mangled budget cuts, Ramona Tyson never filed the legally required report on SPLOST III spending. We have no idea if that budget is in line. Further, how many people were hired in finance and operations to manage SPLOST projects? Could our administrative costs be heavy due to the fact that the SPLOST managers are being paid from the general operations budget? Can they not ALL be piled into a sub-S corp and managed by an outside accounting firm? The very muddy line between SPLOST spending and general school operations could be at the root of our messy, top-heavy budget.

  12. @Concernedmom: Yes, it’s very weird. Like we said, it’s very difficult to get true information from HR. We tried to compile our spreadsheets from what we could dig up. It was a mess.

    Further, take a look at the October HR report cited in the above post:
    October’s HR report

    You will see 75 “New Contracted Employees” who are almost all teachers. Then you see 179 “New Non-Contracted Employees” who are mostly lower level custodians, cafeteria workers, parapros, secretaries, etc. for a total of 254 new employees. There are 99 resignations and 3 terminations so the net of new employees is 152.

  13. And read about the cuts approved by the board in May, 2012:
    DeKalb schools, facing $70 million deficit, searches for cuts

    The DeKalb County School District is facing its worst budget in recent memory, so officials are weighing wholesale elimination of programs, including pre-kindergarten, magnet school transportation and Montessori schools.

    That would just be the start of efforts to close a deficit of more than $70 million.

    The public will get a chance to weigh in at 6 p.m. today at the first public hearing on the 2012-13 budget, which is due before the next fiscal year starts on July 1.

    “We’re putting everything on the table,” said Jesse “Jay” Cunningham, a school board member who serves on the board’s budget committee. The committee got a long list of possible cuts at a meeting Monday, along with a picture of the potential for new revenue — $29 million — if the board raises the property tax rate by two mills.

    Last week, Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson revealed that the school district faces a $73 million deficit. Chief Financial Officer Michael Perrone said about $24 million of it was due to collapsing real estate values, which reduce the amount that property owners pay in taxes. The rest is due to increasing costs, such as healthcare and retirement benefits.

    Perrone also revealed this: while most school systems strive to keep at least a month’s worth of operating expenses in the bank, DeKalb has nothing in reserves. Indeed, the district is on a path to finish this fiscal year with a $6 million deficit. Those bills would have to be pushed into the next fiscal year, pushing the budget gap to as much as $79 million, Perrone told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday.

    School officials around metro Atlanta have bemoaned their financial state, but many had some kind of cushion in reserves. DeKalb’s lack of a bankroll places it in a rare, and undesirable, class.

    “While it is not common for school systems to incur deficit fund balances, it does occasionally happen,” said Christy Willis, president of the Georgia Association of School Business Officials.

    Atkinson has already cut $5 million from next year’s budget, eliminating 73 positions from the central office. System spokesman Walter Woods said the cuts came from categories such as human resources, legal services, the superintendent’s office and communications. She says she is cutting another $10 million in undisclosed costs, plus $5 million in overtime pay.

  14. Dekalb Schools Board For Dummies says:

    Ok guys, the bottom line here is that the BOE gets involved in all of the affairs of the district. Many principals, APs, and central office staff received their job through the F&F connection: this is why the district is so dysfunctional. I have met so many incompetent leaders in this district. My thought is always, “How could they ever have survived the interview?” This district is full of corruption and inept people. This blog is the only place where employees really feel safe. When will it end? There’s no need to apply for positions on PATS because people already have the positions before they are posted…nothing has changed. I repeat, like a broken record, it is time for our governor to relieve THIS board of its duties, and this includes those who are set to take office in January. We need change, and we will NEVER get it with this BOE. The SACS report speaks volumes, but if teachers could only provide anonymous information. There would be layers of additional information uncovered. Why certain people still working in the district? Well, these people know a lot and will be willing to tell everything if they are ever RIF’d. Wouldn’t you? F&F continue to be protected. This district needs to be made an example for all others throughout the U.S. to see. The B.O.E. are not Gods.

  15. Retired DeKalb teacher says:

    Has anyone heard anything about 300 bus drivers going on strike or quitting the first of the year? Rumors were heard around a couple schools the last day of class before Christmas!

  16. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Atkinson must go and so must the board. I sure as hell don’t care which one goes first.
    I know corruption is everywhere but it’s time to get it cleaned up. Alpha K has ruled the roost for too long. They have not proven they can do the job, in fact they have completely screwed it up. Tyson should be fired for her incompetence.

    The SACS report brought to light that the board is over involved in the day to day but unfortunately they have had to be. They haven’t hired a competent Super in 12 years. They put Tyson in that position and then overpaid her. She’s doing her million dollar dance and is untouchable.

    The board is supposed to ask questions of their one employee and SHE/HE is the one person responsible for getting them the information. That way if the Super is not doing the job, the board can fire them. With too much board “interference” it blurs the lines and every thing is in chaos. All of their questions to Ward-Smith about reports, questions about busing, organizational structure where out of line because it should be the Sup who addresses these issues with their staff. The Superintendent should be the go between for the board and administration/principals, etc. The board should not show up at a school but should show their face at school functions where parents are expected to attend. These are their constituents and that is appropriate. It is not appropriate for a board member to have meetings with a principal, ever.

    Please everyone write the Ga state Board of Ed and voice your frustration. They will hold a hearing within 30 days of SACS report and make a recommendation to John Barge who will recommend to the Gov. But you have got to write the right folks.

  17. This spreadsheet is more in-depth on the restructuring. Download it and see if you can figure it out:
    Copy of Restructuring Presentation- Final.-Highlights1 2

    In fact we have a collection of budget and audit documents on the Budgets & Audits page under the DCSS FILES tab.

  18. We have not heard this. But, we will be happy to meet with or talk with — confidentially, of course — any bus driver who wants to get the word out — or if this is a surprise strike, let us be prepared to tell their story. one of our contributors speaks fondly of her children’s longtime DeKalb Schools bus driver: Rachel Harris.

    Contact us through DSW email to arrange a meeting or phone call: dekalbschoolwatch@gmail.com I know it is hard to believe that we will maintain confidentiality, but we do. We are actually sitting on information right now that cannot be used, yet, because of confidentiality promises. Too bad we cannot provide references regarding our trustworthiness in keeping confidences. But, then that would not be totally maintaining confidentiality which is what we promise.

  19. dsw2contributor says:

    bettyandveronica1 @ December 27, 2012 at 2:39 PM said: “Alpha K has ruled the roost for too long. They have not proven they can do the job, in fact they have completely screwed it up. Tyson should be fired for her incompetence.”

    Tyson is a Delta.

  20. Below is an article from early in 2012 stating that the salary audit revealed DeKalb seriously overpays its staff:

    Audit: Some DeKalb Schools salaries inflated

    DeKalb County School officials said that Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson has promised significant personnel changes at every level of the school system at the beginning of 2012.

    Atkinson is nearly finished with her 90-day entry plan and school spokesman Walter Woods said the personnel changes, which would occur throughout January, would bring the plan to a close.

    “We are expecting significant changes throughout the district at all levels, particularly the higher central office levels,” Woods said.

    Woods said the reason for the personnel changes is to ensure the system has the right staff in place to carry out the mission both the superintendent and the board are committed to, which is to improve student success throughout all areas of the school system.

    “We have pockets of excellence; we need a system-wide school system of excellence and to do that we need the right people in place,” Woods said.

    Recently, the system began a complete personnel audit, which is slated to be finished Jan. 13. Woods said some of the personnel changes would come as a result of the audit. He said the changes include principals.

    “I think that we have to make sure that there’s a leader in every building,” he said. “This has come up with every parent forum we’ve had and this has come up with every employee forum we’ve had over the past couple of weeks and the superintendent can tell you there’s going to be major changes.”

    Woods would not be specific about any changes in particular but said they would be drastic.

    Drastic! lol… They just ramble on and on saying whatever the wind tells them to say on that day at that time… la la la…

  21. bettyandveronica1 says:

    DSW2 contributor, I don’t give a rats right rudder if she is an alpha, beta gamma or a delta. The point is she gots to go!

  22. Interestingly, someone posted the following on our page at the tab above labeled DCSS in the News:

    Anonymous says:
    September 7, 2012 at 12:55 PM (Edit)

    In Jan 2013 DCSS will outsource transportation of students and will start to lay of it’s bus drivers and aides. I can not go into further detail but I know this to be a FACT. I simply want to put it out there so the parents know whats going on and how your money being spent.

  23. dekalbite2 says:

    “From what I understand…..Some folks that were classified as Central Office for payroll purposes included those teachers that were itinerant, serving several schools. ”

    Yes. For example, there are 90+ Special Ed Specialists (called Special Ed Lead Teachers, Special Ed Instructional Specialsits, Special Ed Coordinators, etc.) who cost $8,000,000+ in compensation and are in charge of paperwork for the special ed program. They NEVER TEACH a single child. This is in contrast to Gwinnett County who spends less than $2,000,000 on their non teaching Special Education administrative staff, serve TWICE as many Special Education students and have much BETTER educational results.

    These DeKalb Schools Special Ed certified personnel who occupy NON TEACHING administrative personnel account for close to 30% of the personnel who were moved from the Central Office payroll to the schoolhouse payroll. Getting our cost for Special Ed non teaching administrative personnel in line with other school systems would save a minimum of $6,000,000 a year.

    This is the problem with “coding” personnel as schoolhouse personnel to “hide” their non teaching administrative designations and functions. Until DeKalb can look at groups of personnel as “Cost
    Centers”, assess their value and compare them to other school systems, we cannot hope to balance our books and drive the educational dollars to the classrooms that house our students.

  24. Thanks Dekalbite2. That’s important information.

    It’s interesting that the reason the state originally changed the Constitution to prevent any more school districts from forming was to force consolidation of small, rural districts and save money. DeKalb is now the poster child of unintended consequences to that effort. DeKalb is far, far too big and is able to hide outrageous amounts of waste and fraud in its nearly billion dollar budget. Any one of us could easily make the case that the opposite action – breaking up large districts into smaller, more tightly controlled and administered districts would most likely save money and provide a better education. These new, ‘smaller’ districts would still be far larger than the original tiny districts the state was seeking to consolidate. What was once deemed good for rural Georgia is now wreaking havoc in DeKalb.

  25. former_teach says:

    Go to this page of the Open Georgia site: http://www.open.georgia.gov/index.html
    Click on Other Expenditure information. Then, click on Payments, Local Boards of Education, DeKalb County.
    You will see all of the vendors that were paid FY 2012.

  26. Embarrassed Employee says:

    DeKalb is operated by punks. They always chop from the bottom. Outsourcing bus drivers, really? Fuel is the biggest cost, not the drivers. What companies provide ? CDL drivers to companies and how much do they make? I pray this is a rumor. However, it coincides with a previous comment that the drivers were going on strike……so very sad….. Yep DeKalb is run by some alphabet toting punks……we are the disgrace of Georgia and we are still accredited, imagine that Mark E……..#corruption@itsgreatest

  27. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Caution: Do not go to the aforementioned website and look at fy2012 salaries of those well known folks. Contents can make you nauseous, prone to sweating and experience serious issues with anger.

  28. Embarrassed Employee says:

    Omg….. it can’t take all those names to run a school system….how do we find out who are all of those names? Were they providing a service to the system? There were so many that made me go hmmmmm, wonder who’s auntie owns this business? So many questions, but no one to honestly answer them. Does anyone know if we have the money to repay the tax note loan we received this summer….I think it’s coming due this week….

  29. Wow! Thank you former_teach! We never noticed this area of the GA Open Records before! We have uploaded this doc resorted by name here:
    It’s so strange — the sum total of all 5,473 entries is $1,020,129,327.41 — A billion dollars. Hmmm.

    A cursory review shows:

    AMERICAS CHOICE INC $1,109,736.50
    AMERICA’S CHOICE INC $89,195.00
    ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES $1,465,097.74 (lawyers)
    DREW ECKL & FARNHAM LLP $9,082.62 (lawyers)
    Dr. Barbara Dilligard is President and CEO of a management consultant firm, Karaton Services, and is the former Deputy Superintendent for the Charleston County School District in Charleston, South Carolina. Under her leadership and guidance the district received recognition for school improvement under the S. C. Palmetto Gold and Silver School award for school improvement; a successful military magnet middle school was initiated, the first public military middle school in the nation; and the district received many state and national recognitions for distinction. Dr. Dilligard has extensive experience in strategic planning, human resource management, curriculum development, organizational development, grant writing and performance evaluation. She received her doctorate degree from Vanderbilt University, an MBA from The Citadel Military College of South Carolina, and a BS degree in Mathematics from Johnson C. Smith University. Dr. Dilligard is certified by the Center for Creative Leadership in Benchmark®, a 360N performance appraisal instrument; trained by William Cook of the Cambridge Group in Strategic Planning; certified in Student Team Learning (cooperative learning strategy) from Johns Hopkins University; and certified by the SC State Department of Education in the Superintendency, principalship, supervision and administration.

    Dr. Dilligard has authored and co-authored a number of competitive federal, state and foundation grants totaling more than $70 million for the school district, non-profit organizations, health agencies, and other community-based organizations. Dr. Dilligard continues to be a favored speaker and consultant for a number of organizations and businesses.

    DEFENDER SERVICES INC $313,247.43 (this is for custodial svcs at Arabia)
    ELARBEE THOMPSON & TRAPNELL $555,247.07 (lawyers)
    SUTHERLAND ASBILL BRENNAN LLP $2,530,905.55 (lawyers)
    KING & SPALDING $713,715.96 (lawyers)
    WILLIAMS SCOTSMAN INC $525,595.70 (rental of trailers)

    For reference on the legal fees – read our October post here: https://dekalbschoolwatch.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/dekalb-schools-legal-bill-to-double-in-2013/

  30. Yes, it’s an interesting list. Topping the costs appear to be lawyers, ‘programs’, tutorial services and food suppliers.

    Notice how this contract got slipped under the door — after Atkinson asked for the ceiling to be raised to $100,000 for a contract not requiring board approval — another $75 and Atkinson would have had to have asked for board approval!

    Dr. Barbara Dilligard
    (very special assistant to Atkinson — some say she is actually running the system.)

  31. Embarrassed Employee says:

    That’s very underhanded $99,925.98 the price sounds like an informercial price…..so sneaky and deceptive……

  32. concerned citizen says:

    There’s an interesting article on AJC.com today about the cost of operating the Gwinnett School System.

  33. dekalbite2 says:


    That’s a great link and one that I have been getting the statistics from when I post for over a year. It’s exportable to Excel and then you can Sort and use Autosum to give you a rough look at where and to whom the money is going. You have a choice to see what is spent strictly from Federal funds versus State or Local funds. That’s how you can get a good estimate on what has been spent on legal fees or scripted learning programs like America’s Choice. An online check register would be better, but this is very useful information.

  34. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Money is money and that is a problem, but what does she do for us?

  35. Bye bye says:

    And why did we pay DeKalb County School Board 4 million plus in 25 transactions?

  36. info says:

    So did Dekalb pay Karaton in 2011 and in 2012? The school’s website indicates that Karaton was paid $79,000 for a job reclassification audit.

  37. concerned citizen says:

    @ Bye bye: According to the flow chart, all $$ come in to the general fund and are moved to the other funds (capital outlay, food service, splost, etc) by check. Several banks are used by the school system, hence the need for checks to be written.

  38. Karaton does not appear on the FY 2011 report. The FY 2012 report is basically the 2011-12 school year. We are now into the FY 2013 (2012-13 school year).

  39. Well, at least this lady produced a report. Recall our outrage at the payments to Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore for “investigating” bullying after Jaheem Herrerra’s suicide. We know she was actually paid well over $400,000. The 2010 Payment Report shows this:


    But I digress…

    Check out the Alexander law firms payments over the past three years:

    2010: ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES $1,280,759.32

    2011: ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES $1,247,656.94

    2012: ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES $1,465,097.74

    ADD this to Sutherland, the other law firm we have contracted to represent the district on record:

    2010: SUTHERLAND ASBILL BRENNAN LLP $1,513,705.17

    2011: SUTHERLAND ASBILL BRENNAN LLP $2,379,711.94

    2012: SUTHERLAND ASBILL BRENNAN LLP $2,530,905.55

    Are we out of control legally?!! FWIW, Sutherland recently quit.

  40. info says:

    We paid Ray and Associates more than I make in a year, $59,820. Their website says they specialize in educational executive leadership. And haven’t we already designated heaps of RTT funds for leaders? So why are we paying our existing “leaders” so much if we need to find more and we need to educate the ones we have?

    And we paid Robert Half International $27,513. They appear to be a professional staffing and consulting service.

    We paid $40,000 to Education Planners LLC, a company that appears to do anything a district needs.

    I should go into the tutoring business instead of teaching. This industry is definitely profiting from Dekalb.

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