So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye …

The official videotape of yesterday’s (2013.1.17) DeKalb County Board of Education hearing before the State Board of Education will not be available in the GaDOE archives until around the middle of next week because it has to be edited. But, we do have a 2-Part video made by a contributor to DeKalb School Watch.  (The contributor is unnamed until we receive permission to include his/her name.)  

“Suspension Hearing of the Board Members
of DeKalb Board of Education”

unhappy taxpayer and voter logo “On January 17th, the State Board of Education held a suspension hearing concerning the Board Members of the DeKalb County Board of Education. DeKalb County School District was placed on probation by SACS – December 2012.

“The contributing editor asks that you view both videos and answer the questions below:

“1. Should the DeKalb County Board of Education be removed by Governor Deal?


“2. Should DeKalb County maintain local control through the use of “recall” and elect new representation?”

Also, make sure you download the “DCSS Consent Order: (Consent Order as published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

“Suspension Hearing /DeKalb County Board of Education: Part I

“Suspension Hearing/ DeKalb County Board of Education: Part II

“Taped by: Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter –


“Issue Future Website:

“YouTube – Videos from this email”

And, under the category, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, subcategory, You Snooze, You Lose, are some photos sent by another contributor who attended yesterday’s very critical hearing:

Gene Walker just can't stay fully awake at the state hearing

Gene Walker just can’t stay fully awake at the state hearing

Sarah Copelin Wood takes an all out snooze during the state hearing

Sarah Copelin Wood takes an all out snooze during the state hearing (circled)

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  1. The two photos are enough. The fact that the two (guiltiest) board members can’t stay awake for the whole hearing says it all. No wonder Walker doesn’t know where the books are. Or maybe he is not sleeping but “Evolving His Collective Mind”.

  2. H.A. Hurley says:

    I cannot believe what I am seeing. The nerve! Falling asleep during one of the most important meetings in DCS history, they cannot even muster up the decency to respect the fact that they are putting the last nail in the coffin of a, once superior, school system. They should resign immediately. Disgusting! Marginal incompetent folks for a long time! Get them out now! No more remedial workshops, no more crap. Kids and teachers are losing out as we speak. Why are we as taxpayers not storming on the Capitol and demanding the ouster today. Enough already!

  3. There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
    And the bells in the steeple too
    And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
    Is popping out to say “cuckoo”
    ” cuckoo” ” cuckoo”

    Sorry not making light of the situation but your subject line gave me a chuckle and the above kind of supports the sentiments……It has seriously been sit and absorb it all in kind of atmosphere…time is ticking………

  4. Ella says:

    Looks like some have been sleeping on the job for some time. Otherwise we would not be in this situation now.

  5. dekalbite2 says:

    They think they were clever enough redraw those district lines so they think they will get a pass on this one too. Hopefully, they can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  6. thedeal2 says:

    I know Viola is not a fan of an appointed board removing an elected board, but after seeing this debacle yesterday, how can she not be in favor of complete obliteration of everyone that works at AIC, starting with the board? This is beyond sad, embarrassing, and ridiculous. I hope the state BOE was shocked.

  7. don't believe the crap says:


  8. No Duh says:

    To any naysayers who say the pictures paint an unfair picture — or that they were captured just as SCW and Gene were simply looking down… I was there. I was five feet away from Gene. He was asleep. SCW was snoring. I swear, snoring. At least Jay stayed awake. And he had just been released from the hospital that morning after several days in for pneumonia.

    I was disappointed the word “nepotism” didn’t come up even once. But, I think maybe the February hearing will be tougher.

  9. let’s hope, no duh!

    thanks for the report from the front lines!

  10. Embarrassed Employee says:

    I can’t figure out why there isn’t more of an outcry from parents,tax payers, AND schoolhouse employees. The bus drivers are the only group of employees that stood together and TRIED to get some type of justice.
    I am beyond outraged that there is money in the budget for consultants to write bogus reports AND for someone to create a new position for him, making over $100k. Yet we are told time and time again that there is no money for raises or a simple COLA.
    The message that trickles down to us is, just be glad you have a job. No one told Atkinson,just be glad you have a car already. No,they approved for her to upgrade her vehicle. You all , we are tired. Tired of being told by the alphabet club principals that they don’t owe us anything. YES, I am owed a fair wage and salary I thought I would receive when I accepted the job. I am also owed the funds illegally diverted from my TRS account.
    Dekalb is a criminal enterprise. It’s structure is similar to a mafia organization. It’s run by crooks.
    I am going to spend my MLK holiday writing. Yes writing, writing letters to anyone I think needs to know and is responsible for this mess. I am embarrassed, spiritually broken, and financially broke. I make $29 too much to qualify for food assistance. I touch and teach a child something everyday,yet I don’t make enough to take care of my own children. I never thought this is where I would be after 15 years with what was one of THE best school districts in the country.
    I am done.

  11. hopespringseternal says:

    I imagine that all those thumbs up represent that we feel for you. I know I do. I know what it’s like to give your all for masses of children and worry if your own will suffer. I honor your truth-telling. Maybe as a society we’d be more compassionate and honorable if when someone says “How are you?”, we tell them. Whatever you do in your near future, hang in there. Change is coming.

  12. teacherwantingandworkingforachange says:

    Embarrassed Employee,

    I think too many teachers are either afraid or so used to the incompetence that is Dekalb that they focus only on the good they can do in their classrooms, forgetting that students could get so much more with better support. Sadly, it seems that too many in-school administrators are in their jobs because of who they know-not what they know. So it’s not in their best interest to question ineffective mandates that result in crowded classes, unstaffed classrooms, copious assessment implementation, or new curricula units lacking the cited books. And so many of the leaders in the central office have been promoted from within (whether it’s Dekalb or Charlotte), so an absence of ethics, innovation, or competence is the norm.

    Someone in the previous discussion asked about IDMS and its value. Like the money spent on Atkinson’s highly touted curricula units, audits, or “Leadership Academy,” I’d say that this was not money well spent.

    First, teachers are dealing with too many students (as many as 180 every day) of widely disparate abilities to even have the time to use the data. Remember that under Tyson and Atkinson the system/district not only implemented more programs like IDMS and more ineffective policies (more paperwork for discipline-related issues that used to be handled by assistant principals)but also increased teachers’ class sizes and preps (it’s not uncommon for high school teachers to have three or four different classes to prepare for) while also removing all planning days (and Atkinson recognizes this because she explained at one of her addresses that a teacher asked about her students’ performance would have to get back to her after the weekend when the teacher grades).

    Yes, we have had pre-planning days before the year starts (usually devoted to moving into rooms or stting in long, unnecessary meetings regurgitating the same tired mantras).This year we even had our second semester pre-planning (with more meetings), but this is really a day to finish up first semester obligations, at least at the high school level. In either case, students haven’t even taken the benchmarks. So, here is another situation in which Dekalb’s leaders, many of whom never worked in a class room -or at least an academic one-never bothered to follow through with the most important questions to ask before any new purchase or implementation of policy: “How will we use this?” and “How will this benefit the students?”.

  13. dcssfrustratedparent says:

    I think we all need to step back and ponder why the Superintendent of the 3rd largest school district in the state would come out and publicly be quoted as saying the person who stole content from other professionals has no need to fear for his $117K /yr job because he did the plagiarism when he was a consultant. If a student decided to copy straight with the exception of a few word changes there would be substantial and severe consequences ….. but for a member of the school administration – who was PAID for the report – no worries :-(.

    I came to the conclusion that our Superintendent has “rolled the dice” and in her mind has come up great. She has brought in SACS who is focused on the BoE and has the State BoE chasing them so who is going to tell her who she can hire or needs to fire – if this board or any new board tries they would be accused of meddling by SACS …….. I believe our Superintendent has decided she is untouchable and can just keep doing what she pleases and surrounding herself with (and enriching) all of her F & F ……. doesn’t look good

  14. H.A. Hurley says:

    Did the state suddenly move DC off the US shores and we are all living in a “3rd World Country”? The calibre of DC BOE and admin. leadership is sooooo bad that there is nothing to work with or model. The crisis is so broad, the BOE and Superintendent are so incompetent, they don’t even know it and do not care. Dekalb residents with options, move or place their kids in private schools. Woodward Academy buses kids to and fro DC, the Jewish community does not respect the level of education in our public schools and provide their own schools, along with religious educ.
    Soon, only children in poverty will be the kids left in the public schools. Many principals do not reach out to communities to address questions and encourage families to stay and enroll their children. Why should they? What is there to offer at this time?
    Sleeping BOE is sleeping on the taxpayers’ clock. They need to resign today! Central office admin. and superintendent need to attend all meetings. Absence continues to communicate…don’t care attitude.

  15. dekalbite2 says:

    Again the question is to teachers:
    Can you take your students into a computer lab, let them take a well written benchmark test assessing the skills you recently taught, and then receive the results for your class by that afternoon on your teacher computer?

    This is why taxpayers are paying millions more for this particular IDMS system. So far since 207 we have paid $11,000,000 (this includes eSis which is part and parcel of SchoolNet) plus just committed ourselves to another $3,000,000+. Now that’s $14,000,000 and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t include the new cost for another lease for eSis (a boondoggle of a system that cost $4,000,000 initially and replaced SmartWeb which cost around $100,000+ a year and was much easier for teachers to use.)

    January 14, 2013, this is what Mr. Brantley told the BOE:
    “The application was launched in 2008. Currently it is providing principals, teachers and administrators with real time data such as standardized test scores, benchmark assessments and student demographic data.”

    Is Mr. Brantley correct? Are teachers getting the benchmark assessments in a timely enough manner to actually improve student instruction and achievement?

    Is this system we have sunk millions into from the General Fund (forcing class size increases to pay for it) working the way the BOE was told it’s working? Where are the objectives for this system listed for the public? Where are the dates for the objectives to be met? And where is the data that shows the objectives were met?

  16. An aside — for English teachers —

    JANUARY 25 is the birthday celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It’s a big deal in Scotland! You might have some fun hosting a Burns Birthday roast in class if you have time…

  17. info says:


    But how are the superintendent and her instructional leaders using the data to inform staffing, course offerings, and class sizes? Shouldn’t they first examine the existing data available on IDMS: CRCT scores, PSAT scores, and EOCT scores? This information should inform the planning of course offerings and instructional (actual face time with students) needs so that you don’t have nearly half of all 9th graders who lack social studies or math proficiency sitting in large classes with pseudo-“differentiated instruction” strategies nearly impossible to implement with 30 to 36 students.

    Can students go into the computer lab to take the benchmarks?
    Yes, if the system doesn’t have a computer meltdown as it did in December. But using the computer labs for benchmarks also displaces classes scheduled in computer labs.

    Is the test well-written?
    Depends on whom you ask. More important, though, is the level to which the benchmark is written and the existing data that already shows that the student reading at a 9th grade level probably won’t do very well on a benchmark written on an 11th grade or 12 grade level. Also, the questions are sometimes too concentrated in one area, especially skill-based questions.

    Can teachers access the data?
    Yes, usually. But how meaningful is this data if the students didn’t take the benchmark seriously (there is no grade associated with this assessment and an examination of the time students spend taking the test would be quite telling) and the benchmarks are taken weeks after the semester begins?

    Is IDMS improving student instruction?
    Not at all.

    Is IDMS improving student achievement?
    Don’t think so.

  18. waitaminit 1 says:

    Discussion started on Patches.

    Gotta get Holcombe to send his articles here when he does Patch.


    The DeKalb Board of Education will hold the following meetings on
    Wednesday, January 23, 2013:

    11:00am Called Meeting to adjourn to Executive Session for the purpose of
    discussing student appeals and personnel legal matters
    Cabinet Room
    Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    1:00pm Called Meeting
    J. David Williamson Board Room
    Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    Meeting information can be accessed online by going to:, click on Leadership, go to
    eBoard Home Page and click on the date for the meeting agenda\information.

  20. dekalbite2 says:

    Re : IDMS
    This program that has now cost taxpayers $14,000,000+ (or is it more with iF eSis is renewed separately?) should have measurable objectives in terms of student achievement. Those measurable objectives should be part of the public record. Furthermore, the data that shows if the measurable objectives are being met in the timeframe stated (or not being met) should be public record.
    If we are spending a premium for this system (which we are), then as a financially challenged school system, this money is coming OUT of the classroom to pay for it. The troubling fact is that NOT ONE Central Office sponsored educational program in DCSS has/has had measurable objectives in terms of student achievement that can be publicly viewed. Nor do BOE members ask for the Return on Investment for these programs when they divert dollars from direct instruction of students to these programs. This BOE needs to be replaced with a group that will not approve expenditures for educational programs without measurable objectives and a way to capture the data showing if these objectives were met.

    This is not brain surgery. Either the administration can show DeKalb Schools student progress linked to the educational program purchased or they cannot show student progress. This is exactly how we came to have students packed into classes like sardines. America’s Choice, Success for All, Springboard, High Schools That Work, IDMS (aka eSis and SchoolNet), etc. – we can’t keep spending tens of millions for these programs when we cannot or will not measure their effectiveness. This is an enormous drain on classroom resources.

  21. H.A. Hurley says:

    You are giving the super and her over-paid admin staff much too much credit. With all the mess and knee-jerk decisions, it appears that nothing gets done the way it should. I have been an educator for 40 years and everything I hear, see and read support my assessment: big out-of-control mess. Not fixable by any of the current multiple levels of administrators and BOE. Especially, when they sleep at meetings where the super and her staff are missing. The biggest mess I have ever seen. They even have APS beat, and that is saying it all. School-aged parents, leave DCS! It will not be corrected in my life-time. Major disappointment!

  22. thedeal2 says:

    So it looks like they are going to vote on the 2016-17 organizational plan and discuss Thursday’s hearing at Monday’s 1:00 meeting. I may have to make it b/c I’m guessing there’s no way it will be webcast.

  23. Yes, the agenda states,

    1. Approval of 2016-2017 Proposed School Organization
    Presented by: Mr. Stephen M. Wilkins, Chief Operations Officer, Division of Operations

    It is requested that the DeKalb Board of Education adjourn the January 23, 2013 called
    Meeting to a Committee of the Whole.

    1. Georgia Department of Education Meeting
    Presented by: Dr. Eugene P. ‘Gene’ Walker, Chair

  24. howdy1942 says:

    Just read the Sunday headlines – very negative about Dekalb County.

    Thanks to the unnamed person who provided the video of the January 17, 2013, State Board meeting. I watched every painful minute of it – and there is no other word to describe it.

    I was embarrassed and humiliated that the State Board had to witness this. The most searching questions: You’ve known about this for years, why haven’t you done anything? What makes you think that you can fix it now? The embarrassing answers: From Cunningham – we were sidetracked (by the indictments of Lewis/Pope). From Walker – we weren’t on probation then.

    What? Are you kidding me? What kind of answers are those? Do you honestly mean that we don’t get going until we are on probation? And for Copelin-Wood – maybe she is ill. That is the only plausible answer that can be given for her embarrassing performance. The State Board saw that it was hopeless to question her because she was not and is not capable of answering any questions. I do give some credit to Speaks – at least she appeared to be accepting her responsibility for this situation.

    Surely, Walker, Cunningham, and Copelin-Wood have children and friends who live in Dekalb County and their futures will be shaped by what is happening. To these three, I would say that you are banging you collective heads into the wall – your presence will only cause all of us in Dekalb County further embarrassment and shame.

    I would plead with you – please resign! You are going to lose this one – too many people in too many key positions have lost their confidence in you and you will not gain it back. Things can only get worse for you and for the county.

    And finally to District Attorney Robert James and to the Judge presiding over the Lewis case – please, please get on with it and don’t delay any further. The people of our County deserve justice in this case.

  25. bettyandveronica1 says:

    I loved the part at the end where one of the State BoE member (a woman) talked to Walker about his aggressive attitude. If you noticed her reactions when she finished…She looked pretty pissed. It’s like they all got in there and said OH S&#T! Are they for real about this? They really want answers?
    .Woods was just incoherent and Walker exists in a different world. It’s all just supposition and poor communication as far as he is concerned.
    You folks on the south side must be so proud. Just keep on re-electing them, they work so hard for the cheeldren! We should take them at their word they will work harder but just look at what all they have to deal with, all those rumors and bothersome parents and staff that won’t do their job.

  26. Truth be told, we were disappointed to see that none of the board members read a formal statement. No one tried to give a serious defense, point by point, addressing the SACS issues. Understandably so for the new members, but the others should have had something prepared. They all seemed rather casual… if I had been called to a hearing like that, I would have been up all night preparing a written defense along with a point by point plan of action and give each member of the state board a copy. I guess that’s what they thought the lawyer had done for them with their consent order. (We don’t yet have a copy of the one submitted by DeKalb that day.) All in all, the whole thing just fell flat.

  27. There are a few policy changes being presented at the meeting Wednesday. We are especially interested in this one:
    Amendment to the Bylaws & Policies: Professional Personnel Leaves and Absences.
    Descriptor Code GBRI, Presented by: Ms. Jessica Smith, Attorney, Alexander & Associates

    An employee may utilize sick leave upon the approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee for absence(s) due to illness or injury, or necessitated by exposure to contagious disease or to illness or the death of the employee’s relative. “Relative,” under this Policy, is defined as the following: spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, and corresponding step and in-law relations.

    Funnily enough, the ‘redlined’ version (supposed to show changes in red) has no redlines, and the above text doesn’t appear to have changed, but it’s difficult to find exactly where changes were made. The only thing highlighted is the code you enter into the search box when looking up the Georgia Code…

  28. H.A. Hurley says:

    Not surprised! At all levels. People cannot give us what they don’t have!!!!!
    Such as: urgency, preparedness, intellect, caring, investment, dedication, work ethics, honesty, staying awake, professionalism, knowledge, punctuality, fiscal responsibility, _______________fill in the rest. Why the public and the state is not moving quicker or expressing outrage, I can only assume that they are flummoxed and are paralyzed, because this behavior is so out of line with what we should expect from people holding these offices. Time is up to be flummoxed! $$$$Costing us mill$$$! Assume that the BOE and Superintendent ARE giving us the best they can give. This is as good as it gets. Get over it! Get on with it! Get them out! Now!
    DC is being sucked down the drain by these fools and it could take generations to work our way up, if at all. There is a reason so many incompetent people have gathered and stayed in DCS, it’s called nepotism and protection for incompetent leadership. It has worked for a long time, and continues BECAUSE THEY CAN! Example, plagiarism by a consultant is OK, even if he works for DCS – protected! Example, sleeping at meeting – nothing happens! No central office administrators present – nothing! SACS – no change in behavior!
    If we continue to allow this, we deserve what happens to our county, schools, kids and teachers. BTW, start building more prisons. We are adding kids to that pipeline, as we speak. Strong words, YOU BET!

  29. Kiko Jewel says:

    Completely agree @ H.A. Hurley…and we’re faced with a superintendent who allows her deputy superintendent to run the district. Deputy Superintendent Howe has to have everything she does approved by Deputy Superintendent March. The school board gave Atkinson the leverage to hire people without board approval if the salary is less than $100,000, and she has stacked the district with half of North Carolina. Towers High School and Student Relations has upwards of 30 people she has hired under this policy. DeKalb is doomed.

  30. Kiko Jewel says:

    Sorry, I meant 20 people.

  31. waitaminit 1 says:

    wow! DSW–that’s a great call on Atkinson taking leave. Now you’re conecting some dots.

  32. waitaminit 1 says:

    Now if the AJC would do an editorial hit piece (masquerading as news article) on the 6 years that its taken for the state and SACs to get interested in DeKalb, you’d have a bomb-shell. Create an emergency, then everybody can pile on and lawmakers can sit back and watch. This is right out of a coup playbook.

    Here’s a forinstance on AJC coverage. The subject of DeKalb’s image being reflected by some guy who wants a zilion dollar house (white guy no doubt) not choosing to live in DeKalb. For every one of him, I guarantee there are 50 people moving into DeKalb–every week. Trouble is folks, they are moving into either low-priced properties, apartments and they are minorities, so they aren’t the people that fit the AJC’s agenda and message. Also–are we to assume the gentrification in Atlanta-in-DeKalb and South Decatur has abated?????? Bull-crap!

    It ain’t Dunwoody, so it doesn’t count–and Dunwoody is the one with all the heft–and gets its plug in for a new school system.

    Now–you say–who cares who is behind the coup as long as it shakes things up. That would have been true in the late 20th century, but we have new economic and demographic realities now. It’s going to take 10 years easy to bring “order” and the new order won’t resemble anything that people of the 20th century establishment would have yearned for or found familiar.

    (How comfortable would you have been 10 or 15 years ago if no two children on a street full of school-aged kids went to the school down the street–or even the same school anywhere? That’s what’s coming with “choice” (magnets, charters, home school, privates, on-line ed)–all made necessary by one coup after another. That’s no frickin’ neighborhood in my book.)

  33. waitaminit 1 says:

    anybody considered sending some blog posts to DOE board memebers?

  34. H.A. Hurley says:

    Ella, these folks have no couth! We keep hoping that magically they will turn into the people we thought they were. Not gonna happen! Remember, they can’t give us what they don’t have. They need to go before all four wheels fall off DCS.

  35. Ella says:

    I do believe there are some school board members who are just caught in a bad situation.

    I do believe we have some good school board members. However, they are a board together and the bad make all of the board members look bad.

    There is no excuse for this type of behavior as a school board member. I agree that they need to go. I feel sorry for the good members but the decision is about what is best for the county. I am sure the good can petition to be re-instated.

    I agree the bad can make promises and sign whatever, but they have already had an opportunity to change. They promised before to change and they did not.

  36. @waitaminute: Certainly, this million dollar househunter could be African-American. Remember – Marcus Turk, our former, highly compensated CFO does not live in DeKalb – and many high-ranking black executives and business people choose not to live in DeKalb – there are many in north Fulton and Gwinnett for example. How odd that you assumed this buyer was white.

    Also, we are already to the point where children on the same street do not attend the same schools. On my street, only 4 children out of the 15 on my street attended public school. And two of those were in the magnet program. That was 5 years ago!

    I would say that African-Americans are more demanding of a quality education for their children than most other races. They know for certain that education is the key to equality.

    Remember, we are talking about one of the worst school systems in a state that is last or next to last in the whole country in education. A top-notch education is available in Georgia – but only for a chosen number of students. It’s not equitable in the least. There is no ‘middle’ on our bell curve of achievement. You either do very well or you do very poorly (and often give up and drop out – or get involved with our lovely Georgia ‘criminal justice’ system that is ruining the lives and futures of so many young people.)

  37. BobG says:

    How does the petition work? Who will see it when it’s “completed,” and what does completion look like? Is anyone contacting the state’s Board of Education for action? Why HASN’T a protest been formed to rally at the capitol?

  38. concernedmom30329 says:


    Sorry I see no gentrification in S DeKalb. What I see are housing prices that have plummetted, sometimes to the point that the values are now 1/3rd what they use to be…

  39. waitaminit 1 says:

    DSW–you find it ODD–or you are offended? If you find it odd, you live 100 years in the future. You say the majority of children on your street go to different schools–I say more than the majority of families on my street make bigoted distinctions. It is called conditioning–and I ain’t the only one. Plenty of studies say that even people of all ethnicities will think the househunter was white, given the context of the article. I already told you the preconception would be different if they were discussing in-town areas–but noooooooo…its all about Dunwoody–the separatists. My class conditioning notwithstanding, I am also conditioned by the AJC. They have reasons to perpetuate this kind of thinking. ” Scared White People, whoa we gotta problem”.

    This of course, brings up the age old challenge of having a candid discussion on race. I simply do NOT believe that people don’t think in terms of black and white and ethnicities and have preconceived bias–because we haven’t done the work that’s required to transition away from it. I say people who claim up and down (insist so quickly, doth protesting too much) do indeed make these distinctions and live by them. I can see the “Well I certainly don’t”‘s coming already.

  40. Yes, I’d say, odd. Especially given that this is Atlanta. I don’t think I’m 100 years in the future either.

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