Gov. Deal Suspends Six DeKalb School Board Members

GoodIntentionsTalk about unintended consequences! We deeply apologize — we are obviously just naive bloggers and didn’t see this one coming. Basically, when we, the public, all called on the State Board to ask the Governor to remove the DeKalb Board and replace them with a few Trustees, we didn’t ever think that what would ACTUALLY happen [if allowed by a the judge] was that OUR reps would be removed, but the reps for Districts 2, 4 and 6 would remain in their seats – leaving more than half the county without representation! And then, the majority of the DeKalb Board chose to spend MORE taxpayer dollars to hire a law firm and take their ‘firing’ all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary!

From the Dunwoody Patch:

Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday that he is signing an executive order that accepts the State Board of Education’s recommendation that six DeKalb school board members be removed.

Deal made the announcement Monday afternoon during a press conference at the state capitol.

Prior to the announcement, Deal huddled with members of the DeKalb legislative delegation for several minutes.

Deal has also appointed a nominating committee to recommend new members of the school board, composed of Keith Mason, a current member of the State Board of Education and who will chair the committee; Jim Bostick, a former member of the state board of education; Sadie Denard, a member of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce; Alicia Phillip, president of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; and Garry McGiboney, also a member of the state board of education.

. . .

However, in a legal move late Friday afternoon, the school board filed an emergency motion in federal court, hoping to stop the governor from taking any action.

Over the weekend, a federal judge issued a restraining order that prevents the suspension of six DeKalb school board officials by Gov. Nathan Deal. The order does not prevent Deal from suspending the school board members, but does prohibit their actual suspension until a hearing is convened on Friday.


The current law CLEARLY states that ALL members must be removed. How is it that ‘some’ districts get to keep representation while the rest of us have to endure NO district representation? Watch for changes in the SPLOST budget!

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37 Responses to Gov. Deal Suspends Six DeKalb School Board Members

  1. TracyW says:

    I don’t know why you didn’t see this coming – enough people were talking about it elsewhere! I cautioned some of my neighbors who were encouraging people to write to Deal to remove just these six that they were throwing Nancy & Pam out with the bathwater. I understand the rationale, but any suspension process is possibly illegal.

    From the questions that Eugene Walker was asked about each board meeting since the SACS action in December, and bearing in mind that he was the chair, it was obvious that he had not placed a priority on acting to correct the sanctions, and he was unable or unwilling to provide leadership.

    Nancy & Pam apparently felt it necessary to abstain from voting to reelect Walker, and the new three members were left pitted against the other four preexisting members. Nothing of use was accomplished in two months, or the “six weeks” as the new members described their tenure.

    The board hired Thurmond at a huge salary and now he has no board and no experience running a school system. This is just getting worse, and more lawyers are going to get a piece of the pie. The only solution I can think of is to remove all nine members and hold a special election to replace them. Of course, how this can be done without reelecting the ineffective members is the big question. Is the public adequately riled up so as to not reelect any of them?

    Could the public have a recall? How would that be accomplished? Perhaps that’s what’s needed – enough of the voters coming forward to demand change!

  2. whyaminotsurprised says:

    The law actually says all ‘eligible’ members may be removed. Eligible is open to interpretation as it is not clearly defined, and I could see it argued either way – all serving or all present when SACS conducted its investigation.

  3. bjy1946 says:

    Perhaps the Governor’s committee can reappoint Nancy and Pam.

  4. dekalbite2 says:

    Removing these six is better than removing none. Nancy will win her seat back within the next election cycle and Pam will as well. The three retained BOE members were completely new BOE members after all even if two out of the three were politically connected insiders. Please remember that they will NOT be the majority of the votes on the BOE. There will be six new members appointed to the BOE with no “Family and Friends” or community allegiance to skew their votes. Recall is so bulky it has less of a chance of righting this ship than the replacement of the six BOE members.

    Nancy needs a commendation for all the light she shed on the financial mismanagement in DCSS. Her emphasis at looking at line items that had historically and consistently been very expensive (e.g. energy and legal costs) and alerting BOE members that underestimation of these costs would lead to a deficit in the budget is important for no other reason than it shows that the suspended BOE members UNDERSTOOD they were voting for a deficit budget and did it ANYWAY (against the law). It remains to be seen if these BOE members will be held legally accountable for this deficit spending which they knew was against the law.

    While it is true that Nancy should not be suffering for the sins of her colleagues and indeed was the primary instrument in showing what transparency in government can bring, she is for the time being a casualty of the debacle in DeKalb. Life is not fair. All of Nancy’s unbelievable hours of effort (has everyone looked and reviewed the enormous amount of data analysis she posted on her website – other systems should just wish they had someone that would/could do that) have not been in vain. The data Nancy analyzed and posted HAD to be there to get SACS, the Georgia Department of Audits and the Governor of Georgia to move on this. Anyone who takes a close look at her data analysis can see Nancy spent countless hours on this, and it paid off for DeKalb students and parents/taxpayers.

    Pam Speaks was/is a worthy counterpoint to Nancy. She had/has the educational acumen that allowed her to view the money spent (or misspent by this Board) in relation to student needs. Pam will be back in the next election cycle as well.

    Maybe now that Nancy and Pam are no longer BOE members they can speak freely about the educational needs of DeKalb students and fiscal responsibility that the BOE and the superintendent has to DeKalb taxpayers.

  5. Terry says:

    I DO like the team Gov. Deal has selected. I understand that they can’t do much, but they sure can work to clean up the mess at the palace!!!

  6. Procopius from Constantinople says:

    TracyW says: Is the public adequately riled up so as to not reelect any of them?

    This question is very intriguing. I feel certain that parts of Dekalb County would turn right around and vote the same folks right back on the board. Clayton County voted Victor “snipers on the roof” Hill back in again and I believe this is the same simple mindset that would take over in this situation. In light of this, appointed board members should be given serious consideration.

    The feds monitored Dekalb County Schools (1968 Pitts vs. Cherry) until 1996. Perhaps the feds need to be brought back in to protect the children again, because rights once again are being violated.

    “It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we are today, but we have just begun. Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today.”
    Barack Obama

  7. Yes, Tracy. We were aware of it once people starting talking about it and once the state Board recommended removing only 6. But when this whole debacle (in a long line of debacles) began, the pitch was to remove the entire board – as the long (obviously now in hindsight) vaguely states.

  8. Tracy — DSW has explained that it would not be possible to accomplish a recall before it is time for the next election in 2014. Please look at the opening page to the blog. The 11-page directions for the recall procedure are available by clicking on a tab at the top of the page.

    The way Georgia law is written, a recall is incredibly difficult. Each board member must be recalled individually. There is no way to recall the entire BOE at once in a “vote of no confidence” or a single overall recall petition. A recall petition requires more signatures than the number of people who voted in the 2012 election. Further, that means a lot of volunteers going person-to-person to obtain signatures. Recall petitions cannot be handled online. Real signatures are required. Further, signatures would be needed for individual Districts 1 – 7, as well as for overlapping “at-large” Districts 8 and 9. In fact, a recall probably could not be accomplished before the election, in a year, of all new board members as the board moves from 9 members to 7 members (no at-large districts).

  9. Concernedmom30329 says:

    Actually, I don’t necessarily think a recall is impossible. It is a ton of work, but it can be accomplished. You only have three months or so from start to finish, so you would need an incredible infrastructure to pull it off.

    The numbers are daunting, though, and would take a precision, military like campaign to make ti happen. The question is whether there are enough folks willing to tackle it.

  10. dekalbite2 says:

    Recall is so bulky it has less of a chance of righting this ship than the replacement of the six BOE members. What is best for students?

  11. howdy1942 says:

    I agree with all the comments about recall. That process reeks with havoc and uncertainty. Each district would need to determine how many people voted in the November 2012 election and then need to get 15% of that number to actually sign a petition – no online! Each district would be required to register its petition with the Secretary of State and then would have 90 days from that date to complete the petition and return it to the State. You would be June 1, 2013, getting this done if we started today. Each district would then be required to provide substantial evidence that its representative had violated one of the four grounds for removal and that would, given what we have seen, be contested probably in court. Assuming that did not occur, the Governor would set a date for the election – remember that you are well into June at this point and would probably be July, at least, before the Governor could set an actual date for the election. We would need to allow adequate time for candidates to emerge, organize their campaign, and make their cases prior to the election. We are probably into October or November doing this. If there were more than two candidates and none received more than 50% of the vote, then a runoff election would take place. By then, we are past December.

    In the interim, the existing board would continue the destruction of our school system and we would probably lose our accreditation. SACS has an awful taste in its mouth about this board and, I think, would act swiftly and decisively. It would probably conclude that the people of Dekalb had gotten caught up in the political game like these board members instead of placing emphasis on the students and the classroom.

    No question, the Governor did what he had to do – I just regret he didn’t remove all nine. Our deficit has been compounded by the votes of the three “new” members to hire law firms, award excessive severance packages, etc., etc. I also like the people that Governor Deal appointed to recommend candidates to fill the six board seats as well as his liaison. Bryant should be interim superintendent and I hope that is still possible.

    Dekalb County is the ONLY system in the nation on probation. This is embarrassing and should have been addressed swiftly and quickly – as it was today! I am very hopeful that we have seen the last of the likes of Copelin-Wood, Cunningham, and Walker.

  12. bettyandveronica1 says:

    The current law states all members. Regardless of the recommendations of the state board of ed. I think they jumped the gun at only recommending the removal of the (6). The state BOE should have recommended what the current law states and that is their lawyer’s fault. But everyone in the media and blogging were speaking of just the six as though the law had passed. It has not. Did the state board use HB 115 as their basis for recommending the (6) or was it another reason? I can’t remember what they said. Does the State BOE even have standing to recommend only certain members or must they too follow the law? It may or may not be in their power to recommend those who are newly elected are eligible to stay on the board. I don’t think they have that power.
    Deal should have removed all. Regardless of constitutionality, this is a problem.

    In July 2010 law passed stating “Paragraph (7) of this rule shall apply only to local board of education members elected or appointed on or after July 1, 2010.” Big problem, in other counties folks have held their seats for years.

    In 2011 the law was refined to say “all members at the time of all local board of education members, REGARDLESS OF WHEN THEY WERE ELECTED OR APPOINTED, on or after July 1, 2010”. Really ambiguous so back in they went.

    February 2013 as HB115
    “For purposes of this Code section, an eligible member of a local board of education shall mean a board member who was serving on the local board at the time the accrediting agency placed the local school system or school on the level of accreditation immediately preceding loss of accreditation.”

    The problem is folks, this bill is sitting in the senate, it has not made it to the Governors desk, It’s passed in the house but the senate has it in committee. I believe the gang of fools will use this as a part of their lawsuit, they were wrongfully singled out.

  13. howdy1942 says:

    Governor Deal got it right today when he asked “if this were the best way – no, but it is the only way available to the State at this time”.

    I’m still troubled by the suspension of Nancy Jester. Please know that she is not my school board representative. Ms. Jester should be hailed as a hero by this County and this State – a very gracious one at that! Think about all she has done in her short two years on this board. She has tried to turn this thing around – time and again. However, the combination of Walker/Cunningham/Copelin-Wood/Edler/Bowen and sometimes Womack beat her down time and again. She voted against hiring Dr. Atkinson in the first place! She voted against retaining law firms and consulting firms. She was a fierce supporter of bringing our finances under control. She was a razor on the financials – “a Mom with a calculator”! She received no help – no support – from the Dekalb legislative delegation, the Dekalb County Commission, nor its CEO. She was out there alone! She tried to develop a good response to SACS 18 months ago and she tried to warn us all of the disaster that all of us now see.

    Yet she was suspended! For what? Getting Dr. Elgart’s attention and asking him to come look at the system that is educating our kids? He did and, reading the SACS report of December 18, 2012, and listening to him testify before the Board, I think that he was appalled by what he found. And Nancy Jester made that happen! Agree or not, she is a hero in my book! How difficult it must have been for her last Thursday to sit through those proceedings accused – and knowing full well that she did everything that she could to prevent that from happening.

    Today, Dekalb is the only system in the entire United States on probation. Dekalb was warned by SACS – time and again. Nancy Jester tried to warn us time and again. And we left the Walker/Bowen contingent intact and unchallenged. We trusted Ramona to take care of it – she didn’t! We thought that Atkinson would fix it. It’s becoming more evident each day that she probably tried – but this board abandoned her and threw her out – save Jester and Speaks, who voted against that! Perhaps Walker/Cunningham/Copelin-Wood should be shown the same “justice” by the courts that they have shown to Dr. Atkinson.

    Back to my point – Nancy Jester is, in no way, deserving of suspension. I hope that she will appeal and I hope the State listens. If they do, Nancy Jester will be back where she belongs – serving the people of Dekalb County! There are literally thousands of kids in Dekalb County who will look back on this day as a day that rescued them. And Nancy Jester was the tip of the spear that did that for them.

    Thank you, Nancy! Thank you, indeed.

  14. I am very curious. Can the Board vote to spend money that is not requested by the Superintendent? I mean, can they actually vote to spend money on attorneys to represent themselves? I thought they could only approve or deny requests for money from the Super – not generate spending on their own…

    Piggy-backing on that – if the requests must come from the Super – then did the Thurmond request this spending? If so, we have an issue. If not – then how did we get here?

  15. Terry says:

    I wonder if Rep Scott Holcomb will be successful??? G O S H…. I sure hope so!!!! School board members should be blocked AT ALL TIMES from using ANY school funds. AND when it comes to allowing funds that are NOT directly student related, the public should have the right to decline their request. Does DeKalb have a parent advisory committee that meets with the board? It just seems like with as much money as DeKalb BOE has access to… and it is taxpayer money (other than state and federal funds…. which works out to be taxpayer money as well) then there should be major imput from the community how this money is spent. Certainly not on cars, marble bathrooms, teak paneling, expensive chairs and a plethora of lawyers AT STUDENT EXPENSE!

  16. teachermom says:

    @Terry 5:44
    EXACTLY. In a nutshell. Go get ’em Scott Holcomb, way to support the taxpayers in this mess! I’m sure that some legal coverage can and should come with the job, but not to defend against other government agencies who are removing them for cause. I think they are REALLY clueless (what else is new) to try to sue. Dirty laundry will be aired…

  17. Just Wonderin says:

    Nancy Jester was my board representative. I can honestly say that this woman divided our community like no other. A true leader brings people together; something she was not able to do in her short term. Praising her and touting her as a savior seriously makes my heart hurt. With all due respect, she has caused many good families to move out of Dunwoody.

  18. murphey says:

    @Just Wonderin – could you elaborate? How has Nancy Jester been divisive? Thank you for helping me understand.

  19. Terry says:

    @JustWonderin…. that’s a sad thing to read! Jester quite obviously knows “her stuff”. She does make the rest of the board look brain dead.

  20. concernedmom30329 says:

    Nancy’s situation is complex. She clearly has the questions that need answering, but struggles or fails to build any kind of consensus around these issues. She and Walker are a snapshot of American politics today. There is no ability to agree on a middle ground. You see it in the GA legislature, the US House of Representatives, among state Governors. After the 2014 election, even the US Senate may lose the ability to compromise and reach consensus. It is actually a sad state of affairs.
    The question is, if she and the other board members are replaced, could we end up with a Board that can hold the Administration’s feet to the fire, put students and teachers first, and ask the intelligent and necessary questions and get support from the other board members to demand the answers. (The greatest failure of this, and past DeKalb boards, is the failure to ask questions and even if questions were asked, not demanding answers.)

  21. Refugee from DCSS says:

    It is not Jester’s fault that consensus is impossible with a board chair that promote the Friends and Family program and race-based hiring. Consensus is not a laudable goal when you’re working with someone who’s out to take all they can get in spite of student achievement declining. Would you blame Jesus for not building consensus with the Devil, too??

    Jester did not “cause division” in Dunwoody. Dunwoody citizens caused division in Dunwoody. They always do.

  22. dunwoodyunited says:

    Jester is loved in Dunwoody. You must be part of the small group that can’t get over redistricting. She didn’t bend to your wishes. All your gloom and doom predictions about how bad things would be didn’t happen.
    I think your assessment is wrong. Jester didn’t fail or struggle with consensus. Look at what she had to work with. You can’t form consensus if enough people around don’t have honor. Consensus, to the majority of that board, causes harm to come to many children in Dekalb. Good for her for not making deals like that. She did what she could to warn them of their impending doom. She exposed them. Jester is ethical. The proof is in the outcome. We all owe her our thanks.

  23. 4Dekalbkids says:

    Dunwoody Patch, I too regret the loss of the two board members who actually had integrity. Hopefully the ousted members will get a chance to justify their positions and be reinstated if/when found to be competent.

    But those of us who retain their board members will be spared the pain. Not with Marshal Orson in office. It only takes a little digging to uncover his influence BEFORE he was elected. Now that he is Historic Druid Hills/Fernbank’s personal conduit to the Board of Education no telling what he has in mind. He came into office as a walking conflict of interest and it is a shame that he was not removed along with the rest of the board.

    It will be interesting to see the depth of the house keeping. If the state is serious it needs to review pending policy (SPLOST IV in particular) and head off the lingering mismanagement.

  24. Just Wonderin says:

    Refugee from DCSS,
    Please refrain from your negative posts. Your post about Dunwoody citizens was insulting. As a citizen, I have a right (such as you) to voice my experiences with my Board Rep. I personally witnessed Nancy Jester causing division in Dunwoody. So much so that my family packed up and moved. So while you and others may worship this woman on this blog, please know that other people might not share your feelings.

  25. @concernedmom30329
    We are still waiting for your answer. You have advocated for a recall. It’s easy enough to sit on the sidelines and call every play perfectly. We have asked if you intend to get in the game. You have said that someone should start a recall. We asked, “Why not YOU?” We expect an answer to our question before we print anything else from you. It was NOT a rhetorical question. Why not YOU?

    We have another question. What kind of compromise do you have in mind? What is the middle ground here?

  26. dekalbite2 says:

    Parents need to pressure Thurmond and the new BOE to lower class sizes and increase teacher compensation (most of those property tax mills used to go to the local supplement paid to teachers over and above the salary paid by the state – where does the teacher supplement go now – not to teachers)

    Lowering class sizes and paying teachers marketplace compensation is the ONLY way to force a reduction in expenditures outside the classroom. They will never reduce expenditures outside the classroom unless the money is not there because it is required to go directly to teacher in the form of more teachers teaching smaller groups or higher teacher compensation (competitive with the rest of the metro systems). Requiring a certain percentage to be spent in the classroom will never work because they will just categorize non teaching personnel on paper as classroom expenses and then say they are putting more resources into the classroom (a shell game IMHO).

    Push back very hard at evey meeting you have with Thurmond and the BOE members to lower class sizes and provide marketplace compensation for teachers. ONLY this can “starve the beast” that the endless lawsuits, thousand of overstaffed and overpaid non teaching departments, and ineffective multimillion dollar learning programs has created.

    Just concentrate on these 2 objectives and you will take most of the “discretionary” funds used outside the classroom and put them back into the classrooms. The result for your children will be smaller, more manageable class sizes where your child can get the attention he/she needs and the attraction and retention of more competent teachers for your child.

  27. Name, please, the “many good families” who moved out of Dunwoody because Nancy Jester spoke the truth. And please know that we will check your answer. Otherwise, you are no better than the late Senator Joseph McCarthy who stood before Congress waving a sheaf of papers and claiming, with no proof, that the people named in those papers were communists. He single-handedly ruined many lives. “McCarthyism,” named for the late senator, is used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations.

  28. Just Wonderin says:

    Unbelievable. Stating the names of the four families I know that moved out of Dunwoody because of Nancy Jester and her politically-corrupt cronies is not something I feel comfortable doing on a website such as this. In fact, I no longer feel the need to frequent this site in general. McCarthyism? Ironic, indeed!

  29. Concerned DeKalb Mom says:

    @dunwoodyunited: Take a look at ALL of the schools impacted by redistricting in the Dunwoody cluster…they weren’t all unscathed. Dunwoody is not all about Austin and Vanderlyn. Decisions could have been made differently. Kingsley is busting at the seams with the move of new families into their school, and Chesnut is struggling.

    NJ’s actions post-redistricting, I think, have been very responsible and in the best interest of the majority of students in DeKalb. But I don’t think it’s so easy to brush over the impact redistricting had throughout the Dunwoody cluster.

  30. Sad in DeKalb says:

    Dekalbschoolwatch – I have been visiting this blog for several years and have never heard you so viciously attack a fellow blogger for speaking their truth (even if you didn’t agree; unless it was inappropriate which this certainly was not). I must say today you have truly reached a low point. Why would you ask Just Wonderin to “name the families” and indicate that you would check? That is ludicrous – are you really that enamored and tied to Nancy Jester? Do you even live here in Dunwoody? Well I do, and I personally know of several families from two schools that have left this community. You seem to have lost sight of the fact that the absolutely best thing for the CHILDREN and TEACHERS of DeKalb is for there to be a fresh start. There has to be a new day in DeKalb and that starts with the removal of ALL 6 board members.

  31. Concerned DeKalb Mom says:

    @Dekalblite2…Well said. And thanks for redirecting back to the present/future. That’s where we need our focus.

  32. Refugee from DCSS says:

    For those with a strong stomach: Gene Walker’s op/ed on Dunwoody Patch.
    He’s trying to convince us that his “walkin’ around money” and family jobs are more important than the students he’s failing and he’s moved on from “I see color”.

    Have a barf bag ready

  33. TracyW says:

    Just Wonderin, please share this division that you experienced in Dunwoody so that the rest of us can evaluate the situation. If you are privy to circumstances that are not public, they need to be made public. From my viewpoint, Nancy Jester is a worker bee. When I watched her presentation to the state BOE, I saw her fail to take a leadership position, fail to present a solution or say much of anything of substance. Very disappointing. She was good at finding the issues, but not at fixing them.

    We need both kinds of personalities on our board. We need people who can analyze the situation and identify the issues, those who will shout that the emperor is naked, and those who can solve the problems. More importantly, we need people who can unify the group, achieve compromises, and LEAD the group to a goal. Sadly, not much of this occurs in politics these days. It has become a morass of puffed up egos and posturing. Our DeKalb board has lost focus on our children. The picture on the front page of today’s AJC of three of the suspended members involved in an angry discussion pretty much sums up the actions of the board. They should be embarrassed that they were captured in such a situation, but I’m sure that rather than apologize for acting that way, they will complain that there was an unflattering photograph selected for publication.

  34. In reality – we are concerned that people would move out of DeKalb saying it’s due to Nancy Jester – when the rest of the county and the Board is so incredibly dysfunctional…. without making you angry again, it appears to be another case of people only caring about their neighborhood and their personal desires. If you had said they moved due to the school system and county leadership, that would have been believable. But just due to Nancy? That seems pretty insular and a bit petty, considering the overarching issues systemwide. Please, do share at least where you have all moved – and if it’s better and why.

  35. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Jimmy Mac’s new campaign slogan – “Go Along To Get Along”. Supporting the Walker 5 is an awesome way to go against the Walker 5. If you ever decide to vote against the Walker 5, they’ll never see it coming. Go Jimmy!

  36. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    If by “fail to present a solution”, you mean “bring new solutions to the table every week” … then you would be correct. Nancy blogs about her solutions ALL THE TIME. As far as I can tell, she’s the only one coming up with solutions.

    As far as implementing the solutions, the Walker 5 wouldn’t have it. I recall a majority of the Walker 5 walking out in the middle of a board meeting when Nancy started recommending her solutions. I hardly think the 3 Amigos left on the board are going to bring anything new. Except for Ned Nederlander … he’s my favorite.

  37. dekalbite2 says:

    @ deKalb Inside Out
    “Jimmy Mac’s new campaign slogan – “Go Along To Get Along”.”

    To be fair to Jim McMahan he has barely been a BOE member and SACS is slamming the Board for not “getting along”. I supported his election and will be supporting him as he works with the six new members that Gov. deal appoints. The dynamics may be very different once six new members are on Board. I didn’t see him come with the “baggage” that Orson and Johnson as insiders brought with them. Jim did not take office until January 1st (you know Womack didn’t give up an ounce of power until December 31st), and he was facing SACS two weeks later. I feel sure the communities that elected him will be meeting with him soon. He needs to have more of a record with a “real” Board before I would judge his performance. I did not see him do anything underhanded or disreputable to his opponents (he had three opponents) unlike some Board members. Let’s hope Deal gives us “real” Board members who will look out for the good of ALL students in DeKalb and I believe Jim will not disappoint us. That’s just IMHO.

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