On the subject of Eugene P. Walker

Eugene P. Walker, Will You Please Go Now

Eugene P. Walker, Will You Please Go Now

We have posted information all over the DeKalb School Watch blogs – both the original and DSW2 – highlighting all of the issues we have uncovered about Gene Walker; his lack of ethics, his bullying tactics, his misogynistic ways, his racial divisiveness and his personal greed.

We will now repost a mix of old reports below so that you can all evaluate them here and decide for yourselves if perhaps Gene Walker is to blame for much of the current situation with DeKalb Schools:

Monday, January 5, 2009
Dr. Eugene Walker – Someone to Watch…

Did you know…

Dr. Eugene Walker – our newly elected representative for District 9 on the DeKalb County School Board – has also served on numerous boards for the county – and [at the time of the original post, served] as the Chair of the DeKalb Development Authority?

Did you know that the DeKalb County School Board and the DeKalb Development Authority are not his only responsibilities? Eugene Walker [at the time of the original post, served] as the Chairman of The Private Hospital Authority of DeKalb County and The Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly of DeKalb County as well.

Development Authorities were created by the Georgia General Assembly in for the purpose of promoting trade, commerce, industry, and employment opportunities for the public good and to promote the general welfare of the State. The Development Authority of DeKalb County was established in 1974 to promote economic development within DeKalb. It assists in financing business facilities and equipment for job creation and expansion. Do these goals align or conflict with the goals of a school system?

Did you know that the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia deemed the practice of using school taxes to fund developments known as TAD’s unconstitutional?

Did you know that the Georgia Legislature introduced and voters in November, passed an Amendment to the Georgia Constitution allowing School Boards to take part in funding these private developments using school tax dollars?

Did you know that one of the private developers with the deepest pockets, the Sembler Company – the people who tried to buy and develop school property at North Druid Hills Road also contributed at least $18,000 to the recent winning School Board campaign of Eugene Walker?

One more thing – did you also know – Dr. Lewis – Superintendent of DeKalb County Schools – was sponsored into the Commerce Club by Eugene Walker?

Think about it. Are these connections to developers good or bad for someone elected to serve our schools? We’ll be watching…


On the subject of misogyny: Gene is no stranger to the courts. As a legislator, Gene cost taxpayers $190,000 in 1993 to settle a sexual harassment case against him and was later accused of the same kind of harassment by another woman, who filed an even stronger case.

From Acess North Georgia
Posted: Thursday, July 1st 2004 at 4:00am
State paid $190,00 to settle earlier sex harassment

The sexual harassment lawsuit pending against state parole board member Gene Walker isn’t the first time he’s been named in such a case. The Associated Press has learned that the state quietly paid $190,000 a dozen years ago to settle the first lawsuit in which Walker was accused of sexually harassing a secretary.

The payment has never been identified as such in a state budget or audit, but following inquiries by The AP, the Legislative Fiscal Office and the state auditor confirmed the money was paid through a budget category labeled “other operating funds” of the state Senate in 1993.

The earlier lawsuit was filed when Walker was a powerful state senator. The state paid to settle allegations that he and two legislative colleagues sexually harassed a secretary in the state Senate.

An even bigger payout potentially is at stake in the current lawsuit against Walker, which was filed by a former parole board secretary. Plaintiff’s lawyers have told the state’s risk managers they believe their claim is worth $1 million to $3 million in damages.

Walker, who helps decide when murderers, sex offenders, and other felons are released from prison, declined a request for an interview. He referred questions through a parole board spokeswoman to his state-paid attorney, Bruce Edenfield.        . . .

Kelly Timmons, an assistant law professor at Georgia State University who handled sexual harassment cases in private practice, said settlements are common in such cases to avoid the cost of extended litigation, and don’t constitute proof of the validity of the charges.

“Even if the defendant and the defense attorney don’t think the plaintiff has a very strong case, it’s very common for these to settle for nuisance value,” she said.

But she added, “The fact that it settled for $190,000 suggests that the state was concerned enough to offer six figures, which is more than nuisance value.”

The latest case was filed in 2002 in Fulton County State Court by Patricia Alexander, who claims that soon after she went to work for Walker at the parole board he “began making sexual innuendo and suggestive comments.”

The lawsuit claims the comments included “using sexually oriented and obscene language, commenting on the sexual activities and sexual preferences of other men and women, discussing his own sexual preferences, making inappropriate displays of affection and making offensive remarks concerning plaintiff’s anatomy and the anatomy of other women.”


So, the first suit, filed by a secretary, cost taxpayers nearly $200k. The second suit, filed 12 years later by a former parole board secretary, had the potential of costing taxpayers over a million dollars! We have not been able to determine the final outcome of that case.

QUESTION: Would Gene Walker have beaten Earnest Brown in their run-off if this has been public knowledge? Would eduKALB have endorsed Gene Walker over Ella Smith if they knew about these past incidents? Does eduKALB do any kind of background checks at all? [We blame eduKALB and the Chamber for this outcome.] In fact, where would be be today, if voters had elected Ernest Brown and Shayna Steinfeld, instead of Gene Walker and Paul Womack? Think about it. Michael Thurmond is right about one thing: Voters have to accept much of the blame for the condition of DeKalb schools. However, so do powerful people who control the media and election outcomes.


Read more:

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30 Responses to On the subject of Eugene P. Walker

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Well, isn’t this just the limit? Eugene Walker, you must go now! Also, take your buddy Melvin Johnson with you, for many of us know about “your” conflict of interest with New Birth. It’s so shameful all this corruption and cronyism; it’s unbelievable what the majority of the “board” has done and if allowed to go unchecked anymore will do. What in the world has the membership of this school system , its board and top employees, done to the taxpayers?

  2. Leo says:

    DSW – I’m no fan of Eugene Walker, but I think we are better off focusing on his actions and poor decisions while on the school board instead of pointing out every misstep this man has ever made. This information WAS available back in the last election. I know I saw it and voted against him. Dekalb voters need to take some of the blame here for electing someone with the background. But I think pointing out all of his faults at every turn in his career only undermines our arguments now and makes DSW look kind of vindictive and petty.

  3. @Leo – although we obviously disagree, you are entitled to your opinion. We fail to understand people who are willing to overlook the record (especially the legal record) of someone’s character to predict their future behavior. The man needs to go – there are many, many reasons and they’ve been in the news for years. We don’t think they should be ignored.

  4. From the AJC blog:

    Pardon My Blog

    February 28th, 2013
    12:22 pm

    All of this (the way Atkinson “resigned”, the way Success for All was bid, the way Thurmond was hired,the hiring of the Baker law firm for $150K for governance training) is so sketchy. Perhaps the Judge should take all of this into consideration when hearing the pleas from Walker and Company.

    – See more at: http://blogs.ajc.com/get-schooled-blog/2013/02/28/cheryl-atkinson-takes-new-post-after-dekalb-success-for-at-least-one/?cp=1#comment-262860

  5. Atkinson comes in, changes the school calendar which the majority did not want changed, buys 3 year contract for Success For Her uh… All, and does not fire the Clew Crew or his friends and family network. Success For Us……hardly.

  6. you are superman says:

    DCSS was run by regimes since way back in the day of William Bradley, L. Cherry, Freemans and Halfords to name a few. Yes, Walker is everything you say he is and more. I fully agree that all nine BOE/DCSS members should depart but I’ll take the gift horse of six.
    Solely focusing on even the six rejects is a waste of time. The Governor has spoken and DCSS Community needs to stay focused on Thurman and gaining new board members. That way we can start repairing the damages caused by long-term systemic greed by white and black folks. If any of you are genuine then tell the Governor to stop any and all planning and plans i.e. redistricting until a new board and superintendent are in place. I am sure the state board of education will support the halt on business as usual plans.

  7. H.A. Hurley says:

    Eugene Walker’s record, which is news to me, is outrageous. In the role as BOE Pres., he had the highest post in DCS. Given that he made hire/fire recommendations of DCS educators, it is so disturbing that E. Walker would not even meet the criteria of a background check which all school system employees need to meet, nor would be have met the criteria set by the GA Professional Practices Commission (PSC) of someone who works as an educator in GA.
    What he did is not a misstep. This is a major character issue, criminal and severe enough to pay off $190,000 of taxpayers moneys.
    This is the same person who will not resign, who has no ethics about anything, who could care less about anyone else – especially, the most vulnerable, our kids. We could not find a slimier bunch of folks, incl. superintendents, running DCS into the ground than the shysters who have broken and stolen from our system.
    We are is this legal dilemma because there are no other BOE who would ever think about doing this, continue to do it, defend the right to continue to do it, and not giving one cent about the fallout.
    Words cannot express what should happen to E. Walker.
    An eye for an eye comes to mind. What a lousy human being!

  8. H.A. Hurley says:

    Correction: PSC = GA Professional Standards Commission

  9. H.A. Hurley says:

    Given E. Walker’s background, the past governors should have taken steps to address his criminal behaviors, by not meeting the background checks that any employee in DCS has to meet, and the standards that educators would need to meet with the PSC. He was the highest decision maker in DCS. How can we have someone with his history be in charge over 100,000 children? Many people dropped the ball and E. Walker worked his sociopathic skills to get the job and holding on to it at any cost. He is triple-daring everyone. Laughing, when he isn’t sleeping, at all of us. This behavior has worked well for him in everything he touched, and he has perfected it.
    Good luck DC, DCS, GA. We should be outraged!

  10. realityscout says:

    Yes, Eugene Walker needs to go but we should not cede the power of our electoral process to the Governor. We need to take some of the responsibility, do all we can to bring education of the BOE processes to more people and things will fall into place democratically instead of by the hand of an official that is in the pocket of the privatization of public ed groups that are running like a herd of horses through GA.
    This is a dangerous time, it would be best to wait and take control ourselves electorally rather than have the possibility of those with motives that have nothing to do with the welfare of ALL children run the show into the ground while stuffing the pockets of K-12 INC.

  11. So, realityscout: are you going to take on the task of a recall? Anyone? That’s the only other option. And it would take more signatures than the number of people who actually voted in that summer election. (Again, another state issue – they moved the school board elections to summer – when nobody is around to go to the polls.)

  12. Walker is feeling quite righteous. Read his quote in the latest AJC article:

    “This process is definitely unconstitutional, violates due process and further disenfranchises African-American voters,” said John Evans, who heads the DeKalb branch of the NAACP.
    Walker, who is black, steered clear of the issue. He called the state action to remove most of the elected school board an unconstitutional act of “tyranny.”
    “I’m trying to make this bigger than race,” he said. “I’m angry as hell because this is personal. They’re trying to diminish and discredit me, and all I’ve got is my reputation.”

    However, never one to be intimidated, the Governor’s reply was this:

    “While others fight on behalf of the people who brought the school system to the brink, Governor Deal will fight for our children and the home values of residents throughout DeKalb,” said Deal spokesman Brian Robinson.

  13. howdy1942 says:

    I’m at a loss to understand all the concern voiced today by the NAACP and by several of the Dekalb County Legislative delegation who, according to WSB-TV, “harshly” criticized Governor Deal for his decision to remove six members of the Dekalb County School Board. Why have you waited until now? This law is not new – it was used to remove the Clayton County School Board. Why did you not express your concerns then? Where were you?

    SACS has placed the Dekalb County School System on probation – the next step down is loss of accreditation. One by one, we have progressed downward through the various SACS steps counseling Dekalb, advising Dekalb, warning Dekalb, and now probation. We just didn’t arrive where we are suddenly on December 19, 2012 – we arrived here over a number of years of failure. This Board of Education was present for all of them. This Board knew it was running a deficit. It knew that its members could not interfere with the hiring process within the school system – it did it anyway. It know that it was spending excessive time on the political process and it knew that it was spending excessive amounts on lawyers, yet it has now voted to spend even more It went through four superintendents in four years, providing extraordinarily generous severance packages.. It failed to catch the alleged criminal behavior of Crawford Lewis – now under indictment. SACS issued a scathing review of this School Board – not the School System, but the School Board. Because of this School Board, Dekalb County is now the only school system in the United States on probation. Read the SACS report – I am sure that you will agree.

    While we all knew that our School Board was not very good, it was not until AFTER the last election that our school system was placed on probation with the impending loss of its accreditation. The next election is not scheduled until November 2014 – 10 months after what appears to be the increasing probability that we will lose accreditation. For whatever reason, we are now in the third month since SACS issued its notice of probation. We now have two months before SACS reviews our progress in May and nine months before potential loss of accreditation.

    What solutions do you have for Governor Deal? It is not OK just to rant at him – give him a solution – one that could work. I strongly disagree with Michael Thurmond – this Board has failed repeatedly, it has failed to effectively address the issues with SACS, it remains dysfunctional, and there is not one shred of evidence to even begin to make an argument that it can change its behavior and succeed – other than to simply say, as Thurmond has done – “trust me”. That is a nonstarter. Elections are out of the question – there is simply not enough time at this point. My thinking is that it would take at least three months to even have an election. Candidates would need to declare themselves and they would need time to communicate their positions and commitments with the voters. If there were more than three candidates in a district and none achieved 50% of the vote, then a runoff would be necessary. We would be well into the Fall before a new Board could be seated and they would only have weeks. We would be well past May when SACS conducts it interim review.

    One is free to take issue with SACS. The reality is that SACS is the institution that accredits our schools. They didn’t choose us – we chose them. Their standards have not changed – they have repeatedly stated what those standards are and where we were coming up short. If we had issues with those standards, we should have voiced them earlier – not now! They could care less about any “rights” of this board’s members, they could care less about what you think about SACS, they could care less about what the courts say or do, they could care less about what Governor Deal does or what the State or even what the County does. They will very narrowly focus on our progress toward effectively addressing those eleven action items contained in it report of December 19, 2013, and it will decide based on that.

    In short, now is not the time to be taking issue with SACS. SACS has warned us and the board took no action. Now is not the time to be criticizing Governor Deal. As he stated, this may not be the best solution, but it is the only solution available to us at this time. And it is the only solution that, given the limited time we have, can provide any hope of maintaining our accreditation. Members of this new Board will serve only until November 2014 – less than two years. Then you can vote. If you want Gene Walker or Sarah Copelin-Wood or Jay Cunningham, they can run and you can vote for them.

    In the meantime, take a minute to think about students, especially those in high schools. We can continue to delay, we can criticize Governor Deal, we can demand a vote, but we also risk the future of our students. They lose HOPE scholarships, their task will be made much more difficult to compete for scholarships, to even get into some of the schools that are more competitive in their selection process, probably more difficult to gain entrance to the military academies that accept only 1 in 12 as it is, and probably more difficult to even get a job – after all, their high school diploma will not be accredited. At a minimum, they will have much more to explain and have a higher hurdle that they must jump.

    Is all of this really worth risking the innocent students of our school system to favor members of a school board that has so failed all of us?

  14. realityscout says:

    DSW I said nothing about a recall. The next election cycle will come around before a recall could be put into play. I wish only to protect the votes made by the people in the districts belonging to the suspended board members and use the power this site and others have to enlighten and educate so that by the next election we will have more information on the various candidates.
    On the other hand, If the majority of people in those districts, from Walker’s to Jester’s WANT the governor to remove their members then that to me is the same as a recall only quicker and I am all for it.( I’m not sure how to bold things on this blog, but I wish that to be bolded.)
    But that has not been shown so what we have instead is one person taking away the right of the people to elect their reps and that is a can of worms that in my opinion we really really don’t want to open for the benefit of the people able to vote now, and our children that will gain that power in the future.

  15. Excellent points Howdy. You are incorrect on one very important point though: The school board elections will be held in JULY, 2014. All non partisan elections (school boards are technically non-partisan) were moved to the summer during the last cycle when Johnson, McMahan and Orson were elected. Voter turnout was dismal. All seven seats will be up for grabs in JULY 2014 – due to the new law reducing the size of the school board from 9 members to 7. The CAVEAT here is – even though the ELECTION is in JULY – the newly elected members do not take their seats until the following JANUARY – 2015!

    In fact, in Macon and Bibb counties, they are fighting the non-partisan elections as this effects offices like sheriff, recently declared non-partisan there. They are claiming that summer elections disenfranchise black voters because voter turnout in July was only 40% vs 73% in November.
    Read more >> http://www.13wmaz.com/news/topstories/article/218271/175/Justice-Department-Reviewing-Nonpartisan-Elections-

  16. So, realityscout, you are recommending that we stay with the current board and hope they don’t get reelected in JULY 2014? Certainly, if we do that, chances are very high that we will lose accreditation. They have proven themselves incapable of addressing – or even understanding – the SACS demands for improvement. They have done nothing to address the issues in the report – that was proven during questioning by the State board, which is why they recommended removal. You are willing to put your faith in them to fix what’s ailing DeKalb before SACS December deadline? They’ve already wasted three months since being placed on probation. I think that’s why the Gov took the action he did – he felt his choice was between the current failure of a Board and the 100,000 kids in DeKalb schools – who are the only ones who will pay the price for loss of accreditation. (Aside from property owners…)

    BTW – use standard html code to bold text…

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  18. Leo says:

    Howdy – thank you for that thoughtful recap. I agree. And you’re right. I love Emanuel Jones saying that the law used to remove this school board was merely a tactic that was never meant to be actually used. Really? So our legislature intentionally passed a law that was never supposed to be enforced? That hardly makes any sense. And, obviously as threat, it was wholly ineffective.
    The NAACP needs a new fight. As an organization whose early focus was getting a fair and equal education for Black youth, you would hope that they’d be fighting for the children here, not corrupt leaders, regardless of race.

  19. GOOD NEWS!

    Interim Superintendent to Host Employee Meet and Greets

    Interim Superintendent Michael Thurmond will host a series of meet and greet sessions for employees to hear district updates, take part in in the budget process and ask questions. The sessions are not mandatory, and employees can choose the session that best meets his/her schedule. Separate opportunities for parents and community members will be held.

    The meet and greets will take place on:

    March 12 – 4:15-5:45 – Arabia Mountain High School Auditorium, 6610 Browns Mill Road, Lithonia
    March 13 – 5:30-7 – Dr. Ronald E. McNair High School Auditorium, 1804 Bouldercrest Road SE, Atlanta
    March 18 – 5:15-6:45 – Cross Keys High School Cafeteria, 1626 N. Druid Hills Road, Atlanta
    March 19 – 4:15-5:45 – Tucker High School Auditorium, 5036 Lavista Road, Tucker
    March 20 – 3:30-5 – Stone Mountain High Auditorium, 455 Central Drive, Stone Mountain

  20. I wonder if there will be an honest dialogue with the employees or will the muckety mucks screen the questions for Thurmond, like they have done for years with Clew-Tyson-Atkinson, whenever they met with parents.

  21. H.A. Hurley says:

    Excellent comments.
    We are in this mess because NO ONE EVER PERFORMS THIS POORLY AND INSISTS ON REMAINING IN THEIR JOB! Except Walker and his snoozing bunch. The nerve, the gall, the brazen refusal to leave and hang your head in shame. Oh no, Walker has to play the race card. What, are you kidding? You have hurt ALL CHILDREN and ALL DEKALB COUNTY RESIDENTS. We cannot allow you to continue. You do not have the skills, the knowledge, the ethics to make any recommendations for DCS. You’ve done enough damage. DC will not recover from this for years, and only if we throw the snoozers out. Take a nap somewhere else on your time. Incompetent people need to go. We need someone in the State to have the character to bite the bullet and throw the bad apples out. Most legislators are afraid and hide behind all kinds of red tale. Keep it up and it will get worse. DCS makes APS and CCSS look great. Wow! Not saying much at all.

  22. realityscout says:

    DSW as I said, I would wish for an oversight board not involved with the push for privatization (that means no members that are working or pushing for the involvement of private sources such as K-12 inc, ALEC members such as Fran Millar and Jan Jones, SACS, Advance-Ed, or the Waltons Gates Common Core Crowd) to watch closely over the BOE until new elections can be held.
    OR for the Governor’s office to conduct a fully transparent poll in the districts of the suspended members to see if suspending them is the will of the majority.
    I wish to protect the will of the voter. Always.
    There are ways to handle this without going against that.

    I am a 20 year system employee. I am well aware of the struggles and neglect. I hate it. I want it gone. But not by the hand of one man against elected reps when it has not been shown that it is the will of the people in those districts to have them removed.

  23. hoyts says:

    What is the best way for us to advocate for the release of Eugene from the school board as well? Can you give us email addresses/phone numbers and names of the best people to contact?

  24. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Reality scout- you should read Todd’s comments in The main event.-Today.
    . These folks are enjoying their due process. There is no other means other than a lengthy process of recall. If you also read the brief filed by the state, you would see there was no mechanism set in the law for the removal of a school board, an elected body. That is why the legislature moved to create a law to offer due process to the school board members. The law created was in response to Clayton county. The law provides for a hearing with subpoena power, a ruling by a governing body (stateBOE and Governor) and a process by which to get their job back (the appeal). The voters have not been usurped. There was simply no way other than recall or resignation to get rid of a board member or members that allowed a declining economic situation despite the almighty tax increases they got. For ten years they have raided classroom, programs and the coffers for stupid mistakes, greed and nepotism.
    The fact that there is now, now voices coming out of the woodwork to cry racism and voter disenfranchisement is disgusting. Where were the voices when the citizens of this county were asking their local legislators for help, asking the county DA for help and asking the county commissioners for help? We are circling the bowl here. What the hell kind of relief is there if the ruling of their judge (the Govenor) isn’t taken seriously by these people.

    If you voted for one of these folks and you are worried your vote no longer counts because “it has not been shown that it is the will of the people in those districts to have them removed.”. I contend that no amount of polling would have satisfied anyone. Use your vote wisely.

    Do you really think those apathetic people out there that couldn’t even manage sending in whatever to their kid’s classroom will stand up and scream about this? No one is being taken advantage of except the children When the adults profit from what should have been dollars for teachers, classrooms and programs, it is no longer a question of who’s losing their rights. I contend the children have been taken advantage of for long enough.

  25. H.A. Hurley says:

    Yes, yes, yes!
    We have one of two options:
    1. Review all info to see if E.Walker committed any crimes in office. If yes, follow through.
    2. Change tactics COMPLETELY, and ask the Gov, GABOE/Judge to reinstate all ousted BOE members. Sit back and wait until the ABSOLUT LAST WHEEL FALLS OFF THE DCS/DC BUS. Give them enough rope…..!
    10 years was not enough rope!
    We may be wrong! Maybe we don’t need highly skilled, ethical, competent BOE/Supers for 100,000 kids. They have hobbled along for a looooong time, and it worked for them. It is we, the rebel rousers who are the problem. They were just fine. Even nap time was just fine, until we took pictures.
    Leave them alone. Give them more time, more $$ and more lawyers. Ask SACS to translate the demands into a lower RL and provide an audio version of the text. Hire another incompetent superintendent, hire more friends and relatives, warn people at the county line that we are HIGHLY INNOVATIVE in DC, where children and teachers come LAST. What test scores, what achievement. Walker doesn’t know and we don’t need to know, either.
    How about it? Sounds like a plan to me.
    Time will pass. Even the longest day has an end.

  26. Maybe the good Doctor’s case will go to the U.S. Supreme Court. He can lose his reputation in front of a national audience then.

  27. H.A. Hurley says:

    Did you say the Doctor’s Good Reputation? I had a big laugh. Sounds to me that his reputation was always tainted, and this is only a continuation of a lousy character and lazy work.

    I am of mind that we just need to wait until everything runs out and he is gone. Can’t make it happen any earlier. The only determination this man shows is to stay, come hell or high water. He’s got the upper hand because legislators are too weak to stop it, the law has no provisions to address this – nothing has been this poor before. And, then there is the race card. Oh, yes! That makes sense because he is not hurting 100,000 kids, Black, White, Brown, Red, Yellow!
    We sit and wait. He might even snooze through this.

  28. The Rest of the Story says:

    You left out some details and items that everyone should remember:

    1. Walker didn’t declare the $18,000 in Sembler campaign contributions until AFTER the election because his time was better spent “shaking hands than filling out forms” http://atlantaunfiltered.com/2009/06/25/sembler-donations-went-undisclosed-until-election-was-over/

    2. After the donations and reporting sleight of hand were revealed, Walker got the school board to table discussion of a district-written code of ethics because a state legislator had announced his intent to file legislation that would have subjected the school board to a new ethics commission to prevent school board members with conflicts of interest from serving. Walker said he objected to the school board discussing the district’s code of ethics because he thought the board was too easily acquiescing to his critics. http://www.championnewspaper.com/news/articles/191school-board-tables-ethics-policy-at-walker%E2%80%99s-request-191.html

    3. Although Walker said that the Sembler money didn’t influence him, he voted for two large tax abatements for Sembler after the election. http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/semblers-investment-in-dekalb/nQG4B/

    4. While he was head of the Development Authority, Walker, without the knowledge or approval of the rest of the board members, gave then-CEO Vernon Jones $8,000 of the Authority’s money so that Jones could attend the Olympics in Athens, Greece. http://www.peachpundit.com/2007/01/17/fun-happenings-in-dekalb/

    5. Walker was appointed as the Commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice in 1995. In 1997, the US Department of Justice began an investigation into allegations that the state Department allowed staff at juvenile facilities to physically abuse youths, to use mechanical and chemical restraints on mentally ill children and of failing to provide adequate education, medical, mental health and rehabilitative services. The case was settled in 1998 with the announcement that the state would commit $65 million to improvements. http://savannahnow.com/stories/031998/LOCjuvenilejustice.html

    Just thought you should know…..

  29. The Rest of the Story says:

    Forgot to mention that in the first sexual harassement case, from when Walker was in the state legislature, settled out of court with a payment to the plaintiff. He won a jury verdict in the second case, from when he was with the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

  30. H.A. Hurley says:

    True to form, I bet G. Walker KNOWS that he has done a superb job in everything he has done. Just ask him! Incompetent sociopathic people protect their lousy character that way. Works for them and leaves others furious.
    Although our system is floating in the big ocean without a compass or leadership, there is hope in the air. Having the dead-weight anchor removed, floating is refreshing, and feeling assured that we will land on a new shore. Keep the lights on!

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