The Main Event — Today, 2:30 PM

Thanks to one of our readers, we have the Brief in Support of Preliminary Injunction Enjoining Suspension of Members of the DeKalb County Board of Education Based on Lack of Procedural Due Process.  If you read nothing else, Brief in Support of Preliminary Injunction Enjoining Suspension is the main document to read.  It is 24 pages long.

Also, we have these two pertinent documents, thanks to one of our readers:  Georgia’s Answer to DeKalb’s Trial Brief and Judge Story’s Order Detailing Rules for His Courtroom.

We have not heard from any media organization that they will be blogging live from the hearing. If we find one who is, we will let you know, right here.

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  1. Tucker Mom says:

    Please forgive me if this has already been covered, but what happened to the listing of recent comments that used to appear on the right side of this page? Is it just me, or is the listing gone? I found it very useful for following the comments on specific posts.

  2. Around the Water Cooler says:

    I noticed the “Recent Comments” list has disappeared, too. It was on the DSW WordPress blog until this week.

  3. concernedmom30329 says:

    No laptops, cameras, cell phones etc being allowed in courtroom, so I am guessing no live tweets. ;(

  4. concernedmom30329 says:

    Actually it looks like @AndrewChampNews has a laptop with no camera and will try to tweet.

  5. Yes, Andrew Cauthen is tweeting. Follow him now — @AndrewChampNews

  6. Disgusted in Dekalb says:

    I’ve been missing the “Recent Comments” section also; I use it all the time to find out which posts have had recent comments. Saves a lot of time.

  7. Hmmm… I didn’t realize that went away. I’ll go find it and put it back. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Disgusted in Dekalb says:

    That was fast—thanks!!

  9. Figured out something else!! I added Andrew’s tweets to the side panel… scroll down to just above the phone and follow Andrew…either on our side panel, or click the Twitter bird to add him to your own list… or follow at Twitter online:

  10. howdy1942 says:

    Just saw where Judge Story today declined to make a ruling so the drama AND expense goes on. I think that the people of Dekalb have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to know how much we have spent on Gene Walker on THIS SUIT. That would be a question directed to the three remaining members of the School Board. How much has Bob Wilson billed Dekalb County and through what date is that billing?

    I have a sick feeling in my stomach that the taxpayers of this County are in for a big shock. The cost of this litigation will eventually be made public – we the taxpayers are paying the bill and we deserve to know. The three remaining board members need to understand that that you will be held accountable.

    Again, we have a right to know.

  11. Ella says:

    I am sick today and went to the doctor this morning.

    I impulsively got in the car and went to the hearing. I am so glad I did. It was extremely enlighting.

    It would appear to me that Dr. Walker is the only one pushing the case forward. He was the only school board member there in the courtroom period. Dr. Walker was the only school board member mentioned by Mr. Wilson and Quinn by name.

    I felt lke Honorable Story was extremely prepared. He had read everything. He asked questions.
    He made it know that he understood how important this ruling was for the students, and property owners in DeKalb County.

    I left feeling without a doubt that the main issue the judge was looking at was the due process of the school board members. However, he did bring up that the state allow for an individual hearing of each school board member if they petitition to get their job back.

    I also felt like the state may have made a mistake by not removing all 9 school board members as all of them could apply to be re-instated. However the explanation was in the law as to the reason they were allowed to stay.

    The state started out the hearing with an expert explaining about acreditation agency and the problems children in the school system face without acreditation. In cross examination Wilson asked her if she was at the state board hearing and she was not.

  12. Ella says:

    I also thought it did not look good that the school system themself decided who would be interviewed in the school system and what stakeholders in the community would be interviewed to start with. I am sure they had other letters for the community members that they could ask questions to the school board employees.

  13. Obviously Walker has spent time getting his NAACP race card thugs involved to try to get some racial tension going. It’s not going to work. DeKalb taxpayers of all colors are fed up with his antics. Shame on John Evans for joining the Walker bandwagon.

  14. howdy1942 says:

    @Ella – Thank you for the update. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution quotes former Dekalb County School Board Member Zepora “I’m gonna slug you” Roberts as saying that the rights of voters in South Dekalb are more important than the rights of children. Read it – I couldn’t make that up! I thought the people of South Dekalb removed her from office via the ballot box. I would like to hear from them.

    Fox 5 news also reports that Gene Walker is the only one of the suspended six members who is keeping this lawsuit going. Ella, your observation that he was the only one in court today appears to confirm this. If that is true, I send a big thank you to Sarah, to Jay, to Donna, to Pam, and to Nancy.

    Again, I think that the residents of Dekalb County – North, Central, South, East, West are in for a shocking surprise when these legal bills come due. In just slightly over one week, Walker’s lawyers have filed petitions and appeared twice before a State judge, filed an emergency petition before a Federal judge, and now have gone to Federal Court – and it still isn’t over. Walker’s bills to the county are probably approaching $1 million. If true, add the $170,000 for that “governance training” law firm and we are at $1.2 million. Add that to the deficit financing just approved at last Monday’s School Board meeting and that deficit financing probably increases from $3.6 million per year to over $3.8 million per year. That means that Walker has taken $200,000 per year out of the classrooms for each of the next six years. And the probability that we will lose our accreditation has only increased. I’m sure that SACS is thoroughly – probably beyond – “had it” with Dekalb. There is virtually no measurable probability that Dekalb will maintain its accreditation if Judge Story rules for Walker – no way! This school board voted for more legal expenses, voted to hire a superintendent with absolutely no experience in education and who has done little other than politicize the process, and this board has conducted votes in executive session that should have been conducted in public, namely, selecting a law firm to provide training (no legal or personnel issues). All of this has only intensified the concerns that SACS listed in its December 19, 2012, report.

    Robbing the children in the classroom and depriving them of their “due process” of receiving an accredited education is the measure of Gene Walker. It is not the measure of a man!

  15. Many thanks to Andrew Cauthen! We will paste his tweets from the hearing below: Read from the bottom up…

    • Andrew Cauthen – Champion News
    • #DeKalb hearing is now adjourned.
    • Judge is taking the matter under advisement. He will issue an opinion as soon as he can. Time is of the essence.
    • State BOE atty is Stefan Ritter. #DeKalb is represented by Bob Wilson, Stephen Quinn.
    • If #DeKalb board members say they haven’t their day in court, “They have had 1 day already. And they didn’t prevail. they will have another
    • GBOE atty:We are talking about how that board has functioned. It is entirely appropriate to treat them as a group for that purpose.
    • There are many school boards that have multiple accreditations. #DeKalb chose not to do that.
    • GBOEs atty: SACS was one of the possible accrediting agencies. One that they chose.
    • #DeKalb atty:I’ve got no criticism of what the legis. is trying to do.this statute gives u no notice certainly sets no procedures
    • #DeKalb atty has sat down. GBOE atty now up.
    • Judge Story is seeming to hint that it’s OK that the School Board Six were treated as a whole and not as individual….#DeKalb
    • I don’t have a good feeling about this….it’s almost 5 p.m…..
    • #DeKalb atty: SACS report has a lot of hearsay in it.
    • I just looked back. Kerry and Gene Walker are awake. #DeKalb
    • I’ve picked up several new followers today. Welcome to the conversation. #DeKalb
    • Wilson ?ed the notice that #DeKalb board members must show “why the state board should not recommend to the gov. that he should suspend them
    • BTW, I have an intern with me, Kerry King, of Academe of the Oaks. He’s had quite a week following me around. #DeKalb federal hearing
    • #DeKalb school atty Wilson: I can’t always define due process. I know it when I don’t see it. In this case, due process has been denied.
    • #DeKalb atty Wilson is reading the U.S. Constitution
    • The district loses its right to be represented by the very people it elected.–#DeKalb atty Wilson

  16. Interim Superintendent to Host Employee Meet and Greets

    Interim Superintendent Michael Thurmond will host a series of meet and greet sessions for employees to hear district updates, take part in in the budget process and ask questions. The sessions are not mandatory, and employees can choose the session that best meets his/her schedule. Separate opportunities for parents and community members will be held.

    The meet and greets will take place on:

    March 12 – 4:15-5:45Arabia Mountain High School Auditorium, 6610 Browns Mill Road, Lithonia
    March 13 – 5:30-7 – Dr. Ronald E. McNair High School Auditorium, 1804 Bouldercrest Road SE, Atlanta
    March 18 – 5:15-6:45Cross Keys High School Cafeteria*, 1626 N. Druid Hills Road, Atlanta
    March 19 – 4:15-5:45Tucker High School Auditorium, 5036 Lavista Road, Tucker
    March 20 – 3:30-5Stone Mountain High Auditorium, 455 Central Drive, Stone Mountain

    *Note that Cross Keys NEVER got the auditorium promised to all high schools with SPLOST 3 – AND – they still have never had their ruddy, dangerous track fixed.

  17. Ella says:

    I was left with the impression that the only issue here is about due process.

    At one time Judge Story indicated/hinted that this situaiton is different that other legal due processes situations regarding a criminal due to the rights of the children, and the taxpayers in the county/state and the damage that could be done here. I think he was considering the rights of the students and taxpayers and possible indicating that the rights of the school board members individually cannot outweigh or be separated from the rights of the public. His comments were interesting.

  18. Ella says:

    Wilson was referring to a criminal situation and that is when Judge Story indicated there may be a difference in this situation as the school board members are not on trial and they still can apply for their job and at that time each one of them will have a hearing individually to see if they can have their job back.

    To me this is a due process.

  19. Todd says:

    Ironically, if Mr. wilson were to recall the days he spent as DA, he would be on the other side of his own argument. I agree that this due process required is like not as much as the highest criminal standard but it seems as though much of it already exists….and the Board has already had it.

    For example, when Mr. Wilson took a criminal case to a probable cause hearing, did he provide the accused with a list of witnesses? No, because the law did not and does not require such. Did the officer testifying there speak of thing other people said (usually labeled hearsay)? Certainly. I would doubt that he declined to proceed there.

    As another example, when a criminal defendant is convicted at trial, and moves for a new trial based upon alleged legal error, do you know who hears that motion? That’s right, the same judge that ruled over the Defendant’s case. Sound familiar? And when the defendant loses the motion for new trial, he gets to appeal to folks that may not have received a single elected vote in the Defendant’s own county, and may have been elected by people living in counties far away from the Defendant’s home. Isn’t that Walker’s complaint?

    Putting aside the fact that the judge now considering the case ironically was elected by exactly zero citizens of anywhere, the most important thing to remember is that the Board has had due process….it was the 14 hour slow bleed hearing. Witnesses were sworn. Court reporter killed several thousand trees. Lawyers cross-examined witnesses. Evidence was tendered. Objections were made, heard and sustained (particularly the ubiquitous and apparently King Richard powerful “executive session”). Most importantly, both sides had subpoena power and could have and should have brought whomever they pleased. The DBOE cannot now complain that SACS was the great Wizard of Oz and they couldnt possibly find out who or what is behind the curtain, if they actually called Elgart to find which people conducted the SACS interviews. Did they? If he wouldn’t give up the names, why didn’t Wilson and crew bring that up? I heard Elgart say that, while SACS didn’t keep the notes from the interviews, the folks that did the interviews had them. Was the due process the Board was afforded the greatest the world has ever known? No, the didn’t get a death penalty jury of 12 qualified from 250+ jurors, years of time to prepare (like DeKalb has gotten the lawsuits it didn’t decide to cave on….like the text messages one), and pretrial process reviewed and approved by an appellate court, but the process still has been enough.

    Personally, the usurpation of the voters’ decisions is likely the biggest historically important line another division of government could ever cross. However, I try to keep two things in mind….

    1) the kids don’t get to vote. They deserve the best education. Helping children succeed is probably the most noble pursuit humankind has ever known. I believe in a system that checks on the progress of the school board and I do not agree with Dr. Walker’s kingfisher-ish “if the voters want me gone, they can recall me” mantra. Kids are too important. I would have thought someone wha was, ironically, appointed and not elected to a juvenile justice post, would know that, but I guess that was a hope too far.

    2) if not now, when? What else would the school board have to do (or not do) to get removed? Trade the now allegedly found textbooks for cocaine? I think the fact that the Board is now having to print money to finance this stuff. Putting aside the nature of the lawsuit, they are spending money they do NOT have.

  20. concernedmom30329 says:

    Also, this board just voted to spend 250000 dollars for AP tests, That money probably doesn’t really exist either. It is a like a shell game that will be kept afloat by a loan again this summer.

  21. Ella says:

    The fact that the school board was not able to cross examine the individuals who said the individual school board members had done these deeds that were a violation in this case was a big issue regarding due process. However, on the other hand that the DeKalb County School System is the only school district put on probation is also a tell-tell issue.

    The fact that SACS does not keep records of who said what is also interesting and part of the issue according to Wilson. However, that is not saying that the individuals who were part of the SACs accreditation process did not keep notes. I figure they probable are notes but they are just not on file in the SACS office to protect the individuals who SACs interviewed.

  22. Whistleblowers (all the people who wrote letters but wish to remain anonymous out of fear) should be protected. It is up to the receiver of information to follow the lead and dig up the evidence. If you ask me, Atkinson is a whistleblower too, as she requested that KPMG audit certain ‘transactions’ including the textbook line of credit. SACS did then provide documentation showing that the textbook money was ‘missing’ or at least unaccounted for in the form of the KPMG audit. Even if the administration found the books as they say they have – there is no proof of it due to their poor record-keeping (a standard gateway to fraud) – we just have to believe them. Kathy Howe says she knows the answers to the books – but she has only worked for DCSS for a little over a year – the line of credit is years old. She wasn’t aware that some of the line of credit was used to pay for the loan generation fees ($$$) and attorney fees to none other than King & Spalding – our agency of record on the Heery case! The KPMG auditors could not reconcile the entire $12 million remaining on line of credit – for me, that is proof enough and I don’t care what Ms. Howe is ‘saying’.

    Read through our page full of SACS history with DeKalb:

    You can see all the past demands of SACS and Ramona Tyson’s and other responses.

    Then check out our page full of budgets and audits:
    At the very bottom of the page you can download the KPMG audit to review for yourself.

    These resources and more are all located among the pull-down menus at the top navigation tabs on our home page.

  23. Todd says:

    Who says they weren’t able? I mean, besides them? I understand that they did not, but that is far cry from saying they COULD not. I didn’t hear any proof of any variety that they tried to contact SACS, subpoena SACS documents or personnel, etc. Besides, I believe that the DBOE KNEW who the SACS folks were (in terms of their identities) who came in and did the interviewing, didn’t they? To believe otherwise requires that the DBOE just simply let unknown numbers of unknown people access to interview whomever they wanted as many times for as many hours over as many topics as they wanted. Heck, a parent can’t even physically get INTO a school where her child attends without being buzzed into the building.

    If I am missing something (like some proof that SACS ran in an army ant-like flurry and storm trooper costumes with identities concealed), perhaps I am wrong. But I just don’t recall anything like that happening…..moreover, I haven’t seen any PROOF that such a thing happened.

    And that’s the real issue….there isn’t any PROOF that DBOE didn’t know what was going on with the SACS interviews. My guess is that, if we were privy to ALL of the Board emails internally and to/from anyone in SACS, we’d see that it was abundantly clear that certain people were doing the interviewing. Why weren’t those people subpeonaed to either the January or February hearings? Or the Fulton County hearing? Or the federal court hearing?

    Wilson should know that notes are not the issue. I’m sure he prosecuted many a case where the police report or other evidence was “lost” (and it probably actually was because (gasp) things like that do happen)…and it didn’t mean the case was dismissed. Rather, the issue is a person’s memory, observations, impressions, perceptions, etc. Notes sometimes help refresh recollections but the law says first-hand knowledge is best. Besides, Elgart admitted at the hearing that the notes are around….just not with SACS corporate.

    If it is the existence of notes they seek, subpoena everyone to the hearings. Start handing out subpoenae like free Mega Millions tickets. Find out the information and get on with it. The fact that they didn’t do that is fairly telling of the situation. You can tell me SACS made it all and it is a big conspiracy (I doubt it.) You can tell me that certain members of the Board “tried” to be whistleblowers and solve the issue (not good enough if they didn’t try to burn the village to save it). You can tell me that it is not right that decisions of the voters have to be put aside (kids didn’t get to vote).

    But don’t try to tell me that they couldn’t get the information. I’m not buying it.

  24. Ella says:

    Todd I totally agree. However, the fact that the school board members could not face their accusers was a big issue and the only main items I would be concerned about regarding due process.

    However, Honorable Story indicated that this was not a typical situation (like a criminal case) as if the governor was to wait or the state board would to wait the children would suffer. He even made a statement that due process is not always clear. Wilson jumped all over this. He even questioned why all the board members were not removed. However, the state explained this and it was extremely reasonable as they were not involved on the board when the board came under the acreditation issues.

    I did feel like Wilson did an excellent job in representing the interests of Dr. Walker and the removed board members.

    Just that the Judge asked a great deal of questions about the due process hearing that occurred within 60 days of removal I suspect he saw that their was a due process for each member of the board who was removed. That is just my take on the situation.

    The issues are very complicated. I did not feel that the voting act was that big of an issue with the judge. The county has repeatily put itself in the same category as the state regarding being exempt from liability but they went into federal court on this situation indicating they were different. The judge indicated that the school board could not use the law one way in one situation and another way in another situation and they definitely had used the law to protect them from liability in court cases.

  25. Great reporting Ella! We’re all glad you went!

  26. howdy1942 says:

    Ella – again, a big thank you for keeping all of us informed.

  27. dekalbite2 says:

    From the Georgia Constitution:
    “Art. VIII
    Paragraph I. Public education; free public education prior to college or postsecondary level; support by taxation. The provision of an adequate public education for the citizens shall be a primary obligation of the State of Georgia. Public education for the citizens prior to the college or postsecondary level shall be free and shall be provided for by taxation”

    Schools systems must maintain some standards. After all the state funds the school systems and has a Constitutional responsibility to provide an adequate education it’s students. The Legislature has set SACS accreditation as the standard. Is there no penalty when a school system is mismanaged so badly that it can’t meet the minimum standards set by SACS?

    What about students’ rights to have the tax money the state collects to be used for educational experiences that result in academic improvement? Does a Board that misspent the money that was supposed to be used for students’ academic improvement have more rights because they were elected locally than the state’s interest in ensuring ALL students in the state have a basic level of competence? Can a locally elected Board be allowed to make decisions regarding students that result in students achieving less and less and their academic achievement degrading?

    These Board members have hundreds of millions a year in state funding. Why shouldn’t the state have a say when these elected individuals take state taxpayer money and spend it in ways that not only do not result in academic improvement, but also spend it in ways that ensure students will NOT improve academically. Students are not just citizens of DeKalb County. They are also Georgians and Georgia taxpayers are funing their education just as the Georgia Consitution mandates (an adequate education for all).

    A ruling for this dysfunctional Board that has impeded the academic progress of the students placed in its charge will strike a blow against the basic rights of students in Georgia to receive an adequate education. Abandoning students who are being denied an adequate education by the actions of a locally elected Board seems to run counter to the Constitution of Georgia.

    I’ve heard a lot about what Bob Wilson said. What did the state say? Many thanks to Ella for going down to listen.

  28. Ella says:

    The state basically indicated that all the board members had to be let go in they were that involved at the time of probation.

    That gave the reason why they did not asked for the three who were just elected.

    They indicated that this information was not heresay as SACS definitely went in and investigated it.

    They indicated that SACs was the standard.

    They indicated that there was due process of law by the 14 hour hearing in which the board could have required any one they wanted to come and testified.

    They indicated that Wilson did not prove that the books were in the schools while Wilson indicated they did.

    I felt Wilson did a great job. I felt the state could have done more than they did. However, I got the impression at the end that the state felt like it had proved it case. The judge told the attorneys if they had any additional briefs to get them to him fast as he was going to rule real soon.

  29. Todd says:

    The true irony of this whole thing is that, because of the DBOE shenanigans, the “elitists under the Gold Dome” are going to legislatively fix (either by new or refined law or by amendment referendum) any issues that are decreed…..meaning that all of the kids OUTSIDE of DeKalb will be better off and more protected from shenanigans than those IN DeKalb.

  30. howdy1942 says:

    I’m looking forward to hearing from Judge Story.

    I’d like to turn this discussion around a bit. If on December 13, 2013, the Dekalb County School System loses its accreditation because of this board, it seems to me like the parents and residents of this County would have the latitude under law to address their grievances in court. Taxpayers in Dekalb County have paid taxes for years – a lot of taxes. In my case, over $1800.00 per year goes to to finance schools and we have no kids in the system now. But we view it as our responsibility to support a public school system that provides the children of our county with a quality education from an accredited school. That benefits our children, our community, and our economy. The reason for any loss in accreditation will be the individual and collective responsibility of the members of this school board. If SACS removes our accreditation, our children will have no avenue by which they can address their grievances. Their rights to a quality education from an accredited school system will have been violated by a school board elected with the responsibility of providing that education and failed to do so even after repeated warnings of its shortcomings. In short, I would consider this to be a gross failure. Accordingly, I am wondering what the merits might be of a legal challenge in a court case which wouldl be brought against the individuals on this school board, against board as a group, and against the superintendent of schools, Michael Thurmond.

    Gene Walker and other members of this board were elected by the voters – true. But with the right to serve given them by the voters was an inherent responsibility to do the job. They failed. SACS issued its warning AFTER the last election and BEFORE the next election in July 2014. Because this school board has failed to taken any significant action in the almost three months since the December 19, 2012, report by SACS, there is no reasonable avenue to the residents of Dekalb County to address their grievances. A recall – 90 days to complete a recall if started today, another 90 days before and election could be held, and the possibility of a runoff election after that make a recall impossible, especially so if there were to be any time to address the eleven SACS issues. Even if these six resigned and Governor Deal were to authorize elections, the end problem of addressing SACS issues could not be reasonably addressed.

    At the State hearing, Ramona Tyson talked about what she was doing to address the SACS issues. I find that rather strange. A reading of the SACS report focuses on the Board of Education – not the school system. Accordingly, only the Board can address those issues. They cannot be delegated. Ramona Tyson works FOR the Board – the Board does not work for her. That would be like my boss asking me to write his appraisal as well as to define what he is going to do in order to address his shortcomings. Similarly, Ramona Tyson has no authority and no power to speak for this Board – they must speak for themselves, they must tell SACS what they are going to do, they must make any commitments – measurable commitments to SACS, they must provide a schedule by which their incremental performance can be measured, and they must perform – not Ramona Tyson. Gene Walker was completely out of order in asking Dr. Atkinson to ask Ramona Tyson to work on this. The voters of Dekalb County gave these responsibilities to members of this board and they must answer for any failure to meet those responsibilities.

    In short, Gene Walker had his rights and he had his responsibilities. He failed to meet his responsibilities over an extended period of time. For over two years, Georgia law has provided an avenue to address such a failure. It was used in Clayton County and went without challenge. It was used again in Dekalb County and now, after two years, Gene Walker wants to challenge. It is absolutely beyond belief that a state legislator would agree that this law was on the books, but it was never intended to be used. Gene Walker has an avenue to address his grievance. He can file one within 30 days of Governor Deal’s order. And he can run again, if he so chooses, in July 2014. By my count, he has at least two avenues in which to address his grievance outside of his court case. Our people have no such avenues. More important, our children have no avenues to address their grievances – and they have not failed!

  31. Ella says:

    howdy1942, I got the impression the judge would rule extremely fastly. He made it clear if the attorneys had any additional briefs that they better get them to him soon as he was about ready to rule.

    Howdy1042, I do agree with most of what you have said entirely. However, I believe the school board are partially in the situation they are today because of micro-management verses allowing the school board employees to do their job. I believe it is appropriate to let the school board attorneys and the school system employees deal with the SACS issue as it should be the school employees who are working with SACs for the most part and not the school board members.

    I also suspect we will not be hearing from the school board members on their blogs or any comments much to the press after the meeting the new superintendent had with the school board members on Thursday. I set behind Dr. Walker and a reporter came up and was trying to get comments from him and all he said was he was going to let the process follow through. He would not comment. Just that not a one of the school board members were in court except Dr. Walker also spoke volumes to me. They appear to be staying out of the news medias eyes. They have low profiles right now. Who knows there may have been a deal worked out regarding keeping a low profile to keep this situation from hurting the region and state any worse than it already has.

    No one talked to the news media except Ms. Roberts.

  32. REMINDER: Two school system-related events in Dunwoody TODAY (from the Patch):

    Public Forum: Improving Public Education in Dunwoody
    Today, March 3, 2013, 4:00 pm

    Kingswood United Methodist Church, 5015 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA

    Dunwoody residents interested in improving the quality of education in Dunwoody schools will share information on accreditation, legislative efforts, alternatives to the current public school district, and potential actions. The presentation will feature representatives from city and state government, local public education advocates, and a discussion session for participants to share their ideas and concerns.

    Where Kingswood United Methodist Church 5015 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30338
    March 3, 2013
    4:00 pm


    DeKalb Superintendent Set to Speak at Dunwoody Homeowners Association

    Michael Thurmond is tentatively set to speak at the DHA’s board meeting Sunday night.

    Schools will be a major topic for this Sunday night’s board meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

    DeKalb Interim School Superintendent Michael Thurmond is tentatively set to address the board during its meeting at 7:30 pm at the DeKalb Cultural Arts Center*.

    Also on the agenda is a discussion of state Rep. Tom Taylor’s bill to allow newly incorporated cities to form their own independent school systems.

    * We’re pretty sure they mean the North DeKalb Cultural Arts Center at: 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

  33. Ella says:

    Thurman is being a politician for the DeKalb County Schools. He is trying to assure the parents everything will be ok.

    I believe he also has done a great deal to keep the drama down. I notice the school board members are not speaking to the press anymore for some reason. Could it be the meeting with Thurman on Thursday? What kind of agreement was he getting from the school board members and what were they getting in return?

    I was amazed no one was at the federal hearing downtown except Dr. Walker. I was shocked only Dr. Walker’s name was discussed during the hearing. Is this now only Dr. Walker’s fight??????

    I suspect the governor and Thurman wants the removed school board members out of the spotlight as much as possible.

    I suspect to hear something from the federal courts early next week. I do expect Judge Story to rule fairly fast. I think he knows there needs to be a fast decision one way or another.

  34. To read about the meetings in Dunwoody today, click over to Audra’s “Aha!” newsletter — she took notes and posted them online. Thanks Audra!!

  35. Tim McGaughey says:

    Judge Story has entered an Order today denying the request for Prelminary Injunction that was requested by the School District. His Order also sends to the Georgia Supreme Court a certified question to answer regarding Georgia law governing removal of Board Members. The case is not over, but the District’s request to halt the Board Member removal has been denied.

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