Do right by your kids – a DSW editorial

Have you seen this video? It is a time-lapsed sequence of daily photos taken of Ian McLeod by his dad and edited into a video to music. It’s a strong reminder of just how quickly time goes by and as parents, we are responsible for the well-being of our children. Your child is your most treasured and important responsibility.

From Yahoo “Shine”: The video sequence opens gradually—frame after frame captures a tiny baby from the first day he entered the world at Harrogate General Hospital in Yorkshire, England. Then it races forward and literally becomes a life flashing before our eyes through pictures that Ian McCleod took of his son, Cory, essentially every day of his 21 years. He compiled the more than 7,500 images into a six-minute time-lapse sequence he posted on YouTube in late September. Cory’s life, from birth to becoming a young man, has now been witnessed by more than 800,000 people around the world, and received 300,000 hits on one day alone in Japan.

We focus on what’s wrong with the ‘system’ here at the blog, but we know that every day teachers and staff are working behind the scenes—ensuring that learning happens. Parents and PTAs are doing everything in their power to create normalcy and promote success and happiness in our schools. We applaud every single one of you and remind you that you are the key to righting this ship as you push past the top level dysfunction and make sure things are working at the schoolhouse level.  Our schools belong to us and by supporting them at every turn we ensure their ability to do the job at hand—educate our children.

Do right by your kids. Be involved in their education and daily life. If you can support your child’s teacher and classroom in any way, do so. Spend as much time as you can with your children at home – you are their first and most powerful teacher. Read to them. Take them places. Explain the simple things in life. Teach them about the world around them. Help them build a healthy spiritual life – faith is a gift like no other. Dig into their daily lives – even if it means setting aside some of your own responsibilities. There is really nothing more important – or more rewarding than raising a child and watching them grow into a healthy, productive, self-reliant individual who confidently, but humbly walks in the world.

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  1. Kim says:

    If there is anything that drives our priorities at Cross Keys Foundation, it is this priority on children and classrooms. We need parents and teachers, for sure, to continue giving their a for the children of our community. But I have never really doubted the majority of parents and teachers in DeKalb do just that … it is everyone else that gives me pause. Everything we can do to shorten the distance between our community resources and our classrooms has my full support.

    By way of celebrating our teachers, we recently shared this tribute to a teacher because we know many like him in our cluster who make the difference for our CK area kids:

  2. Chamblee Dad says:

    Thank you for this. Very well said. I really can’t improve, but I will add this: I recently posted elsewhere that daily involvement in our own families & home schools doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive with our efforts systemwide, whatever they may be (keep the system whole, create new city schools, accreditation, get rid of some/all of board, try to work w/current super., try to replace them, fix budget this way or that, whatever). For myself they really don’t have to be mutually exclusive, EXCEPT when it comes to TIME. My default has become family vs. local school, family wins; local school vs. system, local wins. System not ignored, responsibility to the greater community is still important to me, and not just school. I know the same is true for most on this board & elsewhere, these postings taken as a whole do reflect a community concern for all our schools.

    Hits home this weekend spending all my time with kids, plus touching on local school a time or two. There will be plenty of time for “system-mode” another day. Except when there isn’t. Following the past couple of weeks, nice time for reflection on what’s most rewarding. As it has often been said: you never hear anyone reflecting on their lives as parents saying “I wished I had spent less time with my kids.”

  3. Chamblee Dad says:

    And then I just see one of those late night commercials asking for funding for starving, diseased kids around the world, and they work on some level. You look at your own child – safe, healthy & well-fed, and you want to get on a plane & take that TV child food, medicine, shelter, & really just hold them. And then I’m reminded that one of the best ways to do right by my kids is to set an example of doing right for others in need, and get them involved too. Not exactly the same, but reaching out beyond our own homes, if not necesarily in the DeKalb school situation, in some form. There are times when setting aside the needs for your own family to help another family, serve both. If you do it right, it has to.

  4. REMINDER: Two school system-related events in Dunwoody TODAY (from the Patch):

    Public Forum: Improving Public Education in Dunwoody
    Today, March 3, 2013, 4:00 pm

    Kingswood United Methodist Church, 5015 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA

    Dunwoody residents interested in improving the quality of education in Dunwoody schools will share information on accreditation, legislative efforts, alternatives to the current public school district, and potential actions. The presentation will feature representatives from city and state government, local public education advocates, and a discussion session for participants to share their ideas and concerns.

    Where Kingswood United Methodist Church 5015 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30338
    March 3, 2013
    4:00 pm


    DeKalb Superintendent Set to Speak at Dunwoody Homeowners Association

    Michael Thurmond is tentatively set to speak at the DHA’s board meeting Sunday night.

    Schools will be a major topic for this Sunday night’s board meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

    DeKalb Interim School Superintendent Michael Thurmond is tentatively set to address the board during its meeting at 7:30 pm at the DeKalb Cultural Arts Center*.

    Also on the agenda is a discussion of state Rep. Tom Taylor’s bill to allow newly incorporated cities to form their own independent school systems.

    * We’re pretty sure they mean the North DeKalb Cultural Arts Center at: 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338


    But, then again, it’s Sunday – and a very pretty day at that – so why not just spend some quality time with your kids at the park and let these people iron out their troubles on their own?

  5. Edugator says:

    I won’t be joining the secessionist movement at the meeting today. DeKalb is flawed, but grabbing our toys and going home isn’t a great solution. So as you admire the new buildings at PCMS and DHS, remember that great schools are driven by kids, parents, teachers, and the community, not a system.

    This afternoon yard work seems more entertaining than continued kvetching about the system.

  6. Another comment says:

    All the school districts need to be broken up into school districts no larger than 1-2 high schools large with their feeder schools. They should be the size of Decatur, Marietta, Buford, etc… All of these small districts out perform the large districts. Look at other states, the high performing states are made up of these small local controlled districts. Can anyone name a mega district that is high performing throughout?

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