The elephants in the palace

elephants-palaceOn the heels of the first meeting of the new DeKalb School Board, and now that reality has set in, we would like to revisit several “Big” items that are still lurking in the halls of the Palace, presenting major hurdles for this Board to jump.

First, of course, is the SACS accreditation. Remember now, that Ramona Tyson was superintendent when DCSS was placed on Academic Warning. In response to SACS, Ramona filed a massive, 25,000 page hard copy paper dump on SACS–the result of which is that today, we are now on Probation and facing a complete loss of accreditation in December.

[BTW – Ramona did the same thing when we requested a copy of the Ernst & Young Salary Study.  At first she stalled and said it was lost.  Then she put together various pages from related and unrelated information.  Then, when we persisted, she sent us four (4!) legal boxes of an unorganized paper dump — mostly e-mails — we estimate approximately 16,000 pages.  All she had to do was request copies of the survey and audit from Ernst & Young. She later made a statement about the Ernst & Young findings and promised to conduct a full compensation audit—which to this day has not been done.]

Oddly, Ramona is still on the payroll.  Even stranger, our new superintendent, Michael Thurmond, has placed Ramona in charge of responding to SACS again. It sort of reminds us of the Republicans running Mitt Romney for President after he already lost once. Not the best choice.

Second, we have several looming lawsuits which in reality, could bankrupt us if we lose them. Of course there’s the one between Gene Walker and the State and Governor. The new Board voted Monday to disengage themselves from this lawsuit and cease funding the attorney (who already charged taxpayers over $160,000 in the last seven weeks). But, thanks to Orson, McMahan and Johnson and the rest of the former Board except Nancy Jester (who voted NO), the case was filed while Gene Walker was still de facto board chair.  So, Walker could carry on and win this case, and the current Board could find they have some financial liability, as well as find themselves in the precarious predicament of having to reinstate the former Board members—the very people the Governor chose them to replace.

Further, we have the teachers’ lawsuit over the former Board’s decision to remove the matching contributions to teacher’s pensions. The Board broke their own policy to give a two-year notice for such action in order to make this enormous cut. On the surface, that sounds like a reasonable budget cut, however, in reality, this matching contribution was originally adopted in order to opt out of Social Security, where employees pay 7% and employers BY LAW pay a matching 7%. The matching TSA contribution was supposed to be in lieu of the matching Social Security 7%. Private sector employers cannot choose to opt out of paying the match to Social Security, so this would essentially be some form of tax evasion on the part of the school board.  They will lose, in our opinion. And it will cost us upwards of $50 million or more. >> Read more.

Then, there is the mother of all lawsuits—Heery Mitchell vs DeKalb County School System. Heery originally sued DCSS for unpaid invoices and breach of contract for around $1.5 million in total.  Dr. Lewis then convinced the Board to spend $3.6 million to pay a consultant to conduct a study on how to respond.  Their suggestion? Counter-sue for one hundred million dollars! (Say that with your pinkie upturned at the corner of your mouth.) Now, we have already paid King & Spalding lawyers and other vendors well over $30 million in this civil action and haven’t seen the inside of a courtroom! In addition, we are paying lawyers in this case to defend Dr. Lewis and several former Board members – to the tune of over [an estimated] $200,000 thus far. This is, of course, a different lawsuit from the criminal case against Dr. Lewis and his COO, Pat (Pope) Reid. Much of that cost will fall to taxpayers through the DA’s office.

>> Click here to read Heery’s new very interesting website highlighting their side of the case.

The Board should not be spending a penny more than it takes to keep the lights and water on and teachers in the classrooms, yet they spent millions at their very first meeting. Mr. Perrone did not present the February financials at the March meeting, but he did say that they don’t look good. This Board may not realize that they may be in charge of a historic public financial disaster—they would be wise to start doing some very serious research on the school system’s liabilities.  Research they do on their own–not simply soaking in the story they are told by the staff and attorneys.

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  1. @Cell: We haven’t forgotten Tucker at all – and really quite empathize with their position. We just don’t think Tucker’s focus should be tearing down the people starting the Lakeside Alliance. They are good people and we really don’t see a connection to Womack. The people of Lakeside are no different than anyone else – they want good schools for their children and are sick and tired of having to operate their schools and properties under the thumb of our current leadership. They are certain they could do a better job on their own. They should be given the opportunity. Tucker might want to think about doing the same – just like Brookhaven did after Dunwoody…

    BTW – what day is the meeting?

  2. @Dekalbite2: Thanks for posting the links and the article!! We really appreciate your help in digging up the facts.

  3. Chamblee Dad says:

    @DIO So far I’ve only tried 2 board members – Johnson & Orson & got very prompt & fairly-detailed email from one, call from the other – I was impressed. I almost never got replies from any others going back to Lewis days, except Jester. Never from Supers or central office staff either, with one exception. Funny thing is some, including Lewis would say things in person before & after board meetings, but never “on the record.” Usually promises of action never taken.

    Rest of board will get something from me this week. I’ll report back.

  4. Chamblee Dad says:

    @DIO Correction it was McMahan that emailed me back, Johnson d/n have his up until the other 6 did.

  5. howdy1942 says:

    I live in Tucker and am very concerned about what is going on. I understand the reasons for Lakeside’s actions – they need to become a city first before they could ever think about having their own schools. I just hope that some solution can be found that does not divide our community. All of this has been caused by a dysfunctional school board that has given us a troubled school system. It has been caused by the repeated election of unqualified, incompetent, and inept members of the school board that has, for years, failed to focus on the classroom in favor of employing friends and family and enriching their very narrow community of interest.

    Residents of Dunwoody, Brookhaven, and Lakeside have had enough. While the current school board appointed by the Governor looks good and will probably be able to save our accreditation and also do some good, the reality is that an election will be held in July 2014 that offers the prospect of returning the old guard and that simply will return us back to where we were. Residents of those communities are tired of supporting such a system and are taking action to forever separate themselves from the likes of Walker, Cunningham, Copeland-Wood, and Roberts. They want to be separate from a system that plays the race card and that focuses on the “rights” of elected, but failed leaders that have threatened the the interests of 99,000 students. I don’t, for one minute, find any fault in what they are doing.

    I would like to see a solution, however, that preserves our community of Tucker. I would hope that a way can be found to include Tucker in its entirety – east of I 285, north of US 78 to the Gwinnett county line. The alternative would be to include none of Tucker – excluding all the areas cited above. I’ve lived here for almost 40 years, had two daughters go through Tucker schools, attend church here, shop here, and enjoy our community. Tucker has a strong civic organization. Tucker has rebuilt its historic main street that continues to benefit from the mainstays of Cofer Brothers and Matthews Cafeteria on one end and by First Baptist Church and Tucker High School on the other end. Ace Hardware, which tragically burned last December, is being rebuilt. That is absolutely the best hardware store in the world! Tucker is a historic, great community that should be preserved and not be divided. Tucker is bigger, much bigger than the mess that is the Dekalb County School System.

    We did look at becoming a city and discussed this at length several years ago Even at that time, schools were the driving factor. There was no city of Dunwoody or Brookhaven. The financials were close, even including Nortlake Mall. At that time, amending the Georgia Constitution was unthinkable let alone doable. Times have changed. The school board has presided over the deterioration of our once great school system. The county administration led by Vernon Jones royally hacked off Dunwoody and the northside communities. Dunwoody and Brookhaven seceded for all the right reasons. And now there is a critical mass building for change that includes having their own school systems. What was impossible years ago is now becoming a very real possibility.

    I hope that we can fine common solutions – we are united in our concerns and our goals. Let’s solve this together and avoid splintering our community.

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thank you DeKalbNewswatch and Atlanta Media Guy! I am so disgusted and wigged out to hear that they are both still being paid for their “services!” When, oh, when, will we be able to push them out of DeKalb. This is a perfect example of why the school system is beyond help. Who found these bozos, why were they hired, why are we paying them? All I can do is keep bringing their names up, along with Ramona, March, Johnson, fat-ass Walker, and too many others. Do you know, I can’t think of a competent employee who is not a teacher. That’s scary. Well, I do know a few good principals, but they always catch hell and get moved around. From this moment on, I’m going to talk about incompetence and complain, complain, complain to everybody!

  7. Weary worker says:

    The so called “contracts” were emailed to DeKalb certified staff today. The system has done away with the printed documents and the need for a notary and real signature. The difference this go around was that no yearly salary was shown only a daily rate of pay. The amount of days anyone will work will be decided later. So according to this document you could get one day of work and not be entitled to work any where else because you signed the thing. They also changed everyone’s email passwords today the make thing even more confusing. As someone pointed out to me years ago it’s not a contract it just an intent to work agreement, if you even work and what you get paid have nothing to do with it.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Did everyone see the video of Thurmond? If nothing else is said, doesn’t the video say everything that needs to be said? It is useless to try to support him because he is functioning at such a low level, the wolves have drawn their fangs, and the lambs are silent.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    I read Ramsey’s sponsored legislation. What a joke he has played on the legal system and the school system. The Senate appears to be mighty bored, with all the “congrats, happy birthdays, condolences..” Really, this is too old for words, DeKalb County Citizens. He is double-dipping and doing nothing. I believe Ramsey needs to resign, forthwith.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Whoever did the picture of the Palace and the elephants has a sense of humor to die for. It’s “almost” as witty as “Eugene P. Walker – Go!” When I get angry about all the mess that goes on in DeKalb, I think about that poem. All of our friends have had to hear me recite it – it’s a clear winner and a reminder to try to keep some sense of balance, but it is hard with the kind of bozos we have in charge…. I’ll bet a lot of people in Walker’s trough don”t think the poem is very funny…I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the homes of all of his “family and friends,” of which there are many, many, some afraid to admit that whatever he says his God’s law.

  11. dsw2contributor says:

    Elephants in the Palace and Coyotes on the School Playground: Channel 11 is reporting that Coyotes have been spotted on the grounds of Pleasantdale ES:

  12. thedeal2 says:

    GTCO, relax about Tucker and Lakeside Alliance. The map is proposed, and if Tucker residents are as mad as you say they are, then they won’t vote for it, if it even makes it that far. The border of Tucker is not the Great Wall of China. Plenty of people in Tucker go to school and swim at pools on the “Lakeside side”. What Tucker needs to do is dust off that cityhood information from years past or else they are going to be the only area left that hasn’t incorporated and will suffer for it.

  13. Is there a reason Lakeside and Tucker can’t combine into one city?

    Or, two cities, sharing one school system with two high schools?

  14. thedeal2 says:

    DSW, I’m not sure, after the way some Tucker residents have acted, that Lakeside would even want them.

  15. Well now here’s an interesting ad! Looks like we’re having a teacher career day! [Could be a little late – seems our neighboring counties have already had theirs and hired the cream of the crop.]

  16. howdy1942 says:

    2thedeal2 – Please read my previous comment. There are many fine residents of both Tucker and Lakeside and there are some in both communities who are not. Whatever one may say, the present state of the Dekalb County School System and its accreditation status are the driving issues of our community. While I won’t say THE bottom has been reached, I do believe that A bottom was reached on December 19, 2013, when the DCSS was placed on probation. That event and the ensuing poor decisions of the former school board since that time have created strong emotions throughout our County.

    As a resident of Tucker, I have nothing but respect for what the residents of Lakeside are doing. I understand their reasons for doing so. I agree with its objectives. Residents of both communities share the same concerns and want to find a long-term solution that will benefit both communities. As DSW2 asked in a previous post, why can’t we find common ground and come together. The emotions that were generated have to do with the map that has been presented. It proposes to carve out and remove a vital part of the Tucker community. It draws boundaries along residential streets rather than using more understandable, natural boundaries such as I 285 and US 78. It very carefully draws lines to exclude certain schools while embracing others. It would take away areas to which many residents of Tucker have worked hard to develop and maintain, many of whom do not live in the proposed Lakeside City area. It would take in one resident while leaving out the neighbor across the street. Lakeside needs Tucker just as much as Tucker needs Lakeside because in order for the Lakeside proposal to make it through the Legislature, the Dekalb Legislative delegation must be much more united than they are now. To create a combative situation out of this matter would place that Legislative delegation in one tough position – it would split them apart. Unity in this effort is the best course of action.

    Frankly, I now believe that finding some solution that would create an entity (such as a city) separate from Dekalb would be good. Although I have not been alienated nearly as much by Burrell Ellis as I was by Vernon Jones, my concerns lie with the future of the School System. I know that changing the jurisdiction of our schools will not change with this matter, I do understand, however, that in order to ever stand a chance of gaining control of our schools we must first become a separate entity. While I am pleased to date with the new school board appointed by Governor Deal, I am well aware of the elections that loom ahead in July 2014 and their prospect of returning the likes of Walker, Copelin-Wood, Cunningham, and even Zepora Roberts. I’m optimistic that we will not lose our accreditation in December 2013, but I am very concerned that any new election could quickly return us to where we were just a few months ago. I personally believe that school board members should not be elected. Depending on qualified people to offer themselves for election, to find financing, and to face the rigors of a political campaign is not a very good way to watch after the needs of our schools. Can you imagine Walker running against Cunningham? What kind of a choice is that?

    In short, we need to come together and find a solution that both communities can accept, that we can encourage our legislators to support, and that will make our communities and our schools more stable and much better. We can add one and one and get three! For the sake of our kids, let’s do that.

  17. Ramsey’s DCSS salary in 2012 was $127,011. Ramsey’s salary as a state senator for January – March 2012 (2012 legislative session) was $17,341.

  18. All good points, as usual Howdy. One reminder – although the election will be held in July of 2014, newly elected board members won’t officially take their seats until January, 2015. And there will only be seven of them due to the new law reducing the size of the Board.

  19. Imagine what a Brookhaven-Dunwoody school system would look like. 3 great High Schools, Chamblee Charter, Dunwoody and Cross Keys along with the feeder schools. Then Lakeside, Tucker and Doraville could be another strong district with their High Schools and feeders. I am with Howdy, we need to come together for a common goal, time to give and take and come to a reachable agreement. Doravile could choose between a Tucker-Lakeside or a Dunwoody -Brookhaven district.

    DCSS has failed because the leaders refused to listen to the stakeholders. How many Blue Ribbon Committees, Charettes and faulty demographers reports do we need, if the leaders refuse to follow the directions debated and agreed on in these groups.

    The audits were hidden away, they exposed the truth that Clew and Ms. Tyson have been trying to maintain the F&F gravy train, though they are truly the ones who can’t handle the truth!! Mr. Thurmond, remove the old worn out Clew Crew from the Palace and anywhere else they have been placed, you just MIGHT get some community buy-in after that. But as it stands, DeKalb County is losing control because of the stupidity, waste and dishonest misuse of taxpayer funds for the past decade.

  20. An aside: Teachers – here is a link to Education Week’s TEACHER magazine’s report on teaching the Common Core:

    Hope it’s helpful!

  21. powermom says:

    More of the same here. You haven’t even given the new superintendent and board time to do anything before you start tearing them down.

  22. Sorry Powermom: You must have misunderstood this post. This post is warning the new board – trying to help them. There are so many things they may not be aware of – including what is listed in this post along with the destructive, manipulative forces at play within the staff.

  23. Powermom, I understand your frustration. There are some of us who are wanting to give our new BOE a chance. We also want to make sure that the few of the new BOE members, who have not been around DCSS for long, have all the info before they face the staff. This is about getting money back into the schools not the Palace.

    Johnny Brown tried to change the Palace culture, but Clew and his crew had set their sights on the Superintendent prize. Johnny was the one who ordered the audit, that Clew lost. We only have an AJCs writers notes and article to go by from the meeting where it was discussed. Conveniently, the minutes of that meeting were also lost, what was Clew and his crew trying to hide back in 2004.

    Too much sordid history… Too little time!

  24. Yes, it concerned us when one of the new Board members stated that they just wanted to leave the past and move forward. That’s not a good tactic. The past must be thoroughly understood and known in order to not repeat [especially considering some of the former power players still have much of their power]. We’re not against ‘moving forward’ – however, the Board should learn about and know the past and then move forward with that knowledge under their belts.

    Here’s an example: The new Board agreed with very little questioning to buy new cars for the area supers to drive. No one even asked if they had cars in the past (they didn’t) or to show them exactly where it said in the referendum that new cars were to be purchased with SPLOST IV. In our opinion, the referendum only pointed to buying service vehicles – which an average voter would assume is a light or heavy truck for maintenance. Yes – those do need replacing. But really – with all of the SPLOST IV projects on the line – do cars for area supers warrant a position at the front of the line?

    Also – wish the Board would have reconsidered this new meeting schedule cutting back to one a month every month [currently, we have work sessions where purchases are proposed the week prior to the Board meeting where votes are taken, allowing time to ask for more information, which is often needed].

    See, the new schedule of presenting and voting at the same meeting will open the door for many more approved purchases without time to ask questions and await responses before a vote. Often, the Board is not given the information until a day or two before the meeting — not enough time to read thoroughly. Jim McMahan at one point stated that he hadn’t read the material thoroughly at the last meeting.

    Mr. Thurmond is very wise to have asked for more time to look into the Success for All purchase. He seems to be the only person willing to take a breath and look deeper into things. The Board should follow his lead in that way. Also, although the new Board asked some good questions, in the end, they approved virtually every item presented by staff. The only dissenting vote was by Mayfield for extending the contract for copier service without putting it out for bids or surveying teachers and staff about the vendor.

  25. Disgusted in Dekalb says:

    As a resident of “West Tucker” (which I never knew existed until I started listening to the Lakeside city chatter), I would love to be a part of a City of Tucker. But I read recently that a feasibility study done some years ago determined that a City of Tucker would not be viable. I can only speak for myself, but I would rather be a part of a City of Lakeside (or whatever name it ends up with) than be stuck in unincorporated DeKalb. I would be willing to pay higher taxes just to have the zoning laws enforced in my neighborhood. To me, Tucker is a community with a strong identity and that wouldn’t change just because a part of its territory ended up in a city, any more than the Oak Grove community would change if it ended up in Lakeside. Some people have argued that Lakeside wants to take Tucker’s “best” schools and they mention Midvale and Livsey. But DCSS wants to close Livsey so I don’t think that’s a very compelling argument.

  26. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Reminder: Thurmond, Jacobs and more education related speakers in Brookhaven tonight.

    Brookhaven City Council Meeting
    PATH Academy, 3007 Hermance Dr. NE, Brookhaven
    6pm – council meeting
    7pm – speakers

    Suggested Questions
    600 Central Office Jobs Cut – Please give us the list of names and job titles referenced in Thurmond’s DHA speach “First, I want to share with you that during the last round of budget cuts, we cut, based on what I believe I have been able to understand, was 600 jobs in the central office.”
    Permanent Superintendent – When will we have a permanent Superintendent?

    Communication – Maybe somebody can ask Coleman when he’s going to start returning emails.
    District Vision – The board set the school system’s mission and goals. What’s his vision for DCSD?

  27. Achelous says:

    As a native of the Lakeside community, a big effort was made fifty years ago to keep that area separate from Tucker. I still think that was a good idea. I have no idea why the Lakeside City Alliance chose to include so much of Tucker in the proposed map, and I think it would be best for everyone if Tucker went ahead with it’s own plan for city-hood. The Midvale and Livsey areas have been stuck in the middle for years, and a geographical boundary like 285 or Lavista would make an easy solution to that problem.

  28. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Just my two cents, but it looks to me like they are including certain voting districts. AS I am sure certain voting precincts would be asked to vote for or against. I am included because my voting precinct is included in total. I don’t necessarily identify myself with a proposed city of Lakeside, however, I do see the home value benefits. Along with this though, there maybe detractions like I don’t live in a Lakeside high school district but I would still be paying Lakeside city tax. The city is not based on school district lines because these boundaries can be moved easily. City boundary looks to be based on the need for a business tax base, voting precinct lines and an attempt to included somewhat of a school community history.

    There are folks included in the current map that don’t want to be. Want to be identified with Druid Hills, not Lakeside. I don’t know the answer but it is a long long time before it ever gets to the school question in these cities. Anyone know if MMO got her way on her bill? The bill was a sort of a stop work on all these cities to get them to slow down their process.

  29. Concerned Citizen says:

    As of today, HR is right back at messing over employees! Some positions as of today now state the regular PT Retiree salaries, and some have the wording of $90 a day. What are employees to do? One day, HR takes a hard stand on salaries of Title I and PT Retirees, and then the next day, there’s a new salary posted. What is going on? Is there no one who can put the pedal to the metal with HR? I guess not; they are totally out of control.

  30. howdy1942 says:

    Regarding the Tucker/Lakeside discussion, let’s start with the areas each has in common. Lakeside wants to become a city, to become free from the potential of zoning issues that have, in the past, been so contrary to what local residents want, and to have the hope of gaining control of their own schools. I respect and support those objectives.

    Tucker wants to remain intact. It has a storied past and and a proud history. It has a strong civic organization and Tucker is filled with residents who freely give of their time to develop and maintain parks, to restore its infrastructure such as Main Street and now it plans to clean up and renovate Lawrenceville Highway. It is also developing areas adjacent to Main Street. But Tucker has also had a lot of zoning decisions that have upset local residents and its people are just a fed up with Dekalb County Schools as is Lakeside. Tucker High School has a long and storied history that once boasted one of the best academic programs in the nation. It has been a State Champion school for 100 years. So I think that Tucker residents share the same goals as Lakeside, but it just wants to remain intact and preserve its history.

    Both Tucker and Lakeside need the commercial development in and around Northlake to make any cityhood viable. Without that commercial tax base, the financial viability of cityhood is at best questionable.

    Much of the property along Chamblee-Tucker Road has a Doraville address. A previous post suggested that it be included.

    I see a lot of common ground here that can unite us. If we can build on this common ground and reach a common proposal, then we can unite our communities and create a powerful Legislative force to get this proposal through the Legislature. Moreover, we can unite with Dunwoody and Brookhaven to create a powerful force to get that Amendment to the Georgia Constitution passed that would allow us to obtain control of our schools. Together, I think that we can convince the people across the State of Georgia to support this Amendment.

    Having control of our own zoning ordinances, having control of our own code enforcement, and gaining control of our schools to restore them to the greatness they once were – I can strongly support that! Forgive me for not having faith in the positive steps that have been taken beginning with a newly appointed school board, but that is not long term. Too much damage has been done for too many years to think that the long term prospects are promising. The prospects of returning to the same old school policies with the election in July 2014 are just too great. I’ve lived in Dekalb County a long time and attended too many school board meetings over the last 12 years to expect that any election would bring about the change that we want. With few exceptions, we have not had a very good school board in years. In fact, it has been quite the opposite. For the sake of our kids and our community, I really want that to change with little or no possibility of ever returning to what we were just a few months ago. Let’s unite and get that done!

  31. dekalbite2 says:

    @ concerned citizen
    “As of today, HR is right back at messing over employees! Some positions as of today now state the regular PT Retiree salaries, and some have the wording of $90 a day. ”

    Yes. You are correct. A part time Title 1 Math or Reading teacher teaching less than 4 hours a day makes $100 to $200 a day depending on degrees and experience while a 3rd grade teacher teaching 8 hours a day makes $90 a day regardless of degrees or experience. It seems a 3rd grade teacher is not worth very much to anyone except the children he/she teaches.

  32. Longing for Integrity says:

    I just read your comments from 3/24 – keep it coming!

  33. sam123 says:

    Success for All update. Last Friday, our Title I school was asked to evaluate Success for All. We also asked to vote if we wanted to keep Success for All. Teachers were told by SFA coach that if SFA was voted down, we would not be using Storytown next year but some other supplement. We have had Storytown since Fall of 2011….that was some of the lost textbook money. It is a good series but now, it too, may be thrown aside at certain Title I schools as a threat to teachers. Somebody better watch out to see what is going down next. It looks like more bad decisions might be in the future. Thurmond probably asked the Title I schools to vote but now the coaches are worried about their jobs.

  34. @sam123: I think I’d call that bluff. Vote down SFA if you don’t like it – and pay no attention to threats. I can’t imagine them actually sending books back. If they do – let us know and we’ll raise a stink – especially if we paid for them with a line of credit!

  35. howdy1942 says:

    I am somewhat in the dark here – is Storytown a part of SFA? Does Success for All Foundation provide Storytown? What is the relationship between Storytown and SFA? Why, if SFA is voted down, would Storytown necessarily go away?

    If this is a bluff, then we need to let our respective Board member know and have them ask this question of Michael Thurmond. Forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject.

  36. SMH says:

    I work at a school that “implements” SFA. I think one of the reasons that they adopted it was because schools already had the Storytown books and SFA uses Storytown and other resources. The SFA Coordinators aren’t thinking about the students. They don’t care if SFA is effective or not, they just don’t want to go back in the classroom. Their priortities are all messed up. Also, has anyone noticed that First Class cannot be accessed from home anymore. Does this have something to do with contracts. Employees can only sign contracts through a DCSS computer. What’s up with that?

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  38. sam123 says:

    I wonder who counted the votes to keep or get rid of SFA. I hope it wasn’t the SFA coaches!!

    Newest paper in some schools. All money budgeted for everyday supplies went back to the county office to make the budget. No paper to run test, homework etc. unless the teachers go out and buy it or beg someone in the county office to send more paper. Teachers are running room to room to see if anyone has extra paper.

  39. We discussed this on another thread — PARENTS – please bring a ream of paper to your child’s teacher tomorrow. It’s a small thing and would show that you appreciate them and care that they don’t have to pay for these things themselves.

  40. howdy1942 says:

    Does this mean that we do not have paper for those new copiers that staff told the new school board about last week?

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