BREAKING NEWS! Jesse “Jay” Cunningham …

Jay Cunningham 2013.4.15… is seeking reinstatement to DeKalb County Schools’ Board of Education. Read the story in today’s (April 15, 2013) On Common Ground News.

A big “Thank you!” to a loyal reader who brought this to our attention! We count on all of you to be our eyes and ears out there. We never use a name unless you tell us specifically that we can. We will protect your identity and keep it confidential.

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10 Responses to BREAKING NEWS! Jesse “Jay” Cunningham …

  1. howdy1942 says:

    This is really unfortunate – for the County and for Cunningham. He had his opportunity for seven years – and probation was the result. Does he or anyone else really think that SACS is picking on Dekalb County? Why on earth would SACS pick one county in the entire nation – Dekalb – to put on probation? Does Cunningham or anyone else not think that SACS warned Dekalb County – time and again? Why didn’t this former school board work to correct the problems that SACS cited when it warned Dekalb County in 2011? It seems to me like Walker and Cunningham would directly challenge the findings of SACS if they are not correct and not the State if the SACS findings are just plain wrong. After all, wasn’t the SACS findings and its placing Dekalb on probation the very reason that thrust this matter before the Governor? What was the Governor supposed to do – nothing while this suspended board frittered the accreditation of Dekalb Schools away? Was he just supposed to ignore the economic catastrophe that loomed if he did nothing?How were the voters supposed to recall this suspended board when there clearly was not enough time to do so and elect a new school board before the December 2013 deadline set by SACS? Coleman, Walker, and Cunningham need to really – I mean really – think about what they are doing. Suppose they win their case. What then? Would the current board be replaced by the suspended board? If so, what would that portend for the students of Dekalb County? Does Walker, Cunningham, and Coleman really want to risk the virtual certainty of losing our accreditation? Does anyone really think that Thurmond could preserve the District’s accreditation when at least five of the issues cited by SACS are those of the school board and the school board alone? What authority does Thurmond have to tell the board what to do or to even respond for the board? Does Walker, Cunningham, Coleman or anyone else think that any court would order SACS not to remove Dekalb’s accreditation? What would these three say to the juniors and seniors in Dekalb County if they were to somehow win their case, replace the current board, and the District lose its accreditation – any students, in North, Central, East, West, Dekalb County? What would these three advise sophomores and juniors and, for that matter, any other student in Dekalb County to do? What would you tell the property owners of all sections of Dekalb when their property values plunge? What would be your case for students and parents remaining in Dekalb County? What would you promise and how would you convince that your performance in responding to those promises would be any different than your hollow promises of the past?

    Gentlemen, I hope that you read the above questions. I look forward to your responses. You are dealing in serious, very serious issues that affect the lives of so many far beyond just you.

  2. murphey says:

    Howdy, who is “Coleman?” The only Coleman I know on the school board is John Coleman, whom Governor Deal appointed to represent District 1.

  3. hopespringseternal says:

    I think we can presume, as the OCG article indicates, that the board members who wish to pursue the law’s avenue of petitioning, and the legal advice that petitioning for reinstatement is necessary to keep the court question in play, will establish a petition for reinstatement. I’m sure by now that even some of the people who support the pursuit of the constitutional question don’t necessarily want to see them back on the board. So I would expect for the board members to frame the discussion in the context of the legal issue rather than a burning desire to get back on the board. I do acknowledge that each of them thinks they did a fantastic job while they served. With respect to most of them, we can agree that this is purely delusional. But they have the right under the so-called law to petition, and since they’re pursuing the legal challenge, the reinstatement petition seems to be a necessary step to that pursuit. Over the next few days I expect to see more petitions surface.

  4. John Dewey III says:

    “Victory in Every Courtroom!”

  5. concerned citizen says:

    I would like to get some ideas from you all about good questions to send to Thurmond and Tucker for meeting next week.

  6. From: Postmaster Tuesday, April 16, 2013 4:20:43 PM
    Subject: A Message from Interim Superintendent Michael Thurmond
    To: News Flash


    To: All DeKalb Employees
    From: Mr. Michael L. Thurmond
    Subject: A Message from Interim Superintendent Michael Thurmond
    Date: 16 April 2013

    My Fellow Employees:

    This afternoon the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office announced
    indictments against three former employees of the DeKalb County School
    District (DCSD). While troubling and disappointing, we recognize that
    indictments are not convictions. However, we believe that educators must
    always maintain the highest level of ethics and accountability.

    In early 2010, our district received notice of alleged testing
    irregularities and quickly made tough decisions in the best interest of
    our children. DCSD worked cooperatively with state education officials,
    and was commended by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement for our
    quick and decisive actions. We will continue to assist the District
    Attorney’s Office with its ongoing investigation and prosecutions. I
    encourage you to look beyond this situation and continue to focus on the
    future of our students.

    We are committed to moving this district forward with a focus on academic
    achievement and integrity. Your support and dedication to our 99,000
    children and fellow employees is critical to the success of our schools
    and great community.


    Michael L. Thurmond
    Interim Superintendent

  7. Re questions for Mr. Thurman at parents’ meeting:
    Someone with a child in Special Ed who requires physical or occupational therapy might bring this up: Do you know the salaries of people who provide these services (and are employees of the school system) were cut so drastically last year that these employees have left already or are looking for jobs elsewhere? Meanwhile, no replacementscan be hired because the salary is too low for even recent graduates of PT and OT programs to even consider working for this school system.

    As a result, some children who need these services are not being served. Since such services are Federally mandated, the County is setting itself up for yet another lawsuit. Last year this matter was explained by a therapist/employee during one of the 3-minute audience comment periods at a school board meeting. But no action was taken by anyone to reverse the huge paycut that these employees had to take. Mr. Thurman needs to check this out before the County gets hit with a lawsuit by a disgruntled parent.

  8. howdy1942 says:

    @murphey – Tom Coleman is referenced in the article announcing that Jay Cunningham is seeking to be reinstated to the Dekalb School Board. He is a South Dekalb resident who has raised more than $15,000 for Eugene Walker’s legal endeavors.

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