Dual Accreditation?

Based on an an article published yesterday, Tuesday, April 30, 2013, in the Reporter Newspapers, the question of “allowing” dual accreditation will be considered by the DeKalb County Schools Board of Education:

DeKalb school board to consider letting high schools seek back-up accreditation

“DeKalb County school officials are considering a proposal to allow administrators at individual high schools to seek accreditation for the school from a state agency.

“School board member John Coleman, who lives in Brookhaven, said he and fellow board members will consider May 6 whether to allow DeKalb high schools to pursue state accreditation as individual schools.

” ‘We want to make sure we’re enabling that process,’ Coleman said. ‘[We’re trying] to help that process along to protect students and parents.’ ”

Read more by going to Reporter Newspapers online …

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