Thursday, May 23: Re-imagining Education … An Evening of Showing and Sharing

You’re invited to attend the K-12 Explorers Guild Workshop and Educator Showcase:
Re-imagining Education …
An Evening of Showing and Sharing

Thursday, May 23, 2013
4:30 – 6:30 pm
@ Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) —
next door to Georgia Public Broadcasting
250 14th Street NW, 5th Floor Boardroom
Atlanta, GA 30318

It’s the end of the year and what better time to celebrate the creativity and hard work of our fellow educators! Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Foundations for the Future (F3) is hosting a special event to showcase how our local educators are integrating technology into their classrooms in effective, engaging, and exciting ways to impact student success.

During this lively and interactive evening we will see examples from classrooms, media centers, STEM labs, and community events where students in grades PK-12 are re-imagining learning by using technology to create content, access information, collaborate in virtual learning environments, and manage online tools and resources. The showcase offers a chance for these educators to share their innovations with you in an informal setting as you enjoy refreshments and dessert.

WXIA-TV Education Reporter and Class Acts creator, Donna Lowry, will moderate a lively and informative panel discussion where district technology leaders, university researchers, and classroom teachers share their vision of contemporary teaching and learning, recognize our shortcomings, and give us a glimpse as to what’s coming next. We will end with a chance for you to participate in a question and response session.

Poster Session
Poster session presenters represent the following school districts: Cobb, DeKalb, Henry, Laurens, and Putnam.
Panel Discussion

Moderator: Donna Lowry, Education Reporter, WXIA-TV


Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Director of Instructional Technology, Atlanta Public Schools

Kelly Stewart, Digital Learning Specialist – Science, Atlanta Public Schools

Chris Thompson, Associate Director for Technology and Student Activities, Center for Education Integrating Science, Math, and Computing (CEISMC)

Hoke Wilcox, Director of Instructional Technology, Fulton County Schools

Workshop Location
The showcase will be held in the GTRI 5th Floor Boardroom at 250 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, just west of I-75 / I-85. Take the 14th Street Exit and turn RIGHT. GTRI is located just past the Silver Skillet Restaurant, on the LEFT. Turn LEFT into the driveway that runs between GTRI and Georgia Public Broadcasting. COMPLIMENTARY parking is available in the parking deck.

For More Information or To Register
Please RSVP to make sure that space is available.
Contact Therese Boston at (404) 407-6305 or email:

The Explorers Guild and Foundations for the Future
This is a free workshop, held in a facility where teachers can exchange experiences, learn from each other, and experiment with tools and technologies. The Explorers Guild is sponsored by Foundations for the Future (F3) and is part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute. F3 is a collaboration of Georgia Tech researchers working with government and industry to support technology-enabled learning in K-12 settings across Georgia. For more information about F3 and the Explorers Guild, go to

To SUBSCRIBE to the F3 Explorers Guild email list and receive workshop updates, send an email to with the subject line: subscribe f3-explorers-guild Firstname Lastname. Leave the body of the message blank.

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4 Responses to Thursday, May 23: Re-imagining Education … An Evening of Showing and Sharing

  1. OneMoreThing says:

    This sounds very exciting! However, at my school here in DeKalb, several classrooms (much less special education classes) do not have ActivBoards, Also, no WIFI in the entire school! Could be a little depressing seeing all the inovations that are or will be at this time. Hopefully, next school year will be different . . .

  2. Innovations in education do not necessarily have to deal with technology. Technology comes and goes, but a solid foundation in education does not necessarily require technology, especially in the younger grades. One of the many problems that I see in education, is that parents equate use of technology to a good education. In my years of teaching, I rarely have seen or experienced use of technology meaning a solid/good education.

  3. On the verge says:

    Technology is amazing to those of us who had to do our research at a library with the Dewey Decimal system. My children and many of those we teach today can look up cheats for games, answers to their study guide questions, bootleg music and games, jailbreak an iPod, but they don’t know how to research a question (unless in AP classes).

    Handwriting was taken out of the curriculum to make room for advanced technologies. I don’t necessarily agee, trying to decipher my students’ work, but I understand. We need to have research and documenting classes starting in the elementary schools and advancing through the middle schools so that we have high schools student experienced in research. We are at the age of the learning curve.

    Structured classes in research and presentation (without plagiarism) need to be taught to our young folks, so that they can present cogent arguments to uphold their viewpoints. These need to be part of our business and writing pathways available to all students, not just the IB students. As we have seen recently, numerous times, rewriting someone else’s research does not equal one’s own research. We, as parents and educators in DeKalb need to ensure our students have these skill to thrive in the future. Their future, Our future.

    North Fulton is running with Latin in sixth and seventh grades so that the students have a better grasp of English and the World Languages moving forward. This idea actuality will increase students’ use of the English Language as well as prepare them for ‘high stakes’ test and their success in future language learning. Let’s get back to some of the proven true basics, while moving our students forward through technology.

    This makes true sense to empower our learners, enhance our less than successful students, and not let history repeat. I watch students excel, learn, and become inspired. Cogito ergo sum, dum spiro, spero, carpe diem…ad nauseum etc. advanced technologies and basic thought will lead our students to future success.

  4. Dr. DeKalb says:

    Libraries still use the Dewey Decimal System. Maybe you were referring to the card catalog?

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