NASA SEMAA (Science Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy) Advanced Aviation Camp 2013

Enable your child to explore the local aerospace industry in a way previously unimagined. Students will experience aviation and space-related resources throughout the metro Atlanta area. There will be some hands-on activities and field trips daily. Some of the activities will take place in the EAA Hangar at the Gwinnett County Airport.

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Course Title: SEMAA Advanced Aviation Camp
Grade Level: Rising 7th – 9th grades
Dates: July 1-3 & 5 (No class on July 4)
Optional: *Saturday, July 6
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Class Limit: 14 students
Instructor: Dr. Debi Huffman**

Tuition: $280.00

Selection: First-come, first-served basis. Participation in the Lockheed Martin Aviation Camp or SEMAA is recommended, but not required.

Transportation: Students will meet at Fernbank Science Center for a series of hands-on aviation activities and local field trips. On Saturday students are invited to a pancake breakfast and to participate in the annual Airplane Wash followed by a Young Eagles flight. Families are invited to the pancake breakfast as well.

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*Saturday is an optional day to participate in the monthly pancake breakfast at the local EAA Chapter at the Lawrenceville airport. Afterward, the students will have the opportunity to fly a Young Eagles flight with an experienced pilot.

**About Dr. Huffman …

Dr. Debi Huffman, Ph.DEvery child should have the opportunity to experience the pure joy of learning with Dr. Debi Huffman or with a teacher like her.  The SEMAA Advanced Aviation Camp is just such an opportunity!  We heard there were still a few slots available in the 2013 camp, so we wanted to get the word out to our loyal DeKalb School Watch readers.

Early in her teaching career, Dr. Huffman participated in an aerospace education workshop that inspired her to become a private pilot, and she has been teaching aerospace classes at Fernbank Science Center ever since. She is also very involved in Robotics and Engineering programs.

A graduate of the Aerospace Education Leadership Development Course at Maxwell AFB in 1978, Dr. Huffman made a lifetime pledge to support and promote aerospace education. She serves as the GA Wing CAP External Aerospace Education Officer; is the President and past Vice President of EAA Chapter 690; and is a member of the Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers and Airspace Systems Education Cohort, both NASA programs. She helped develop the Georgia high school aviation curriculum and the Georgia SkillsUSA Flight Contest.  Dr. Huffman also is a founder and board member of the Transportation Education Foundation of Georgia, and serves on the Careers in Aviation Board of Directors.

Dr. Huffman is an active member of CAP, EAA, Aero Club of Metro Atlanta, Women in Aviation, Silver Wings, AOPA, and Women SOAR 2009 and 2010 Mentor. Through these organizations, she helps students with scholarships and activities that promote their personal dreams of flight.

Dr. Huffman is a recipient of the 2007 EAA Major Achievement Award; the Frank G. Brewer Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities; the 2003 Aero Club of Atlanta Member of the Year award; the Fernbank Science Center Teacher of the Year; the 2010 Epps Award for outstanding aviation achievement; and the 2011 Civil Air Patrol-Frank Brewer Outstanding Aerospace Educator for the Southeast Region Award.

Dr. Huffman has a degree in elementary education, a masters in science education and a Ph.D. in secondary science education.  She is all about passion and dedication to inspiring the next generation through real world and hands on experiences.

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6 Responses to NASA SEMAA (Science Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy) Advanced Aviation Camp 2013

  1. whyaminotsurprised says:

    My only frustration w/ these advanced camps is the short notice when they will be. This one is for older kids, but the younger ones have the same problem. Most of them are not announced until May, April at best. most affordable camps are announced in January & early February. By April, the summer is set up and decided with camps (with deposits made), family visits, and so forth. I hope Dekalb starts to announce these when the rest of the world does. They’d have less trouble filling things a few weeks ahead of time.

  2. D_Velji says:

    Wait a second, this teacher is employed at Fernbank Science Center. I thought people here hated FSC and wanted teachers like Debi dumped into the regular schools where she could teach the core curriculum Aeronautics class. Oh wait, there isn’t such a class. If the bulk of the readers here had their way FSC would be shuttered and Debi Huffman would be looking for a job. So why does DSW care now? Fernbank just had their Lockheed Aviation camp as well as a great geology conference. I am shocked, SHOCKED, that maybe, just maybe having FSC around may be a good thing. Cue the copy/paste responses about cabinet maker salaries.

  3. Hopespringseternal says:

    Ah, that paintbrush we like to use gets wider with each passing day. To be sure FSC has been a lightning-rod topic. As I’ve read the comments over the years, my take-away is that those who “oppose” FSC really oppose the “spending” for FSC when belt-tightening abounds everywhere else, particularly in garden-variety regular science classes in the schoolhouses. I don’t recall the topic’s bottom line as ‘shutter FSC’ or any such thing. In fact, I think the conversational truce is that FSC is a good thing, but that maybe it could be funded in another way and still benefit our children. One of my three sons, long graduated out of this system, is a direct beneficiary of FSC’s programs, as was my brother. They’re great, if anyone needs to hear it again. But none of that means it should have remained a heavy line item in the DCSS budget when schools don’t have proper science equipment and can’t even perform basic labs. I understand the emotion, truly. But we’ll not get anywhere by painting with the wide brush. Maybe we can find a skinnier brush. That way we can honor the work of both Dr. Huffman and [insert science teacher at high school here].

  4. Dr. Huffman asked us to let people know that there were some vacancies in the Advanced Aviation Camp. We were happy to do so. We support Dr. Huffman as we support all teachers.

  5. Longing for Integrity says:

    I just want to say that my son was able to participate in this program years ago and it was absolutely one of the best things we ever did (of the programs offered in Dekalb County). I highly recommend it!

  6. Larry says:

    I participated in a teacher workshop with her [Dr. Debi Huffman]. It was awesome.

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