Who We Are

A bit of housekeeping — again.

DeKalb SCHOOL Watch (DSW) is:

  • a blog about what is happening with public education in DeKalb County, Georgia.
  • an investigative blog – shining a spotlight on the corruption, incompetence and abuses endemic to DeKalb County Schools.
  • an all-volunteer enterprise, run by a group of people who also have full-time jobs, as well as family and community commitments.

DeKalb SCHOOL Watch is NOT:

  • a general community blog.  We will remove all comments that do not concern the public schools in DeKalb County, GA.

To be really clear – GetTheCellOut, Mary Kay Woodworth and Lakeside Community Association (LCA) – we are weary of your inability to mutually seek common ground for the good of your communities.  DSW will no longer be a platform for your arguments.  You are welcome to start your own blog for the Tucker/Lakeside debate.

  • a gossip rag.  Tell us WHO and/or WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and especially HOW (you know).

To be really clear – Denise McGill and anonymous others – do not send us unfounded, undocumented rumors and expect to see them in print – then berate us for taking down or not printing your comments.  Asking for documentation is not the same as calling you a liar.

Other commenters and contributors – can your statements be backed up with information found in DeKalb County Schools documents, including e-mails, phone records, contracts – anything (except personnel records) that might be kept in an electronic or paper file?  Tell us what document(s) to ask for; what to look for in the specified document(s).  We know how to do this without ever revealing your identity.

DeKalb SCHOOL Watch is carefully piecing together the puzzle of corruption and incompetence in DeKalb County Schools.  It is an agonizingly slow process.  But we know there are people out there – most likely current or former DeKalb County Schools employees who hold pieces to the puzzle.  Not because those current or former employees are corrupt or incompetent but because where there is a pattern and past practice of corruption, the people who are being paid the big bucks direct underlings to do their dirty work.  They are confident that underlings won’t talk out of a misplaced sense of loyalty or a very real fear for their jobs.  But underlings who do the dirty work can be blamed and sent to jail or otherwise disposed of – unless you speak up first.

About dekalbschoolwatch

Hosting a dialogue among parents, educators and community members focused on improving our schools and providing a quality, equitable education for each of our nearly 100,000 students. ~ "ipsa scientia potestas est" ~ "Knowledge itself is power"
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7 Responses to Who We Are

  1. hoyts says:

    I’m SOOO thankful for you guys. You give me hope…not that things will get that much better any time soon in our school systerm…..but hope to keep seeking and speaking truth, I guess….you inspire me to keep voicing my own concerns and ideas and to keep serving my local Clarkston schools in the little ways I can. Your blog has also inspired me to start my own blog about issues in my community (including schools) and provide people with a central point for various info sources (including links to your blog). It’s not nearly as cool or thorough as what you guys are doing. But I just wanted to encourage you to keep it up. I’m reading, listening, and trying get my neighbors reading, listening, caring, speaking out, and serving as well – hopefully, you’ll start seeing a Clarkston contingent at school board meetings one day! Let’s hear it for democracy!

  2. momfromhe11 says:

    Thank you for clearly stating what does and does not belong on this blog. I have definite opinions about the cityhood movements and I am working to help sort it out in my area, but the schools are not any part of it. We are all going to be part of the DeKalb County Schools for the foreseeable future, and it is of utmost importance to keep our focus on that.

  3. I am so glad you have made a statement about having this blog focus on the schools. Even though I just retired from teaching , I still live here in Dekalb and want to keep informed about what is going on with the schools, and you are an excellent source of info. I am thrilled to be off the DeKalb payroll and able to do volunteer work at my former school. I can’t wait to experience the joy of working with one child at a time; no nonsense, no paperwork, no know-nothings in my life!

  4. Confused Former Teacher says:

    I am curious does Dekalb County School system have progressive punishment for teachers or are you just fired if you are referred to Internal affairs

  5. SRO says:

    No you are not summarily fired for having to report to internal affairs….sometimes this is done to investigate and clear people of allegations….depends on the evidence….some of the discipline is progressive…some is immediate termination….word of advice…don’t do or say anything to incriminate yourself…..

  6. Confused Former Teacher says:

    Thanks SRO just a question for a friend who is still going thru the struggle.

  7. Kelly M., I think one of the points that DSW was trying to make was for people to stop calling out others by name unless they are public officials.

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