Sir Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley

We stumbled upon Sir Ken Robinson talking about American education on TED:
How to escape education’s death valley.

We are big fans of Sir Ken and have posted videos of his talks before. He focuses on the fact that we do not celebrate creativity and children’s sense of wonder and curiosity in American schools. In fact, he says, curiosity is the ‘engine’ of learning. We have de-professionalized teachers. We have turned teachers into delivery modes using testing as a diagnostic, when the best teachers actually mentor, stimulate, provoke and engage.

Lessons from Finland: Individualize teaching and learning and raise the professionalism of teachers, invest in their training every year and devolve responsibility to the schools to get the job done – don’t operate from a ‘command central’ top down. Allow discretion in the classroom – where the work is done.

This 20 minute TED talk is spot-on about American education, mixed in with some witty humor – it’s enjoyable to watch, but reveals some pretty scary truths about our schools.

Robinson says there are three kinds of people: immovable, movable and those who move – who make things happen. If enough people move, we have a movement, if there is enough movement, we have a revolution.

Click here to watch the talk. We always enjoy Sir Robinson – he is spot on with his points, and downright funny. If we can honestly access our ways, laugh at the silliness of some of them and make changes that will improve learning for our American children, we can make a difference in the direction of this country.

Let’s continue to be those who spark movements – and maybe one day soon, we’ll have a revolution in DeKalb!

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1 Response to Sir Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley

  1. Achelous says:

    As much as I am behind the idea of this, please keep in mind a few things:

    The population of Finland is less than the population of metro Atlanta. It is also largely homogeneous, with a shared language and culture (although this is starting to change)

    Arts education does not occur at most schools. This only happens after school, in community programs. The quality of this arts education is not on par with the ones in our area due to the nature of the system.

    As I said, I am all for revamping the way we look at education in this country, however it remains that the first teacher a student has is his parents, and if they are constantly working to be good teachers at home, and the student has the flexibility to use our school system to find both what he loves and what talents he possesses (feel free to substitute a ‘she’ if you like), then the future is a bright one for any child.

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