And in other news of DeKalb corruption…

From the “Patch”:

Gov. Nathan Deal has suspended DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis from office as a result of his recent indictments, and named DeKalb Commissioner Lee May as his temporary replacement.

The suspension takes effect immediately.

May currently serves as chairman of the DeKalb County Commission.

On Monday, a three-member panel appointed by Deal recommended that Ellis be suspended from office.

Deal made the announcement late Tuesday afternoon during a press conference.

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Jim Galloway at the AJC has a blog post on the subject as well:

Poor DeKalb County. The largest and most Democratic local government operation in Georgia is in a topsy-turvy state.

In February, Gov. Nathan Deal removed six of nine county school board members whose squabbling allegedly threatened the school system’s accreditation.

On Tuesday, the Republican governor stepped in again, relieving Burrell Ellis of his duties while the DeKalb CEO deals with criminal charges that accuse him of strong-arming vendors doing business with the county for campaign contributions.

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11 Responses to And in other news of DeKalb corruption…

  1. C Petersen says:

    So, how is this post related to schools? I would think the more pressing issues would be updates as to how our BoE is doing and an update where our tax dollars are going. Oh, and will Lee May be an active participant in the school system.

    Can we find out who/how many moderators there are now? Can we get Cere back? This has nothing to do with what is going on with my school and how we are treating our teachers.

  2. SRO says:

    This county is being run into the ground by its inept, incompetent and indifferent leadership..

  3. Not exactly related to schools, except to say that our DA has his hands full – it’s unlikely he will EVER get around to prosecuting Dr. Lewis and crew. Along with that, it’s related in that Grand Juries have asked for specific investigations, only to be ignored in both cases. We really have to get a handle on all of the processes for the county government – departments overlap often. Take parks and schools for example. If we had a highly functioning county and school system they would definitely combine efforts and offer some wonderful camp and after school opportunities. How about juvenile justice? It was reported that there were over 800 crimes committed this year in the Flat Shoals area of DeKalb – many of them juveniles with idle time, no job and no money…

    The point is, there is dysfunction in every corner, so taxpayers (and their children) lose on all fronts.

  4. That said — KUDOS to the Clarkston Police Department!! We would like to see so many more events like this!!

    School supply giveway, other fun set in Clarkston

    from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    The Clarkston Police Department is hosting a celebration of the 30th annual “national night out” on Aug. 6. The event will include free food, kids’ activities, public safety vehicle displays and a school supply giveaway. It takes place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Milam Park, 3867 Norman Road.

  5. concerned citizen says:

    Gosh, if we have to explain to someone the connections among the governing bodies of DeKalb we are wasting our time. Hint* Things are not going well in DeKalb – corruption flows from one body to another. The same people are interacting and have irreparable harm to DeKalb County. The school system is only one component, as important and critical as it is. It is ALL connected, so sorry you have to be told how to see the whole picture of corruption in the county government.

  6. C Petersen says:

    My point is that we are getting few school updates on the school blog (i.e., cunningham hearing, other BoE members reinstatement cases) and posts from readily available information. The nice thing about the old DSW was that it was thoughtful, investigative and accurate – as in factual. Even the readers/commenters were in tune. From what I have read here, DeKalb is irretrievably broken yet keep DeKalb together? Even Lee May was on the news saying it is time to get rid of the CEO position.

    Lots of complaining from what I am seeing on this blog and no solutions. Even worse, i am seeing small mindedness when our educational System is in complete turmoil. What about our teachers getting their furlough days back and their pensions replenished? what about implementing common core requirements and what DCSD is doing about it? Where are we on the (multiple) Grand Jury requests for investigation? Where are we on getting a permanent Super? Thurmond is only an interim, remember? Cerebration – if you are out there, take DSW back! Sad that I get better info on schools from Nancy’s blog and she isn’t even responsible for being the “school watch.”

    Sorry to have wasted anyone’s time. I know all too well how the most Democratic and diverse county in GA is in serious trouble, but the posts I read here show that there is little appetite for change or getting people on board with a plan to help turn things around. DeKalb has so much opportunity yet even those “committed” to education come across as part of the problem that makes the county worse not better.

    This blog really isn’t worth the time of it is just a rehash of Patch articles.

  7. @ C Petersen: You’re entitled to your opinion, however, it’s surprising to us. We [moderators] certainly don’t adhere to keeping the system together. In fact, we are generally highly criticized for it. We do state often that we think the only solution is to break up the system into at least 5 or 6 smaller districts – each with their own board and superintendent and much more local control and a focus on funding classrooms (teachers) first. You know, bottom up budgeting – like Dr. Atkinson promised – and then promptly wasted a full year of our time and untold millions of our tax dollars.

    BTW, Cerebration is certainly missed. However, you may not realize, this is an all-volunteer staff. The leadership changes due to the fact that we all have to earn a living at the end of the day. That’s how it goes with volunteerism though. Some people volunteer – others criticize what the volunteers are doing.

    Would you like to write a blog post and submit it? Feel free! Our email address is

    That goes for anyone interested. We could also use some volunteers to attend meetings and write reports. Stan Jester has been our #1 contributing resource that way – check out his website:

    It takes a village people!

  8. FWIW, Atlanta Unfiltered has been doing some investigating of the Governor’s own close associations:

    Deal’s pals’ PAC collected $302K+ with no disclosure


    July 19, 2013 — A political committee run by close associates of Gov. Nathan Deal has pocketed at least $302,500 since 2012 without reporting it, apparently skirting disclosure rules and the federal tax code.

    Major benefactors of the committee, Real PAC, include health-care interests seeking tens of millions — even billions — of dollars in business with state government. One donor, WellCare of Georgia, gave Real PAC $50,000 on the same day that state Medicaid officials said they planned to extend WellCare’s $1 billion-a-year contract for two years.


  9. Another comment says:

    Every school district should be no larger than one high school large with its feeder middle school and elementary schools. The cultural divide of a 100,000+ School district is just too large to over come. There is also too much money to be corrupted.

  10. The Champion is now reporting the crime is down in south DeKalb:

    Crime is going down in south DeKalb.

    That’s what law enforcement officials said July 13 during a crime forum in the Wesley Chapel community.

    “We’ve seen a decrease in south DeKalb,” said DeKalb County Police Capt. A. T. Mears.

    Violent crime in the area has decreased 2 percent and property crime has dropped 4 percent, Mears said.

    “While it’s not a great number, it’s a good number,” Mears said. “We’re getting there. We’re building momentum and it’s getting better and better.”

    In May, the police department’s south precinct had 10,000 calls and in June that number dropped to 9,000.

    “Eventually you’re going to see a decrease,” Mears said. “You’re going to see a better Wesley Chapel.”

    Mears attributed the decrease in crime to DeKalb County law enforcement officers “working hard for you.”

    DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown showed the crime decrease from a different perspective.

  11. concerned citizen says:

    Try living in Wesley Chapel and then tell us how the crime is going down! What does “eventually” mean?

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