MLK and Towers: Challenging schools getting the short shrift

Our in-box is full of concerns from parents at Martin Luther King, Jr. High School, as well as people concerned about Towers High School. Recently, we were all shocked and appalled when our interim superintendent, Mr. Thurmond, appointed Ralph Simpson, as the new principal of Towers High School. Simpson had previously been demoted from Asst. Superintendent to Asst. Principal by Ramona Tyson, after selling the school system over $15,000 of his own books.

Towers boasts one of the highest per pupil spending, at $9,506.00 Total Per Pupil AVG, yet scores near the bottom in achievement. Where is all of this money going? One on one and small group, intense, professional teaching and tutoring should be the order of the day.

Now, parents are up in arms at MLK over the latest principal appointment – done without parent input whatsoever.

This is from a flyer passed out at an MLK parent meeting last week:


6 Principals in 12 years,

14 Asst. Principals in 12 years

13 new school counselor in five years,

85 or more teachers have left in 5 years

6 Science and 6 math teachers to leave 2012-2012 (COMMON CORE AREA)

5 Years of not making AYP 2007 -2008-2009-2010-2011


Scored 59.5% College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) (we rank 3th or 4th from the bottom)


PRIORITY schools are the lowest performing 5 percent of the public schools in the state of Georgia;

FOCUS schools represent the 10 percent of the schools just above them

Martin Luther King Jr. High School Is the ONLY high school in the FOCUS SCHOOLS which is in the lowest 15 percentile of the state Georgia


Human Resources seems unable to seek and secure quality staff for either of these schools. Several held job fairs, yet the comment below was posted on the school system’s Facebook page, from a prospective teacher who attended the fair, with the hope of applying for a job with DeKalb:

I drove 5 1/2 hours to attend the job fair at McNair that I was not informed about even though I have applied for several jobs on PATS. The so called job fair was at best was false representation. The jobs were not for DeKalb county but were specific only McNair high school. There was little direction about the entire process. Candidates were herded a gym and interviews were conducted by a single person behind a desk in the same room. No numeration process for interviews. The candidates were left to consider the order of the interviews. Disgusted by the process I left without participating and drove 5 ½ hours home. The entire DeKalb County Schools job seeking experience has been at best mediocre. I spent nearly $1,000 on a last minute flight a few weeks ago for an interview at Towers High school only to be told by the principal that the secretary made a schedule mistake and that he was not allowed to conduct interviews for AP jobs as this is a district function. The principal was nice enough to placate me for a few minutes. He took my resume’ and placated me some more (probably tossed my resume’ in the trash). Of course follow-up emails were never answered by anyone including Area Superintendents in DeKalb County. The whole experience has left me with an EXTREMELY negative view of DeKalb County Schools. My wife had an interview scheduled with the district that she is cancelling because of these experiences. My prayer is for the children and stakeholders in DeKalb County that the Interim Superintendent will continue to work hard to produce leadership in the district that does not to continue the mistakes of the past. Have a super school year.


Why is DeKalb leadership showing such careless treatment to these very high need schools? Their focus should be finding and quickly securing the very best teacher-leaders they can find to boost student achievement at these schools (at all schools!) Like the writer mentioned above, MLK is a Race To The Top Focus school – securing extra federal funding in order to implement creative approaches to improving achievement. These students need the help and support – and they were awarded federal dollars toward that support. We are completely disappointed in Mr. Thurmond’s inattention to those who need him most.

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60 Responses to MLK and Towers: Challenging schools getting the short shrift

  1. Vote Kid Smart Georgia says:

    I live in the Towers area. I have been commenting on the Ralph Simpson and Keith Jones travesty via Twitter @votekidsmartgeo Simpson and support staff failed to show at a community meeting last week. I removed my children from DCSS two years ago and placed them at Ivy Prep Kirkwood, where they are exceeding standards.

  2. Lisa Davis says:

    Dekalb is still to the same old games and tricks…just with a new leader.

  3. Cedric says:

    We all know about Ralph Simpson and Keith Jones, just imagine what we don’t know about the rest.

  4. dsw2contributor says:


    The opening paragraph is missing something. Here’s a suggested rewrite; the changes I’m suggested are in all-caps:

    Recently, we were all shocked and appalled when our interim superintendent, Mr. Thurmond, appointed Ralph Simpson AS THE NEW PRINCIPAL OF TOWERS HIGH SCHOOL. SIMPSON HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN DEMOTED FROM ASST. SUPERINTENDENT TO ASST. PRINCPAL by Ramona Tyson, after selling the school system over $15,000 of his own books.

  5. Great suggestion contributor – the change has been made! Thanks!!

  6. SRO says:

    Be sure to add the part about how he was allowed to keep most of his $90,000 salary too!!

  7. This is worth a total repost: Feb. 4, 2009 — the altercation below took place. The amazing thing is, both people still have jobs in DeKalb – and have even been promoted…

    Channel 2 has gotten the first look inside the files on a confrontation between two local principals just as classes were getting out for the day.

    The investigator’s report and witness statements revealed there was cursing and racial insults.

    Channel 2 began digging into the situation last fall after the station got a tip about a fight outside DeKalb County’s Miller Grove High School. The school system said Channel 2 couldn’t get the details then because of the ongoing internal investigation, but the records have now been handed over.

    The confrontation took place around 3:15 p.m. on Oct. 23.

    According to the records, one witness said, “Buses were moving at the time.” The same witness said that’s when he heard the sound of an argument between assistant principal Keith Jones and assistant principal Terence Dillard.

    From the affidavit of teacher Alonzo Upshur, “…Jones and…Dillard had grabbed each other by their clothes in the chest area…they were using profanity towards each other.” The statement added, “…Dillard said something about ‘little (n-word)’ and…Jones said something about ‘Big (expletive).’”

    In his affidavit, math teacher Kevin Rogers said he heard Jones call Dillard a “big, black (expletive).”

    Later Rogers said, “Then they simultaneously grabbed each other by the shirt in the chest.”

    In his statement, Dillard told the investigator that Jones said to him, “What (are) you going to do, big (n-word)? You think (you’re) big?”

    The school system spokesman said the fight did not play out in front of students. But witnesses put the time at 3:15 to 3:25 when Miller Grove students are out of class.

    Two students told Channel 2 they saw it.

    Most students and their parents said they heard the story first from Channel 2.

    According to the official investigative report, the fight erupted during a disagreement about how to handle data on student absences. Both assistant principals were suspended for 15 days without pay, before they both returned to work.

    Dillard was reassigned to Lithonia High School.

    Jones remains an assistant principal at Miller Grove.

  8. The thing is: We can never improve the quality of employees hired if some changes are not made. First, we have a racial issue: our current black leadership rarely hires a Hispanic. They look at race first, qualifications later, so they’re eliminating many, many applicants right out of the gate (just as the board did with the superintendent search). It’s so bad that many white people don’t even bother applying anymore. So, you’re basically pulling from about 13% of the population if you look at national demographics – 54.6% if you simply hire from DeKalb residents. Then, add to that the relative low pay (for teachers anyway) and poor benefits, an unstable budget and working environment, a very well-known culture of friends and family along with the behaviors described above that are not only allowed to continue, but are actually rewarded – and we have a truly broken system. Our school system is NOT about education — it is about jobs for select adults. Period. Sad to say, but true. Unless and until we get leadership that truly cares about educating children over providing and protecting jobs for adults we will not see improvement.

  9. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Anyone look at the adopted budget? There is a note on it about board approval of including after school funds in to the gen. fund. This budget seems a lot bigger than the first one proposed. Maybe it’s just 2am and I should be sleeping…budgets best thing to put you to sleep.

  10. midvaledad says:

    I am an example of the difficulty a non-black person has getting hired. I am qualified to teach special education, middle school math, and middle school science, but could not get a job. Instead the HR department spends $11,500 per teacher in administrative fees to bring teachers from India for “hard to fill” special education positions.
    I went to them for free and they turned me away.

    @bettyandveronica1 The adopted budget looks bigger because it includes all sources of funding. Most of the discussions only referred to the general budget.

  11. Steen Miles [a big supporter of Gene Walker] gives us her insight in one of her recent posts at the Champion:

    OPINION: Tea anyone?

    …Power plays and control of the nearly billion-dollar budget are the priorities, not the education of our children as it should be. Public school systems around the nation have been abandoned to poor Whites, Blacks, Browns and others. Middle and upper income families have their children in private schools. Tired of paying private school tuitions, the strategy for years has been to allow public school tax dollars for charter schools under the guise of school choice in “communities of interest.†Bottom line, what is occurring is the re-segregation of our schools with control of the resources in the hands of the same powerful few. School boards set policy and control the dollars. Is the problem that we don’€™t want that power and control in the hands of people from different â€communities of interest€?

    The current DeKalb school board was elected by people in their districts. The board should be un-elected by people in their district. Unincorporated DeKalb is predominately African-American. Could a White person be elected from a predominately African-American district in DeKalb? The answer is yes, but one would have to live in that district, and the history of DeKalb demonstrates that most Whites do not want to live in a predominately African-American area and neither do many middle class African Americans for that matter. Most Whites run and many African Americans high tail it right behind them.

    Race and greed are at the heart of the problem with our schools in DeKalb, not to mention the moral decay of many of our institutions. It is a national problem that left uncorrected threatens to implode our communities. We are dwelling on the symptoms rather than the causes with this one and that one opining as to what to do about the symptoms. What we are seeing in DeKalb today is the culmination of years of cancerous board practices and not one mere decade, but several. The real foxes are gone leaving behind an empty chicken house. Better let that tea bag steep a little longer. Where is the Tea Party when you need them? This government intrusion in the voting rights of citizens would seem a classic case for their involvement. Alas, perhaps it’s the wrong brand of tea.

  12. concerned citizen says:

    I believe Thurmond should require HR to advertise right now to this effect: If you are looking for a teaching or non-teaching position which is being advertised, but have not heard one word of response from HR, report to_______________ July 29 8:30-5:00 to receive a one-on-one conference with an HR counselor who will update on your employment expectation.
    I believe we could get some staff hired; like you, Midvale Dad, I am a certified teacher who doesn’t even get a reply. Many people are willing to work and are highly qualified. What’s this you say about India? Wow and triple WOW for stupidity! Please no more phony Job Fairs!!!!! That was a heart-breaking letter and really shows where we are in DeKalb. I promise you, the schools will be no where close to staffed unless some plan like what I’ve suggested is implemented. Thurmond, where you hiding?????

  13. Fred in DeKalb says:

    dekalbite, i will not make any excuses for Ralph Simpson’s prior actions with regards to selling his book to students. I will say that he repaid all ill gotten gains and was punished for his actions. There was not a policy at the time covering what he did. Common sense should have told him it was wrong nonetheless and since that time, a clear policy has been written.

    I say that to also point out when he was the principal at Stone Mountain and Miller Grove, he was known for running good schools. He had strong parental involvement and the respect of students. He genuinely cared about those at his schools. This track record is what enabled him to be promoted to area superintendent from Miller Grove.

    Perhaps you are a perfect person but I can admit I am not. This is a country that prides itself on providing second chances to people and allowing those that have made mistakes to redeem themselves. Word on the street is the some in the Towers community requested Simpson, knowing his past record as a principal. That community and Simpson know there will be a bulls-eye on Simpson’s back, because of what happened a few years ago. He will always have to live with that. Due to his desire to demonstrate he is remorseful, Towers looks like a great opportunity for him to prove to the community that he is a changed person. Towers has had a revolving door of principals over the past few years. If he can go in and provide some stability to that community and school, the students will definitely benefit. He can also use his mistake as a teaching lesson for the students. That can be powerful.

    Simpson wants another chance and is hungry for this type of opportunity. Towers deserves a principal with a proven track record and wants to be there. Both parties are going into this with their eyes wide open. Simpson will really have to work to turn Towers around. I am willing to have an open mind about this arrangement. Given what I know. Why can’t you?

  14. Dekalbite2 says:

    School systems do not exist to give adults who have made poor decisions a second chance. School systems exist to give students the best chance at an education.

  15. hopespringseternal says:

    Fred, no room here for reason and listening. Fact is, he is highly regarded as a good principal, especially in schools which need order restored while teaching and learning gets underway. Fact is, he was able to resign, but he couldn’t fire himself. The people who could have fired him didn’t, so I’m unclear on how he’s to bear the blame for his continued employment. Fact is, he knows how how to deal with a community which last week had its second drive-by shooting in about two months. Fact is, just yesterday I talked with a group of Emory fellows working on that area’s sustainable neighborhood initiative, and they told me Simpson has dived right in and begun his outreach. Fact is, he served his punishment and I’ve heard him make no excuses for the violation of the public trust. Fact is, I personally know his right arm working with him at Towers on the instructional agenda, the best of the best. But no one here is interested in hearing this.

    In a DSW post in the last 24 hours, the most racist comment was made about how blacks hire people. Whether or not DSW was speaking about the school system or the entire spectrum of hiring across all industries and in all areas, I’d like to see some facts to back that up — something which is encouraged here. But for that statement it wasn’t provided. Even the AJC, when looking into Fulton County’s hiring practices, had to acknowledge that the number of applicants who aren’t black is down. Whatever the reason for that, the notion that “blacks only hire blacks” couldn’t be claimed.

    But that fits the narrative on this blog, something I’ve said before. And that narrative has shifted so far with knee-jerk reactions, racism and a healthy dose of the vituperative. But the koolaid drinkers are finding it real sweet.

    Missing Cerebration indeed. Frustrated? Yes, as are we all. Bitter, racist and constantly pushing the boundaries of civil discourse? No. It was good while it lasted.

  16. Dekalbite2 says:

    While you are “missing Cerebration” with regards to Ralph Simpson, you might want to acknowledge that Cerebration was the one to uncover the book deals that led to the AJC investigation of Mr. Simpson. Here are some links to DeKalb Watch moderated by Cerebration:

    “-Still not sure why Ralph Simpson was allowed to remain a highly compensated DCSS administrator while Butler was fired. It pays to be buddies with the bigwigs”

  17. hopespringseternal says:

    Didn’t say I had a problem with uncovering anything. Please re-read the post if you didn’t understand it. And I still miss Cerebration. I like uncovering things. I don’t like bitter and racist comments.

  18. Dekalbite2 says:


    I don’t think I misunderstood your post. You appear to believe Mr. Simpson is a good fit for Towers and has an exemplary record in community relations. I also know many people who personally have had many interactions with Mr. Simpson and find him very personable and well spoken. However, DeKalb has many good administrators who have not been found ethically challenged. Why would they be passed over for an administrator who lost his license for ethics violations? In addition, can you provide some links to credible sources that show Mr. Simpson moved students forward academically? IMO – That should be the number one concern – getting an administrator with a proven track record for improving the rate of student achievement.

  19. Another comment says:

    Everyone who is qualified and does not get a job or promotion and black person does in DeKalb, Atlanta, Clayton Co. or Fulton Co. should file a reverse discrimination lawsuit. You can win them and retaliation too. I did.

    By the way, no one wants to work for these vastly under qualified Soriety Sisters. When they get mad they go all go Ghetto.

  20. hopespringseternal says:

    My point with Simpson is that he is good at restoring order to have teaching/learning, and that he knows how to get the people who can do more instructionally than he may be able to do. If you now prefer to have a last word, feel free to do so.

  21. Word Wall says:

    When you sell fifteen thousand dollars worth of a clipped together large font “book” to schools in your district … forcing them to buy, well, that should be it, right?

  22. Confused Former Teacher says:

    Point well taken about Mr. Simpson deserving a second chance, but I have known others who weren’t given second chances by the county. Does the county pick and choose who are given these opportunities or is it across the board.

  23. Say what you will about the old blog, and the ‘uncovering’… the fact is, that was possible then, it is no longer possible. DSW2 has submitted about 3 dozen open records requests in the last year that have gone either ignored, or returned with a letter demanding a large sum of money before beginning the answer. Also, board members do not respond or reply with much information whatsoever, and of course, neither do administrators. On top of that, the administration has even prevented the posting of the budget meeting videos. Ironically, since following the newest SACS demands, the information coming from the school system to the people has slowed to a crawl.

  24. Stan Jester says:

    DeKalb culture
    DeKalb Schools may have paid $15K for Simpson’s books and $22K for Cunningham’s pizzas, but that pales in compairson to the millions spent on R.L. Brown’s architectural firm. When he was a board member at Grady his company received millions of dollars in contracts with the hospital. R.L. Brown was selected as the liaison for appointing the new board members shortly before being named in Burrell Ellis’ endictment.

    This AJC report seems relevant to this conversation. “DeKalb school board members admit they voted last year to spend almost $1 million more on attorneys to ensure they had a black female attorney working with them … The two other firms – which also have African-American, Indian and Hispanic attorneys on staff – offered to do the human resources work for about $500,000 less … During the heated debate, board member Walker argued that to him diversity is only black and white. ‘I am a very, very race-conscious person,’ Walker said in October 2009. “I will never ever try to lead you to believe that I am race-neutral. I see color. I appreciate color. I celebrate color and I love color.’ …”

    I don’t seen any data points indicating things are getting better.

  25. If we could produce a real list of ‘riffed’ employees, we could compare their racial make up. Anecdotally, we can say that many, many white employees were riffed. Many of those jobs have been refilled or are in the process of being refilled. The riffed employees have not been invited back — the jobs were simply reposted online for anyone to apply. We have no idea as to the truth of the matter, but we receive many emails from frustrated (mostly white) folks who have tried to apply for a job at DCSD and have been virtually ignored, or given the runaround. Most of the leadership still hires friends, family and friends of friends or family – they happen to usually be of the same race. We do not have the data to prove this – we are not allowed to have it. We have asked repeatedly.

  26. Leo says:

    If you want the data to prove your allegations, just convince two or more of the white people to whom you refer to file a discrimination lawsuit. That information would have to be turned over in connection with such an action if they make class allegations.

  27. Dekalbite2 says:

    Interestingly there is an article in the AJC regarding public entities refusing to abide by the open meetings law:
    “Court to hear arguments in Cumming case”
    “The small city of Cumming is facing a double-fisted fight with Attorney General Sam Olens over an alleged open-meetings violation last year.
    The attorney general has threatened to level “six-figure” attorneys’ fees against the city for tossing a woman from a City Council meeting last year after she refused to turn off her video camera.”…..
    …But Olens said audio and video recording had been allowed under the old law and are still allowed under the revised law. What has changed, he said, is that governments found in violation can now be assessed attorneys’ fees as well as fines, and those can mount into six figures……
    …….“That to me is not taking Georgia law seriously,” Olens said. “This is not a personal issue at all. It’s a legal issue, and I expect all local governments to comply with the Sunshine Laws.”

  28. That’s amazing. Because Sam Olen’s office would not help us. They said it was a conflict since the Governor was in the process of removing the board and the state is in the process of evaluating the decision.

  29. concerned citizen says:

    Something’s got to give. Maybe Olen’s office would now be willing to help, and maybe there are one or two white people who are willing to force the issue about discrimination.

  30. dekalbite2 says:

    The AJC reporter who wrote the article is Pat Fox ( Maybe you want to email the reporter. He (or is it she?) may shed some light on why Sam Olen would not help you.

  31. Fred in DeKalb says:


    ***School systems exist to give students the best chance at an education.***

    I don’t think anyone will disagree with this statement. School systems must also follow the law. Citizens also need to be aware of OCGA 20-2-940. This is the Fair Dismissal Act which guarantees employees due process rights. It governs the dismissal, demotion,
    and suspension of professional, certificated school district employees in Georgia. Whatever actions are taken need to be done in accordance with the law otherwise the school system will face employment ligation.

    Though you may think Simpson should have been fired, those who ultimately make decisions felt that a 10 day suspension was appropriate. A trait of Americans is that we believe in giving second chances. Yes, Simpson’s certificate was suspended. He paid restitution and was demoted. I believe he is remorseful. If every educator or employee was fired for mistakes they made, we would have a hard time keeping good ones. I don’t know of many perfect teachers and mistakes can be inadvertent. Though personally disappointed in Simpson, I don’t think the mistake he made rises to the level for dismissal.

    I have since found out that many in the Towers community requested Simpson. If the Towers community believes he can be the one to bring discipline, stability and help with improving student achievement, why should what you or I think matter? As hopespringseternal said, he is good at restoring order to have teaching/learning, and that he knows how to get the people who can do more to impact student achievement.

    We should both want this to work for the students. If you know of a better candidate, you should name them and offer them to the Towers community. Maybe the Towers community wants a tried and true practitioner rather than an up and comer. Perhaps that is the best chance for the students.

  32. @Fred: What you call a ‘mistake’, many of us call ‘a major breach of ethics and values’ or even possibly a ‘crime’. As the leader of a school, how can it be a ‘mistake’ to ‘sell’ $15,000 worth of your own book to your own school? This was a chance to pocket a big wad of cash. If the book truly was good – it would sell on its own. Most authors have to market, promote and sell, sell, sell their books. Simpson [and others] schemed a plan to enrich themselves using taxpayer (federal in some cases) dollars. If the people at Towers truly wanted him as principal, they have a bigger problem than we imagined. Truly great schools would have no part of a schemer like this. [BTW, $15,000 should be at least 1,000 books — where are they? Anyone know anyone who got one?]

  33. Niah says:

    actually Miller Grove, McNair High, McNair Middle, and Rainbow have a copy for sure

  34. Niah says:

    It also seems very strange that they are bringing certain jobs back that were eliminated earlier when they did the comp/class study. Some of the positions that are back are
    Director of Communications
    Director of Student Support Services (you already have 3 assistant directors that don’t do anything)
    Director of Research and Grants
    Manager of Transportation III (salary of a principal)
    If we can bring these positions back, why not give teachers raises, get rid of furlough days, and make the morale better than it was before.
    I think its time for SACS to stop looking at the board and to look at the head of Human Resources. These are the people that need to be removed, so they can stop hiring the best candidate (Assistant Principal’s that fight and know become principals).

  35. concerned citizen says:

    Why are these positions back? It’s just more opportunity for family and friends.

    If anyone believes the Towers community requested Simpson, they need some head work. Is there a way that an act considered to be a felony(what Simpson, Thedford, and others did) in stealing Title I funds could make a person ripe for the job of principal of a school of terrible reputation, and deservably so. No principal since the school first opened has had a good status. They all come and go. But, putting a felon in as a principal just shows how morally corrupt the leadership of DeKalb is (yes, that is you, ISupt.) Shame on you for doing such an evil thing to children and adults, And, yes, one of the posters said the instructional assistant was good; that has always been the case at Towers. DeKalb puts a rock-bottom person as principal, and the excellent assistant remains just that and keeps things going to the extent that that is possible. There are thousands of Towers’ people out here, and all of us remember…schools are not places for principals who are crooks, Fred, sorry, if you just don’t get it…second chances? not with my teachers and children..Then again it’s not possible to have quality education without quality communities filled with educated and informed parents and teachers! It’s quite hopeless. I have personally heard three Towers’ principals say that they were going to “turn things around” at Towers.
    You can believe they did nothing but dig a deeper hole for the students and faculty.

  36. concerned citizen says:

    Midvale Dad, Did I understand you correctly that you volunteered to teach in DeKalb(math, science, special ed) and you were turned down? I always enjoy your insight, so I’m really puzzled about this. Could you please give the details? That would be of substantial impact for those of us who are on hr’s and Thurmond’s back. Please advise, or please let DSW know the details.

  37. Vote says:

    I am part of the Towers DSNI. Simpson cancelled last week when we planned to discuss how our group could support education improvement at Towers. We changed the agenda to include it tonight and he cancelled once again. Don’t tell me he is engaged in outreach!

    As for Towers community members requesting him, I don’t buy it.

  38. hopespringseternal says:

    @vote. Okie dokie. Point taken. We’ll see how this all works out. (I hate “we’ll see” in k-12 issues, because who’s got time for that?!). My own principal is MIA from any DSNI activities, but our new regional super put a stamp on it. So – hope springs — somewhere.

  39. Fred in DeKalb says:

    @DSW, I will concur Simpson’s book selling incident was a a major breach of ethics. I will take it a step further and call it a violation of trust. I will also point out he has repaid the monies gained from that incident. A new policy has been put in place that makes it clear this will not be tolerated. The PSC did not recommend dismissal but a 10 day suspension. Perhaps they saw something in Simpson and the overall incident that some cannot. Simpson served his suspension and accepted a demotion.

    I know many people that made mistakes, violated trust and committed crimes that were remorseful and used those incidents to become a better person by helping others learn from their mistakes. As I mentioned to dekalbite2, what is done is done. Simpson is the principal of Towers. I understand that MLKing, Jr. wanted him also. We could either support him along with the Towers students or continue to publicly throw stones at him. I’m choosing the former.

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