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can-of-wormsWow! A miracle has occurred! The AJC has posted an article that you can read in its entirety and not have to pay to log in!!!

DeKalb school board members formally removed, as eyes turn to Supreme Court

Basically, as expected, the judge upheld the Governor’s actions to remove 6 of the 9 DeKalb school board members. Of course he did — it’s the law and the Gov was following the law.

Now comes Gene Walker, whose still dogging the case hoping that the Georgia Supreme Court will find that law unconstitutional. Now that would open the proverbial can of worms!

Stay tuned . . .

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2 Responses to Board News

  1. concerned citizen says:

    Eugene Walker is a cry-baby! Does he think he is the only one who has suffered from 1950s-present from racism? I’ve never seen him get emotional except when it comes to himself; he is a pig-headed, conceited disaster. He has done DeKalb to death. Now, Git Out, Eugene P. Walker, and really read the poem that was written so eloquently about you.

  2. howdy1942 says:

    I am hopeful that the Georgia Supreme Court will rule for the State of Georgia. My perspective is that Eugene Walker has been give much more due process than I’ve seen granted to most others. There is no one on this earth more responsible for his situation than he is. The record speaks for itself. A grand jury in Dekalb County has found evidence of wrongdoing in the Dekalb County School System during the tenure of Walker. Sadly, the District Attorney concluded that the DCSS could police itself. SACS has investigated and has cited multiple deficiencies in the DCSS and now has placed DCSS on probation. The DCSS has until December 18, 2013, to fix the problems cited – that’s four months away. The State Board of Education has likewise cited wrongdoing and failure in the DCSS – the DCSS lost $10 million in grant money because it could not fill some simple forms that other school districts managed to complete. And the State Board of Education gave the Dekalb Board two months to prepare its case and listened to some very poorly prepared presentations over a 14 hour period when the DCSS Board presented those cases. One member of the DCSS Board could not even manage to appear at the time she was called to present. Then the State Board ruled unanimously to recommend to the Governor that he suspend those members of the DCSS Board that were in place when the District was placed on probation. Even after they were suspended, they had an opportunity to appeal.

    There is very little support in this County for Eugene Walker to return to his former position. He has very little respect over major portions of this County – the people are really hoping that he just goes away. Parents, especially those of high school seniors, are very anxious about the fate of the DCSS. This is a time when all of us should be pulling together for the sake of our kids to restore our full accreditation. Eugene Walker is out of step with the best interests of our kids and, for once, he should listen.

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