Stan Jester’s Fact Checker has a new post — Sept HR Report

Stan Jester has a new post highlighting the September Board meeting’s HR Report.  We have long struggled to track the HR reports and have been unsuccessful. The HR jobs program is elusive and impossible to unravel or to disprove claims of hundreds of administrative reductions, which are never publicly proven by HR either. (Read our collection of reports here, here and here.)

Stan brings us clearer information on what the HR Department is calling ‘The Chicago Initiative’ and other relevant hiring/firing/resignation information.

Here’s Stan’s overview:

HR Report Analysis

Chicago Initiative
Orson – “During the Summer you were trying to recruit out of the Chicago school system. Were you able to hire any teachers from there?”
Dr. Ward Smith – “We were not successful with the Chicago Initiative. We hired some from Detroit, Michigan.”

What is the “Chicago Initiative” and why do we want to bring anything or anyone from the Chicago Public School System down here? According to the New York Times in 2012, the Chicago Public School System (CPSS) was the most segregated school system in the United States. The April 21, 2006 issue of the Chicago Tribune revealed the Chicago Public School System as one of the worst public school systems in America. Only 3 in 100 black or Latino male graduates of CPSS  earn a bachelor’s degree by age 25. In fact, only 35% of CPSS graduates who went to college earned their bachelor’s degree within six years, well below the national average of 64%. Where is the Raleigh, North Carolina Initiative or Colorado Springs, Colorado Initiative?

Employee Turnover
This HR Report is inclusive of all activity since May of 2013. This reflects a high turnover in contracted and non-contracted employees. The board expressed their concern in the August board meeting and the administration is making retention a high priority.

793 New contracted employees
328 New non-contracted employees
225 Resignations
46 Terminations

Enrollment and QBE State Funding
Interim Superintendent – “As of September 4th, we have officially enrolled 99,703 students which is a record enrollment for DeKalb County.”

Aside from the fact that DeKalb Schools had 100,000+ enrolled students from 2005 – 2009, I’m very concerned about the QBE state funding implications. We have roughly the same number of students as last year, yet the FY 2014 budget forecasts a huge increase in QBE state funding. What are the assumptions behind the row titled “QBE growth”? That number is almost $7 million and non-existent in previous budgets.

Read Stan’s full report along with video, charts and complete details here >> 09/09/2013 – HR Report – DeKalb Schools Board Meeting

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25 Responses to Stan Jester’s Fact Checker has a new post — Sept HR Report

  1. Stan’s Comment from another post:

    Called DeKalb Schools Board Meeting
    Wed @ 4pm

    * Approval of Tapestry Public Charter Schools
    * MLA Board Governance Presentation

    09/09/2013 Board Meeting
    I’ve release my analysis of the HR Report and Financial Report. The approval of Tapestry Charter was a fascinating discussion and was tabled at the last board meeting. I’ll get that analysis up shortly.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    HR in DeKalb has never been sensitive to anyone’s scrutiny. The reason: they don’t have to be! Just ask any of them, and they will tell you that they do what they want. I do evidence in writing.

  3. dsw2contributor says:

    Chicago? Really? There must have been a sorority event there.

    DCS didn’t even bother to try recruiting at Georgia State University.

  4. concerned citizen says:

    What a great comment, dsw2, and you are too, too right! Sorority event, for sure. Can you believe HR’s gall? They all at the top must go. too, too many of us have been their victims. By the way, exactly when may we expect the interim to be ousted or leave on his own? There’s a lot of hiding…

  5. dsw2contributor says:

    Lest everyone think that I am being a crank, I will point out that Alpha Kappa Alpha’s International Headquarters is at 5656 S. Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637, per this link:

    Also, the old DSW previously pointed out that Cheryl Atkinson is an Alpha Kappa Alpha member:
    so that probably explains who approved the “recruiting” trip(s).

  6. concerned citizen says:

    Well, do tell, dsw2, you old crank (thank God for you!) Now, I see (said the blind man) what “really” happened. It is unbelievable. AKAs live and die for their “sorors.” It’s sickening. Of course, Atkinson is an AKA. I can tell you about almost all of her female promotions. It’s super sickening.

  7. howdy1942 says:

    Thanks to Stan Jester for another well researched report. I just wish that members of the School Board and the administration were as well informed of the facts, figures, and history of the Dekalb County School System as you are.

    Of all the recent posts on this blog, this one ought to show all of us how poorly the Dekalb School System is being run. @dsw2 made an excellent point and posed a very key question: Why aren’t we recruiting in Georgia? Does Dr. Ward-Smith seriously think that there are no qualified candidates in Georgia, or South Carolina, or Tennessee, or Florida? Who pays the moving expenses or related costs for people to relocate from Detroit or Chicago to Dekalb County? Why Detroit? Why Chicago? Why not Raleigh or Columbia or Nashville or Birmingham or Greenville? Those are questions that should ring from every single member of the school board!! Why were that questions not asked of Dr. Ward-Smith? By the way, why do we need a PhD to run Human Resources? I’ve worked in industry and in academia for a long time for organizations much larger than the Dekalb County School System and our respective Directors of Human Resources did not have anything close to a PhD. That seems to me to be one high salary that we don’t need to be paying. It makes me wonder about the need for all those other PhDs making those exorbitant salaries at the DCSS.

    That statement by Mr. Thurmond regarding the “record enrollment” of 99,750 or so students in Dekalb County, including pre-school kids, is very indicative that he knows very little about what is going on in the DCSS. If he doesn’t know, then he should simply keep his mouth shut (which, I suppose is hard for Mr. Thurmond to do). I’ve lived in this County for a long, long time and well remember enrollment reports showing well over 100,000 students enrolled. Where was Mr. Thurmond?

    This report shows three important things. First, it shows very clearly why we need a new School Board that will ask searching questions of administrators and expect direct answers. Second, it confirms once again my suspicions that this administration is incompetent, inept, and doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on in the DCSS. Third, we see in the video clip posted by Stan Jester the reasons why so many in Dekalb County want to separate from the DCSS, especially the administration. It is very clear that Mr. Thurmond, rather than making the changes that need to be made in the administration, now finds himself endorsing and defending this incompetence.

    Again, I say we need a new School Board and that new School Board should have as its very first priority the hiring of a competent, well-qualified, well-informed, superintendent who will lead, who will make the changes that are needed so urgently, and one who will expect results. We need to stop the “nice” and “congenial” school board meetings and get to the heart of the issues that are on the minds of so many in Dekalb County.

  8. bettyandveronica1 says:

    I have to laugh…teachers from completely unionized states. Can you imagine one of those folks coming here expecting the bene’s, the pay and the organized labor? I guess the pay your own bene’s, the crap pay and David Schutten couldn’t entice those aka’s from Chicago. Hey Detroit, you probably don’t know the meaning of “right to work” but, you will be very quickly educated that a teacher’s contract in the south, DOES NOT BENEFIT THE EMPLOYEE!!!!!

    I can’t imagine why any teacher would want to leave those two areas and come to DeKalb. (other than the obvious reasons). The south is a polar opposite to these areas as far as employer/employee relationships. And for good reason. See where it got them? And who the hell speaks like her…Chicago initiative.

    It galls me that there just may be other teachers in this state even that might want to relocate to the area and we had to go searching in Chicago or Detroit. She is an idiot, plain and simple. To think that someone probably said “hey, I bet we could get some teachers from up north…” and these folks are too stupid to realize it was meant as a joke.

    Can we please get a real Superintendent now or do we have to keep putting up with the faux one?

    on another note:
    “As of 8/20/13, the DCSD had 100,549 students which is the largest enrollment in our history.” per principals report, now it seems that number has changed to…99,703? Already that is a dip of 850. But looking at FTE for 2011 it was 95.5K. So they are saying we have gained 2K students in two years??? uh uh. Not in the last two years, based on this school system’s performance. They must be counting a few that should be going to DeKalb but don’t. Next June’s budget meetings are going to suck. I can’t wait to see the october fte report sometime in November/December.
    I so wish Perone would speak up.

  9. bettyandveronica1 says:

    sorry that should read, gain of 4K students over the last two years. ooh, that looks even worse.

  10. howdy1942 says:

    @bettyandveronical – you are so right! Now that I think of it, I remember seeing a report on one of the evening news shows recently that teachers in Chicago were making over $70,000 – all teachers,not just those with 30 years experience. When you mentioned that, I also laughed – “they want me to come work there for WHAT?” Then they read about the probation, about the DCSS stopping payment into the Teachers Retirement Account, about the furlough days, about four superintendents in four years and then they really ask “what do these me take me for”? I don’t know about Detroit, but that is a really sad situation. Looking at the news reports and reading about it in Time and Business Week, I would also really want to put that place in my rear view mirror. I recently had a friend with whom I was having lunch comment to me that “if you think things are bad in Dekalb, you may want to see how bad they could be if you looked at Detroit”. I gulped when I saw Detroit and Dekalb mentioned in the same sentence.

    Thanks – you made me laugh!

  11. concerned citizen says:

    Good morning, er, uh, dudh, Dr. Howdy,er/uh Mr. Howdy, er, duh, uuum, Dr. Hurley, duh, uum, ug, Dr./or Mr. Johnson, er, uh, Dr. Morley/I mean Mrs.Love Doctor, er, uh, dudh, Dr. Thurmond, that’s Mr. Thurmond, right, er, uh, dud Dr. Carter, Mr.DR /Ms Ward-Smith, er, er, er. For 40 years, I’ve listened to the basically illiterate Dr MJ stumble around over titles/names. Reason: he does not know people’s names, never has, and he’s got all the messy board stumbling around like he does, er, uh, dudh.

  12. Another comment says:

    Well the whole AKA situation is discrimination based on race. Their website clearly states they are the oldest Soriety for women of color, women descendants of slaves, founded in 1908 at Howard University. Then on another site it says te first African American Soriety.

    Then again on their Web site it clearly states that they do not have any rushes, they have a private invitation only membership process, based on referrals from members.

    I would love to see the EEO suits fly, both by white women and males against this group. They are a nasty group of mean girls.

    Teashers you all know who are some of the most defiant and start the most fights in schools Black females. Just read the North Atlanta report on discipline.

  13. Former Dekalb teacher says:

    @Another–It’s only discrimination if candidates of other races are applying for the same jobs are not being hired. Maybe the AKA folks are hoping that some of their own will make the move for loyalty’s sake, since no one else will!

  14. dsw2contributor says:

    Another comment @September 24, 2013 at 11:32 AM – “Well the whole AKA situation i discrimination based on race.”

    NO! The recruiting trip(s) to Chicago were JUNKETS, not racial discrimination.

    Racial discrimination is what has been happening at the University of Alabama sororities.

  15. Teachingmom says:

    I wonder about the cost of this recruiting experiment. This county cannot attract local, highly qualified, teachers because of the way they are compensated and treated. They could solve this problem with just a few simple steps. I have yet to see an initiative to address what looks to be an HR crises. If you have to go to places like Detroit to hire teachers you should maybe notice you have a BIG PROBLEM. The money is there, lets move it to those that do the actual business of the schools. Thurmond has his cart before his horse. He wants to focus on the economically disadvantaged students but cannot recruit and keep those very folks on the front lines who serve them every day. Shaking my head…

  16. Personally – my take on the ‘Chicago Initiative’ goes like this:

    DeKalb –> Thurmond –> Chicago –> Arne Duncan –> Obama –> Washington DC –> Open US Senate Seat for GA –> Thurmond (with the help of his newly hired/former campaign director, courtesy of the DeKalb shools taxpayers)

  17. concerned citizen says:

    Thank you, Teachingmom! It’s disgraceful that HR incurred this cost for travel! How did this get approved? Why in God’s name is HR recruiting in Detroit and Chicago when we have people in this county who are more than qualified to teach our children? As we know, many teachers are not going to be considered based on their race. What? In 2013? Are we serious? As time goes by, the actions of the admin are really, truly sick. Who is OKing this behavior? We still have many, many open positions. Why? Do people really want to work in DeKalb? Poor, poor teachers and students. Every day, that’s what I think. That’s where my motivation to teach comes from: the teachers and students. Get on board, Thurmond and all the motley crew, or get out. I personally will escort you out.

  18. ShooShee says:

    Where my sister lives in the Midwest, teachers are paid on average around $90,000 a year. And they have strong principals with full support of the administration, taxpayers and parents. They would never, ever dream of putting one big teaching toe in pretty much anywhere in the Deep South. Georgia least of all. DeKalb least in Georgia.

  19. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Here’s a fun topic…I just received an automated phone call asking my opinion on Sex Education in the DeKalb county schools. Should it be taught, what grade, topics, etc. While we all may disagree mightily on the types of topics to be covered, can we all agree that we just really want them to cover Math, English, Social Studies and Science first.
    I do believe as a part of the current science curriculum these topics (cells, parts of the body, reproduction) are covered. I also believe there is value to teaching in health class the societal effects of teen pregnancy and all that goes with that. Should we be teaching contraception, birth control and prophylactics? Should it be covered as part of the county curriculum?
    They also asked if we should be teaching about sexual preference and sexuality? Seriously, can we leave the schoolhouse for reading, writing and rithmatic? I know it’s been an age old debate but is the curriculum department serious with this discussion? Does anyone know about the origin of this phone survey?

  20. Interesting B&V. Darn. I didn’t get that call… That said, what happened to the annual field trip to Fernbank Science Center for (5th? graders) to watch the age-old birds and bees presentation?

    Personally, I wish they would teach parenting and responsibility. Birth Control. Respect for girls and women. Being and acting respectable in public (and in private!) Diseases. Love. Sexual denigration. Self-respect. Self-reliance. Hard work and honoring commitments. Oh. That would be parenting. Maybe we could teach these things in the Parent Centers?

  21. concernedmom30329 says:

    A contract was never let for this poll. I wonder if it is an outside group conducting the research?

  22. concernedmom30329 says:

    Michelle Nunn is the candidate for the Open Senate Seat. Thurmond, who lost very badly a few years ago, knows better than to challenge her. Keep in mind that another DeKalbite, Steen Miles has already launched her campaign. While she doesn’t stand a chance in h*ll, Thurmond would split some votes with her.

  23. Ella says:

    As a teacher who has taught sex education for years I can say without a doubt that it is definitely needed in the Health curriculum. This normally has been the lowest unit grades in my experience. Assumptions are made that students know and understand basis information but they do not. Students do not know the proper names for parts of their body.

    I also teach Biology and we do not go into the same elements regarding sexual education that are that are covered in Health. The Health sex education curriculum is extremely valuable to the students in high school. The data even shows it works in protecting our high school students from unsafe practices.

    Students are very ignorant about things that most citizens assume students are aware of that they are not. We still teach the consequences and do not go deep into preventive measures. There are many questions from many about if we should be providing more information about preventive measures to improve the statistics on teen pregnancy.

    I actually think it is good that they survey the public before changing the curriculum. They are looking at changing the curriculum. It should matter what the citizens of DeKalb feel about sex education in their schools as there are different views on this topic.

  24. bettyandveronica1 says:

    I remember receiving some sort of sex education pamphlet when we first registered for 1st grade. I was floored that I had to sign it. Basically it gave limited information on the graduated curriculum for all 12 years.

    Yeah, I really don’t have a problem so much with the teen pregnancy/ disease prevention issues, what I have a problem with is the sexuality and sexual preference discussions. I prefer them to draw the line at that information. But then I feel like there is only so much they need to know at certain times in their lives. And for you out there that would say but we need to teach tolerance and educate on these issues, no we don’t we need to teach about graduating high school.

    I am not one of those parents who lets it all hang out and let’s my kid watch R rated or Mature Audience” shows cuz she’s probably seen it all or knows about it already. I know there are plenty of parents out there like that. How? Their kids ride the bus with mine and she has told me about it. Folks, do you know what your kids are watching on their iphones, ipads, cell phones if you give them unbridled access to the internet? It’s like a playboy magazine come to life. Ah, the school bus. They may not know the name for it but thanks to 3g/wifi/data and google images, lest we forget youtubee, they know what it looks like!

  25. bettyandveronica1 asked “Folks, do you know what your kids are watching on their iphones, ipads, cell phones if you give them unbridled access to the internet? It’s like a playboy magazine come to life.”

    I hate to break it to you, but it is not just the internet’s fault. I just checked tv listings and saw that WATL-television (Channel 36) broadcasts the Jerry Springer three times a day: 8 AM, 11 AM and 4 PM… plus they also have Maury on at 11 AM, noon and 4 PM…. in case you’re not familiar with Maury, “I Had A Threesome, But The DNA Test Will Prove You’re The Dad!” was an actual episode title. Channel-36 also runs the Steve Wilcos show (A spinoff from Jerry Springer’s show) at 2 PM, and a full hour of “Cheaters” at 3 PM. (I don’t know why, but the same channel also broadcasts Pat Robertson’s 700 Club at 9 AM, in between episodes of Springer and Maury.)

    WATL Channel 36 is owned by GANNETT, which also owns WXIA Channel 11 (NBC) and USA TODAY.

    Given what children are seeing on television nowadays, sex education is really needed!

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