Friday Fun — It’s all relative!

Is it no wonder that we all ‘see’ the world and our circumstances in it differently? Enjoy this “Prezi” and think about it over the weekend… Happy Friday!

The magical theory of relativity

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3 Responses to Friday Fun — It’s all relative!

  1. For more fun with slanted interpretation, watch this funny (faked) satire of a North Korean propaganda video about how horrible life is in America —

  2. Kim says:

    Speaking of physics … how smart are these Atlanta kids to conduct this experiment and mission on a $800 budget? I say we put them in charge of DCSD and see how much better they could do than us:

  3. Very cool video Kim!! Great project by those ATL Students!

    I especially liked the Marian Wright Edleman quote at the end:

    Education is for improving the lives of others
    and for leaving your community and world
    better than you found it.

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