Stan Jester has posted a new Fact Checker, ‘McKoon Cleaning Up From The Senate Floor’

DeKalb Schools doesn’t stand alone with its ethics issues, if that makes you
feel any better. State Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, has been standing up for
taxpayers and children in Muscogee county recently embattled with their
Superintendent and board of education over a no bid contract with their law firm
since 1950 … I kid you not. It has effectively been an ATM machine for the
local law firm Hatcher-Stubbs.

McKoon publicly accused the board of education of squandering public money. In
response, the Muscogee County School District Interim Superintendent and school
board filed 3 ethics complaints and formally asked the Georgia Bureau of
Investigation to investigate Senator McKoon. All the accusations made by the
Muscogee educrats were reviewed now by three different entities, the Senate
Ethics Committee, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Attorney
General’s Office. After thousands of dollars in taxpayer resources and hours
of manpower wasted because of the political vendetta, all three entities cleared
Senator McKoon; The ethics subcommittee apparently laughing hysterically at the
charges which carried no legal weight (imagery by Mike Hassinger).

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