Update on the Fight Against Corruption

From Stan Jester’s Fact Checker blog —

Pat Reid and Tony Pope
The jury was selected this week, and in opening statements yesterday, the defense attorneys for Reid and Pope said the defendants will testify about the racketeering and theft charges against them. Pat Reid was vice president of Tony Pope’s construction company which had millions in contracts to DeKalb Schools. According to the AJC, “These two defendants, along with others, manipulated the DeKalb School District and took money they were not entitled to,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Kellie Hill told jurors in her opening statement. ” While [Reid and Pope] were married, they were partners. They were partners in life and they were partners in business.”

Three weeks ago Crawford Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction. Facing 65 years in prison, Lewis traded his testimony in the Reid/Pope case for a maximum 12 months in jail. In 1977 Lewis was hired as a physical education teacher and later promoted to principal at Montgomery ES. In 1997 he moved to the central office and was named superintendent in 2004.

CEO Burrell Ellis
DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis was indicted back in June by a grand jury on 15 counts that accused him of trying to pressure county contractors for campaign contributions, among other allegations. Paul Champion, listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in nine of the 15 criminal counts, broke his silence yesterday on WSB-TV. He is speaking out for the first time about his role in the case, his testimony before the Special Grand Jury and allegations that a county official asked him to pay a kickback. Walton is expected to be a key witness against Ellis.

Ellis’ indictment claims that all the dirty work was done “at the offices of R.L. Brown”. R.L. Brown and Associates is an architectural firm that contracts to school districts. Robert L. Brown and Brad Bryant were appointed liaisons to the Governor for the appointment of the new DeKalb board members. Prior to selecting the new DeKalb Board, R.L. Brown was a board member at Grady where his architectural firm received millions of dollars in contracts for a major expansion of Grady Hospital.

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2 Responses to Update on the Fight Against Corruption

  1. H.A. Hurley says:

    Bleeding the DCSS of financial resources from children and teachers for years! Is there any wonder that we are trying to do something out of nothing? Many schools are old, pothole infested, void of current and sufficient educational materials, technology, textbooks and resources for teachers, test-prep materials, etc. The salaries for the teachers and support staff are a joke. The longer they stay in DCSS, the more they lose and will be lost for their retirement. All while these Shyster Fat Cats got richer, sucked $$$ out of DCSS & DC, brought in more Shyster FatCat FF. Sociopaths ALL! They only feel bad that they were caught! Never the appropriate moral response. True Sociopaths, and we are paying legal fees, PR fees, increased salaries of highly paid- low competence top administrators in DCSS. For what they deliver, they should get paid pittance. Pathetic!
    Why is anyone surprised that any homeowner in DC would not want to move, secede from DC and start tons of charter schools. Even charters are a gamble. Some do well, many others hit the skids when $$ runs out. People are willing to take the risk. We KNOW what theses Shysters & unskilled administrators can do in DCSS. Known quantity! Sad! Not gonna change. Just got our Savior-Batch BOE & Super this year. How’s it working for us?
    THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Repeat after me: THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS! The legal fees will pull the last resources out of the classroom and out of our children’s hands.

  2. concerned citizen says:

    This is so true and accurate that it made me weep. I am in a school with no resources, not even paper or books. Why is this happening? Why are we listening to this bragging piece of crap. He has absolutely no clue about students and teachers and could care less.

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