The jury handed down a verdict today about 4 PM rendering Pat Reid (FKA Pat Pope) and her ex-husband Anthony (Tony) Pope guilty of racketeering.

By Rhonda Cook
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A DeKalb County jury convicted former school district chief operating officer Pat Reid and her ex-husband, architect Tony Pope, of stealing from the school system by manipulating millions of dollars in construction contracts.

The jury found the former couple guilty of racketeering. Jurors also found Reid guilty on one of two theft charges and found Pope not guilty on a theft charge.

Reid, who oversaw the district’s vehicle fleet as well as its construction had been charged with theft for buying her county-owned Ford Explorer at one-third its value. Reid and Pope also were accused of theft for billing the district for an attorney for Pope.

The jury reached its decision after deliberating over most of three days.

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44 Responses to Guilty!

  1. Insider says:

    Crawford Lewis wasn’t as dumb as we thought. Pat Pope/Reid wasn’t as smart as she thought.

  2. dsw2contributor says:

    I wish they had prosecuted Pope/Reid for lying on her job application about her education, past employment and who she actually is.

    Of course, the prosecutor couldn’t do that – Pope/Reid’s defense attorney would ask the jury “if it is a crime, why aren’t they also going after the 1/3rd of the palace that did exactly as Pope/Reid did?”

  3. Fred in DeKalb says:

    **I wish they had prosecuted Pope/Reid for lying on her job application about her education, past employment and who she actually is.**

    I asked a question about this earlier. Did it come up during the trial that she lied on her application about her past? I know we heard allegations about this but was there any proof?

  4. Dekalbite2 says:

    IMO – this delay has been about how to extricate Lewis. He is politically and personally connected with the present DCSS administration and the power base in DeKalb. It seems like as soon as a deal was worked out for Lewis the trial proceeded at breakneck pace and the guilty verdict was within weeks. That appears to be what this trial hinged on – getting a good deal for Lewis.

    Why wasn’t Internal Affairs onto this? The same people are still running Internal Affairs. Of course, the same people are advising Thurmond and running DCSS. Why is that?

  5. concerned citizen says:

    Do I need to mention the names of those in Internal Affairs/the ones run the DCSS? Does Ramsey hit a note? Do you think his relationship with Thurmond could be a factor in the terrible things that are/have happened in DeKalb? There are others but they just take orders. Crawdaddy is still intensely involved in what is happening and wrote his own scenario.

  6. thedeal2 says:

    Fred in DeKalb, please read the document at the link below to see testimony about her false resume:

    Click to access heery-questions-lewis-plans-to-hire-pope.pdf

  7. Wanna bet that the Dekalb rehires Crawford?

  8. TracyW says:

    Oh please NO not Lewis again! He was at first an improvement over that pompous overdressed fop he replaced, and I was all for his as a home-grown superintendent. But as soon as he got in, the likes of Pat got her friends and family claws into him by sussing out his infidelity. I think he can stay gone.

    Why is it that no intelligent honorable folks want the superintendent position? We know why the lies on the resumes are ignored by the friends and family!

  9. Fred in DeKalb says:

    thedeal2, thanks for sharing the link but it fairness, it represents a Civil action by Heery against the district. It contains many allegations that we don’t know the answer to. The obvious questions would be, what became of this action. Many were thrown out.

    Allegations have been made about Reid’s education and past work history. I’m wondering if any of this came up during the trial. Should one assume that it did not thus making the action you linked to irrelevant? I don’t know, hence my question.

  10. howdy1942 says:

    I think Dekalb got all that it could get. I’m thankful to get the convictions that we got and applaud the prosecution as well as the jury for this decision.

    This whole situation surrounding the Dekalb County School System, especially the governance and the administration is about to come down all around them. In just a few short weeks, the Legislature will begin considering the requests of three areas in Dekalb to become cities – Lakeside, Tucker, and Briarcliff. There is all the grievance of the Druid Hills Charter Cluster. There is also the CEO issue. My sense is that the Legislature will conclude that things are seriously screwed up in Dekalb, that a very large percentage of the people are very upset and dissatisfied, and that something must be done. Dekalb County has just grown too large, larger than some states, to have a single school district and a single government that controls our lives in such minute detail. Corruption has been and remains rampant in both the county government and the school system and that can be better controlled by smaller city governments that would be more responsive to the people. Right now, my commissioner represents 100,000 people in Dekalb and that commissioner can be and has been voted down by a combination of the remaining six. More often, decisions have been made by a 4-3 vote that can and has been vetoed by the CEO. More often than not, those 3 votes represent people in North Dekalb – at least 300,000 people and that is a lot of people in one area to be disenfranchised.

    My thinking is that the Legislature will work toward some mediation or consolidation of the Briarcliff/Lakeside/Tucker requests and they will likely vote to form a city of North Dekalb. This will be a win/win/win. Moreover, I think the Legislature will revise the current law under which charter schools can be formed to remove the school board as a block and focus the decision on the State School Board. Many of the grievances of Druid Hills, Tucker, and Lakeside could be resolved if they were permitted to each form their own cluster school system with minimal involvement and control of the Dekalb County School Board. No new school districts would be created but new clusters within existing districts would be created.

    Coming back to today’s decision by the Jury, this day is both a sad day for the DCSS and a good day for our People. It’s a good start, but we have a long way to go.

  11. another comment says:

    I believe their was a last ditch effort by Pat’s attorney Askon or herself to cause a hung Jury ( not J. Tom Murray). First the Sick jury, in an attempt to get the Moody former bank friendly jurier on the jury. It was clear that their were 11 votes. The sick one wasn’t willing to not vote guility, so they got paid off to be sick. Then the club girl, with bad orange dye job, tacky dangle earings wanted to right away claim reasonable doubt and vote not guilty. So the other jurors remembered for selection that suspeciously the prosecution did not object that she had a tie to Moody. They made sure to tell Judge Becker who they knew would not stand for it. Then when the judge questioned this jurer #78, her answers were clearly rehearsed with an attorney. Lets say they did not match her attire, the non-professional orange hair and tacky earings. Little things like that always clue you in on job interviews that the person you are interviewing did not actually write their own interview. I have learned to have people read things in interview, directions on how to use something related to the job, since so many of our high school graduates are functionally illiterate. I am not being mean, because people fail, my simple test of reading directions on 2 stroke moter oil bottle. Jury tampering needs to be investigated.


  12. Fred in DeKalb says:

    Interesting thoughts, howdy1942. Taking a simplistic view, I believe the *not so apparent* part of most decisions come down to money and who controls it. If the legislature does as you think they may do, I believe a new term will arise, monetary gerrymandering.

  13. thedeal2 says:

    Howdy, I hope you are right, but there are a lot of dumb legislators who live to deny the requests of anyone in the Atlanta area.

  14. dsw2contributor says:

    dissonancetheory asked “Wanna bet that the Dekalb rehires Crawford?”

    Why not? It is not like DCS is going to be able to attract a better candidate.

  15. Fred in DeKalb says:

    Is there a reason why my comments are awaiting moderation while other comments are posted?

  16. @diss: That’s not possible. Lewis plead guilty to a crime.

  17. Regarding the legislature, this email just arrived from Mike Jacobs:

    Town Hall on DeKalb Governance

    Earlier this year, Governor Deal installed Commissioner Lee May as interim CEO. May wasted no time becoming the first of the five individuals who have served as CEO to call for the abolition of the position. Click here for an AJC article (subscription required) published immediately after May assumed office.

    Lately, after a few months as interim CEO, May’s public statements on abolishing the CEO position have been less clear. However, he is holding public hearings throughout the county to hear from citizens on this issue. Listening to citizens is a step in the right direction.

    The first of these meetings is tomorrow, Thursday, November 21, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Dunwoody High School, 5035 Vermack Road. I encourage you to attend and participate.

    There are two other meetings, on Monday, December 2, at 6:30 p.m. at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts Center, 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur, and on Tuesday, December 3, at 6:30 p.m. at Rehoboth Baptist Church, 2997 Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker, but the Dunwoody meeting is the one nearest to our community.

    Out of the 159 counties in Georgia, DeKalb is the only one with a hybrid CEO-commission form of government. To say that our county’s form of government is dysfunctional would be an understatement. The CEO holds most of the cards. The commissioners hold very few. Yet the citizens expect their commissioners, each of whom represents at least 138,000 people, to get things done. In reality, it’s the CEO who can make things happen with ease.

    For example, even if the county commission votes to award a contract to a vendor, the CEO can simply choose not to sign the contract. That sort of prerogative goes to the heart of the criminal charges against Burrell Ellis.

    The alternative is a commission-manager form of government. The county commission would hire a professional county manager who is responsible and must be responsive to the commission as a whole. Every other Metro Atlanta county has this form of government.

    The power to change DeKalb’s form of government belongs to the General Assembly. In my nine years in the House of Representatives, I’ve been a consistent advocate for scrapping the CEO form of government. There are others who agree, but we don’t comprise a majority of the members of the House and Senate from DeKalb County. That has been the impediment.

    I applaud Lee May for leading this conversation. I hope his commitment to making this important change remains as strong as it was a few months ago. His leadership would give the issue a boost. I look forward to seeing you at Dunwoody High School tomorrow evening.

  18. Stan Jester has posted a new Fact Checker, ‘One Small Step For Justice

    While we anxiously await the trials and indictments churned out by the metro Atlanta conveyor belt of corruption, let us savor for a moment the justice that has been served recently.

  19. Jeff Bragg says:

    schoolwatch@10:55 today: Re: DeKalb rehiring Lewis. He is still certified by the Professional Standards Commission ( The PSC has rules for revoking certification and clear procedures to follow. Conviction for a misdemeanor offense does not automatically lead to loss of certification. The charge Lewis pled to is probably not definable as a crime of moral turpitude, which can lead to revocation even for a misdemeanor. However, he testified under oath that he had an affair with an employee. In some companies and governments, this is sexual harassment, or an abuse of authority. The original charges, all dropped except the charge he pled to (either obstruction or interference with an investigation), may be allowed in a PSC hearing. It is not double jeopardy to consider charges dropped in a criminal trial in a subsequent civil or administrative action. I suggest someone with a bit of time study the PSC rules, and if you see any chance of success in a revocation hearing, file a complaint with the PSC. Good luck.

  20. Another comment says:

    Lewis pleaded as a first offender, if he completes his one year probation, he will have absolutely no criminal convictions on his record by January 2015. He will check in with probation for a couple of months. After that they will put him on minimal probation. So unless he and the Mrs get in a fight because she is fed up with the affairs and he hits her and leaves marks. He will make it through his probation and next December he can apply to get his record as a first offender expunged.

    So yes he was alot smarter than Pat Reid.

    I wish that Judge Becker makes him eloquite to who the two board members are who would not let him fire Pat Pope aka Reid. The DA’s office did not seem to want to expose the DA’s buddies who the DA infamously said in a press conference with a couple of them standing behind that they could police themself.

  21. @Fred (and others) since we started DSW2 using WordPress, we have flagged accounts that leave comments using more than one identity. We try to evaluate them before posting. If yours has been flagged by mistake, let us know. Otherwise, if you continue to post comments using your current ID, you will go through. Just don’t split your personality and start agreeing with yourself!

  22. hopespringseternal says:

    Since we’re majoring in the minor I believe that superintendents must post a fidelity bond. I’ve not seen a contract and I haven’t gone to the O.C.G.A. but I would guess that the constraints of bonding would effectively serve to discourage potentially stupid hiring decisions.

  23. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    Crawford Lewis was Superintendent from 2004 – 2010. In 2007 SACS fully accredited the Dekalb School District saying “Effective leadership at all levels”. Heck of a job, Brownie.

    We aren’t out of the woods yet with the a$$ clowns we have in there now.

    M.O. brought in Thurmond because the “lack of an educational leadership background seemed an asset” and he “had seen Thurmond speaking publicly and in small groups over the years, and was impressed”. Personally, I’d feel better with Tony Robins at the helm.

  24. Jeff Bragg says:

    The Teachers Retirement System (TRS) also has a rule providing for a penalty to be levied against a person’s pension if that person has been found to have caused damages to a school system. So, somebody go for that also. In addition to his TRS, Lewis, like other supers, negotiates a compensation package that includes a special annuity that the rest of us cannot get, or even hope for. Cake for the king and crumbs for the serfs. He’ll still be comfortable, unless he gets nailed in a civil action by one of his victims.

  25. Did they ever say who the two board members were who would not let Lewis fire Pope? Were they asked to corroborate that story or are we to simply believe it? Also, was Lewis ever asked directly if he knew Pat Pope or especially if he had a prior working relationship with Pat Pope before he hired her? He did say he was “thrilled” when here resume crossed his desk (from the ‘search firm’) but that still doesn’t say that he didn’t already know her. Did any lawyers even try to poke one hole in his testimony? Did they ask to see Pat’s job application to DeKalb Schools? The one that Heery Mitchell says has ‘untruths’ in it and reveals that she was already consulting with DeKalb schools on SPLOST projects when she applied for the job…

    Of course not, Lewis was in the catbird seat! The defense wouldn’t want to ask those questions, as the answers could incriminate their clients – and the prosecution would never want their star witness to appear to be ‘untruthful’. In the end, yes, he told ‘the truth’ but we don’t think he told ‘the whole truth’. We will probably never know the whole truth.

  26. another comment says:

    If they are stupid and decide to go to trial with Heery then we will know the truth.
    Right now Heery will win and get everything back in on appeal, with a higher court. The fact is without this trial, which was delayed by someone to save other buddies butts, the Heery trial wasn’t ripe. Plus thier is the whole South Dekalb portion that follows Gene Walkers logic and only sees color. Construction Law is a complex specialty of the law, it is a very nuanced area. Not every judge has had experience with this type of case. Their are very few law firms that handle this type of case.

    Now you have two individuals convicted of RICO, which includes the DCCS COO. Pat Reid aka Pope was also convicted of Theft. You had the School System Supt. accept a plea deal for interfering with an investigation. You have several other Architectural firms listed as unindicted co-conpirators. Even though these Architects escaped a felony conviction because of the system and the weak DA James, not willing to stand up to the Dekalb system. They are still subject to the Georgia State Board of Licensing requirements, which I believe like all Professional boards have u cethics clauses. Y

  27. Word Wall says:

    “I didn’t do my job because I was being blackmailed”… Thanks for the honesty, gnat-brain!

  28. Jeff Bragg says:

    My earlier posts discussed issues of revocation of Lewis’ certificate and pension liabilities. I need to remind people that many school system jobs do not require certification. Crawford Lewis would be eligible for consideration for some, despite his misdemeanor conviction. For example, he is well-known for his self-taught expertise in vehicle refueling. He could be hired for the night shift crew at the bus yard, so long as there is only one type of fuel at his station.

  29. howdy1942 says:

    @thedeal2 and @fred – Appreciate your comments. I hope that the Legislature will choose to help us clean up our situation in Dekalb. For sure, the Dekalb County School System is in a mess and the Dekalb County Government doesn’t appear to be much better.

    I am very biased against the CEO for of government for many reasons. Rep. Jacobs is so right – the CEO just has too much power. One decision that really stands out in my mind involves Vernon Jones. The Commission had voted 4-3 to deny establishments serving alcoholic beverages to extend their operating hours from 2 a.m. until 4.a.m. in spite of an outpouring of public comments against the proposal. That proposal would allow Dekalb to have the longest hours in the Metro area and the obvious risks were that when the bars in other counties closed, their patrons would pour into Dekalb and the second risk was that intoxicated patrons would be spilling into our streets just as parents were taking their kids to school. The CEO, Vernon Jones, vetoed the Commission’s decision and 5 votes were not available to overturn his veto. Shortly after that decision took effect, a driver “under the influence” was speeding down Brockett Road at 3:30 a.m. and crashed into a large tree just 50 years from Brockett Elementary that cost him his life. I’ll be the first in line to vote to end the CEO debacle.

    I’m ready to move on beyond the Lewis/Pope trial. Yes, I’d like to know which school board members “blocked” his attempt to fire Pat Pope/Reid, but we have to remember that it was this same board that “leaked” that confidential information about candidates that was so damaging and we still don’t know who the “leakers” were despite being assured by the board that we would know. Dekalb County needs to drop the Heery lawsuit – it cannot win this case, so it should stop pouring more of the taxpayers’ money down that hole. Dekalb County also should drop that lawsuit against those two teachers and negotiate to restore all contributions. Dekalb County has much, much bigger issues to address.

    Regarding the Legislature, I just hope that all of them realize the obvious – Dekalb geographically spans the northern and eastern boundaries of Atlanta and Atlanta is 50% of the State’s economy. Not only has the Dekalb County School System been going downhill for years, but Atlanta hasn’t improved much, if any, during those years. When we moved here in 1975, Atlanta and Dekalb were both thriving and were alive in all aspects. It was the crown jewel of the South. Marta was 15 cents and was heavily used. Dekalb schools were among the best in the nation. What happened? If Atlanta is going to regain that status, it cannot have school systems such as those in Dekalb, Clayton, and Atlanta – they must get fixed. My sense is that progress is being made in the Atlanta schools and I have not heard much from the Clayton schools lately. Dekalb continues to be in the news, in the courts, and is a hot topic in the communities. The Legislature needs to step up and do at least two things: (1) Allow us to vote to change our form of County government and (2) Grant us greater latitude to develop alternatives to the Dekalb County School Board, A previous blogger made the comment that were the Druid Hills Cluster to be approved, others would follow. That is very true because so many in Dekalb County no longer want to be controlled or governed by the Dekalb County School Board. I certainly would strongly support the establishment of a Tucker Cluster School System. My belief is that if the DHCC had been approved, it would have set a very positive example that would have encouraged others to follow. Governance would have improved, achievement scores would have improved, parent involved would have become even greater, and success would have become the rule. That would have begun a trend to lift the quality of education for all kids in Dekalb County, but our school board is just too content to keep the status quo.

    I can’t project what the Legislature will do, but I am certainly communicating my thoughts to our legislators.

  30. dsw2contributor says:

    Supposedly, a bookkeeper at Lakeside HS was escorted out of the building — can anyone confirm this bit of scuttlebutt?

  31. Meeting Announcement:


    The DeKalb Board of Education will hold the following meetings on Monday,
    December 2, 2013:

    2:00pm Work Session and Executive Session for a legal matter
    Cabinet Room
    Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    5:45pm Community Input Session
    J. David Williamson Board Room
    Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    7:00pm Business Meeting
    J. David Williamson Board Room
    Robert R. Freeman Administrative & Instructional Complex
    1701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

    The meeting agendas can be accessed online by going to:, click on Leadership, go to eBoard Home Page and click on the date for the meeting agenda\information.

  32. Another comment says:

    Their priority Legal matter should be settling the Herry case and paying off Herry what ever Herry want as soon as possible.

    I just read the What the jury was questioning in the case. The jury could not understand why they did not call David Moody to the stand. Why they only called the one Architect. I guess that is one of the big questions, who is protecting David Moody. Why aren’t both these firms currently banned for doing any work for both Dekalb County Schools and Dekalb county, as they were clearly involved in this whole bid rigging scheme.

    The jurors said that the e-mails from Tony Reid pointing out that he had to be hidden because of his wife’s job and then one that basically told Moody they had to lower their price 40,000 showed that he had inside information for them to get the project.

    This is clear bid rigging, The contractors who did not get these jobs, can now sue Dekalb County for loss of Profits, because both their COO, Supt., and now the Supt. testified in court that once he was aware of it he was prevented from firing the COO by at least two school board members. Lets say I used to work for one of the GC’s that came in second on one of these jobs, I know how the owner of the firm thinks. In fact in the world of Public Bid construction, contractors don’t think twice about suing, because jobs are suppose to go to the low bidder, and quality wise the firms that didn’t get the jobs would have hands down in a technical rating that was done fairly would have rated higher.

    Addditional if any of the money was Federal Funds on these Projects ( for example Chamblee High has Federal Funding) then Sally Yates can come in with RICO and Federal theft Charges. The Reid/ Popes better quickly amend their taxes for another 1.4 M in income or they will have Federal Tax Evasion Charges Brought. Remember that is what Al Capone was convicted of. Or someone better quickly make a deal with the Feds, on Alot of other DCSS stuff. If They thought a $360k tax debt was bad, they can now add another $1.4 million in ill gotten gains from that.

  33. Another comment says:

    Even though DA James drug his feet it looks like to protect the well connected in the Black community David Moody Construction, inc. I just looked up The Sherman Anti trust act of 1890, as regards to bid Rigging. Sally Yates office has a 5 year statute of limitations. So there is a little time left despite James’ 3.5 year delay. Also Moody is a corporation as a construction company and liable for up to a 10,000,000 fine. I would think Dekalb county schools would be liable to the Feds for this same amount. Pope if he was a corporation would be liable up to 10,000,000 to as dBA 350,000. Reid, Lewis and the two Board members would all be liable for up to 350k Federal imprisonment for Sherman anti trust is only up to three years, since it has always been a very white collar crime.

    I would love to see Sally Yates pursue this. I believe this warrents a call to her office on Monday. So far her office has prosecuted everything I have given tips about, and had the FBI call me within an hour.

  34. Word Wall says:

    Obstruction of Justice – Richard Nixon made that one famous, didn’t he? Great public service and civic leadership deserves its rewards!

  35. Another comment says:

    See Ty’s article in the paper today Thurmond is already trying to say that Dekalb had 14 different districts in the 40’s and they didn’t work. That is going to be his fight on the constitutional amendment.

    My best friend for 30 years is a black male UGA graduate, who now lives in Milton. Operates in the educated white world. He told me the other day he felt he got a better education in his 36 student all black high school over off I-20 east, than what his Granddaughters are getting in West Cobb schools. His oldest daughter has her two children in a Forsyth County Chrisian, school. He is 63, and tells me that at least in their all segregated black high school of the 1960’s their was discipline. They may have had used books, but their was discipline and manners. Now he sees none. What is worse, no one has books. He went over to UGA and had no problem graduating with an accounting degree in the early 1970’s. Graduating from his segregated 36 student black high school. He then went on to work for one of the major computer companies. So his theory doesn’t hold up.

  36. dsw2contributor says:

    Another Comment: I have a suggestion for you, but don’t want to post it publicly here — please email me directly (dsw2contributor at gmail) if you don’t mind.

  37. howdy1942 says:

    I also read the article in the AJC which discussed Michael Thurmond’s recent visit to former superintendent Jim Cherry’s daughter. She was so right in her advice to Thurmond that he needs to understand what is wrong and fix it in short order. Otherwise, the Republican- controlled State Legislature and a Republican governor are going to impose some changes of their own. Frankly, I think that it is already too late for Mr. Thurmond.

    For at least 10 years, Dekalb County has been controlled by a “friends-and-family” school board that hired a superintendent that would support this system that also hired his/her own central administration that only grew and grew. While that was growing, achievement in the school system declined, trust was lost in the administration and the school board, growing numbers of parents were either moving out of Dekalb or finding alternatives to the DCSS, and now large portions of Dekalb are seeking to distance themselves from the County and from the school system. That will not change until a new competent board is elected that will insist on major changes in the administration and until a new permanent superintendent is recruited using an open, ethical process that focuses on the credentials of candidates. In short, the “silly” games of the past 10 years must stop, the present administration and governance must be radically changed, parents must be heard and not controlled, and trust must be restored.

    Tomorrow, we will hear from the Georgia Supreme Court regarding Walker’s case. At this point and after the performance of the current board and Mr. Thurmond, I just don’t think that the decision will matter. Lakeside now has positive affirmation of its feasibility study, Tucker is likely to receive the same result before the next Legislature session begins. Dunwoody and Brookhaven are already cities. This train is gaining speed and momentum and no amount of “control” by this school board and Mr. Thurmond will change that fact. I agree with a previous comment that the 5-4 decision denying the Druid Hill Charter Cluster only served to speed that train.

    The low point in Dekalb County was reached last December 18, and we all had some hope in changes that the Governor made. My last hope was dashed in the 5-4 decision by the School Board. Changes are on the way, better school governance and leadership is on the way, and improved classrooms are on the way.

  38. DCSSgrad says:

    Speaking growing Central Office Administrations….Take a look at PATS. There are 10 recent job postings in the Federal Programs category. 6 of those job postings are “coordinators” and “secretaries”. The jobs program continues in DeKalb schools

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