This would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.

Take a look at what the AJC is reorting…

Governor to teachers: I’m with you, not against you. It’s those schools boards withholding your raises.

Deal’s reelection website says: “Every child deserves the opportunity to receive a world class education. And the best way to do that is to start with our teachers. Gov. Nathan Deal has allocated an additional $500 million to Georgia’s education budget to ensure the best possible education for our children. Now, it’s up to your local school board to decide how that money is spent in your district. Gov. Deal adamantly believes one of the best ways to improve education for our children is by investing in our best teachers. That’s why Gov. Deal is calling on the school boards to pay teachers more. Join Gov. Deal and add your name to the list of Georgians who want to ensure our most effective teachers are properly compensated.”


There are laws the legislature and Governor could enact to enforce teacher pay, limit furloughs and class size and support teachers with supplies, curriculum and technology in order to ensure that resources are reaching children and their teachers. It’s disappointing that instead, we have yet another ‘blame game’ as the Governor insists that he would give teachers a raise, if only those pesky school boards would cooperate.

Too little.
Too late.
In our opinion.

Education woes in Georgia ARE solvable. Tough rules focusing on teachers and the classroom and fiscal reporting are necessary. It’s not rocket science, but removing the bloated administrations across the state has become nearly as impossible. Pity the children of Georgia as the adults in charge trample over their educations in order to pilfer the funds for personal use.

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  1. Teachers matter says:

    Why would anyone vote down whyisnobodylistening? It’s only a matter of time before teachers push back against the county corruption and nonsense.

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