Let the school board campaigns begin!


District 1 – Stan Jester
District 2 – Don McChesney, Marshall Orson
District 3 – Jerrie Bason, Michael Erwin, Jarrod Jordan, Atticus LeBlanc, Willie Mosley
District 4 – Karen Carter, Jim McMahan, John Oselette, Ella Smith
District 5 – Pia Bhatti, Jay Cunningham, Alexander Fitzhugh, Thad Mayfield, Vickie Turner
District 6 – Bridgeman Bolger, Melvin Johnson
District 7 – Kim Ault, Lee Dukes, Joyce Morley

Wondering which district you live in?
Here’s a link to a map of the 7 districts >>

OR go here to look up your district using your address >>


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  1. To clarify on Jesse Jay Cunningham:

    From the AJC story in 2010 about a 1982 incident:

    In that case, Cunningham pleaded guilty in 1982 under Georgia’s first offender program to stealing $12,500 in bank deposits from a Decatur McDonald’s where he was store manager. He was sentenced to six years probation. He declined to answer questions last week about the case and referred a reporter to his attorney, Dwight Thomas.

    “He pleaded guilty to theft by taking under the First Offender Act, ” Thomas said. “State law says when you are under the First Offender Act, you can say ‘no, I’m not a convicted felon’ on job applications and other records.”

  2. Insider says:

    The new board districts are so convoluted that Hermann Rorschach is saying “What the heck?”

    One of the districts is even geographically separated from itself by Atlanta & Decatur!

  3. concernedmome30329 says:

    Which districts are you looking at? The only change was the elimination of the two at large districts. Here is the approved map….

    Click to access BEDMap.pdf

  4. Yes, that wacky map was not approved by the legislature. It’s basically the same map that was approved after the Census during apportionment – except the two super-districts were dropped. Use the link from concernedmom. I’ll change the link in the post — it’s too confusing to look at both maps. Sorry.

  5. curious says:

    What happened to eduKalb?

  6. Oh — check out their website – it’s still up. http://edukalb.com/

  7. Another comment says:

    To me a felon is a felon and their should be no first offender status. You can be restored a right to vote, but not to hold office, especially an office over $1 billion dollars a year in funds.

    What keeps sticking with me, Is that Crawford Lewis testified in Court under oath ( the one that Judge Becker didn’t like her answers) that two board members would not allow him to fire Pat Reid after he let them know what was going on, with her and the contracts to her Husband.

    Now my guesses are these two have got to be the two who were the Board presidents; Gene ” I see color” and Jay Cunningham. In my mind only another felon would protect another person committing felonies. Then I can see Walker wanting to get rid of the white minority partner Heery. funny how no allegations were made about the majority Partner Mitchell, like they were about Heery. You don’t normally trash the minority partner of a joint venture.


    You are cordially invited to a Candidate Forum
    hosted by NAACP DeKalb County Branch

    Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
    South DeKalb Office Park
    3015 S Rainbow Drive – Conference Room
    Decatur, Georgia 30034

    Featuring Candidates Seeking Election for: DeKalb Board of Education Districts: 1-7

    District 1 District 5
    Stan Jester Pia “Chaz Afzal” Bhatti
    Jesse “Jay” Cunningham
    District 2 R. Alexander Fitzhugh
    Don McChesney Thad Mayfield (I)
    Marshall Orson (I) Vickie B. Turner

    District 3 District 6
    Jerrie D. Bason Bridgeman Bolger
    Michael A. Erwin (I) Melvin Johnson (I)
    Jarrod Jordan
    Atticus LeBlanc District 7
    Willie R. Mosley, Jr. Kim Ault
    Lee V. Dukes
    District 4 Joyce Morley
    Karen Carter (I)
    Jim McMahan (I)
    John Oselette
    Ella “Coach” Smith

    Non-Partisan Candidate Forums are designed to empower communities by increasing awareness and participation in the full political process. We encourage the participation of everyone and hope to Educate and Inspire greater Voter Participation.

  9. Nikole says:

    i’m right by the words North Decatur. Which district is that? I wish they’d used different colors. I can’t match up the various browns with the key.

  10. curious says:

    Nicole, you can find your voting district using this website.

  11. Frustrated Dekalb Parent says:

    I won’t be able to make the forum on Saturday. Is anyone planning on taking notes to share? Thx

  12. Stan Jester says:

    I’ll be there. I’ll record it and post it on FactChecker. There could be 20+ candidates, so I’m not sure how this is going to work. Be sure to introduce yourself to me if you make it to the forum.

  13. concerned citizen says:

    As always, Stan the man helps us out! Thank you, Stan.

  14. curious says:

    Posted: 4:36 p.m. Friday, March 14, 2014
    School board candidate talks about arrest record
    0 0 0 4
    Sponsored Links

    By Kerry Kavanaugh
    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A candidate for the DeKalb County School Board is responding to critics who are making an issue of his past.
    Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh obtained Bridgemon Bolger’s arrest record after receiving a tip.
    Kavanaugh found several arrests but only one misdemeanor conviction which is nearly ten years old.
    Bolger invited Kavanaugh to his home, and told her his past is the reason he is running for office.
    “I’m currently the president of the young Democrats of DeKalb County. I currently serve as the diversity and outreach chair for the young Democrats of Georgia and I am the community service director to the young Democrats of American Black Caucus,” Bolger said.
    Critics of Bolger are pointing to his arrest record, but he was more than willing to discuss it.
    “That does not define me today. And it actually motivates to help somebody in a similar situation that I was in,” Bolger said.
    Bolger opened up about several previous arrests, many of which occurred during his teenage years. His record shows the single misdemeanor conviction included a charge of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.
    “I want to show people who were in that spot that I was in, they don’t have to be there forever and there’s a path to success,” Bolger said
    The candidate told Kavanaugh he’s focused on improving the districts’ graduation rate, getting more guidance counselors in schools, and improving student access to technology.
    He’s challenging the current school board chairman, Melvin Johnson.
    Bolger said he knew running for office would open the door to questions about his past but voters have a right to know who they’re electing.
    “Why are we talking about things that happened ten years ago? When I was child, when I made mistakes, what could you have done to help me?” he asked.

  15. Midway woods neighborhood association says:

    In district 3 isn’t Earvin the only one with a college degree and a masters?

  16. Check this link for a complete list of candidates on the MAY 20 ballot >>

    Click to access NonPartisanCandidates.pdf

  17. @ Midway Woods Neighborhood Association — Could you research that for us, please, and document the higher education levels (if any, including the degree-granting colleges/universities), as well as work experience, for the District 3 School Board candidates:
    (listed alphabetically)
    Jerrie D. Bason, 404-372-5459
    Michael A. Erwin, 404-599-4090
    Jarrod Jordan, 404-915-3518
    Atticus LeBlanc, 770-714-4617
    Willie R. Mosley, Jr. 770-276-4396

    BTW — we know and love your neighborhood! If your neighborhood association invites the candidates to a meeting or a debate, we hope you will cover that for us in writing and with photos.

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