Wanted: someone to lead Georgia’s third largest school district

We have filed the following article by Ty Tagami from the AJC under the category of ‘Good News’!

Following in the footsteps of Atlanta Public Schools, the DeKalb County School District will initiate a superintendent search in late spring.

[T]he Atlanta school board revealed last month that Meria Carstarphen, superintendent of the Austin Independent School District, was the lone contender to succeed Atlanta Superintendent Erroll Davis. Meanwhile, DeKalb’s superintendent, Michael Thurmond, has said he does not want to remain in his job after his contract expires in June 2015, which is prompting another search effort.

DeKalb school board Chairman Melvin Johnson said Tuesday that DeKalb will begin discussing a search for a replacement in June. He named three board members — Joyce Morley, John Coleman and Jim McMahan — to prepare for that discussion. Besides DeKalb, Cobb County will be searching for a superintendent, after the resignation of Michael Hinojosa.

DSW Note: As we have said many times – it is critical who is elected to the next board — they will be the ones to choose the next superintendent. We need fair, balanced people who make decisions based on best qualifications and a good fit, not simply skin color as was publicly admitted by our last board chair.


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  1. Inthetrenches says:

    What EXACTLY are the requirements for the position of school superintendent? We KNOW it’s not about having ANY experience in education (Thurmond) or in being an educators of a CORE ACADEMIC subject (Lewis was a PE teacher/coach!) We know that a PhD is not required and is certainly NO indication of effectiveness.
    So, other than race, college association and business cronyism… what ARE they requirements?

    I know a few teachers that would be excellent candidates but…I imagine that the BOE wouldn’t ever appoint anyone they couldn’t control in some way.

  2. ursokm16 says:

    Is there any way to find a replacement that doesn’t think we should be a charter system? Wouldn’t we prefer not to have the charter controlled on a systemwide basis–ie-by the DCSS administartion?

  3. curious says:

    Chapter 3 – The Superintendent

    In November 1992, a constitutional amendment was adopted requiring all Georgia superintendents to be appointed by the local board. The terms of all elected superintendents expired December 31, 1996. Their successors were appointed by January 1, 1997.

    Legal Duties

    As the chief administrative officer of the school system, the superintendent’s duties are extensive. The superintendent normally functions as the ex-officio secretary and treasurer of the board. The superintendent is legally bound to comply with and carry out all rules, regulations and instructions of the school board. This includes the implementation of school board policies. It is the superintendent’s duty to make employment and assignment recommendations for all school personnel to the school board. As treasurer, the superintendent is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of school funds.

    The local school superintendent is the legally designated contact with the State Superintendent of Schools. He/She is responsible for reporting to the Georgia Department of Education on the use of the state’s money and compliance with the state laws and regulations.

    It is the duty of the superintendent to be present at the meetings of the local board, to maintain the minutes of its meetings and to complete any other clerical work as directed by the board of education. The minutes of all board proceedings shall be signed by the chair and countersigned by the secretary and shall be open to the inspection of the public.

    In general, the superintendent should be prepared to present all issues for consideration to the board in an informed way, and should have compiled information, documents, and all other information necessary for the board to make an informed decision.

    Under certain specific circumstances, it is reasonable to assume that the superintendent can be excluded from a meeting of the Board when it is making its periodic evaluation of the superintendent pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 20-2-210, and when discussing whether to bring charges against or considering the dismissal or suspension of the superintendent. For subscribers to GSBA eBOARD and the eLAW module, more information is available on what Georgia law says about school board ethics. Go to your local eBOARD site. If your district subscribes to eLAW, it will be under the Legislative tab.

    Selection of the Appointed Superintendent

    For school boards, one of the most important decisions is who will be selected as superintendent. Before a vacancy is announced, a school board should determine the characteristics and qualifications of the individual it wants and needs as its superintendent. The board should analyze the system’s weaknesses, formulate goals for improvement and determine what skills are necessary to accomplish these tasks. If the board decides to involve staff or community members in any phase of the selection process, it first should adopt clear guidelines that this involvement is only advisory and that the board retains final responsibility.

    To build the pool of candidates, vacancy announcements can be placed in professional journals and with educational organizations and colleges of education. Many school boards have found it efficient and persuasive to develop a recruitment brochure that explains the job and the school system to anyone who inquires about the vacancy.

    Another key decision for the school board is who will screen the applicants. Some school boards turn to consultants to guide them through the entire process of filling the vacancy, including the screening of applicants. Other school boards choose to use a screening committee generally drawn from school board members, staff or community members or any combination of these. The committee forwards the list of most qualified candidates to the school board that selects the candidates it wants to interview.

    During the interview, the school board should have a predetermined set of questions; yet allow time for spontaneous questions. The questions should include both what the board wants from the candidate and what the candidate wants to tell the board.

    The GSBA superintendent search service is designed to assist local boards in recruiting, screening, interviewing and employing the most qualified individuals to lead their school system. The service is designed to offer maximum flexibility to the local board and to assure the board of total control in the decision-making process.

    Once the decision is made, it is time to call the attorney and draw the contract. A superintendent’s contract sets out much more than the compensation and term of the job. It should list the superintendent’s responsibilities, annual leave and other benefits, and reasons and procedures for renewal and termination.

    The Open Records Law deals specifically with release of information relative to superintendent records. Boards of education should be aware that at least 14 calendar days before the meeting where the final action or vote is to be taken, the board must release all documents with respect to as many as three individuals under consideration for the position of superintendent and from whom the board intends to make its final choice.

    Separation of the Superintendent

    The terms and conditions of employment of a school superintendent by a local school system shall be determined exclusively by the contract between the superintendent and the board of education. This contract may include but is not limited to procedures under which the employment agreement may be terminated.

    Board-Superintendent Relations

    Successful school boards have one key thing in common. They have reached an understanding with their superintendents about how they will work together. The board-superintendent working relationship is nothing more than human relations in the public eye. Board members and superintendents run into many of the same person-to-person problems other people encounter every day in their relationships with friends and co-workers. However, board members and superintendents seldom have the luxury of privacy to resolve such problems.

    Both the board and the superintendent must agree on their expectations of one another. The board and superintendent form a team to lead the school system. Although they will not always agree with one another, the members of the team must know the standards for behavior and must agree on how they will relate to the other members of the team.

    The board should expect the superintendent to:

    -Operate in a fair, open and ethical manner at all times.
    -Work with board members on an equal basis and not show undue preference to individual members of the board.
    -Strictly enforce the policies set forth by the board and operate within established procedures.
    -Keep the board fully informed on all matters of its concern.
    -Interpret the needs of the school system to the public accurately.
    -Work toward the improvement of the instructional program and staff relations.
    -Avoid unexpected issues, topics, and actions at board meetings.
    -Operate the system in a fiscally sound manner.
    -Support board decisions at all times.
    -Ask to be relieved of his/her duties if unable to perform job responsibilities.
    -Evaluate the staff and programs on a regular basis and in a fair and objective manner.
    -Prepare an agenda in an efficient and systematic manner to keep board meetings to a reasonable length.
    -Keep the board advised of changes, innovations, and trends in education that might be applicable to the system.
    -Investigate fully all issues coming before the board, obtain all necessary information and present it to the board.
    -Function as the chief executive officer of the school system.

    A superintendent should expect the board to:

    -Act in an ethical and responsible manner at all times.
    -Furnish objective counsel and advice.
    -Leave the administration of the system to the superintendent.
    -Support the superintendent.
    -Evaluate the work of the superintendent fairly and impartially on a regular basis.
    -Encourage the superintendent to participate in educational meetings, seminars, and conferences on a state and national level as time and funds permit.
    -Have an established set of policies and procedures to guide the superintendent.
    -Keep current with educational trends and participate in in-service activities designed for board members.
    -Follow agendas or expected procedures in board meetings so that the superintendent can be adequately prepared to respond to all questions, issues, and topics.
    -Consider the superintendent a professional educator and accept his/her counsel and advice on educational matters.
    -Conduct a school board self-assessment annually.

    Evaluation of the Superintendent

    State law requires all personnel, including superintendents, to be evaluated annually by an appropriately trained evaluator. The superintendent must be evaluated by the board of education. The superintendent’s performance should be evaluated in light of job responsibilities as identified in the job description and progress toward any goals that the school board established as the superintendent’s responsibility. The superintendent and all board members should be actively involved in the evaluation process. Such a process may reasonably include:

    -the development and implementation of a policy or procedure on superintendent evaluation
    -the development and review of the superintendent’s job description
    -the application of an agreed upon evaluation instrument based on the components of the job description
    -the procedures for applying the evaluation instrument by the board
    -a formal board-superintendent review of the results of the evaluation process, and
    -the development of goals which will guide the superintendent in professional development and remediate identified deficiencies, if any

    There is no one instrument that boards must use to evaluate the superintendent. They can create their own or they may use one developed by another group such as GSBA. GSBA has sample instruments and processes available for boards to consider.

    Another consideration for boards is that Georgia law requires that board members be trained to evaluate the superintendent. GSBA offers this training annually at the New Board Member Orientation and also arranges special training opportunities throughout the year.

    The process for the evaluation of the superintendent and the records relating thereto are exempt from the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws. Some school board/superintendent teams opt to share summaries or the entire results of the evaluation with the community and the media through the Internet or other means. Note that both the superintendent and the board must agree upon such disclosures.

  4. Fantastic info, curious! Thanks so much for digging this up. Very important stuff!!

  5. curious says:

    Superintendent Interview Questions Sample 4

    It is impossible to anticipate all the questions that may be asked at a superintendent interview. These are just a sample of the types of questions that you may be asked.

    For practice, have someone read you questions and answer as best you can. After a while of practice you will develop a pattern of response that will help you with both anticipated questions and unanticipated questions (of which there will always be a few).

    General Questions

    Why do you want to leave your present position?
    What makes this job interesting to you?
    If you were selected for this job, would you have any difficulty getting released from your current position?
    What is your educational preparation for this superintendency?
    What are your professional experiences?
    What do you know about our community and school district?
    If you were offered this job, would your current district try to entice you to stay, and if they did what would you do?
    What do you consider to be your weaknesses as a potential superintendent?
    What do you consider to be your greatest strengths as a potential superintendent?
    We think we have several good candidates, how can you convince us that you are the person for this job?
    How do you feel about retaining the current superintendent’s personal secretary versus selecting your own?
    Would you move to our community or commute from another community?
    What do you do for recreation? How do you relax?
    What are the methods you will use to keep yourself and this board “current” on important matters?

    Questions Regarding Board-Superintendent Relations

    What are the standards you use for judging whether or not a board of education is doing its job?
    Can you clearly define the role of the board and role of the superintendent?
    What should a board member do when contacted by a parent with a school problem?
    Are you familiar with Robert’s Rule of Order-Revised?
    Do you believe that you should make a recommendation to the board on every agenda item that requires any type of board action?
    Have you ever written any or worked on school board policies?
    How do you feel about teachers, administrators, and school board members attending professional meetings?
    How would you orient new administrative staff members, teachers, and board members for their position?
    Do you believe in board self evaluation?
    Have you worked with a board on setting district goals?
    What is the difference between board goals and district goals?

    Questions Regarding Personnel

    What is your philosophy on delegating authority? How do you then maintain accountability?
    What can a school district do about a marginally effective teacher and/or administrator? What will you do about a marginally effective teacher and/or administrator?
    In your judgment, what are the principle things a good school principal does?
    Describe how you would work with principals in a district this size.
    If you took this superintendency, would you expect to have your job performance formally evaluated? How often? By whom? What time of year?
    What procedure would you use in recommending the employment of personnel to this board?
    Have you used developed or revised a personnel evaluation system? For certificated personnel? For non-certificated personnel?
    In personnel evaluation, what is the role of the principal, superintendent, and board of education?
    In the hiring procedure, what is the role of the teaching staff, principals, superintendent, and board of education?
    Is it possible to dismiss a weak teacher? Have you done this? How would you do it?
    What do you see as the chain of command in a district this size, including the board of education?

    Questions Regarding Professional Negotiations

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of employee unions?
    Define the roles in the negotiation process of the principals, superintendent, and board of education.
    In the district negotiations process have you ever been involved in:

    • developing a teachers’ salary schedule?
    • costing a boards’ contract position?
    • costing a teachers’ contract position?
    • direct negotiations of a school employees contract?

    Questions Regarding Public School Finance

    Are you familiar with the financial accounting system used in this state?
    Have you had experience in investing school district funds?
    Have you ever built or had a role in building a complete district budget?
    Have you ever been involved in deficit financing? What is your philosophy on deficit spending?
    What is your philosophy on surpluses in your school building budgets? How much is needed?
    Do you understand the state funding formula for this state?
    Are there ways a school district can increase state funding for
    (a) special education,
    (b) vocational education,
    (c) general programs, and
    (d) others?
    What is the most important school business function a superintendent such as you would perform?
    Do you know the financial condition of this district? How would you describe our situation?
    Have you ever conducted a capital project campaign and vote?
    How would you conduct a campaign for an annual general budget vote?

    Questions Regarding Curriculum

    Do you believe a school district has responsibility for improving the instructional effectiveness of its teachers?
    How can this community and this board know they have an effective school program?
    How do a superintendent and board of education encourage good teaching?
    How would you initiate curriculum change?
    How responsible should the school be to community pressure on curriculum?
    How would you organize this district, curriculum-wise, so that you can guarantee student academic improvement?
    There is discussion about back to basics, what is your philosophy on this topic, and what would you do to see this philosophy implemented?
    What is the role of the superintendent and board of education in curriculum development and/or innovation?
    How should this district’s curriculum be split between college prep and vocational courses or programs?
    What is the extent of academic offerings a school district this size should offer?
    What do you think the roll of extracurricular activities should be in this district?
    How will you align and audit the district’s curriculum with the state standards?
    Have you had experience in dealing with federal programs?
    How do you feel about Title IX?
    What is the staff’s role in curriculum development?
    What do you think this district should do about minimal competency testing?
    Have you developed a School Improvement Plan?

    Questions Regarding Maintenance, Transportation, and Food Service Programs

    What experience have you had with a transportation program?
    Do you recommend the district contract the transportation service or be districts operated?
    How would you organize this district’s custodial services?
    Would you have a custodial maintenance and preventive maintenance plan for the district? How long would it take you to place into operation this plan?
    How would you operate the food service program? Should the food service program operate in the black (self supporting)?

    Questions Regarding School/Community Relations

    How would you go about establishing good public relations in this district?
    What’s the most important “first steps” a superintendent should usually take in a new district?
    What is the board’s role in school/community relations with respect to school-community committees in the district?
    What communication methods would you use between the district and the community?
    How do you feel about the community using district facilities? Equipment?
    What is your position on field trips for students into the community? Outside of the community?

    Questions the Superintendent Candidate May Want to Ask Board Members

    What do you see as the major issues facing the new administration?
    How has the community support for the district been presented, and what school-focused groups are active in the community?
    What are the board’s expectations for the superintendent?
    Is there an internal candidate for this superintendency?
    How stable has the staff, administration, and board been in this district?
    What is the board’s perception of student academic strengths and weaknesses?
    What are the conditions of the district’s physical facilities?
    What is the historical and current financial condition of the district?
    What roles do the superintendent and board each play in the collective bargaining process?
    What is the board’s philosophy toward the use of lay advisory groups on committees in the district?
    What are the population and economic trends of the district?
    What are the current staff, teacher, and administrator evaluation procedures of the district?
    What is the board’s expectations for superintendent personal involvement in community activities?
    How does the board view its role as it relates to the superintendent?
    How does the board insure that the proper role between board and superintendent should be ensured and maintained?
    How would the board describe the community power structure?
    What are the board’s expectations for staff involvement in decision-making?
    Is the board committed to allowing the professional staff to make the professional decisions?
    What commitments does the board have to make themselves an effective board?
    Is the board supportive of the superintendent being active in their professional associations?
    How does the board view student discipline in the district?
    What is the board’s source of pride in the district?
    Is there a congenial working relationship among the board members?
    What is the normal length of board meeting and how well are they attended by the public?
    If I am a finalist candidate, will the board members give me access and time to review past board meeting agendas and minutes, and key district documents (financial, academic performance, etc.)?
    How has the community voted in the past on tax and construction referendums?
    What are the student and staff attendance figures for the district?
    Have there been any special issues between the board members/superintendent and the teachers organization?
    What are the board’s residency requirements/expectations for employees? The superintendent?
    What are the salary and benefits for this position?


  6. howdy1942 says:

    @DSW – I hope that I’m wrong, but I smell a rat in this woodpile! My fear is that this school board will attempt to do an “end-run”, vote on a “new candidate” that will maintain the “friends-and-family” program, and that candidate will replace a Michael Thurmond who will have resigned and “gracefully” accepted a severance package to receive his full compensation until May 2015. That package will be extended on behalf “a grateful board” for “outstanding services rendered”. Perhaps that is a cynical view but, given the record of the current board, I don’t think that it is very far-fetched.

    I say this again – neither the current Dekalb County School Board nor its current superintendent nor any of those in this administration should have the slightest role in searching for or hiring the next superintendent. The People of Dekalb County deserve that respect – don’t get in the way of the People or the next school board!!

  7. thedeal2 says:

    What a great point, Howdy. If anything, they should wait to see the election results and only include current board members who are reelected on any sort of early committee. Michael Thurmond should stay very far away, as should Ramona.

  8. Word Wall says:

    They never did any of that. The Palace found Atkinson, who was obviously weak and wouldn’t take responsibility — which is what the PALACE wanted! — and she went AWOL and then utterly failed. Ditto Crawford Lewis.

  9. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    If this board wanted to pick a Superintendent, that should have been the first thing they did … and then work with that person. You can’t pick a new Superintendent on your way out and then tell the new board … “Good luck with that.”

    Something is fishy here. Wait for the other shoe to drop.

  10. DeKalb Inside Out@ April 4, 2014 at 11:24 AM – “Wait for the other shoe to drop.”

    They’re waiting to see what happens in the May 20 Special Election, which will determine if Vernon Jones becomes Sheriff or School Superintentendent.

  11. Refugee from DCSS says:

    “which will determine if Vernon Jones becomes Sheriff or School Superintentendent.”


  12. howdy1942 says:

    Rest assured that I will work in our community to keep Vernon Jones as far away from the sheriff’s office as I can and my efforts would be multiple times that if this school board chose to even consider him! Dunwoody and Brookhaven exist as cities today largely because of Vernon Jones – and Dekalb County needed those tax revenues! I’ll never forget his support of extending bar hours to the latest of any of our neighboring counties despite a majority vote of the commission to not do so – Vernon Jones vetoed the Commission’s decision. Good businesses closed and left Dekalb County under his tenure. Look at all that economic development in Dunwoody and just imagine what Dekalb could have done had Vernon Jones chosen to work out the issues that community had.

  13. midvaledad says:

    Don’t forget the current board was stuck with Thurmond by the last board AND was told by AdvancEd to keep him. This group couldn’t hire a new superintendent until the district was off probation.

    That said, I think the search can start later this year, but this board should not select the next superintendent, just narrow the list down to 10 or so for the next board to choose from.

    Don McChesney might be able to explain the process to see if that is a workable way to go about it.

  14. howdy1942 says:

    @midvaledad – your reminder is very timely! The last school board did select Thurmond while it was on its last leg and was very aware that they would soon be replaced. And the current board was “stuck” with Thurmond and that is precisely the same thing that worries me when I read that the current school board is now ready to initiate a search. When the next school board takes its place next January, it does not need any baggage from the past – it should have a clean sheet of paper and a clean slate to begin its job. If we need an “interim” while it searches for and hires a new superintendent, then so be it. This current board, Mr. Thurmond, and this administration need to do what they have been so good at doing for so long – nothing!!

  15. Beverly Fraud says:


    I only have one quibble with your otherwise spot on questions. I don’t see the question, “What are your views on supporting the classroom teacher in matters of discipline, so that the classroom teacher is empowered to maintain the sanctity of the learning environment at all times?”

    If supporting the teacher in maintaining the sanctity of the learning environment is not a PRIMARY concern of a school system, every OTHER concern is reduced to a single question:

    Other than THAT, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?

  16. And a new AJC article: Finger pointing, but little action in DeKalb – “With its CEO awaiting trial for corruption and school officials convicted of malfeasance last year, DeKalb County faces a new crisis with revelations that a commissioner repeatedly charged personal expenses to her county Visa card.”


    It seems to me that the AJC’s headline also describes the search for a School Superintendent.

  17. Word Wall says:

    How about this question: “Do you have the basic certification required for educators in the state of Georgia?” That one got lost in the shuffle somehow last time….

  18. DeKalb Inside Out says:

    The AJC reported in Feb 2013 that Michael Thurmond said “the search for a permanent superintendent would begin immediately and he would leave as soon as one is found.”

    That’s what everybody was hoping and praying for. That’s what the board should have done.

  19. EXACTLY! Thurmond PROMISED over a year ago that “the search for a permanent superintendent would begin immediately and he would leave as soon as one is found.”

    And he wonders why he just can’t seem to rebuild trust with the community.

  20. concerned citizen says:

    But, DSW, he never “built” trust with the community to begin with! He’s so two-faced.

  21. concerned citizen says:

    Howdy, re your concerns about the rat in the woodpile scare me because I believe you are right. The other shoe will drop and we will another F&F supt. just like the other ones. The F&Fers can’t afford not to put their guy in place, after all.

    Also, I would like to add that HR has had the most screwed up people at the helm since 1964, for sure, if not longer. First, we had the dreaded hellion Alice Ann Hamilton, a vindictive old hag, mean as a snake, followed by the charming Lonnie Edwards, who was also a crap book writer selling his wares, followed by I think the current Smith of no credentials but a nasty, nasty, sharp tongue. There might have been someone between Edwards and Smith; I can’t quite remember. But, the tone has always been so negative and hostile to teachers. Sickening behavior from all of them. I’m sure many employees have terrible thoughts about HR and the things that were said to them by HR heads and other high-ranking HR jerks.

  22. Jamie Wilson was DeKalb County Schools HR director before Ward-Smith. His degree was from Argosy “University” Sarasota. He is now principal at Livsey Elementary School, but to look at Linked-In you would think that he is still director of HR. Actually, he still is being paid his director’s salary: $158,547. For an elementary school principal? With a degree from Argosy? Oh, wait. He’s also the CEO of the David L. Scott Coalition Bowl. A second job, a second salary for Wilson? Plus, the last we heard Wilson was teaching at Argosy’s Atlanta location. How does he find the time?

  23. howdy1942 says:

    I think that all of us – the taxpayers, all residents, students, parents, teachers – all of us need a new, fresh, elected school board that will have a clean sheet of paper to make a fresh start. I think that all of these parties vested trust in this school board when it was appointed by Governor Deal and really gave Michael Thurmond a chance to turn things around. But something happened over this past year that disappointed the people.

    The school board failed to initiate a search – didn’t even try to initiate one. It voted to buy those “controversial” administrator cars “justifying” it actions as being authorized by SPLOST IV even though there were many, many dissenting opinions. It chose not to work to settle the teachers TSA lawsuit choosing, instead, to fund lawyers to fight the teachers in court. It chose to deny the Druid Hills Charter Petition without even giving it a chance. It has failed to address widespread concerns express by SACS, the AJC, and many other parties regarding the “bloat” in the administration. And it chose to make Michael Thurmond the permanent superintendent without considering a single candidate other than Thurmond.

    As for Thurmond, he promised responses to answer questions from the public, but never delivered. He stated that he had no intention of serving more than one year but was “delighted” at the decision of the board to make him permanent. He promised a full audit, but never did anything to make that happen. He did everything he could to keep the size of the school board at 9 members despite a decision by the Dekalb Legislative Delegation and the State Legislature to reduce all school boards to a size no greater than 7. That decision was made three years ago. He fought to keep in place the school board removed by the Governor. In fact, that was his first effort as superintendent.

    I’m sure that so many others on this blog can cite other examples but, just looking at those listed above, is there any wonder at why the public hasn’t any trust, confident, or desire to see these people have any impact on the future of the Dekalb County School System. It is simply time for all of these people to just go away and let a completely new team take over.

  24. Tucker Mom says:

    Dr. Wilson is the principal at my daughter’s school. He’s doing an outstanding job. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I believe his salary is now in line with that of other principals, and DCSD needs to update it’s records. (Imagine that!)

  25. We would love to update our records. However, DeKalb County Schools will not provide information that should be publicly available (such as salaries) and they routinely ignore Open Records requests. So, for salaries, our information comes from open.ga.gov. In this case we went to the most recent year on open.ga.gov — 2013. Can you document Wilson’s salary? If what you believe is documented — more than just a gut feeling or a warm fuzzy for Wilson — please share that with us. Otherwise, we stand by what is documented and publicly available at open.ga.gov.

  26. Tucker Mom says:

    He told me, and I believe him. I didn’t ask for a copy of his pay stub (though I believe he would have provided it).

  27. concerned citizen says:

    Tucker Mom, please consider asking for a copy of his pay stub because I believe he is messing with you. It seems he has had a lot of problems over the last couple of years, so he really doesn’t need anymore.

  28. Tucker Mom says:

    DSW–just wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn’t criticicizing YOU for having out-of-date info. Your response makes me wonder if that wasn’t clear.

  29. concernedmome30329 says:

    I just want to point out that McMahan missed another meeting when he missed Friday’s retreat. (Coleman and Campbell weren’t there either, but they aren’t running for reelection.

    If anyone votes for McMahan again — shame on them. He has failed in the most simple way — being present.

  30. No worries Tucker Mom! We’re all good here! Your expectations were reasonable given that the information about salaries is public information. DeKalb County Schools refuses to release most public information, even in response to a legal Open Records request. Imagine our shock and surprise to discover that DeKalb County Schools would not provide this information to our school board representative, either. They probably still won’t, except now our school board representative (and we use that term loosely) has been told by SACS to not communicate with stakeholders, so he doesn’t.

    That said, we would be very grateful if you would ask Principal Wilson for a copy of his 2013 W-2 Form and a copy of his most recent pay stub. He should redact his Social Security number with a black marker. Otherwise, we will have to wait until the beginning of 2015 to determine if he was telling the truth about his adjusted salary as principal.

  31. @concernedmom30329: Jim McMahan can be found at this online video for his work as a mortgage lender. In it, he promises that “other than needing to sleep from 11-6, I’m all yours…” Funny, he doesn’t mention that he also needs a little bit of time for his commitment to DeKalb county schools.


  32. Tucker Mom says:

    I guess we’ll just have to wait. I respect Dr. Wilson too much to question his honesty.

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