Welcome “Infinite Campus” to DCSS!

This is a very good thing >>

DeKalb County School District, Georgia, Selects Infinite Campus for its Proven Stability, State Reporting and Superior Functionality

Blaine, Minn. (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

DeKalb County School District (DCSD), the third largest school district in Georgia, has selected Infinite Campus as its new student information system (SIS). Serving nearly 100,000 students, DCSD will now have the capacity to manage student data and support academic program needs.

DCSD underwent a five part selection process that began in the spring of 2013. Essential criteria for the selection included company stability, cost, and a complete SIS package with grade book functionality, scheduling abilities, superior state reporting and more.

K-12 Solutions, an Infinite Campus Channel Partner, will provide local service and support for DCSD. According to Brock Wilson, K-12 Solutions Group COO & Managing Partner, “We’re thrilled to welcome DCSD to our growing customer base in Georgia. DCSD has an extremely knowledgeable and reputable technology team and strong leadership within the Georgia SIS community. Not only will they benefit from user-friendly functionality and personalized service and support, but also by partnering with a company that has a vision for the future that aligns with the DCSD technology plan.”

Administrators are excited about the Mobile Portal App capabilities while parents appreciate having the ability to check their student’s grade from their mobile devices. Teachers value the ease of use and intuitive user interface and have heard nothing but positive feedback from other Campus customers.

“Infinite Campus is a proven product. The features and functionality will not only provide our district with today’s needs, but the advanced technology prepares us for the future. We are excited about the instructional management tools that will allow teachers to move away from the traditional classroom experience and provide blended instruction,” says Melanie McLendon, DCSD SIS Manager.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1838985#ixzz2yg4CaQ00

In addition, DCSS is offering Microsoft 365 PRO FREE to students and parents >>

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21 Responses to Welcome “Infinite Campus” to DCSS!

  1. Mr. Chips says:

    Here we go again; did they ask for input from teachers or have a beta test done in a few schools?No. Did they ask for input from teachers who may have used Infinite Campus in another school? No. Did they set up summer training with pay for the people who have to use this? No, one half day of training for the trainers who will then train their school. Have they made any apologies for the ESIS choice and subsequent fiasco created by it and did the person who chose ESIS (R. Tyson) pay a price for her multimillion dollar mistake. No, unless being the top assistant to Thurmond is punishment. Will they be able to get ESIS to correct the reporting periods that have changed due to the snow days? Not yet. Should school house personnel be confident that this time the palace got something right? No.

  2. Summer2014 says:

    From what I can see, teachers aren’t eligible for the Office 365 Pro Free. Could that possibly be true?

  3. That doesn’t seem right about teachers not having access to Office 365. Certainly, teachers should be able to access this free software as well. Has no one told teachers about this? Doesn’t the school system communications department send out regular email blasts to teachers with any news they may need to know? Has nothing been mentioned? Please let us know.

  4. I will say, Forsyth schools use this system and I have had experience with it there. It worked better and was very user-friendly.

  5. midvaledad says:

    Mr. Chips,

    You are not correct in your assumption about whether or not teachers had been asked. At least one teacher from every school was invited to compare the two finalists for replacing ESIS. Not all came. Teachers got a presentation/demonstration and were allowed to try doing some of their normal tasks such as entering grades.

    Parents were also shown presentations from the 2 finalists. To me, they looked identical in terms of utility.

    Dr. Brantley is familiar with (but not a consultant for, nor paid by) Infinite Campus. He stated his old school system purchased infinite campus at the same time DCSD purchased ESIS. He has years of experience working out bugs and should be able to direct a relatively smooth transition.

    What was the student information system Lorraine Ohio got rid of to purchase infinite campus? ESIS. Tyson saddled DCSD with a end-of-life product which other systems were already moving beyond.

  6. Word Wall says:

    ESIS is pure crap….a really horrible grade book software. Literally ANYTHING will be an improvement, $o we will have to wait and see what they bought THI$ time….DOS 86 maybe?

  7. Nikole says:

    There were informational meetings about the various programs and all teachers were invited to attend via news flash in our email.

  8. thedeal2 says:

    Parents and the public were also invited to see it several times. It may be a good program, but DCSD’s downfall is its unqualified leaders. An ignorant leader could mess up the implementation of the best program. We’ll just need to wait and see how thorough the training is for the teachers and if it suits their needs, as well as saving them some of the precious time they waste on eSis today.

  9. Mathteacher says:

    Of the last two finalists, this was the worst choice. The other product was much easier to use and synced data with iDMS because it too was a Pearson product. I use the infinite campus parent app and it’s ok, but not impressive. I went to the meeting and “voted”. Everyone I was with agreed that Infinite Campus was more difficult to use.

  10. concerned citizen says:

    But, of course, Mr/Dr/ur, Brantley, uh, wanted this system, and that’s what got the contract! Again and again, the same old buy and sell to F&Fers! You, too, Brantley, must go! Please read what Mathteacher says. And she knows what we needed! Sorry, again, DeKalb teachers.

  11. concerned citizen says:

    The Easis system is virtually impossible to use! It’s so difficult to set up your grades and other important information. This was a horrible insult to the teachers, students, and parents of DeKalb. For this, I would have to single out Atkinson and probably Rooma! Thank you for destroying our morale be saddling us with antiquated products and NO books! Thank you, Mr. Thurmond! You are a genuine loser.

  12. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Forsyth uses this program. All I know is my brother recvd an email in China his son wasn’t in 2nd period. A couple of phone calls later, child was headed to iss for a day. All done by lunchtime. Sold.

  13. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Left out it was inf. campus that emailed him. He set up an alert through the system.

  14. Word Wall says:

    The question is really whether the new purchase, “Infinite Campus,” is as well designed, easy-to-use and inexpensive as SMARTWEB? — Smartweb was going fine until ESIS replaced it…. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Dekalb always PAYS more and GETS less…

  15. Did anything interesting happen today during Mr. Thurmond’s “State of the System Revisited,” speech to the Emory LaVista Parent Council?


  16. d says:

    I will say this much about eSIS – I won’t miss it. Any time a parent “emails” me on eSIS, I ask them nicely not to do that again. For parents out there, when a message pops up, I can read it, but then I have to close it, go to another window to get the information, open a new window (because there is no “reply” button, and create a message. For the time we still have this, please just email teachers directly – it is much easier. I was one of the teachers sent to train the trainer for eSIS 5 years ago and will be going for Infinite Campus. I do have one problem already – I don’t feel it is appropriate for the county to set our grade-weights county wide. There are too many differences in subject areas to really make this fair to students. Have they thought about AP courses? Although I usually teach a general-level course where, for example, tests are 25% of the course average, the AP level course’s test weight is 40%. It looks like we won’t be able to do that any more. Weights will be set the same for grades 1-12 regardless of the subject area.

    That being said, I have heard some very good things about Infinite Campus from my friends who teach in Clayton, so we will see what happens.

  17. It’s amazing that eSIS is so antiquated, when you think about the technology of things like Facebook and other Chat-type applications. Schools don’t need to be so far behind the rest of the world. Check out Georgia State’s new WordPress website – complete with blogs and pages for every teacher… and it’s so easy to use. It’s a great template for an education website – they spent a lot of time and energy to create it, but since it’s WordPress, it’s much easier to edit and maintain. And every teacher has their own access and ability to publish within the main site. An open ‘chat’ can take place within a blog post – just as we do here. Teachers can post any info they want – including documents and links – and students can participate in the dialogue or simply ‘lurk’ just like our readers. Either way, the information is so easy to access and learning is accelerated.


  18. Dcsd teacher says:

    I spoke with someone in the technology department and teachers/staff will be getting access to Office 365.

  19. Word Wall says:

    Thanks d…”d” had good facts about ESIS email reply. You’ve heard of the laboratory Rhesus monkeys? Teachers are ESIS monkeys! Good riddance…next!

  20. Mr. Chips says:

    From John Brantley last November,
    “We are excited to report that we have completed our first round of meetings with our Steering Committee (comprised of Principals, Assistant Principals, Registrars, Secretaries, PTA President, and District Office personnel) and are currently working on developing our training plan. Once the training plan has been approved, each Principal will receive notification of the dates and number of allocated slots for each session.”

    I guess there just wasn’t room for one teacher from each level to be on this steering committee?

    so please, don’t defend them by saying all teachers were invited to attend a session, after work, at the palace, with most comments receiving a “oh, we can look into that” and with no follow-up.

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