We simply must push beyond the race issue in Georgia and DeKalb, or truly be ‘Left Behind’.

Nat-geo-facesHave you all seen and read the latest story from National Geographic?

It seems that we are becoming a true melting pot far faster than was predicted.

nati-geo-face-2National Geographic says, “The U.S. Census Bureau has collected detailed data on multiracial people only since 2000, when it first allowed respondents to check off more than one race, and 6.8 million people chose to do so. Ten years later that number jumped by 32 percent, making it one of the fastest growing categories. The multiple-race option has been lauded as progress by individuals frustrated by the limitations of the racial categories established in the late 18th century by German scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, who divided humans into five “natural varieties” of red, yellow, brown, black, and white.”

nat-geo-face-3… “Although the multiple-race option is still rooted in that taxonomy, it introduces the factor of self-determination. It’s a step toward fixing a categorization system that, paradoxically, is both erroneous (since geneticists have demonstrated that race is biologically not a reality) and essential (since living with race and racism is). The tracking of race is used both to enforce antidiscrimination laws and to identify health issues specific to certain populations.”

nat-geo-face-4The article showcases a portfolio of photos of what people will look like in the not too distant future — and they are beautiful! The point is, “race” as we have defined it in the past, may not even be a biological reality.  In the future, skin color will hopefully be treated no differently than hair or eye color genes – it’s just a color. There is no “race” about it in the future. Pay attention and adapt — we are at an important pivotal shift NOW.

nat-geo-face-5“The Census Bureau is aware that its racial categories are flawed instruments, disavowing any intention “to define race biologically, anthropologically, or genetically.” And indeed, for most multiple-race Americans, including the people pictured here, identity is a highly nuanced concept, influenced by politics, religion, history, and geography, as well as by how the person believes the answer will be used.”

In addition, William Frey with Brookings institute recently reported that based on the most recent numbers, we’re beginning to reach a tipping point — and for the first time in the last century, we have more white deaths than births creating an older age structure. This is not an epidemic of death but one caused by lower fertility rate among aging whites.

And Farnaz Wallace, a highly respected consultant on cultural issues says, “Everyone knew this would happen by 2020, but Frey reports that they are seeing this in 2012 numbers….8 years earlier and much sooner than expected. For the first time, half of children under 5 are non-white and 14 states are minority-majority. The young minority population is on the rise and will be the main work population in the next two decades as 10-12 million white boomers retire. Like it or not, this is good news. Otherwise, we will end up with declining labor force population much like Europe. It is the younger multiculturals that will help our country stay afloat.”


Check out the pictures and read more for yourself here >>

The Changing Face of America
We’ve become a country where race is no longer so black or white.

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6 Responses to We simply must push beyond the race issue in Georgia and DeKalb, or truly be ‘Left Behind’.

  1. idabelle25 says:

    I applaud you for having his discussion. I have shared with close friends and family for years that if the Earth still exist 1000 years from now and this experiment called America is still here ( I hope so.) The citizens will become multi cultural and therefore a race all it’s own. We have to remember that this melting pot is the first of its kind and is still a baby compared to most countries. Racism is an evil and really silly when you think about it. We are different in our features simply because of the region of the world our ancestors developed in . Example, thinner nose, paler skin does better in colder climates with thin air . Broader noses darker skin does better in warmer climates. I hope I wasn’t offensive to anyone . I am African American and identify myself as such and look like an African American but I also am Native American and French and had a grandmother who was often mistaken for white when she left her community. Sorry for sounding like I am in church but racism is a trick of the devil or those who want to manipulate others for their own gain by playing upon natural fears of those who are different from themselves or who are resistant of change. If you look at our differences from a scientific point of view as simply physical adaptation to regions, racism is as silly as a polar bear telling his friends there goes the neighborhood because a black bear moves in:)

  2. Kim says:

    Mine is the last generation of race-dominated politics in our country, thank God Almighty. Until the last great warriors for “White” and “Black” America die out of their leadership roles, we will continue to watch the travesty it creates. We will have to find another way to hate each other. Perhaps if enough Democrats and Republicans inter-breed, we’ll loose that option.

    For this mongrel, I will lament the wonderful diversity that defines humanity. How brutish we are that we have to homogenize to harmonize?

    Viva la difference! America is beautiful and I love you all as you are! http://youtu.be/1ReHUMUb9gY

  3. Word Wall says:

    Do you think this sociology ties in to the fact that the two Dekalb High Schools that showed the most improvement (dramatic gains really) on the CR.PPI results were Clarkston and Cross Keys? Both have this wide range of ethnicities, and many new immigrants from around the world….

  4. Another comment says:

    My cousins children are Tri- racial, white, black and Asian. they grew up in a small town in upstate town in upstate NY and raised by their father my cousin who is white. Their school was primarily white, so their friends are white. They dated white, etc. The oldest boy is in the army. He had no problems Down in Columbus. But now he has been stationed out of Ft. Hood and I notice by wh the posts that he encounters people that have issues with him.

    One day he posted he had the worst day of his life in Mississippi. I asked him did you take a girl that looks your Grandmother or me. He replied you got it. Now he has posted a picture of a Panda Bear and it says everyone loves him, why not me. We are both black, white and Asian.

  5. Steve Smith says:

    So 6.8 million people identified as belonging to more than one race in the 2000 census. Then there was a 32% increase in that category in the 2010 census. Yes, that is a very large uptick but I think we should consider the possibility that some of those people chose to identify as only one race in 2000 but two or more in 2010. So actual growth of 32% is unlikely. Also, the total number, a little less than 9 million, is still only less than 3% of the overall population.

    “We” will not push beyond race anytime soon. It is a great idea that we all just get along, but all races have vested interests in preserving their own place as it stands now and not giving anything up in the name of compromise. It is a wonder that people think a nation with so many races, religions, ethnic groups, etc. can just “get over” it. Many people act as if having a majority non-white population will be a glorious day and bring about joy and rainbows and unicorns to the country. These people have this strong desire for diversity of all kinds to be everywhere in this country. In talking with these people, it seems they like the idea as punishment for white people more than somehow being good for the health of the nation overall. Yes, there are people that are less prejudiced than others and find it easy to get along with people who are different from themselves, but there are plenty of other people — natives and foreigners — who are more prejudiced and want nothing to do with other groups and prefer to be around people like themselves.

    The argument that “race” doesn’t exist, yet there so many ideas, books, programs, and laws focus exclusively on race makes it difficult to be “pushed beyond” in the near future. Sure, having a national conversation about race sounds great to some folks, but not many people are ready or interested in it — including those who claim to be. If it’s not race then it’s a combination of skin color and culture. Subgroups within each “outdated” race play favorites amongst themselves.

    Oh, look at the “beautiful people”. What about the ugly people? Not everyone can be beautiful, and if you use that term then you acknowledge that there are those that are ugly, or as you probably prefer to call them “less beautiful.” What about the fat, ugly people? Did you look at those National Geographic pictures? Where’s the fat people? Apparently America will no longer be two-thirds overweight and one-third obese anymore in 40 years. Or is it just another marketing ploy by a media organization? Sell them the “beautiful people” and make everything seem nice. A multiracial person is never ugly. They are all automatically beautiful and anyone who disagrees is racist.

    And I don’t want to write this without mentioning that many African-Americans are more than one race. Take Obama for example. He chose to identify as black on the census but we all know better. So if the president lies about his own race, then just imagine what everyone else does. There are so many African-Americans who obviously have white ancestors, but there is a collective wall of silence and ignorance about it. Yet it doesn’t stop these African-American people from discriminating amongst themselves.

    I don’t agree with the labor force arguments and need for never-ending economic growth. America brings more problems upon itself with more diversity, all in order to prop up an unsustainable way of life. The lie is exposed when you take a look at Japan — an incredibly homogeneous country — and see that society has not collapsed because they don’t have people from every other country living within their borders. Japan dispels the myth, as do European countries like Finland. The true myth is that in order to get along with someone who is not exactly like you when it comes to race, religion, sexual orientation, etc, then you must be surrounded by them in your neighborhood, school, church, and grocery store.

  6. acheolus says:

    Thank you, Steve! Well put!

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