Who Will Tell Your Story?

Give us the information and DeKalb School Watch (DSW) will tell your story. No, not you personally and identifiably. DSW will compile facts and figures, very carefully and intentionally protecting your identity and the identity of others who provide us with inside information.

If you have not already responded to the poll asking whether or not you signed your contract with DeKalb County Schools for 2014-2015, please do so by Thursday, May 1, 2014. Click here to access the poll.

If you have not already answered the quick 1-page survey (found here in DSW archives), please do so by Thursday, May 1, 2014. You will NOT be asked for any personally identifiable information. The survey may be answered online and either emailed to dekalbschoolwatch@gmail.com OR printed and mailed to DeKalb School Watch, PO Box 660221, Atlanta, GA 30341. When we have finished compiling the surveys, they will all be deleted or shredded.

Who will tell your story? If not DeKalb School Watch, then who do you trust?

DeKalb County Schools Human Resources?  Ha! Ha!  Good one!

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15 Responses to Who Will Tell Your Story?

  1. thedeal2 says:

    Please share your stories. Nothing is going to change without cold, hard facts. We know we will never get the truth out of anyone who works in central administration today. Please tell us the truth, and it will help everyone.

  2. Anony Mouse says:

    I signed my contract as a precautionary measure with the intent to resign at the end of the school year. My paperwork is done and all that remains is to officially notify the system of my retirement. I could no longer tolerate central office, the lack of support from above, and being told to reverse a decision that followed policy and the rules of my school – in other words cave to every parent who called the superintendent’s office.

    I was raised in Dekalb County, attended school here, and worked here my entire career. If DeKalb leaders truly wanted to improve achievement they would get out of our way. They are so proud of the “new Growth and Achievement” model, but it is not new. We have been disaggregating data at the school level for years. How much did this cost? Does no one know what we do in schools already?

    I can no longer tolerate being paid the same salary since 2007 while principals new to the position make more than I with 9 years in the position. Before I explode from frustration it is time for me to go.

    I appreciate the opportunity to work with children. I never aspired to central office careers. I went into this to work with children. There just aren’t any at the palace.

    I wish my co-workers well in the future!

  3. formerdekalbparent says:

    I think there should also be a survey for the many non teaching employees of the system who also have suffered this land of fools..their stories might really be scary…..

  4. momfromhe11 says:

    What @formerdekalbparent said!!!

  5. @formerdekalbparent and momfromhe11

    You asked for a survey of non-teaching employees of DeKalb County Schools. We will be happy to do that if you will suggest questions that should be on such a survey. What should we ask? Remember — any question we include in the survey must maintain the respondent’s anonymity. Questions cannot ask for information that would be personally identifiable. Send your suggestions to dekalbschoolwatch@gmail.com.

  6. Underpaid and overlooked teacher says:

    Any word on what the DCSD budget is going to look like? Sounds like all the surrounding districts are giving their employees long deserved and overdue raises, furlough days, and in some cases steps and longevity bonuses. Clayton was the latest to announce their plans today.

  7. niah says:

    of course not

  8. Word Wall says:

    DSWII, you better get prepared to hear some heartbreaking tales….Franz Kafka would have loved to have been a cockroach on the wall of the Palace executing through the jargola…(P.S. does the mailing address have a typo?)…..I remember now where I have seen the CCRaPPI talking points from the Palace before — but was it “Through the Looking Glass” or “Adventures in Wonderland” ???

  9. We don’t think there is a typo in the DSW mailing address. Of course, nev er say “Never.” What do you think is the typo?

  10. Word Wall says:

    My mistake, I saw the six digit PO box and thought it was a bad Zip Code.

  11. No problem. A typo is always a possibility. We have proofread enough copy to know that it is possible to look at a typo and see what should be there. So, we are always happy to be alerted to the possibility of a typo. Thanks!

  12. How can we protect children from having to deal with ‘bottom of the barrel’ teachers like this? Insist on recruiting, paying and supporting only the best and brightest…

    DeKalb teacher got job despite Florida court history

    By Ty Tagami

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    He was banned for life from teaching in Florida after being charged with sexually abusing a student, but Horace Morris managed to get a classroom job in Georgia.

    Morris resigned Friday from the DeKalb County School District after his past caught up with him and his termination tribunal was about to begin. The district only learned of his background after students discovered news articles about him online. The state independently discovered it around the same time after a new computer system flagged his past. …

    Note that — STUDENTS discovered news articles about him online…

    DeKalb backgrounds all teacher candidates, and the district’s public safety department did run Morris through two government repositories of criminal history: the state and the national crime information centers, district spokesman Quinn Hudson said.

    Morris’ Florida background was duly noted but was not communicated to the human resources department.

    “Somebody checked the box that said he was cleared,” Hudson said. “We are now conducting an investigation to find out how he got through the system.”

    Uh huh. We wonder about that one too.

    An April 22 termination letter details the circumstances that led to Morris’ arrest in 2005: While teaching in the Miami-Dade County School District, he was accused of forcing a 13-year-old girl to give him oral sex.

    The girl was in his social science class at the Jet Mann Opportunity Center School, according to an administrative complaint by the Florida Education Practices Commission. The complaint said Morris pleaded guilty to child abuse, a felony, in August 2008, and the court “withheld adjudication of guilt” and ordered five years probation and the surrender of his teaching certificate.

    Good god… how bad is our HR Department? How desperate are we for teachers?

  13. DSW2Contributor says:

    DSW, the Horace Morris story needs its own topic. Here’s a freely-available story: WSB-TV, “DeKalb teacher resigns after past sexual accusations surface”:
    Note this line: “Horace Morris worked as a CRIMINAL JUSTICE TEACHER at the DeKalb County High School Technology South for three months.”

    Here is an article from back in 2005, from Channel 7 in Miami/Fort Lauderdale: WSVN, Channel 7: “New sexual allegations made against south Florida teacher”

    That story alleges that he vicitimized two girls in Florida: “Horace Morris a teacher and counselor at Jan Man opportunity school was arrested Sunday after a 13 –year-old girl accused him of forcing her to perform a sexual act. The alleged incident took place in Morris office. After hearing that girl’s story a 19-year-old girl decided to come forward. The teen says Morris assaulted her while she was a freshman at Northwestern Sr., High five years ago.”

    Finally, today is the big DCS Teacher recruitment fair at Lithonia High…. so this news serves to tell potential DCS recruits that they’ll pass the DCS background check even if they have child abuse convictions on their records!

  14. The other question to ask is how did the Georgia Professional Standards Commission not know that Morris had surrendered his teaching certificate and was banned for life from teaching in Florida? [Their ‘excuse’ is that they have ‘old’ computers!!]

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