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  1. L J says:

    I work in the cafeteria, and it is a HUGE insult 1% i will get a whole dime and 1 penny a pay period 11cents, while people in the Big HOUSE make a six figures, why is it the further away you are from the students the less you make?

  2. Teachers Matter says:

    Thank you for the Mother’s Day wish. As a teacher for many years, I feel as if I’ve been “Mom” to hundreds of children. My only wish is that they take what they have learned from me and become a benefit to society and not a drain on it.

  3. We would like to include a couple of articles from Oprah’s Life Classes about parenting here. These are great food for thought! Tune in to OWN with Oprah on Sunday nights or watch the videos online >>

    What Your Child Can Teach You About Yourself
    According to Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent, parenting isn’t meant to be a hierarchy in which a leader gives orders from above. Instead, she says, we need to see the parent-child relationship as a mutual journey that can teach us a lot about ourselves. How? Find out now.

    5 Powerful Lessons from Parents of Talented Celebrities

    Life lessons begin in the home. From Stevie Nicks to Tom Brokaw, watch as some wildly successful people share how their parents’ words helped them fulfill their ambitions and live their best lives.

  4. Also — Looking for summer camps? Audra at The AHA! Connection has an extensive list >>

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