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As well as the primary elections for state school superintendent, governor, sheriff and many other political seats.


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  1. jackiehar says:

    Everyone deserves the right to vote his or her own conviction. Do not let ANYONE tell you how you should vote unless you think they are smarter and superior to you!

  2. dsw2contributor says:

    Does anyone know where Dekalb County’s election results will be first posted? The AJC isn’t updating the school board results yet.

  3. Concerned Dekalb Mom says:

    AJC doesn’t seem to have any results from DeKalb County yet. Sherriff hasn’t updated either.

  4. DSW2Contributor says:

    I think I answered my own question – the Dekalb County website links to this page, which has some early results posted on it:

  5. dsw2contributor says:

    If you click the “Contest Detail” by each race, it will load a page showing precinct by precinct breakdowns…. so you can see who each school’s community voted.

    For example, here’s the BOE District 4 results, school by school:

  6. Thanks for the link contributor. It looks like we will be getting back almost all the incumbents. Karen Carter is currently leading Jim McMahan in the 4th. (Oselette and Smith trailing – if Smith had not run, Oselette would likely be part of a runoff). Marshall Orson is ahead of Don McChesney 57 to 43. Michael Erwin is way ahead in district 3. Melvin Johnson has a strong lead over Bridgeman Bolger. Joyce Morley is a strong lead in district 7. And Thad Mayfield and Vicki Turner are neck and neck in district 5 – where Jay Cunningham has garnered a surprising 23% of votes so far.

    In a surprise turn of events, Stan Jester — a newcomer, has racked up 100% of the votes in district 1!


  7. dsw2contributor says:

    Sadly, it looks like Vernon Jones will be in the runoff election for Sheriff:

    Cunningham also appears to be headed for a runoff:

  8. dsw2contributor says:

    According to Maureen, the AJC’s results show Vickie Turner is in second place for District 5:
    Mayfield – 4,404
    Turner – 3,434
    Cunningham – 3,368

    Source –

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