Vote Recount for District 5 TODAY

A recount of votes for School Board District 5 is being held TODAY at 10:00 AM at the request of candidate Jesse “Jay” Cunningham. The recount will take place at the DeKalb County Voter Registration & Elections Office, 4380 Memorial Drive, Suite 300, and is open to the public.

Sorry for the late notice, but we just found out ourselves. We will publish the results when we know them.

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7 Responses to Vote Recount for District 5 TODAY

  1. DSW2Contributor says:

    Did the DeKalb Board of Registration & Elections enjoy their pizzas?

  2. concernedmom30329 says:

    Outcome didn’t change. Cunningham is still out. Pshew. Too close for comfort though.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    Great comments DSW2Contributor and concernedmon30329! Isn’t he a total mess????? Out of his mind, I’d say

  4. FLASH! News from the front:

    Merit pay will be distributed by Dr. Beasley in June 2015!

    Yes. A newsflash went out from the good doctor himself yesterday after everyone left for the summer.

    Ugghhh…I’m puking.

    Is someone out there bolder than I who will share the dreadful details by letting the public see all those attached PDFs?

    Unless you got friends and family, I’d jump ship now if I were you!

  5. curious says:

    Recount confirms Mayfield and Turner headed to a runoff

    A recount has confirmed that incumbent Thad Mayfield and Vickie Turner are headed to a runoff on July 22.

    The DeKalb County Board of Registration & Elections conducted a recount of votes for School Board District 5 on May 29 at the request of challenger Jesse “Jay” Cunningham, who came in third in the May 20 election. Challenger Vickie Turner had 64 more votes than Cunningham.

    Read More:

  6. Another comment says:

    Thank goodness they voted against a convicted felon ( even a first offender is still a felon is my book,) Most of us go through life without a felony or breaking a ten commandment why can’t we expect the same out of a school board member.

  7. bettyandveronica1 says:

    Just a thought…isn’t it time for the budget? Or is it already a done deal?

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